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The Cabana Boy

The Cabana Boy

I'll give you a good tip if you help me out
My name is Anthony and I’m eighteen. I got a job at the Catalina Beach Club on Long Island’s South Shore, in New York for the summer. My job is being a cabana boy. I mostly greet guests and fetch their towels, drinks, and snacks. I even get to put suntan lotion on any guest that asks for it, or spray them down with cool water to keep them cool.

Often, I clean the bathrooms, change the liners in the garbage cans, wipe down furniture, basically anything my boss tells me to do. Most of the cabana boys are in top physical form like myself. We wear white Speedo bathing suits. Most of the people that come are wealthy couples or widowed women. Children are allowed, but they basically go to the camp that is provided and they are separate from the adult guests.

This is about a special client that was assigned to me one weekend and what had happened when we met. I'll go into all the details that took place.

It was a Saturday morning; my boss had given out the assignments for the weekend. I was lucky enough to be the cabana boy for Victoria Swan. She's a very wealthy novelist. I’d heard she had an appetite for the young, strapping, good looking, cabana boys. My friend Dan said she loved to have sex and would often tip very well. She was a good looking older woman. She must have had a lot of work done over the years, but looked pretty fine. I suppose she was in her early sixties.

Victoria Swan had come down to the pool area. She looked gorgeous. She was wearing a white bikini with a straw hat and beige glasses. She was wearing a tangerine cover up dress.

“I’m looking for my cabana boy Anthony, do you know where he is?”

“You’re looking at him Miss. Nice to meet you. My name is Anthony DaSilva.”

Victoria extended her hand and I gave her a firm handshake.

“I see you are scheduled to be in a cabana today. Why don’t we walk over to it and I’ll show it to you. Basically cabanas are small rooms that have a changing area, toilet, and shower. They have a couch too."

“This looks lovely thanks for showing it to me. Let’s go to the pool area. I want to lie in the sun.”

I then took Victoria out by the pool and set her up on her beach chair. She removed her tangerine cover up.

“Anthony please put some tanning oil on my body.”

Victoria was on her stomach and I poured the oil into my hands. I worked my hands all over her back and shoulders. I poured the oil over her legs and her thighs. She was moaning a little, when I was pouring the oil on her.

“Are you okay, Victoria? Is there anything else I could do for you?”

“I’m good dear. Perhaps, you can check on me in a while, so you can apply sunscreen to my other side. I'd also like some magazines and perhaps a tropical drink dear.”

“I'll go and get those for you. I’ll be right back.”

I left Victoria and on my way to getting her stuff my friend Kate grabbed my hand and brought me into a cabana room.

"I’m so horny and need you to fuck me Anthony!”

“Kate I’m working. I know, but I need you. Please will you fuck me?”

Kate was the slut around the club. She was the activity girl and mostly played games with the guests. She always wanted to have sex and would have it with anybody she wanted. I liked to fuck her and did often. I hadn’t had the opportunity to fuck any of the guests yet. I did hear that's how you make some pretty decent money in tips. Hopefully, Victoria will require my private attention later.

Kate grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. We were kissing deep and passionately and I unbuttoned her white shirt. I moved her straps down onto her shoulders and unhooked her bra. I put my hands over her perky breasts. She was small, but had very long, erect nipples. I bent down and sucked on her nipples. She had her hands in my hair.

I then pulled her skirt up and pulled her white panties down. I rubbed and played with her pussy. She was kissing me as I slid my fingers into her horny cunt.

“Oh Anthony, finger fuck me. Your fingers feels so good in my pussy.”

I fingered Kate fast. She was so wet and creamy. I then turned her against the wall and told her to bend over and spread her legs. I took my flip-flops off and my bathing suit and slid my cock into her pussy. One thing is for sure, she made me rock hard for her. She's very sexy and horny as hell. I loved to fuck this girl. I grabbed her hips and pushed into her sloppy wet cunt. The girl loved to get fucked.

“Fuck me fast and hard Anthony. I love when you fuck me. You’re so good at this.”

I grabbed her hips and shoved my seven-inch cock into her pussy. She was so wet and creamy. I really had to get back to Victoria, but I gave her a good fucking. Her pussy was so wet and felt so good around my cock. I smacked her ass a few times and then I shot my load into her cunt. She’s on birth control, so it’s okay.

“I have to go. I hate to be so quick. I’m Victoria Swan’s cabana boy today.”

