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The Fisherman

A chance encounter at sunset leads to an intense experience

The Fisherman

After a full day of sun, I started thinking about what trouble I might get into that evening.

I had enough of the dive bars Jane and I had been going to all week. There didn't seem to be any place to dance on this island. No easy relaxed places where you can get close to your partner, with no one smashing into you holding their beer bottles or pink cocktails.

I walked to the edge of the surf and watched the sun as it moved closer to the water. Jane had left early that morning to take care of things at home. She offered no real explanation as usual. Jane and I had been travel buddies for years and I was used to her erratic behavior. She had no job but owned rental property, a sick mother and a crazy daughter. I asked no questions and listened quietly if she offered information.

Alone again, relaxed and rested, husband and kids a thousand miles away, I thought about tonight.

Jane had taken the rental car but I knew I could take a cab if I could only find a place to go. The resort had a little lobby bar that was perfect for a glass of wine before or after dinner but no music. No interesting men to talk to and nobody to flirt with.

I stood there, breathing deeply, warm water lapping at my toes. I realized that I could watch the sun disappear every night from this exact spot, for the rest of my life. But that wasn't in the cards. In a few days I'd be back in New England, in the snow.

In the deepening twilight, I caught motion near me. There were no towels or beach bags left on the beach when I headed to the water so I was a bit surprised. I looked to my left and saw someone walking towards me, the frame seemed familiar. Was it one of the bartenders from the lobby lounge?

No, he was taller than I remember the bartenders being and I as I looked more closely he seemed to be carrying some kind of extra long fishing rod. As he approached I made a quick appraisal, even in the fading light I could see he was fit, tan, like he had been here for a couple of weeks, a little older, hair just graying, neatly trimmed beard. Not bad I thought.

He smiled as he came close.

"Beautiful sunset and a perfect place to watch it", he said.

It was his voice that got me, deep, sexy, but genuine sounding. I smiled and agreed and asked him what that ridiculously long fishing pole was for.

"Fly rod" he said, "Perfect time to cast for the baby tarpon that come into the bay in the evening".

He moved closer to show me the little concoction of feathers at the end of the line. Boring, I thought, but he kind of smells good so I stayed close touching his hand as he showed me the silly feathers.

"You can't expect to catch a fish with that stuff do you?" I teased.

"Just watch" he said, smiling.

He moved off a bit and started working out the line. I had heard of fly casting but had never seen anyone who knew how to do it. His long sturdy looking legs were planted in the sand and his upper body moved like a dancer's, gracefully working the long rod back and forth as 50 or 60 feet of line shot out. The muscles of his arms and back tensed and relaxed with the rhythm of the cast. Less boring I thought.

He released the cast and that clump of feathers landed 60 feet out in the bay with a tiny splash. He began pulling in the line with his left hand, holding the long rod up with his right. Suddenly the water about 40 feet in front of us exploded as this creature leaped into the air. Its silver scales reflected all the colors of the sunset, it must have been two feet long, beautiful.

Ten minutes later I waded into the shallows with him as he reached down gently removed the hook and sent fish on its way.

"Baby Tarpon?” I gasped.

"They get a lot bigger " he laughed.

Not bored anymore. Actually a little turned on. I began thinking about the evening ahead. We chatted a bit, I told him about my week on the island. We smiled a lot. It was dark now and he offered to walk me back to my hotel. I liked that. As we reached the entrance he smiled again and took my hand as if to say good by and then squeezed it a bit. I think I squeezed back. He told me that he was invited to a party that night at a friends place way down the beach road.

“ Would you like to join me” he said.

"Yes, that would be nice." I said.

Smiling, he looked into my eyes and said " Excellent, I will come by at 9:00 o'clock and pick you up”.

I walked to my room thinking about what just happened. The sunset, the peaceful calm I felt, that man and the pleasure of watching his body move, hearing his deep sexy voice. I thought about that fish exploding out of the water. It's power being tamed, then released. I poured a glass of wine and wondered if I'd like it if he tamed me like that. What would it feel like in those strong arms? What was his mouth like? I didn't remember his mouth. I did want to be touched by those strong hands.

