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The Drum Majorette

A older man visiting some friends meets a young drum majorette in a marching band.

It wasn’t just raining, it was pouring down with such force the drops bounced off the terrace floor and the surrounding grass. I stood under the roof looking out while smoking a cigarette. It had begun just a few minutes earlier but the grass and gardens where already soaked and slowly it crept over the flagstone floor and slid towards me. I returned to one of their several wicker chairs standing around a glass table on the terrace, I didn’t think the water would reach me there, or at least I hoped not.

“Here’s your beer, Pete,” said my army buddy John who I was visiting.

“Thanks. I had forgotten what a tropical rain was until now. It’s pretty impressive.” I said before taking a long swig of the beer. The cool liquid felt good and I took another long drink before putting down the bottle on the table.

“I guess you have been away a long time,” said John with a smile.

“Fifteen years this fall. It’s amazing how time flies. It felt like just yesterday that you and I roamed the bars and clubs.”

John laughed. “Those days are long gone, my friend. Being married had been good for me, it got me off the booze and the loose women.”

It was my turn to laugh. He was right, there had been many loose women over the years and I remembered some of them fondly.

I drank some more from my beer before saying. “Where’s Rick?”

“He went to pick up his girlfriend but they should be back any time now.”

I heard footsteps behind me and before I could turn John’s wife of almost twenty years sat down opposite me. Jenny was a beauty of a woman. At forty she could easily pass for someone half her age. With an oval face a small nose and full lips she had delicate features that were part of a slender body with firm boobs and a tight ass. I know, I know, I shouldn’t ogle my friend's wife.

I had been there when she and John first met. It was a hot sticky night in Panama City’s banking area where the nice bars and restaurant were. John and I had had dinner together and then we had hit one of the bars close by. After ordering our drinks, he had spotted Jenny with some friends at a nearby table. John had left me to go and talk to her and that was the last I had seen of him that night. I had picked up a hot thing half my age and gone back to my apartment where I fucked the shit out of her until we both were lying panting like dogs on the bed.

The next day John had called me to say his partying days were over and he would settle down. I didn’t believe a word of it, but a year later they were married, and Jenny was pregnant with Richard, their one, and only son.

I had gone back to the states after my contract finished while John had made a home for himself and his family in Panama City. We kept in contact over the years. When he had learned that my wife of eight years had died in a car accident, he invited me down for some rest and recreation. That’s how I ended up on that terrace looking out at the tropical rain.


John and I were on our third beer and Jenny was in the kitchen organizing dinner when I heard the front door open and close.

“That must be Rick and Jasmine,” John said.

A few minutes later Rick, who I had last seen as a baby walked out followed by a girl his own age. Now, Rick at seventeen was a tall and quite handsome young man. He had his father’s broad shoulders and his mother’s soft face and kind eyes. What caught my attention was the creature standing next to him. She was dressed in a white armless dress that snugged her body like a second skin and then flared at her waist.

Her raven black hair reached well past her shoulder blades and was straight as an arrow. Pert full boobs pressed against the fabric, and I immediately noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, but what caught my attention were her long legs. The dress finished way above the knees and those thighs seemed to go on forever. Her face was a bit angular with a strong nose and a wide a month with full lips. Her eyes were doe-like, and when her gaze met mine, she looked away. Her skin was the colour of cinnamon and looked soft as velvet. I had seen nothing like her since I had left Panama and for some reason, those memories brought a smile to my face, and my seventy-year-old cock came to life in my jeans.

John said. “Rick, you won’t remember my best friend Pete since you were just a baby the last time you met.”

I got up and Rick and I shook hands. “Nice to see you have grown up to a fine looking young man,” I said.

“Thanks, this is my girlfriend Jasmine,” he said and put his arm around Jasmine’s waist.

“Nice to meet you,” I said.

“The same.” Her voice just above a whisper.

“Dinner is ready,” Jenny called from the kitchen and as we walked back inside. I was the last to leave the terrace with Jasmine in front of me, swinging her hips seductively.


After living and working in Panama, it was quite a shock to move back to the States, at least as far as the women were concerned. Back in Panama, an older dude like me had no problem picking up women half my age or less. All that was needed was to be willing to pay a few drinks and a dinner or two. Like I mentioned before, John and I had a blast during those years, fucking and having our dicks sucked by not only the local women but also those from the Venezuela, Colombia, and god knows what other nationalities that lived in the city.