I put my bathing suit and flip-flops back on and smacked Kate's ass.

“You’re so much fun Kate. Catch you later. I have to get Victoria her drink and magazines. See you later."

I left and hurried to the bar to fetch the tropical drink and Victoria's magazines. I was glad to get a little loving from Kate. She's a slut and often fucks a lot of us guys. I don’t care. Sometimes, you need to have a good fuck just to keep going.

I went back to Victoria and she had already turned over. I put the magazines on the table next to her chair and then put the tropical drink down next to it.

“Anthony, be a dear and put oil on my front.”

I poured the oil on my hands and worked it along her collarbone and her neck and stomach. I rubbed the oil all down her legs.

When I was putting the lotion on Victoria, she had her hand on my buttocks. She then rubbed her hand around the front portion of my bathing suit. She even got more daring and slid her hands into my bathing suit.

“I would love to show you a good time dear. Maybe we could go back to my room. You're a very good looking young man. Would you like to fuck an older woman and make some money sweetie?"

“Sure, I'd love to give you some extra attention.”

We got up and I followed behind her. We walked to her room, which was gorgeous. She had a spacious suite that was ocean front.

“Anthony be a dear and lay down. I want to show you what an older lady like myself can do to you.”

I went to the bed and took off my shoes and bathing suit. I got comfortable on the bed. Victoria took off her bikini and stood there to show me her gorgeous body. Even though she was in her sixties, her body was in phenomenal shape. Victoria was 5’5” and about 125 pounds. She had a great set of tits and long legs. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and was about sixty-two.

Victoria got between my legs and stroked my cock up and down my shaft. It didn’t take a long time to get my cock erect and hard again. She worked her fingers up and down my shaft. I had Kate's juices on my cock. Victoria then shoved my cock into her mouth. She was slurping, sucking, and gagging on my dick.

“Your cock tastes a little bit like pussy. You must be a very well taken care of boy.”

I didn’t say anything, while Victoria slobbered on my cock. She rubbed and massaged my smooth balls, as she sucked and slurped on my cock.

“You know dear, if you have a girlfriend here, I'd love to have sex with the two of you. I always enjoy a good pussy to lick. Do you have a friend who would like that? I'll pay you both heavily to be with me.”

“I think I have a friend who would like to do that with us. We can come by later.”

“Enough about that. I have you here now. I want to suck on your gorgeous cock. You have a lovely cock dear.”

Victoria was sucking and slurping on my cock. She even took my balls into her mouth and sucked and adored them a while.

“I'd love if you ate my pussy now Anthony.”

We switched places and Victoria lay on the bed and spread her long legs. She was completely bald. She had a lovely pussy for an older woman. I rubbed my tongue all around her clit. She had her legs wrapped around my neck, as I explored her older cunt. Her cunt tasted so good. She was very wet and creamy as I pushed my tongue through her pussy lips.

“Oh Anthony, fuck me with your tongue. You’re going to make this old woman come.”

I tongue fucked Victoria really deep and she was bucking into my face. It really didn’t take long for her to come. She let out a huge scream and came on my face. Her juices can gushing out of her bald pussy. I lapped them up like a kitten in heat. Her juices were incredible to taste.

“Fuck me Anthony. Give an older women a thrill.”

“Get on your hands and knees.”

Victoria got on her hands and knees and I slid my cock into her creamy cunt. I grabbed her hips and pushed and fucked her really hard. She loved it and was moaning and groaning. Her tits were swaying, while I pushed my cock further and further into her wet pussy.

“Fuck my ass! Do it Anthony!”

She didn’t need to ask again. I spat on my hand and rubbed it on her rosebud. I fingered her first to get her anus ready. I slid my cock into her anus. She absolutely loved it. Her ass felt so tight on my cock. I grabbed her hips and really fucked her good.

“You’re such a stud. You really fuck so well. I haven’t been fucked in ages.”

Victoria was fingering her pussy fast, while I fucked her tight ass. She absolutely loved it and then said she was coming. Her pussy was exploding as I fucked her ass.

I pulled out and Victoria told me to lie down and she got on top of me and rode me cow girl. I sat up and played with her beautiful tits as she rocked and moved on my hard shaft. She loved to fuck this lady. She reminded me of Kate. I started to buck up into her pussy and was fucking into her older pussy. She might have been in her sixties, but she could fuck like a younger girl.

“I’m going to come Victoria. Oh fuck, here it comes.”

