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The Birthday Surprise

A surprise meeting for two online lovers who explore their ultimate fantasies with one another!
The Birthday Surprise

I had everything in place and could not believe I was actually going to go through with my plan to surprise Mike on his birthday. It would not be easy but I was willing to take a chance. This was a huge gamble seeing we had not even met one another. We met online and always talked about how nice it would be to meet one day, but neither of us was ready to step outside of our marriage and meeting one another was to dangerous.

I could not get him out of my mind and knew if for only one night, I was going to take the risk and hope he would not turn me down. All I needed was for Mike to fall for the plan that I had carefully put into place and hoped he would not figure things out in fear that he would not show.

I knew Mike had made an electrolysis appointment at a spa 30 minutes away from his office, which happened to be nearby the lodge I had checked into for the evening. I stopped by the spa after checking into my room and in the best way possible without sounding like a wife stealing whore, I explained my situation to the receptionist behind the desk. She smiled seductively and said, “Damn, wish I had your nerve, I’m happy to help you out sweetie.” I would leave a note for him at the desk that would simply state the following…“Waiting for you at the lodge, this is the start of a memorable birthday.”

I waited anxiously. I had envisioned this for so long now it was hard to believe my fantasy was going to become a reality, or so I had hoped. This did not come without a great deal of angst though. I knew the prospect of continuing this relationship with Mike after this chance meeting was not going to be. We would have to part ways; we could not risk having an affair, as we knew all to well the consequences. This had to be perfect, I was letting go of all my inhibitions and was ready to let this chance meeting be a lifetime of sexual fulfillment for the both of us, if only for one very special night.

I slipped into a pair of black lace boy shorts and a semi cut lace bra that barely covered my full C cup breasts. I was wearing thigh high stockings and red stilettos. A bit dramatic for me but after all I was his Vixen and I wanted to prove this to him! I just had a Brazilian wax and was completely shaved, just the way my Mikey liked it. I lathered my skin lightly with baby oil and sprayed on my favorite Lolita perfume.

I was feeling very sexy and could not wait to share myself with Mike. I sat down on the over-sized love seat and straddled one leg over the arm while the other touched the floor. I was holding a cupcake with a single candle adorned on the top and hoped that once Mike saw me sitting there upon opening the door that his wish and mine would come true.

I had left word with the concierges to direct Mike upstairs to my room. I could not even imagine what would be running through his mind, but I figured his curiosity would get the better of him so he would not turn away. The front desk would ring the phone to my room once and hang up upon Mike’s arrival to signal me.

My nerves were getting the better of me and I was unsure if I could actually go through with this or not, I think for fear of being rejected. There was no turning back now, I came all this way and was not leaving without at least seeing Mike’s adoring face. Just relax I kept saying to myself repeatedly, just relax. I was sitting across from an over-sized mirror adorned on the wall and thought to myself, how could he resist me, I’m giving him everything he wants, making his ultimate fantasy come true. I will offer him everything and deny him nothing. I was so worked up just sitting there staring at myself in the mirror amazed at my confidence to actually go through with this elaborate sexual escapade.

My thoughts were running wild, would he take me right then and there, would he lead me to the bedroom and throw me on the bed and have his way with me, would we fuck like wild animals on the floor, or would he turn and walk away leaving me behind. This was a betting game for sure and I was ready to bet high.

I am now reaching a point of sexual euphoria; I am getting myself so excited I have already soiled my panties. I slip them off so I can get a clean pair on before Mike arrives. My juices are dripping down my well-oiled legs now and my clit is buzzing with contractions begging to be touched. I am hot and I do not think I can wait. I love to masturbate and usually it does not take me long to cum. I start working my fingers over my clean-shaven mound and quickly slide a finger into my already wet and willing pussy. I start rubbing on my swollen nub giving myself instant satisfaction. My ass is now grinding into the chair beneath me as I work a second finger into my pussy. Moans of pleasure quickly escape me as I began to shake uncontrollably ready to let my cum flow. Just as I’m about to lose myself, the phone rings once. I have no time to finish getting off or to change my panties.

