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The Gift

An old man is shown that age doesn't really matter.
I don't know what I did. I was in my store and turned around and the next thing I knew I was here, in the hospital. When I woke up there was a nurse in the room with me and when she saw my eyes open she smiled and stood up. She took a washcloth out of a basin, wrung it out and sponged my face with it. I hadn't realized how hot I was. I looked up at her and she was beautiful. Black hair tied up, a beautiful face and breasts that looked great in her tight uniform. She smiled and rinsed the cloth out and sometime after she started sponging me again I fell asleep.

In the morning the same nurse was there. She told me she worked nights right now and was on from midnight to 8 AM. It was only 7. We talked briefly, I told her my name was Paul and she smiled and told me her name was Alexis but to call her 'Alex'. She checked my vitals and made a note on my chart and I thought, "Duh!" she already knew my name.

She pulled my gown up to check those things that squeeze your legs to keep the blood flowing while you're lying there. She'd lifted the gown a little high and when she glanced up she smiled again. She reached out and lifted the gown higher and said, "I'll have to give you a bath later," and walked out.

This was mildly exciting to think about because I haven't had much sex in the last 8 years except with myself. My wife of 43 years gave it all up 8 years ago and last year had to be committed to a full care home. Sometimes I find it hard to go on but I love my kids and grand kids and they help more than I can describe. I'm 71 and have 11 bones in my spine fused, C3 to C5 and T11 to L6, so I don't move well any more. I've had Prostate cancer and when they killed that they killed my ability to get my dick hard. If I hated I would hate them for that. I don't squirt when I cum any more but my orgasms are powerful when I have one. Oh well, what is, is, accept it.

Alex came back in and very efficiently bathed me, but she did smile a lot when she washed my penis. I loved thinking about it but had no physical reaction and fell asleep while she was doing my chest.

All the drugs they had me on were suppressing all of my urges. I kind of lived in a fog. Blurry, like looking through gauze. I knew I wanted to get excited but I couldn't. I slept a lot and Alex and I talked a lot. She was very intelligent and gorgeous. She was married and her husband, Jack, was an architect and quite successful. They'd met in college and had been married for several years. They were still madly in love. No kids yet but maybe in a few years.

Over the next 2 days I found out that I'd twisted the L10 vertebrae in my spine. I'm fused from T11 to L6 and this had just knocked me out. An employee had called an ambulance and here I was. Alex and I became quite friendly. She told me what was going on and told me I reminded her of a very kind older man that had helped her when she was just starting as a nurse. She'd always wanted to tell him how much but he'd died before she could.

She said, "I kind of take more personal care of 'Old Dudes' like you." She said it like that, with quotes. I am 71 with long pure white hair and it made me feel good when she said that, and she did it with a quirky little smile too. Another kid or grand kid for my extended family?

On the third morning I heard a nurse say that Alex had asked the day shift to leave the bath for her to do. I wondered about that and ran a little fantasy across my mind. I've always been attracted to nurses and Alex was a very sexy 30 year old example.

She came in at 1am and seeing me awake said, "Okay big boy, are you ready for another bath?" I smiled and said something really tricky like,'I'm always ready.' Brilliant comeback, dork. Hell, I'd been waiting all day for this.

She smiled a lot and seemed to spend more time than usual washing my penis and I started to get hard. She felt it and grinned and started up my body and finished quickly. She didn't say anything but was grinning as she walked away. I thought about that for quite a while that night.

On the 5th day they'd reduced my drugs a lot and every time Alex and I talked I got more excited. I couldn't really approach her, she was kind of like one of my kids by now. But I enjoyed it a lot. One day she told me about the older man who'd helped her. He'd been a doctor that supported her in some hospital power struggle and she'd always been grateful. He died shortly after that and she felt like she should pass the help along. Pay it forward. So she liked taking care of us 'Old Dudes'.

She also mentioned that she liked the kilt I had on when they brought me in. She said the only thing she had trouble with was my belt. The hook was different. I'd had a chain mail belt made for me and it had a funky clasp.

"I'll have to practice with that clasp," she said and I briefly wondered why?

On the 7th day she shocked me. She told me that recently she and her husband had had a chance encounter with a friend of hers from college. She'd just dumped her butthead boyfriend and had come to stay with them for a few days, and it just happened. They had spent the weekend in a wonderful sharing that brought the three of them very close. She loved her husband and she loved her friend so it felt right to her.