To make it short, I was hooked on Latin women by the time I moved back. After a week at home, I realized that the only women from Latin America were older Mexicans and they were usually as tall as they were wide, not the elegant, sensual, sexy and hot-blooded women I was used to.

What was a man to do? Thank god there was the internet. It took me a few days to find a few promising websites that offered beautiful Latin wives. Most of them were in Colombia and after exchanging a few emails with the American couple that ran the agency, I was on my way to Bogota.

My expectations were high as far as beauty was concerned, and I was not disappointed. After dating some ten girls ranging from twenty-five to forty-five, I chose a young woman whose name was Angelica. She was thirty years old, tall for being a Colombian, with beautiful dark skin and a mass of unruly black hair. Her English was excellent, and she was a nurse.

We spent a month together before I asked her if she wanted to move back to Wyoming with me on a trial basis, no strings attached. To my surprise and happiness she said yes and two days later we were on a flight back home.

Six months later we were married. I wanted to have a prenup, but she insisted that she had sacrificed too much to be left out if something would happen to me. I agreed and we started our married life in bliss with long sessions of fucking in the morning and then again at night. She had the hottest most gorgeous pussy I had ever seen and her need for cock was almost scary.

As the months went past, I began to spend more time at home and less at work. I was slowly getting used to the retired life that I was looking forward to sharing with my hot sexy Latin wife. I had arranged for her to get her green card and she found a job at the local hospital where she became immensely popular with her co-workers. I didn’t really care that she worked late sometimes; it was part of being a nurse. So the years went and the years came. We fucked, travelled, fucked more and had a wonderful life or so I thought.

One winter night, when I was sitting by the open fire reading a book and enjoying an expensive single malt whiskey, she came home later than usual.

“Hi, honey. How was your day?” I asked

She came into the living room and took off her thick overcoat and laid it on the chair next to mine. She looked so hot in her white uniform and I was sure the length of the uniform was not permitted. I knew she wore a garter belt and her stockings were clearly visible.

“Oh, it was fine, just a lot of work,” she purred and crawled up onto my lap like a kitten.

We made out, and as our kissing became more aggressive, her clothes came off until she was just in her stockings and garter belt. Her thong hung from the armchair, and I stood in front of her with my cock in the air.

Her shaved pussy glittered with her juices and before she had a chance to stop me, I had buried my face into her soft folds licking and sucking. It took me few seconds but then I tasted it, cum. How did I know it was cum? Well, we often kissed after she had taken my load, so I knew what cum tasted like.

I stopped what I was doing and slowly raised my head.

“Don’t stop, honey, it feels so good,” she moaned with her eyes closed.

I stepped back and stood up. “Angelica, who have you been fucking?”

Her eyes flew open and she blushed. “What do you mean?”

“Your pussy tastes of cum, that’s what I mean.”

Her eyes moved as she tried to come up with a lie and when she couldn’t, she simply sat up and crossed her arms over her heavy boobs.

“I’m sorry, Pete, but yes. I have fucked another man, today, yesterday, the entire month actually, every day after work. I love him and he is a doctor.”

“You conniving bitch! Get the fuck out of my house. I will send you the divorce papers.”

I turned and as I walked out, I heard her call after me. “I have a lawyer and I will get my money, so help me God!”

Well, sometimes I guess God helps the innocent because as she drove away from my house that night, a deer jumped out onto the road. Angelica swerved, missed the deer but hit a lamp post. As a Latina, she was wasn’t big on using her seatbelt, so she flew through the window where she cracked her skull open and landed in front of the car in the snow. By the time she was found the next day, she was frozen solid.

That had been three months ago and since then the only Latinas I had fucked were paid to play. I would fly them in from the bigger cities and pay for them to stay with me for a weekend and then fly them out. I liked that set up better than marriage. I guess after all there was no real love between Angelica and me because I really never missed her, just her hot body.


During dinner, I didn’t pay much attention to the food I was eating. It was Corvina which is a local fish and very hard to fuck up. My attention was on Jasmine. As the conversation moved back and forth, I caught her eying me a few times and once she gave me a quick smile after which she bit her lower lip in that cute sexy way some women do. I was a bit confused, was she actually flirting with me or was I having some serious wishful thinking.