This is it either he will greet me with excitement or turn and walk away. The key now in the lock, my heart sinking into my stomach and breathing becoming heavy, Mike is finally here! The door opens slowly as if he is waiting to be startled by family and friends who will jump out and shout surprise! I hope seeing me sitting there dripping wet will be better than any surprise party! This was a private party and my fingers were crossed he would accept my invitation.

As Mike laid his eyes on me, his reaction was one of confusion and unsettling nerves. His hand still on the doorknob, I was sure he was going to walk out. What have I done, he was going to leave I knew it. Before I could say anything Mike closed the door and started to approach me.

He was exactly the way I had envisioned. We had exchanged photos over the months and he took great pictures, but none of them did him justice now. Here he was standing in front of me and I was speechless. He was much better looking in person, soft eyes, a genuine smile, very rugged, athletic, with a toned chest that I could see even through is shirt. His arms where strong and he was all around pumped. WOW was all I could think to myself. Just as I was eyeing him up and down I noticed he had an erection. Was this a good sign? God let’s hope so!

I had to say something to break the silence and the awkwardness that had now filled the room. “Happy Birthday love, care to make a wish, I say.” And with that Mike knelt down in front of me with his head down and says “Girl what are you doing to me?” Well babe, I am hoping to make your birthday wish come true!

Mike looked at me with a serious expression and sympathetic tone to his voice and asked if I knew what this meant for us going forward. I told him I knew of the repercussions and that there was no us after tonight and that I would rather have this time together, this one night to share with him than to never have had him at all and with that he took the cupcake from my hand and said, “The candle is not lit hon.”

I whispered in his ear and said, “You don’t need to blow out the candles if your wish has already come true.” I leaned down and placed my lips to his, taking in his sweet breath as he worked his tongue around mine. I teased him by biting on his lower lip knowing this would arouse him. Kissing him was everything I thought it would be and I could feel the fire instantly burning between my legs.

Mike’s hand grazed across my breast and moved slowly down my belly until his fingers found there way between my thighs. I blushed when he felt my dampness, feeling shy as though it was the first time my womanhood was being touched by a man. “Are you excited lover, he asked.” Yes Mikey I am very excited and it is all because of you. I want you to take me; I want to indulge in all our fantasies together. “Well he says looks like it’s going to be a long night.” I could not wait any longer. I was going to savor every touch, every taste and all that he would offer me. This was our only chance to share ourselves fully with one another and it was going to exceed both our expectations.

My body was shivering with excitement as Mike unhooks my bra. He is staring almost as though he is in a trance as he begins to trace his fingers around my nipples looking pleased as my round full breasts now fall out for his taking. He grabs my breasts in his hands and instantly places his soft lips over my nipple, just like a baby for their feeding. He sucks hard taking most of my breast into his mouth teasing my nipple as he bites down with a sharpness that nearly sends me into shock. My breasts have always been sensitive that the slightest touch, pinch or suckle could get me to cum. I contained myself for the right moment and just enjoyed the pleasures I was experiencing from this beautiful man.

I found my way down to the zipper of his pants and pulled his hard member out of his boxer shorts and started to work my hand over his cock as it began to swell in my hands. I pulled his boxers and pants down to his ankles and was in awe over his six plus inches and well shaved glistening cock! Mmmmmm I was so anxious to take him in my mouth. I started by slowly licking his shaft up and down while massaging his balls then taking them into my mouth. His moans drove me wild but told me he was enjoying every moment. Finally, I took all six inches of him in and fucked his cock with my mouth moving my lips and tongue up and down going faster and faster, not knowing who wanted to cum more, him or me! He was getting close, I could tell as I began to taste his pre cum. He pulled back and I forced him to stay in my mouth. He said, “I’m going to blow my load hon if I don’t pull out soon, don’t you want me to pull out?” Noooooooooooooooo I begged! I wanted him to fill my mouth with his sweet cum and I wanted to drink every drop of it down. With that, Mike came and came hard!

Mike looked down at me and grabbed my face in between his strong hands and kissed me with such force and passion I was light headed. He looked down at my dripping clit which he now spread open with his fingers and asked, “May I have a taste now lover?” Yes, I exclaimed enthusiastically, yes!

There was nothing better than a man going down on you and I was more than anxious to share this experience with Mike. You see, Mike had a fairly simple surgery a few years back where he had the lingual frenulum removed from under his tongue, this basically allowed his tongue to extend longer so he could pleasure a woman’s clit better. Lucky for me!