Oh God, I knew where this was going. I needed a shower to cool off. I took a deep breath and another sip of wine. Yes shower! I reached back to undo the clasp on the top of my two piece. Not too, too skimpy, but skimpy enough to insure that I get plenty of sun and some admiring looks. My forty five year old body is in good shape, stomach flat, hips flare nicely and my breasts still well shaped and firm.

As the top slipped away it brushed against my nipple and I felt a quick burst of pleasure run through my body. I cupped both breasts in my hands squeezed and kneaded a bit. It felt so good. I rubbed my hand over the other nipple, pinched just a bit and felt it harden and grow to my touch. I started to think about his hands on my body, big hands, strong hands. My hand slid down from my breast over my stomach. It traveled lower feeling the velvety skin just above my smooth pussy. My finger slipped inside my lips, wet, very wet. My finger separated the lips. My clit throbbed in anticipation of my touch. Pleasure radiated through my body. I took the wetness from inside and gently rubbed my clit. It felt so good.

I threw my suit bottom across the room. I laid down on the bed and spread my legs thinking about him being there hard and ready to enter me. I slid my finger deeper inside and felt the heat there. I brought the wetness back to my clit thinking about his tongue licking me, sucking me as my finger rubbed a little harder. It didn't take long I clasped my legs together as I came.

My breathing relaxed, only a bit unsteadily I walked to the shower. I smiled knowing the night has only just begun.

The cool shower did little more than clean the sun lotion off my body. My pussy was still throbbing and my mind continued to wander. I tried to focus while the tropical breeze dried my body. Jane had left me some fruit, cheese and a little wine. I munched my snack as I flipped through the closet grabbing the only dress that someone hadn't either spilled beer on and didn't smell like smoke. A white sun dress, short and so thin as to be almost transparent in the right light. I guess I had been saving it for a night like this.

As I sipped the wine and sucked the sweet juices of the tropical fruit, my mind wandered to licking and sucking juices off my new friend's cock. I could almost taste my own juices mixed with his as I image having him hard and hot in my mouth.

I looked at the clock and realized I need to start getting dressed or I would greeting my new friend in my robe. Maybe that would be fun. I could invite him in and let my robe drop to the floor, he could take me right there on the counter of the mini-kitchen. No, a little foreplay was a good thing. There was certainly chemistry between us and I was enjoying this constant state of arousal. I hoped he would be creative and a little kinky.

I sat on the balcony and made a quick call home to say good-night to the kids and hear how much snow they got that day. Just as I hung up there was light knock on the door. My anticipation got the best of me, so I flung open the door without slipping on my shoes or doing the final check of my hair and dress.

He stood there, smiling and had a knowing twinkle in his eye.

"Just have to grab my shoes" I said.

Before I could turn, he slid one arm around my waist and the other hand went under my hair and held my neck. Not roughly, but not softly either, he pulled me closer and kissed my lips. His tongue was insistent but not offensive. He grabbed a small handful of my hair and pulled enough for me to know I wasn't going anywhere until he was ready to let me go. I focused on breathing and enjoying the kiss. I could feel the wetness spreading in my last pair of clean panties. I really thought I would cum just from his lips seducing my mouth. This was going to be a delightful evening.

As he continued to kiss me, teasing with his lips and tongue I pressed my hips up against his and felt his hardness growing there. This was sending me over the edge. Soft sounds of pleasure were coming out of me. Abruptly he pulled away releasing my hair and holding me at arms length.

"Suzanne”, he said, "what would you like to do".

There was a sternness to his voice that sent shivers up my spine and a spasm in my pussy.

" I'd like to stay here, for a while, please." I answered softly.

My juices now soaking through my panties, I could feel wetness on my leg.

"Come here Suzanne" he said.

I took steps towards him and he grasped my shoulders and gently but firmly pushed me down until I was on my knees on the rug in front of him. I reached for the belt of his tropical weight pants, caressing his erection through the light material. I unbuckled and unzipped and brought his fine looking cock into view. I gently cupped his balls and slowly licked the length of his shaft, my tongue teasing that most sensitive spot just below the tip.