"I just felt so warm and fulfilled when Lacey and Jack were eating each other. The sounds as each tried to consume the other made me masturbate." She said this softly while I sat there speechless with my mouth hanging open.

"Jack and I talked about it and he wants me to pick another man to give me the same pleasure that I gave him with my friend. I thought about it for several days and finally told him of a fantasy I've had for several years."

"The older doctor I mentioned was a wonderful man and a true gentleman. He never did anything but treat me like a daughter. After he died I had a fantasy about having sex with him. Something to show him how much he affected my life, a gift of me, for him."

All through this I could hardly breathe. Why was the woman telling me this? I was getting an erection, such as it is, and wondered if she knew.

She continued with, "I've taken a lot of personal interest in my older male patients but you are the first one that reminded me so much of him. I told Jack about you and he said that if that's what I wanted he was all for it. He then made a crude crack about, 'Besides the Old Dude will love it.' Sorry, we share everything."

I said, "I'm honored that you're telling me this. His comment doesn't bother me, it excites me quite a bit."

"I already noticed that." And she smiled and I got even harder. Damn, I love nurses. I was a bulge in the sheet and she reached out and touched me. My cock jumped and she laughed and said, "Wow, not bad for an 'Old dude', I'm impressed."

My arousal became even more apparent and she told me, "I won't do any more now. Jack said he wanted to be there like I was with him, and I accepted that. If you are willing to let him watch, will you love me for a while?"

I couldn't believe this. I was speechless and my mind was spinning. I finally said, "I have always viewed any thing a woman gave me of herself as a precious gift. I have cherished every one and have never forgotten. If you offer this to me I will gladly welcome Jack being there." I want to treat this woman as a gentleman should.

She then told me she had to call him and tell him I'd accepted. She told me I'd be released in the morning and Jack usually picked her up so they'd just wait for me, then she walked out. That was the longest night of my fucking life, even longer than when my youngest son was born I think. I was so excited I almost jerked off 20 times before morning. Every time she came in to check me I got hard, well harder because it never went all the way down. I can't remember being this excited since I was a teenager.

An eternity later I was discharged and Alex was there with me, helping me, holding my hand. Somehow we'd become friends in a week and I loved it. We finished and she took me to the lobby in my wheelchair. They always make you check out in a wheelchair. There she introduced me to this tall handsome man that looked like he could tear me in half if I pissed him off. With a rather funny feeling I reached out and took his hand saying, "Jack, I am very glad to meet you."

I think he kind of liked that but I shocked him with my next statement. "I never thought that I'd be shaking another mans hand and telling him I had a strong sexual interest in his wife. I've read about this and wanted to experience it, but have never had the chance. I will appreciate this for the rest of my life, thank you both for making an old man very happy."

He smiled back at me and said, "Alex told me you were a gentleman and I agreed to do it as long as I approved her opinion. I think you are what she thought you were, lets get going so Alex can have what she wants and I can just watch. It's going to be a long night." That perked my interest even more. What did they have planned?

We got to the car, a van really, and Alex got into the back seat with me. This kind of amazed me and she held my hand all the way there. The drive took about 45 minutes and we just talked and joked. Getting to know one another. They told me more about Alex's old college room mate, Lacey, the one she'd told me about and that she would be there too. Alex said Lacey and Jack would just sit and cuddle while watching us, if that was okay with me. I said, "I think I'll like that a lot. I don't know for sure, I've never done this before."

They looked at each other in the mirror and smiled, then laughed. I wondered if they were laughing at 'The Virgin' in the crowd when Alex giggled and said, 'Wow, another virgin, Lacey was too.' That was one of the most pleasant drives I've ever had. Slow and easy and two great people to enjoy it with. And what was coming, of course.

We got there and when we walked in Lacey kissed Rob and turned and grabbed my head in both hands and gave me a big, sloppy kiss saying, "Alex called me and asked if I wanted to share this and I told her, absolutely, if I'm lucky he'll take care of both of us. I've had a thought or two about guys with long white hair. A daddy thing probably, I don't know or care, I just like the idea." She reached up and pulled my pony tail, then smiled and went back into the kitchen. These people smiled a lot. I found myself grinning a lot more too. Alex gave me a kiss and followed her.

