The Boss's wife

By ReligousEagle

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At the time I was seeing a married woman, I was single, but we could see each other ll the time, we had to wait to her husband went away. In the times when we were apart I would write explicit emails and stories. I was in work, and had been working on a big project. As the ‘official’ work day was over, I was still sat at my computer and my mind wandered off, I was thinking of my next encounter, and we were due to go out for the day, sex outdoors. I knew I could turn her on with a story, so I started to write her a story about sex in the country side and being watched, I knew exactly what turned her on.

I had written about 5 pages and decided to take a break and go outside. My desk in the office was in the workshop, and downstairs away from the main offices. Usually everyone goes home and would forget I was there, so it wasn’t unusual to find myself alone in the office. I went out the back door, and was outside for about 10 minutes, on the way back I stopped in the kitchen and made myself a coffee and then went to the toilet. My cock was getting hard in my pants at the things I was writing, and felt good when I rubbed it. I came out the bathroom, my pants still undone, why not I thought, I was alone.

When I walked back to my office, I found I wasn’t alone! I still had my cock out my pants and there was my boss’s wife looking at my computer. She was a large woman, with big firm breasts, and wide hips, she was wearing a wrap round dress, the belt of which was much looser now than it had been during the day.

She turned around and I almost dropped my coffee. I wasn’t sure who was more shocked, her seeing me with my cock half out my pants, or me seeing her dress half open and her ample tits just about held in her bra.

‘Did you write this?’ she asked.

‘Yes’, I replied, ‘and I have few more on the computer, as well’

She was getting more confident, her shock had worn off, ‘Well, I think I should see them’ she said.

I leant over the computer, and she looked down at my cock, and then looked up at me as I found the location of the stories.

‘Tell me this’, she said, ‘Is this woman of yours as big as me?’

I looked her up and down, and replied, ‘No, she is bigger, she is a size 22, and I reckon you are a size 18.’

‘Good’, she responded, ‘Glad you like us big girls, I have seen the way you watch me when I go upstairs, and the way you hover over my shoulder when I am sat at my desk, I know you are having a quick sneak. You like what you see now?’

I hesitated, but my cock twitching gave it away. ‘Yes, of course’ I said.

‘In that case, I think you had better go and make sure the outside doors are locked while I do a bit of reading.’ It was a dismissal and order, so I went to make sure the doors and windows were all shut.

When I got back to the office, Louise, had undone her dress completely, and was sat in my chair, her hand inside her panties. She turned towards me as I entered the room, ‘This is turning me on so much, you know where Lee is tonight?’

‘Yes’, I said, ‘he has gone to Scotland for a meeting.’

‘Wrong’ she snapped, ‘he has gone back to Newcastle, he is fucking his bit on the side, and he thinks I don’t know. He has been seeing her for years, ever since I was in hospital, now I don’t give a fuck anymore. I can see that I can still turn some people on, especially you. Now come over here’.

I got closer to her, as soon as I was within reach she leant over and pulled down my pants. She looked me in the eyes and smiled, then leaned forward and licked the tip of my hard cock. Then took the length of my shaft into her mouth, I reached down and held the back of her head and began to rock my hips, fucking her wet mouth.

She felt so good in her mouth, what started as tender touches, was getting more urgent. I put my hands lower and pushed her dress off her shoulders, then her bra straps, and pushed her bra off her tits. Her nipples were large and hard, I pinched them and tugged them and she began to moan. I pushed her further back in the chair, and kissed down her body, taking each nipple in turn into my mouth, sucked them and tugged them, and then my hand slipped into her wet knickers.

My fingers parted her fat pussy lips and slipped in slow, as I did she began to moan more. I was now kneeling on the floor, between her thighs, the smell of her pussy was fantastic, I pulled her panties to one side and licked her wet hole. She pulled my head away, and then she stood up, her dress slipping off and she slipped down her panties and bent over my desk.

‘I want you cock, now, next time you can lick my cunt’ she said.

I stood behind her rubbing my cock over her pussy then sliding right in deep.

‘Fuck me hard, I want to be your bitch, tell me how bad I am and spank my ass.’

I was shocked at the way she said it, normally as a director she was always so prim and proper, now she was a total slut.

I spanked her ass cheeks hard, she winched and let out a little scream, her ass was large but firm, and I spanked her again then rammed my cock hard up her wet pussy and held her hips as I fucked her, my thrusts going in harder and deeper, her feet were almost lifting off the floor. Her moans were mixed with small whimpers as I pounded her pussy, she let out a large scream as she started to cum, her pussy pulsating on my cock and griping me, I carried on thrusting deep inside her, I knew I was close.

‘That’s it you fucking bitch, take it all’ I was almost shouting, I spanked her ass again.

Then one last hard thrust and shot my hot spunk into her.

I pulled out my cock and turned her round, roughly pushing her back in the chair and grabbed her hair and forced my cock in her mouth. She sucked it all clean, licking the last drops of cum from the tip of my cock.

I picked up my pants and put them back on while she dressed. Then she went upstairs back to her desk, she came back down after a few minutes.

‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘I really needed that, I am so glad you think of me as being more than your boss. Lee is off to America in a week. The kids are staying at his Mum’s, and I think you had better take a few days holiday. You and I are going to have a few days in a hotel where we can fuck all day and night.’

She held me close and we kissed, tender kisses as lovers.