At seventy I still had a strong body and all my hair. Most people thought me to be ten years younger and I was happy about that. As far as my cock went, it was still a healthy eight inches fully erected with a nut sack that could shoot cum a foot or so. I might need a blue pill if there was going to be any prolonged fucking but I could still manage one or two good fucks without.

“So, how long are you staying for,” asked Rick after pushing his plate away.

“Not sure, I thought about a week or so. I have friends up in David I would like to visit too.”

David was about a six-hour drive from Panama City towards the Costa Rican border and the only friend I had there was a widow fifty years old mother of a teenaged son. When I had met her she was a hot secretary in the same building I worked in. We had hooked up a few times and fucked the night away. After I left we had stayed in touch mostly because I as the nice man I was, sometimes sent her money. Her husband who she was married to when we met had died in a work accident and never knew his loving young wife was getting some serious hard white cock. I guess I felt a bit guilty so I would send his kid the money.

Rick spoke up, “I’m on the honour roll, so I have to march tomorrow. Will you come and see me?”

“Right, I had totally forgotten, its Dias Patrias, the Panamanian version of independence day. Yes, of course, I will.”

He put his hand around Jasmine’s shoulders and pulled her closer and after giving her a peck on the cheek he said, “And my baby here is the Drum Majorette.”

“Oh, wow, that’s nice,” I said while thinking how Jasmine would look like in her hot uniform.

Later that evening when John and I were back on the terrace drinking beer I was surprised to hear Jenny, Rick and Jasmine talking about sleeping arrangements.

I leaned close to John. “Dude, do you let Jasmine spend the night here, aren’t you afraid that they will, you know..?”

John laughed. “They already have. Jenny and I walked in on them one evening when we came back from the movies.”

“Oh shit, that must have been embarrassing. What about her parents, I know Panamanian parents don’t allow their daughters to sleep over?”

“Well, to answer your first question, it was more embarrassing for Jasmine than anyone else. She was the one lying on the sofa with her legs spread. John still had his underwear on. And to answer your second question, her parents work with the Canal Company which means working nights many times a week. They are just happy she is not at home alone.”

“Uhu-hu, that’s a pretty good setup for young Rick.”

John grinned, “I guess it is. Anyway, you will sleep in the guestroom next to Rick’s. Jenny has already prepared it for you. But watch out, the bathroom is shared between the two bedrooms. I wouldn’t want you to walk in on Jasmine or vice versa, that might get a bit weird.”

I tried to keep a poker face while my imagination was carried away seeing a naked Jasmine in the shower soaping her soft skin. The thought made me horny and I decided to jerk off before going to sleep that night. John went for a couple of more beers and Jenny joined us with a glass of wine.

Through the evening I couldn’t stop thinking of the young woman sleeping just on the other side of the wall.

But it got worse. When I had gone to bed and had begun stroking my cock I heard moans from Rick’s room. John and Jenny had gone to bed before me and I assumed they were fast asleep. The youngsters had waited a long time to fuck I realized. Good for them, I thought. I kept on jerking my cock to the sounds of Jasmine peaking in a long drawn out moan and as I squirted my cock juice over my stomach I whispered her name.


While having breakfast the following morning, I gave Jasmine a few looks trying to see if she would show any signs of knowing or suspecting that I had heard her and Rick the previous night. She didn’t, she chatted away and when we were all done she and Rick went to change into their school uniforms.

When they came back down again my eyes widened as Jasmine made her entrance into the living room. She wore a black uniform with shiny buttons and a cap. In her right hand, she held her baton and her almost knee-high boots were polished to a reflective shine. Her short skirt ended about twelve inches under her pert ass. Rick wore black pants and a white shirt with a red tie.

In the car, I sat in the front with John while Jenny, Rick, and Jasmine sat in the back. It was bumper to bumper traffic all the way to the Casco Viejo, the old town, where the march started.

“How far will they walk?” I asked John.

“It’s about three miles and it takes them approximately four hours to complete. There are a total of twelve schools marching and theirs is number six.”

I looked out the window and saw heavy black clouds approaching from the Pacific Ocean.