Jack and I sat and Lacey and Alex brought drinks. I'm a Scotch drinker and when Alex mentioned that to Lacey over the phone she'd stopped and picked up a bottle of Glenlivet, 18 year old and very smooth. Just for me! Wow!

I got a finger or two of it but everyone else was drinking something with fruit juice. Lacey sat next to Jack and Alex sat next to me and took my hand and held it in her lap. I was a little nervous but Jack was sitting there holding Lacey around her shoulders and smiling. They were whispering and he laughed at something and I saw his hand move down and cup her beautiful right breast. She had kind of a slinky thing on and when it moved on her I could see she had no bra. My mind was soaring.

After an hour of kissing and laughing and talking Alex said, "OK! I want to start." And turned to me and took my face in both her hands and kissed me, deeply and with feeling. I was so excited that I had trouble not cuming. She reached one hand down under my kilt and rubbed my cock. I was as hard as I get and she was smiling and stroking me as I reached out and cupped her breast very gently with my left hand. And I had even more trouble not cuming.

She closed her eyes and sighed softly. She bent in and kissed me very soft. Just a touch and murmured, "I've waited so long for this."

I thought about that. For about three seconds. She was living her fantasy and I decided I can give this marvelous woman what she needed. I started to pinch her nipples telling her, "I've waited a long time to sweetheart. I've missed you so much" Trying to be as much like her friend as I could imagine.

She smiled into our kiss and then got more insistent. I knew she liked what I'd done. Helping with her fantasy. Jack and Lacey are sitting there getting more excited watching us getting more excited.

She sighed and I reached up and started to unbutton her blouse. A neat green thing. Like silk that moved like a second skin when I rubbed it. As I got it open I found a lacy bra with a front clasp and I unhooked that on my was down. When I reached her waist and started to undo her skirt she grinned and said, "Slick, 'Old Dude', I like it." And started to play with my hair. I usually pull it back in a pony tail and she took it down.

I finally got the waist undone and she stood up to take it off. I stood too and helped her by pushing the waist down in the back. When I reached her ass I cupped it and squeezed rather hard, pulling her against me. She groaned and let it fall to the floor. Grinding her pelvis against my cock.

She rubbed her tits on me as she did this and I had to think of something else quick. I thought of a loved cat that had died and this slowed me down enough. Her bra was still hooked in her elbows and I gently moved her arms and let it slide off. God, she was gorgeous and stood there in her panties, a thong pulled so tight I could see her slit in a very nice camel toe, with her tits sticking out with smaller brown spots and big nipples, and her legs spread slightly. She'd let her beautiful black hair down and it flowed around her shoulders like a wave.

I leaned down and started sucking on her right breast while pinching the nipple on her left one gently. She liked this and moaned and I did too. We kept this up for a while, kissing and licking each other and playing with each other with our hands. She'd run her hand under my kilt, pulled my cock out of my boxer briefs and had me clasped tightly in her hand.

I ran my hand down across her stomach, flat and very hard, and into her thong. I pushed it away with the back of my hand and could feel that she had no hair. I'm thinking how much I really like this and hope I get to put my mouth there. I could feel how wet she was already and pushed 2 fingers into her.

She moaned and I added another finger. She was pulling on my cock and I had 3 fingers pistoning in and out of her and she was getting very wet. Both of us were making sounds and I heard Lacey groan. When I looked Jack had her top off and was pinching her nipples. The brown spots were bigger than Alex's and she had big nipples too and that turned me on even more. Here Jack was getting Lacey ready to fuck while I was doing the same to Alex, his wife.

It took Alex about thirty seconds to get my shirt off. My belt and kilt undone and on the floor and my underwear off which caught on my cock. She laughed out loud and said, "I've been thinking about doing that all week and it worked like I planned. Now I want you to love me." I was already in love with her. My wife had been like this and I missed her so much right then I almost cried. Her look seemed to tell me that it was okay, she understood. Then she kissed me again.

She took my hand gently and smiling said to Jack and Lacey, "Let's get more comfortable, I want to lie down with Paul. He is an "Old Dude" and I don't want him to get tired just standing here. I'd rather wear him out in there, in bed."

