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The Best Shower of Michael's life

Tags: shower, oral
You are already in the shower, the water is hot and steamy and you are just standing there with your eyes closed letting the hot water pound your body. I slip in quietly and gently start to lather your body with soap, running my hands from your neck and shoulders down your back. Sliding to the front, then to your back, massaging gently but firmly, taking my time with each part of you, I turn you to face me, telling you to keep your eyes closed.

I guide you around untill you are completely facing me as I continue to massage your hands, your arms, your chest, slowly working my way down one thigh, then back up across your stomache and down the other thigh. I sit on the bench and pull you closer to me as my hands continue to massage your legs. I then slide my hands around to grab your ass to pull you even closer to me. I massage your ass, then back around to your outer thighs, moving even slower to your inner thighs barely touching your already hard throbbing cock. I hear your sharp intake of breath and smile, but I don't touch you just yet. I want to let my hands take their fill of touching your body.

I continue to work my way up and down your body massaging your back, shoulders, neck, arms and back down each leg. First the outer thigh, then the inner thigh, taking care not to touch that pulsing cock that I know is aching to be touched, getting more and more excited as I hear your breathing becoming more and more harsh and labored, marveling at the control you are exhibiting, knowing that I will soon bring you to that sweet release you are longing for.

As I let my hands make one more trip up your chest around your shoulders to your neck down your back, I sit back down on the bench and again grab your ass and pull you closer to me, your cock almost has a mind of its own as it pulsates. I feel its hard warmth agaiinst my breasts, my nipples hard, I shiver at the touch. I can no longer wait, I take your throbbing hardness gently in my hands and slowly lick the head with the tip of my tongue. Your body jerks almost like it was burnt. I grip you tighter in my hands and ever so slowly slide your beautiful cock into my mouth, pausing for a brief moment to enjoy the fullness. The sound of your deep throated moan almost is my undoing, I start to lick and suck you until you can no longer keep control.

You make me stop for a moment, stand me up and turn me around to face the seat. You bend me over, I can still hear your ragged breathing as you try not to lose total control. Your moaning and heavy breathing are driving me mad, I am so hot and wet and I can feel my pussy throbbing with anticipation as you slowly bend me over. Your hands on my hips, you make me spread my legs a bit wider, you bend me over further, my head down, my ass up, I can barely contain myself,

I almost beg you to please shove your cock deep in my pussy but I want this to last a moment longer, the anticipation, knowing that in a brief moment I will feel your thick hard throbbing cock fill my hot, wet, tight pussy. I can't take it anymore, I beg you, "Michael, PLEASE FUCK ME."

I am almost crying with the need to feel you buried deep inside of me. That is the straw for you, I can feel your whole body tense, your hands grip my thighs tighter as you pull me back into you. As you shove your cock into my eager wet pussy, there is a moment of stillness as we both are almost shocked at the sheer pleasure of the feeling of each other. Your control is amazing, you slowly start to make little circles with your hips, then you change your motion. I can feel the pure controlled power of each thrust. You pull almost all the way out then slowly slide back in, each time you feel my pussy grip your cock tighter and tighter. Each time your thrusts become harder and faster, your breathing even more ragged, I can feel your cock swell each time.

I am full out begging you now, "Fuck me baby, don't stop, use me for your pleasure." It builds and builds, I know you are close and so am I, I can feel both of us on the brink of a total orgasmic explosion...

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