Rick must have read my mind. “Yeah, we do have to march even though it’s raining, Pete.”

“Shit, that must suck,” I said.

“It’s not too bad. I mean, we get wet but it’s better than walking in the glaring sun like they did last year. Two girls passed out and had to be taken away in ambulances,” added Jasmine.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said.

“Don’t worry, Pete. There are many bars and cafés on the way so we can always jump into one if it starts pouring," said Jenny.


After parking, we walked for about ten minutes through the narrow streets and I noticed the government had cleaned up the place since I had been there last. There were fancy restaurants and cafes where before there had been cheap whore houses and unsavoury bars where anything and anyone could be bought. John and I had spent many nights in those bars drinking and doing other controlled substances while trying to get laid. It had been a different time back then.

After leaving Rick and Jasmine with their school friends John, Jenny and I wandered over to a small bar where we ordered a couple of beers for John and myself and a cappuccino for Jenny. From where we sat we could see the different schools line up and begin getting ready for the long trek. The clouds had now reached the causeway which is a narrow bit of land, it’s actually landfill, that sticks out in the ocean from the mainland. On it are several restaurants and parks where the locals like to go on the weekends for a bite to eat or just a nice walk.


Three hours later the sky opened up and we were soaked in the tropical rain. John, Jenny and I had hoped to make it to a restaurant not far from the finish but we never did. When we finally walked in my clothes were wet through to my underwear. We stood just inside laughing at ourselves and the other customers who like us were there to see their kids march. All of us were soaked but no one cared.

When Rick and Jasmine showed up her hair was a mess and her makeup was running down her face, but she still looked hot.

“Kids, what about pizza and a hot shower?” asked Jenny

By the time they had reached us John had already gone back to get the car. Luckily the rain stopped after just twenty minutes and the sun came out.

While we waited for John to pick us up Rick and Jasmine talked about the march and what had gone well and bad. Apparently the orchestra had made a couple of minor foul-ups and Jasmin had dropped her marching baton twice due to the rain, but all in all, it was a success.


Back at the house, we changed into dry clothes and then ate the pizzas that John had bought on the way back. Jenny and John decided to take a nap and I wanted to work on my tan a bit. The house had a small swimming pool which looked nice and warm in the sun.

I still preferred speedos and when I had put mine on and thrown a towel over my shoulder I walked out to the pool and jumped in. The water was warm as a bathtub and didn’t really cool me down. I lay there floating on the surface listening to the tropical birds in the bushes and mango trees around me. It was a nice lifestyle, and if I was, to be honest with myself, I missed it. Panama might be a bit backward in many ways and the traffic was horrible, but the weather was amazing, even though it rained every day for nine months of the year. I suddenly had a thought about selling my place back in Wyoming and coming back to the city I had left. I didn’t need to work since I collected a pension that would make my life very comfortable in Panama City. I could either rent a place or buy something for the money I would make on my old house.

I was deep in thought, so I didn’t register the splash before I felt the small waves hit my body. I turned and looked at the spot where someone had dove in expecting to see Rick’s head appear. It didn’t. Instead, Jasmine’s doe eyes appeared above the surface and then her head, followed by her upper body. Her bikini top hardly covered her round boobs, only the nipples and maybe an inch on either side. The water was deep enough that I could hardly make out the bottom half of her bikini.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi, yourself. Where is Rick?”

She took her thick hair in both her hands and squeezed the water out of it. Then she walked closer to me. “Oh, he is on the Play Station, playing with some friends. I got bored and decided to have a swim.”

“Mm, I see,” I said and walked back towards the end of the pool in the shallow part. Jasmine followed.

When I had my back to the wall I jumped up, so I was sitting on the edge with my feet in the water. Jasmine was only a few feet from me. By now the water reached her just below her waist and her bikini was visible. What caught my eye was the beautiful camel toe that had formed. She must have noticed my gaze because she said in a husky voice. “You are a dirty old man.”

My eyes moved up where they met hers. “God, I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”

She smiled showing white teeth and a pink tongue. “It’s okay. I know men like to look at me. Rick’s dad does it all the time.” She giggled and dove backward into the water and swam away from me.