She always spoke the quotes when she said, "Old Dude." I think it was her way of telling me nothing mattered except right now. My age and physical problems didn't matter to her. She was interested in me. I was determined to give her the absolute best.

She then led me down a short hall to the bedroom. Nice king sized bed for several people to get into. I sleep on a King sized water bed and wondered briefly what it would have been like there.

Jack and Lacey came in and went to sit on a love seat or something and snuggled up to each other, kissing, but watching us. Lacey was in her panties, gorgeous as Alex, with long brown hair around her shoulders. Jack was down to his underwear and I thought, "Shit, look at the size of him and a body like a Greek God." I guess I'd missed that while Alex stripped me. It then occurred to me that's what nurses were trained to do and I smiled.

Alex pushed me and I fell back onto the bed. She told me to scootch back and lay with my hands grabbing the headboard and my legs spread. "Now I'm going to show you what I wanted to do every time I washed your cock."

She claimed up on the bed and straddled me. I lay with my head as far up as I can get it. I don't want to miss any of this. She sat facing me between my legs with hers draped out over mine and reached out for my cock with both hands. As she did this I saw Jack's hand appear over her shoulder and hand her a bottle of scented oil. He smiled broadly as he turned to go back to Lacey. I could hear them moving around getting comfortable but Alex blocked my view.

Actually I couldn't see anything except her beautiful face and wide smile, her tits as they swayed while her hands, very oily now, moved up and down my cock and around my balls. Her pussy seemed to pulse. The lips moved as she tensed and relaxed and I thought that when I die I want to be here seeing this again, but please God, not today, please. It never gets hard enough to insert anymore but she didn't seem to mind and this made me feel like a super stud. It may actually be a little harder than usual. She smiled a lot, all the time she was doing this.

She leaned forward and grabbed my face again with both hands, harder this time, and kissed me hard. Forcing her tongue into my mouth then sucking mine into hers. This was almost fucking with our tongues. Getting oil all over our faces and hair. I loved it and her moans said she did too. All this time she was rubbing her tits and body all over me. Slithering like a snake and getting me so turned on it burned.

Oil every where now. When had she done that? I don't care and I'm squeezing her ass and pulling her into me very hard. Rubbing her bare pussy all over my cock. I can feel the head catch on her opening, but she moved and it slipped up along her lips and rubbed against her clit. This generates a load growl and she jams her tongue in my mouth harder. I'm not sure how long I'm going to last but I'm determined to get her to orgasm first.

She was kissing me down my stomach and into my groin. She didn't touch my cock. She licked down my legs and kissed my toes as she rubbed my feet. Then she rubbed my feet with her breasts. God what a feeling. She put her nipple between my toes an squeezed it with them. Pulling them apart and putting the nipple between them then squeezing my toes with her hands. She switched legs on her way back up and finally licked my balls. She reached up and took my cock in her hand again and stroked it gently.

She licked up across my balls and her hand to the head and whispered, "Nice." She sucked it for some time making all kinds of sounds that really turned me on. To me it just kind of flopped but she liked it and, maybe it's a little harder than usual. I really wanted that to be true right now.

Finally she swung around and straddled my face saying, "Your turn," and nestled her beautiful, shaved pussy into my face. She said, "You already took my panties off." Then she reached her hand down and played with herself a little bit. Holy shit! Here I was staring at this woman pushing her own fingers in and out of her pussy. Her shaved and very open pussy. And I could smell her. I desperately wanted my tongue in there but she moved before I could.

She lowered herself onto my mouth and I started licking. I licked and kissed and probed with my tongue into every crevice I could find. As deep into her pussy as I can reach and then gently, then harder on her outer lips and clit. She moaned and shook as I did this. Pushing herself up with her arms. Sliding her crotch up and down my entire face.

She'd rub herself on my smooth forehead and into my hair then she'd move down, slowly, using my nose for a minute then down and rub her pussy on my mouth and my beard. All the while moaning. I found her clit again and sucked it into my mouth and applied pressure. I had my teeth covered with my lips and when I pressed she went rigid.

Then she came! Very hard! And clamped her legs around my head as she ground her pussy into my face. I thought she'd crush my head and she sighed and said a name. I didn't hear it because her legs were clamped around my head tightly and I couldn't. Didn't matter and I knew she'd just given her friend what she thought she'd had to. The gift of herself. She was happy and rolled off and lay down next to me, fondling my cock for 5 minutes, finally saying, "Okay, now you."

