The Christmas Miracle

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It took considerable coaxing but I agreed to making the long trip to see family for the holidays. I truly did not think it would be an enjoyable experience. Many, so many, times I thought about calling and canceling but, in the end, off I went.

Once there I asked myself more than once, ''why''? There were some folks I enjoyed being around but, for the most part, ''why''?

Dinner went well with a lot of giggles and smiles being exchanged between myself and a cousin, by marriage, who is quite shapely, 10 years younger than me, and for whom I had always felt a ''thing''.

After dinner the two of us did the dishes. Again the smiles and giggles but, alone, in the kitchen some gentle touches happened. Nothing I would exactly call sexual touches but times that we bumped or brushed against each other seemingly by accident that led to a blush.

Once done we sat at the opposite end of the large living room. I watched as she tucked her feet up under her almost like a little child and rested her head on her chin.

Casually I watched as she watched me. My suspicious mind wandered as she covered her lower body with a comforter as she let her eyes meet mine.

Mary sort of smiled a weird smile as her face glowed sitting there so close to the Christmas tree. I always had found her alluringly sexual but never as much as she was right then.

Standing, she neatly folded the comforter, and walked about the room thanking the various relatives and saying her goodbyes. Oddly, when she came to me she bent close and asked if I would drive her home.

It confused me but I agreed instantly. Once in the car she said she wanted to leave her car for her husband who she knew would not be leaving for hours.

We drove silently toward her house. She looked straight ahead the whole time with her hands demurely folded in her lap.

Once in the driveway she looked at me like she never had before. Leaning over she kissed me on the cheek so gently, so sweetly. Pulling back she just gazed at me.

I now leaned toward her to kiss her cheek when, suddenly, she turned just slightly. Our lips met and for a brief second the kiss was tentative.

Our kiss suddenly became so strong, so hard. Almost instantly I felt her tongue moving in my mouth. This kiss was so so wrong, yet it felt so good, so wanted.

As we kissed I felt hands moving on my body as my hands moved on Mary. Even in the cold night air our hands slid under the clothing and found warm skin.

Without a word I got out, went around, and opened the car door. Starting to speak she put a finger across my lips and took my hand.

Silently we went into her house. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Again we kissed. This time as we kissed our hands moved on each other unbuttoning and dropping clothing to the floor.

Passionately kissing we pressed our naked bodies against each other. I could feel Mary's nipples, so hard, pressing against my chest. My hardened cock pressed against her as precum leaked onto her fair skin.

Still without a word she laid down.

Kissing her, my hands roamed her body. Her hands guided me on top of her.

No words spoken since we left the car, I lifted her legs placing the calves against my shoulders as her hand slid my cock deep inside her hot, wet, sloppy pussy. She was so wet, so hot and wet.

Smiling Mary looked at me and said, ''You know I finished twice in the living room under the blanket just looking at you, don't you?''

My cock slid in and out--going deeper, harder with each thrust.

Mary would lift her pelvis and push as each incoming stroke punished her. Her vaginal muscles squeezed and tortured my cock trying to hold it within her.

Balls were slamming against her ass as I rode her. Mary screamed as she came, then again as I planted my seed deep deep inside her.

Slowly I withdrew. Holding her I kissed her.

We kissed.

Holding her tightly I heard her say that I had better dress and leave before her hubby came home.

As we dressed she came to me, holding me she assured me how much she wanted this. Then, she reminded me how long they had been married and that there were no children.

''We had sex this morning, Del. I plan on telling him that it was the Christmas miracle that finally impregnated me.''