I sat there with my mouth open staring at her as she turned under the surface and began to swim to the other side. So, John was giving her dirty looks too, who could blame him? If I had a son and his girlfriend looked like Jasmine I also would be drooling over her. What I wondered was if Jenny had any inkling of her husband’s naughty games or if she was innocent?

Jasmine swam back to where I was sitting and stood up just a foot from me. She placed her hands on my knees and I jerked.

“What, what’s wrong? Don’t you like me touching you?” she said with that husky voice of hers.

I looked around making sure no one was around. “Well, it’s not that I mind or don’t mind. I just don’t think its kosher for you to do it.”

She licked a drop of water from her upper lip and moved her hands down to the inside of my legs and up towards my cock.

“Why not?” she asked after tilting her head to one side.

By now my cock was wide awake and pushed against the fabric of my speedos. Since I was sitting he was pretty safe where he was but if I leaned back or lay down the cockhead would pop out.

“Well, you are John’s son’s girlfriend, I’m much too old for you and I’m a guest in their house.”

She laughed. “That hasn’t stopped John or Jenny.”

My mouth dropped open again. “What exactly do you mean?”

Her right hand had now reached my cock and she drew circles around it with a manicured nail.

“Oh, I thought you knew. The thing is we kind of share each other. I’m Rick’s girlfriend, but on occasion, John, or Jenny or both have some fun with me too. Rick doesn’t mind.”

My head was spinning so fast I didn’t realize I had leaned back under the attack of Jasmine’s nails and before I knew it, she had pulled down my speedos and then pulled at my legs. I slid closer to her with part of my ass hanging over the edge of the pool. As I looked down at her she gave me a wink, pulled her hair over her head to one side and then opened her mouth. Her lush lips slid over my cockhead and I sighed ass she began bobbing her head up and down while her tongue played with me. She looked up at me, her eyes dreamy and when she came up for air she said. “I love your cock, it’s so much bigger than Rick’s or John’s.” Then she went down on me again.

I lay there with my eyes closed receiving the best BJ in god knows how long. Sure, the girls that I flew in sucked cock too but not with so much passion as Jasmine. She must have heard from my breathing that I was close to coming because she got up from the pool and while she did I moved back. Then she straddled me and with a bit of help from her hand, my cock slid into her tight young pussy. She still wore her bikini, all she had done was slide it to the side and as I watched my cock slide in and out of her I noticed she was shaved, completely.

Her boobs bounced above me as she began to ride me faster and faster. I reached for them and cupped them in my hands, playing with her hard nipples and caressing the soft skin. Her pussy began to contract sending dangerous messages to my balls. Suddenly she stopped gasped and slumped down onto my chest where she lay breathing hard.

Far away I heard the traffic and close by the birds and insects. My cock was still inside her and I was about to ask her to finish me off with her mouth when I heard footsteps

“Oh, that didn’t take long, Pete. I would have thought you could have waited at least until tomorrow.” It was Jenny’s voice.

I turned my head and gasped. She stood completely naked next to us and as I watched she knelt down and began to caress Jasmine’s back. “Isn’t she a wonderful young woman,” she said.

“Yeah, sure.” I managed to say.

At that moment Jasmine slid off me and took my still hard cock in her hand. “Here, Jenny, try some.”

Jenny looked down at me. “Oh my, my, that thing looks just too good to miss out on.”

While Jasmine slowly jerked me Jenny began to lick my cock. She had a totally different technique than Jasmine. Where the young woman was eager and hungry, Jenny was delicate and took her time, licking the cockhead, kissing the shaft and then back up again.

At one moment our eyes met and she whispered. “I love to taste Jasmine on your cock.”

I was about to answer when she took me all the way down and after being delicate, she began to deepthroat me hard. It didn’t take more than a few minutes before my body began to tremble.

Jasmine joined Jenny and both of them licked and sucked my cock before I squirted several heavy globs on to their tongues, They both swallowed and then kissed each other gently.

I lay on the grass catching my breath and wondering what would happen next. It was Jenny who explained it to me.

“Pete, I think you should go and get some rest. Later tonight Jasmine’s sister is coming over and she is a hoot. I bet you will just love her.”

I stared at the two women while slowly getting up. When I was standing naked in front of them Jasmine reached up and gently wrapped her fingers around my limp dick. “You rest, because tonight, you will fuck like you have never fucked before.”

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