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The Cruise


The Cruise Ramifications

Rod had been invited to join his brother Jack on a cruise for the day. Although he loved to sail, he didn’t really want to go, but eventually agreed.

Rod was a single man who had been engaged once in his life. He was a tall, well built man of 43 years and was not particularly looking for a romance. He had dark brown hair and clear blue eyes that shone when he smiled.

As he boarded his brother’s yacht, he noticed a few ladies milling round on the dock. He asked his brother who they were and was told that the ladies were joining them on the boat along with a few guys.

He was pouring some drinks for the gathering of both men and women, when one lady took his attention. She was about 40 years of age, had long red hair tied back in a pony-tail, and when he had gazed long enough, he discovered she had golden eyes shot through with flashes of green. She stood about 5’ 8” and had a curvy body.

Rod thought to himself, ‘I am going to get to know this lady, I just hope she is not married.’

He made his way over to where she was speaking to some other guests and waited until she had finished her conversation. He then stepped up to her and introduced himself and asked her name.

“Hi, I am Rob Sperry, what is your name.”

She turned to him and responded, “Hi, you must be Jack’s brother. I’m Stephanie McLean, a colleague of his.”

“Well Stephanie, I would love to get to know you some more, as long as you are not engaged or married. Are you?”

“Rod, I am neither. In fact, I have been divorced for 4 years. I would love to have a further chat with you.”

So they retreated to the inside lounge of the vessel and sat with their drinks for over two hours, just talking about their previous lives and their dreams of the future.

By this time, the cruise was coming to an end, and Rod asked her if he could escort her home. Stephanie told him that she had her own car at the dock. He then asked her if he could see her again soon, maybe for dinner one night. In fact, maybe tomorrow night? Stephanie agreed and a date was made.

Rod collected her at the appointed time and took her to a small restaurant that was very intimate, with low lighting and impeccable table settings. Stephanie was very impressed with the whole place and told him so.

“Steph, I felt you should have only the best. I can assure that I have never bought another lady to this place, although it is one of my favourite places to eat. The only people who come here with me are business associates.”

They both enjoyed a wonderful meal of Petit-de-Foix gras, followed by Lobster Thermidor. They both passed on dessert and just had coffee. All during dinner they exchanged more information about themselves and found that their lifestyles seemed to travel the same road. She was a Lawyer and he was an Engineer. They both had a very hectic working life, and only occasionally had time to relax.

Rod was determined to try and get her into bed as soon as possible and turned the conversation to their sex lives. He hinted to the fact that he hadn’t been involved with a lady for a number of months, and queried how her love life was going?

Stephanie admitted to not having any sort of relationship since her divorce, only a couple of short encounters. By this time Rod felt that his chances were getting better.

He spoke to her softly and told her that he wanted her and had done so since seeing her on the boat.

The look she gave him spoke volumes. He called for the bill, paid it and pulled out her chair and escorted her out to the car.

“Your place or mine, for a nightcap,” he asked.

“Mine,” she responded.

They drove to her place and she took hold of his hand and led him upstairs to her condo.

The apartment matched her personality. It was furnished with a mixture of antique and modern pieces, and had a very comfortable feel to it.

As they stepped into the door and closed it, Rod took her into his arms and kissed her.

“I have been wanting to do that from the moment I saw you.”

“I think I have been wanting you to kiss me since then too,” she replied breathlessly.

“Do you still want a nightcap?”

“I think we can miss that and get to the real reason that I came up here. What do you think?”

Stephanie took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom.

Rod wasted no time as he gently helped strip off her of her outer garments, stopping to gaze at her curvy body and lush bush at the V joint of her thighs. Her breasts were full but with little sag. She had told him that she’d had no children. Her skin was silky soft and tasted delicious. He hastened to remove his own outer clothing, and ended up standing in front of in his briefs.

His shaft was erect and standing to attention by this time. Stephanie was sitting on the side of the bed watching him disrobe. She moved forward and took his rigid tool into her hands, lowered her face and took him into her mouth. He sighed with ecstasy.

He lay her back against the bed and once again kissed her fiercely, covering her upper neck and body with his mouth.

Stephanie lifted her arms and linked them around his neck but he gently disengaged them and placed them above her head.

She felt a tremor race through her as he traced a path to her breast, exploring both mounds at leisure, then trailing down to her waist. A gasp escaped her as he moved lower and she whimpered at the path traced by the tip of his tongue.

Rod took intimacy to a new level, evoking a response from her that felt wild and wanton. Sensations spiralled through her body, taking her higher than she believed possible.

If this was what he could do with his mouth, how could she survive the onslaught when he took possession. Would she burn up completely?

Rod continued the path down her body until he discovered the place he had been seeking – her sensuous mound and labia lips. He teased her lower lips with his tongue, purposely avoiding the most sensitive place on her body – her clit. Suddenly he aimed for her pulsating clit and gently sucked it into his mouth. It felt as though he was going to feast on her pussy.

Slowly he raised himself over her and looked onto her golden eyes, begging for permission to take this to the next level. Stephanie nodded her head as he lowered himself between her thighs and bent to kiss her, at the same time, entering her Garden of Eden in a gentle movement. She embraced his cock with her cunt and he began a movement that matched her own. They both developed rhythm that became more heated and physical until both were panting and moaning in time with each other.

Finally, they both uttered a deep sigh and came together.

After such a prolonged dance of wild, sensuous loving on both sides, they fell into a gentle sleep, with her curved into his body.

When she awoke the next morning, she turned and kissed him deeply. His hand snaked round her head and pulled her closely to him, taking possession of her mouth that left her weak.

When he released her, she rose gracefully and positioned herself over his manhood and took him deep inside her body.

She used that control as she rode him hard and then eased to a slow sexy pace that had him groaning as he rolled her onto her back.

At some stage they slept again, waking when the sun streamed through the curtains.

Stephanie turned to him and caught him propped on his elbow gazing at her. The look in his eyes was one of desire.

Rod just continued gazing and then spoke. “Stephanie, the more I look at you, the more I want you. Can we continue this relationship on a more permanent basis? I want to get to know you so much more than just one night in our lives?”

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