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The Family Friend

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Seduced by the family friend.

The year 1980.  I just graduated from college (21yrs of age) and was actively looking for a job in the engineering field.  Living in a rust belt town, engineering jobs were few and far between due to the downturn in the steel industry.  Anyway, as the summer approached I found myself working at various jobs in the evenings, weekends, etc.   Coming from a relatively small family I was reintroduced to a family friend during a 4th of July picnic at my aunt's home.  Her name was Elizabeth (at least 50) and I did have a vague memory of her when I was quite small (7-8 years of age).  I do remember that, all things considered she was a beautiful, stunning lady back then.

Time, 2-children, 2-divorces, had a way of catching up with her when I seen her again in 1980, however her body was unbelievable and she had this very coy and sexy demeanor about  herself.   During the picnic, there was the usual conversations, catching up on old memories, etc.  The subject turned to what I was doing after graduation.  Explaining that the job market was not that great I was in the process of looking for anything that could get me into the business field.  In addition, was willing to do any type of work to generate income.  That being said, through the course of the day, Liz offered some basic landscaping work for me to do at her home.  Easy stuff, trim hedges and rebuild a small brick wall in her very small back yard.  Ok, so it was agreed that I would come over to her home the following week and make a quick $100 in the process.  There was no question though, as I drank a few beers that day she looked more and more sexier and we brushed up against each other in a "weird" but great way.  In the addition, the "good to see you again, my how you have grown up" hug at the end of the night was a little longer than normal.

Arriving at her house a few days later I felt a bit anxious.  She asked if I could come over later in the afternoon as she had a bank appointment that day and would be home later to show me what she wanted done.  As I pulled up in front of her house she was standing by her 1974 Camaro.  She was dressed in a tight gray skirt, heels and a black satin-like blouse.  She looked unbelievable and I could feel my cock start to twinge.  Composing myself, I got out and approached her car. She asked if I could take out two boxes of ceramic tile from the trunk.  As I got in to the trunk she came up to my side very close to me and wanted to move some blankets to allow me to get to the boxes.  As she did that her body was right next to me.  Now this is where it gets a little blurry, not sure if I made the first move or not but the next thing I know is that she is right up against me, my hand is feeling her great ass in that tight skirt and she is telling me that we need to get these boxes inside quickly and get to work because her daughter was due home from her job at 6:30.  With that she French kissed me quickly and headed in to the house.  I had a hard-on that you could of chipped a tooth with and I struggled in getting those damned tiles on on to the back porch.

As I entered her house she was standing by a wrought iron cocktail cart.(Remember those?)  She poured two Jack Daniels on the rocks and came over to me.  I jokingly asked where did she want me to start on the landscaping.  Laughingly she said "I have a special job for you".  With that we clinked glassed, took a gulp, and we proceed to kiss deep and passionate, the burning of the JD going down made that much more passionate as our tongues explored each others mouth. She stopped kissing, and said point blank, "lets get upstairs and fuck".

She grabbed my hand and took me upstairs, as we entered her bedroom she took control.  More kissing ensued on the bed, and it was all that I could do from not cumming right there as this was like the "letters to Penthouse" episode I would read at my janitor job on the weekends.  I felt her body through her clothes. Hard to explain, hard and soft in all the right places.  I undid her blouse revealing a black lace bra.  I would guess about a 36C.  I buried my face in her cleavage as she rubbed by cock inside of my shorts.  We stopped for a quick second.  We got on our knees on the bed as she took off her blouse and undid her bra, we were close I was kissing her neck and feeling her ass.  I took off my t-shirt and undid my shorts down to my jockeys. While I did that she unhooked the back of her skirt asking me to slowly unzip.  I was now sitting on the edge of the bed and undoing her skirt.  As her skirt dropped to the floor, her panty hosed clad ass was right in front of my face.  She bent over putting her ass in my face for me to enjoy.  Right about then, I pretty much knew I had to cum that second.

She turned around and proceeded to kiss me dropping to her knees in front of me pulling down my jockeys with my cock at full attention.  She proceeded to begin sucking and caressing my cock with more passion than I ever experienced from any other girl up to that time in my life.  It was like she was worshipping my cock.  Kissing, sucking, fondling and sucking my balls.  I told her Liz, I am going to cum.  With that she took all of me as I exploded what seemed like a gallon of cum in her mouth.  She took every bit and continued to lick well after my last spasm.  She got on top of me and we kissed passionately.  I never ever kissed a woman after a blow job.  Her tongue was forceful, my hands grabbed ass.  She rose up and I began to suck her breasts, nipples so long that I could of just bit them off.  I rolled her on to her side and continued to suck on those magnificent mounds working my way down to her panty hose top pulling them down to her feet.  She proclaimed that she wanted me to bury my face in her pussy as she wants to cum on my face.  I was met with a well trimmed pussy that was beyond soaked.  I proceed to indeed bury my face in her.  Hearing her moan and talk dirty got my juices flowing even more. I caressed her clit and worked her pussy until she came what seemed like 10 times as it all ran together.  She was bucking non-stop screaming in was funny and sexy all at the same time.

I proceeded to crawl next to her and we kissed once again with tongues half way down each others throats.  She rolled over and got on top of me as I entered her. I felt her tits and tweaked her nipples as she rode me slow and sensually.  I worked my fingers to her mouth where she interpreted her excellent cock sucking skills on my fingers.  Sexy beyond belief. The tempo increased and a joint orgasm was accomplished in a manner of minutes.  The Timex alarm clock read 5:08.  She rolled off and the got the two drinks for us to sip.  I must of had a "what the hell happened look" on me as she laughed at me in a seductive manner asking if I ever experienced a "woman" before.  My response was why in the hell didn't you get in touch with my aunt earlier?  We kissed more........I never have been kissed by woman so seductively in my entire life including my many girlfriends and my wife of 25 years.  Those kisses stayed with me forever.

That was the first and only time with her....we seen each other at family functions which she was invited, we shared one intimate hug and kiss at a New Years Eve party in 1981.  Her oldest daughter took a job in Georgia and she followed her down there only keeping in touch with our family via Christmas cards and other holidays.

Its interesting that this event was so sexual, it was like we both knew what was going to happen that day. Our conversation was minimal but the actions spoke thousands of words.

By the way, the landscaping got finished right after and I shared a beer with Liz and her daughter.  It was kind of funny sitting there knowing what happened a few hours earlier. 

It was one of the best growing up experiences in my life and is engrained in my memory forever.


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