He shuddered and let out a soft moan as I licked again from bottom to top. He was even harder now as I took the head of his cock into my mouth and let my tongue swirl around the tip and sucked on it like it was a piece of hard candy. It was very hard. I released him and looked up into his eyes. They were smiling. I took him in my mouth again more deeply this time and I slowly fucked him with my mouth. I wanted to touch my clit while had him in my mouth. I knew I'd cum in a second, but held back the desire to touch myself.

Suddenly, I again felt his firm hand on my shoulders pulling me off his beautiful cock and standing me up.

"Suzanne" he said, "do you want to go the party now".

"No" I replied "I want to stay here”.

Quietly he said "Take your dress off and lay down on the bed ".

I moved away a bit so he would have a better view and loosened the tie of my little party dress. It fell to the floor. I could feel my nipples hard and straining against the sheer fabric of my bra. I looked down and I could see as well as feel my juices flooding my tiny white panties. I moved to undo my bra.

" Don't " he said, " lay down on the bed”.

My eyes were locked on his as I moved to the bed laying on my back near the edge. I was completely under his command. My body was quaking with anticipation as he moved closer his cock still erect. I wanted it inside of me.

"Suzanne, spread you legs for me" he whispered.

I brought my hands to my thighs and slowly moved my legs apart. My swollen pussy now clearly outlined through my shear, soaked panties. He came closer drinking in the sight of aroused body.

Looking into my eyes he softly said, "Touch yourself for me dear one".

I played with my hardening nipples through the shear fabric of my bra. I let out a small moan. I couldn't touch my pussy. I'd cum the second I touched it. I moved my hand up my thighs over my stomach even those light touches were bringing me closer to the edge. I hesitated. My breathing heavy.

"Touch your pussy for me" He said more firmly.

My hand shook, my legs shook as I let my fingers move down inside the waist band of my panties. He was smiling as he watched me, knowing I was going to explode. Knowing that I wanted his touch not mine.

"Stop", he said.

I stopped just as my finger found the top of my lips.

He moved to the bed and firmly pulled me to the edge keeping my legs fully spread, he knelt between my spread legs and breathed in the heady aroma. I wanted to tear my panties off. I wanted him to tear my panties off. I felt his hot breath on my wet pussy. My clit was throbbing now. I felt his lips brush against my swollen lips, his tongue now teasing me through the drenched fabric. He stopped. I held my breath. He stood and lifted my hips and pulled off my panties.

I was groaning for him, pleading with him. “Fuck me, eat me, own me, please let me cum” I moaned.

He lowered himself between my shaking legs. Again, I felt his tongue licking me, entering me, savoring all the juices flowing out of me. Then he found the swollen bud of my clit and took it fully in his mouth. I pushed his head down on me as he sucked on my clit harder. Every fiber of my being was focused right there. Oh God, how I came. I came harder than I'd cum in years. I kept pushing his head down pulling his hair. I screamed, my whole body shaking. Everything contracted. Everything exploded. Waves of pleasure consumed me. I was transported. On and on it went. I wanted it to go on forever, to never ever stop.

My orgasm finally subsided. I was still shaking but my breath started to return to normal as he lay down beside me on the bed and took me in his arms. He was smiling.

He kissed me lightly and chuckled “Looks like I landed you just like I landed that baby tarpon” He kissed me again.

I could taste my cum on his lips. I loved that taste. I wanted to taste his.

“ Lets get to the party” He said. “I think you will enjoy my friends”.

I just laughed. Still a bit unsteady, I got up and started looking for my party dress. The Fisherman had my soaked panties in his hand. He looked at me and once again inhaled the aroma of my total arousal.

“ I don't think you will need these”, he said as he tossed them aside.

I slipped on the white sun dress, grabbed my shoes, kissed him and took his hand as he led me out the door.

To be continued.

A first offering, written for and with my buddy MF she set the stage, I reeled her in. Submitted with her good wishes.

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