I spurt my hot cream into her wet cunt.

“That was amazing. You're the best fuck I ever had here. I'm speechless.”

We didn’t kiss, but we did cuddle. Victoria got up and went into her purse and gave me two hundred and fifty dollars.

“When you come back with the girl later, I'll give you each five hundred dollars.”

“Holy fuck, that’s a lot of money.”

“You and your friend will be worth it. I'm just a very horny older lady needing some attention.”

I got dressed and then told her I would see her later. I ran to find Kate. I eventually found her by the shuffleboard section of the club.

“I have to talk to you now.”

“What’s up?”

“I just was with Victoria Swan. We fucked and she gave me two hundred and fifty dollars. She said if I can produce a female to have some fun with tonight, she’d give us both five hundred to fuck her. Want to fuck her with me?"

“Hell yes. I’ll fuck her with you. I’ve never licked a pussy, but for five hundred dollars there is always a first time.”

“Wear something nice and I’ll come around for you around seven o’clock.”

Many hours passed and I went over to Kate’s room. She was wearing green dress that really made her look rather beautiful. Kate was a red head with green eyes. She was quite a looker for being such a slut.

“You look great. Let’s walk over to Victoria’s room.”

I took Kate’s hand and we walked over to Victoria’s suite. We knocked on the door and Victoria answered and told us to come in. Victoria was actually wearing just a nightgown and her robe. She wasn’t even in her normal clothes. We both walked in.

“Victoria, this is Kate.”

“Well aren’t you just a beautiful and sexy girl. Come and give me a kiss sweetie.”

Kate went up to her and Victoria gave her a deep and passionate kiss. She really seemed liked she wanted to get busy with Kate.

“Come into my bedroom. I want you both to help me undress and then I want to undress Kate.”

We went into Victoria’s room. I removed her robe and then took off her nightgown. Victoria stood there naked and then helped Kate off with her dress.

“Anthony, take her bra and panties off for me dear.”

I did as she wanted and removed her bra and her panties. Victoria was licking her lips. Kate was strikingly gorgeous with her red hair and her white skin.

“Lie down Kate. I want to lick your pussy. Anthony, I want you to watch first, before we get together.”

Kate got comfortable on the bed and she spread her thighs. Victoria got between her legs and began to lick her pussy. She worked her tongue all around her clitoris and lightly chewed her pussy lips. Kate was moaning. It was really sexy to watch these two women going at it. I undressed and played with my hardening cock.

“Oh Victoria, you eat pussy really good. I’ve never been with a woman. Oh God!”

Victoria inserted a few fingers into Kate’s pussy and finger fucked her fast. She then replaced her fingers with her tongue and licked at her juicy pussy. She was licking and slurping her wet pussy.

“Anthony, fuck her mission and I'll ride her face. Do it.”

Kate got in the missionary position on her back. I slid my cock into her wet pussy. I shoved my thick cock into her creamy pussy. I fucked her fast. Victoria squatted over Kate’s face. Kate licked and loved Victoria’s pussy. It was really hot to watch Victoria smother Kate’s face with her pussy, while I fucked into Kate's wet and tight cunt.

“Your cunt feels so good Kate. I love to fuck you.”

Victoria rode Kate’s face. Kate was licking her pussy so fast. She would tap on Victoria’s body to just get a little rest and then back to munching on her pussy.

“You eat pussy so good dear. I’m going to come.”

Victoria started to moan and groan and then she came all over Kate’s face. I moaned and came into Kate’s pussy.

“Let’s both lick her cream pie out of her sweet and succulent pussy."

Victoria got up and hurried to Kate’s pussy and we both licked and adored her creamy cunt. Kate was moaning and groaning as I helped Victoria clean her beautiful creamy pussy. We took turns and then we both started to give her oral pleasure again. I fingered her while, while Victoria licked her clit. Then we switched. Kate had several more orgasms that night.

Victoria did not want me to fuck her anymore. She just wanted to have me fuck Kate and she would ride Kate’s face. She would come and then I would come in Kate and then Victoria would eat the come out of her pussy. We did this all night long. Eventually we fell asleep.

The next day Victoria gave us each five hundred dollars and said she had the best night of her life. Kate and I got dressed and left.

The rest of the summer Kate and I serviced Victoria and we both ended up with about ten thousand dollars each. We both had an amazing summer and now we both had some extra cash to start college with. We both will never forget our summer at the Catalina Beach Club in Long Island, New York.

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