As he leaned down between my legs and began to slowly kiss my mound working his perfect tongue in and out of my now swollen cunt, he slid two fingers inside of me sending a wave of unequivocal spasms throughout my body as I screamed in delight, moaning wildly feeling the urge to cum. He began to lick my clit faster as he continued finger fucking me at the same time. “I’m going to cum Mikey, I’m ready, oh god, yes, yes don’t stop it feels so fucking good your amazing keep going baby, oh please don’t stop, make me cum now Mikey!”

I grabbed Mike’s head pushing his face further into my hot cunt, not wanting the wave of pleasure to stop. My clit was throbbing under the voluptuous titillation of his velvety tongue and soon my orgasm was in full swing. I let go of everything that was holding me back and as my bottom lifted I came fast and hard into Mike’s mouth. He moaned in delight while lapping up the taste of the sweet cum I had just unleashed for him.

As we both lay naked and exhausted, me from a hard cum, him from working my clit over so well, I felt as though I was having an outer body experience. Everything seemed to be happening so fast and we had yet to experience one another fully. I wanted more of Mike. I wanted every sexual conversation we ever had online come to fruition.

Our lips met in long drawn rapturous kisses, which fired every drop of blood in our veins, and we were both to impatient to wait any longer. Mike’s cock was now ready and my cunt was more than willing. I straddled myself over his lap slowly as I pushed his hard cock in-between my lips. This time I prolonged the pleasure as much as possible, beginning slowly and often stopping to feel the delicious throbbing of his cock as he was entering my pussy. I started to move myself up and down over him leaning back grabbing is ankles to give the best angle for the both of us. Mike grabbed a hold of my hips and continued to drive me feverishly into his shaft like an animal in heat.

I was so fucking into it now. I wanted him to experience every part of my body. “Take me from behind Mikey I want you to fuck me from behind.” Mike looked shocked. We had talked about anal many times before but neither of us has experienced this and I wanted him to be the one to take my virgin ass. I knelt down on all fours as I assured him it was OK, I was ready. Mike mounted me from behind and I could feel the pressure of his cock working my tight hole, starting off slowly in fear of hurting me then working himself in further a little at a time. I knew it was pleasing for him as he loved a tight woman, so this had to feel good for him.

I was starting to pant and squirm, excitement and fear now building up. Mike’s pre-cum was dripping down my ass as I pressed my bottom into his hardness hoping it would make it easier for entrance. As his dick was getting further inside my tight hole, Mike grabbed a hold of my hips and lifted my ass in the air and started to ram his hard shaft deeper inside of me.

The first lunge had me screaming loudly; I moaned under the sharp pain of my assault, biting my lips to silence the cries of pain as the shaft of Mike’s cock was accomplishing its task. The fiery head of Mike’s member has now completely entered me and with moans of pleasure and pain I was being fucked hard and fast. Mike’s moans pierced my ears as I begged him to keep fucking my ass begging him to pleasure and hurt me. I could hear myself telling him to slap my ass, pull my hair, bite me, give it to me hard baby. It was as if I was listening to someone else, was this really me talking. God this man was bringing out all of my sexual demons and I was enjoying every moment.

I wanted to be his nasty Vixen; I knew just how nasty he liked it and apparently, I did as well. As Mike drove one last final lunge into my hot hole, I could feel his hot cum unload inside of me. He laid his body across my bare ass and just when I thought he had enough, he parted my cheeks and started to lick and suck me from behind while slipping a finger into my now sore ass. I have never been that turned on before. As he continued to push his finger into my ass, I was ready to get off again. I have never felt so dirty and hot at the same time, Mike knew exactly what I wanted and I was not shy any longer.

As we, both lay there drained from the events that had just unfolded, I was not sorry I had taken this gamble. For once, I was happy that I was a betting girl and it paid off! I can say now my fantasies have been fulfilled and now I have memories that will last a lifetime. Memories of a time shared with one very sexy man.

I am anxious for Mike to say something, anything. I just want to hear what he is thinking. After a few minutes of trying to catch his breath, he says, “This was by far the best birthday gift I have ever received, are you ready for round two or should we save that for your birthday lover!”

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