She stood up and I saw Jack and Lacey in a classic sixty-nine just as they came. Holy shit, his cock must be 9 or 10 inches long and thick and she had had it all down her throat when he came. I thought it would never end as he pulled slowly out but Lacey was kissing and licking it getting all the cum off. I was never more than 6 1/2 inches long and 2 inches in diameter (my wife measured it once is the only reason I know) so how am I going to satisfy Alex especially since it doesn't get hard. I've never worried about size but, damn, she's used to 'THAT' cock. Like hair color, it's what you got, but, damn, what a tool.

I found out that there was no reason to worry. She treated me like a fully functional man, knowing what I couldn't do and just not asking for that. She'd offer something else just as good instead. She played with it with her hands and took it in her mouth. She'd suck and play with my balls and get my cock in her mouth and swallow it several times in a row. While she did that she'd poke at my ass with her fingers and slowly pushed 1 finger in.

It must have taken a minute to get it all the way in and when it did I let out a load moan. God, that felt good. She stroked it in and out a couple times, smiling wider as she did then added a second finger. That worried me for about 1 second then it slipped in too and I forgot to worry. Thank God for oil. Thank God for this wonderful woman doing this to me.

She raised up, looked me in the eye and said, very soft and serious, "I have a strap on, would you like me to use it on you?" I decided right then and there that maybe beeing slightly gay wasn't a bad idea.

I said, "Oh fuck, I've never thought of that but if you want to try, go ahead."

She got up and stopped to whisper something to Lacey and Jack and then went to the closet. She got a box off the shelf and took out this leather strap thing with about a 6 inch cock sticking out.

"I got this in college because Lacey and I used in on each other. It fit perfectly in our asses, not to big, and worked well for everything else." She turned to Lacey and Jack, smiled and said, "I didn't realize I was into big cocks until I met Jack." This sent my mind into orbit. While she's telling me all this Lacey and Jack are whispering about something.

I'm watching her thinking, "That thing has been in both their mouths, pussies and asses and anywhere else they wanted." I briefly wondered if they'd ever used it on Jack and decided to ask later.

It took her a minute to get it on and adjusted and while she did Lacey walked over and sat on the bed, behind my head. I was nestled into this beautiful woman's crotch and she was rubbing herself against my hair. She had a handful and was bubbling her breasts with it.

She took my hand and kissed it then placed it on her breasts and started moving it around like she wanted. She smiled a lot too and really got into it. Meanwhile Alex is standing at the foot of the bed, grabbing my ankles, pulling me down.

Both women rolled me over onto my stomach and Alex got between my legs. I felt warm oil run down my ass crack and she used her fingers to rub it in on and pushed a finger into my ass again. Oh boy I thought, here it comes. I could feel her put the head on my puckered ass and she hesitated. I wondered why until Lacey suddenly moved down and pulled my face into her crotch. Oh my God! I died then and when I got to heaven, God smiled and said, not today, and sent me back to finish.

The thought of me with my face pulled, hard, into one very wet and tasty pussy while another was stuffing what felt like a log up my ass was marvelous. I guess this is what women felt with a DP and it only took a minute to get used to it. She did this for a long time. I ate Lacey and Alex fucked me. I wondered what Rob was doing and if all this wet in my mouth didn't have some of him in it and, right then, I didn't care. I was in heaven.

I am old and it takes me some time to get ready to cum. Both of them seemed to like that because they kept doing it harder and faster, getting off many times while I built up. Maybe old wasn't such a bad thing after all. I've always wanted whoever I was having sex with to have 10 orgasms before I had one and it seemed like I was getting what I wanted. I was soaked in their juices, head to toe, and as it dried it sent shivers up and down my body.

Sometime later Alex said to Lacey, "Okay, let's get him turned over and get him off. He's going to love this." I heard Jack laugh and decided that he had been here and was remembering. Between the two of them they got me flipped over again and farther back on the bed. Alex climbed up and pushed my legs back as far as they would go. Pretty much just sticking up in the air. She knew how far I could bend and was careful not to go beyond that.

As she got positioned and ready to fuck my brains out Lacey quickly straddled my face and lowered her pussy down on me facing Alex. As I started to tongue her Alex slid the dildo slowly back into me and started pumping. Lacey was riding my face like Alex had, using the whole thing and she was shaved too. I couldn't decide who to concentrate on but it didn't matter. While they were doing this they fondled and kissed each other and I wondered how they kept it all going so smoothly.

They later told me they'd planned this. If I was a little reluctant to let Alex fuck me with her cock, Lacey would distract me with her pussy. I told them that it was a good plan, well executed, but I'd really needed no distraction.

I have had this vision for years and I started to get a little harder. Alex put my feet over her shoulders, hooking them behind her neck. She reached down and grabbed my cock with both hands and squeezed and pumped it while she slammed into me. Lacey slid her crotch, everything, including her asshole over my mouth and face, rubbing.

She said, "Stick your tongue in my ass or I'll cut it off." I did exactly that and in about a minute she screamed, "I'm cumming. So hard. God I love your tongue." And she did. I thought I might drown but could care less. I couldn't breathe but I never wanted to stop.

Alex started pumping my ass with her 'Cock' fast and moaning and suddenly she shook all over and just yelled. As this was happening my dick felt like it was back to what it was nine years ago and I came until I lost my mind. I think I heard God say, 'Good job Paul,' and I just floated away.

I came back from wherever I had been to have both Alex and Lacey washing me with cloths and I wondered where they came from. Jack was putting away a video camera and I realized what he'd been doing, filming. He said he'd gotten some stills too and he'd copy them and the video for me. I think I loved him right then too. What a man. No fear about sharing his wife because he knew it wasn't a threat to what they had. And Lacey too. I never wanted to leave these three people. But I knew it had to end. What memories though.

We talked and got off the bed and I wandered back out to the living room and was looking for my clothes. They weren't where I'd thought Alex had dropped them as she stripped me. The three of them came out laughing and I thought I heard one of the girls say something about a couple of days.

I asked Alex what happened to my kilt and stuff and Lacey laughed and said, "I hid it and everything else while Lisa escorted you to the bedroom, you won't need them for a couple of days. What the hell is your belt made out of anyway? It must have weighed 6 pounds."

I laughed and told Laura it was steel chain mail and some one had made it for me. We all laughed and went into the kitchen to eat something. I am going to tell you that there is nothing like having two gorgeous women wait on you, nude, except when either or both decide to fuck you, whenever and where ever they want. They catered to me and Jack just sat there, grinning from ear to ear, as they did it.

This went on all weekend. They'd fight over who was going to suck or fuck me. My dick got harder than it's been in years and my ego soared. I even got quite fond of either of them screwing me in the ass with the strap on. It had a little knob that stimulated their clit while using it and when they came doing me and shook, I forgot reality.

I wound up laying next to each of them at different times, both of us face down on the bed kissing while the other switched between fucking me with the dildo, then her friend. Each time my mind bending around the idea that, 'This thing has just been in her ass, or maybe her pussy, now it's in me.' All this time Jack was taking pictures and fucking whoever wasn't fucking me.

I actually, with both their help, got it hard enough to get it in, both of them eventually. I remember looking down into their eyes and just brushing their breasts and stomach with my long hair. Slowly fucking them. I'd get lost in their eyes and when I came back they were rubbing my hair all over their tits and stomach and cumming. I did that several times with each of them.

By Monday morning when I left I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk into my house by myself. It took Lacey five minutes to kiss me goodbye and rub my cock under my kilt, I love that kilt, then Jack and Alex took me home.

She sat with me in the back seat again while Jack drove. Kissing, touching, just holding me and snuggling up against me. Jack smiling and laughing at us and told jokes. What neat people, and I wondered if this was the last time I'd see them. Alex's fantasy was fulfilled and Jack got to watch and Lacey had seemed very happy with 'Daddy' too.

I didn't have to walk in alone anyway. We got out and Alex walked me up to the door holding my arm and opened the door with my keys. Jack got out of the car and walked up and Alex ushered me in like she owned it all, she looked around and said she liked the place. She walked through and checked it out and went in the back. Jack and I talked about buildings and things and I told him about my daughter and her husband designing Tiny Homes and he said he'd have to check it out.

Alex walked back out and, grinning from ear to ear, told Jack about the water bed. She asked me if they could try it sometime and I said, "I'll give you a key but I'd really like it if you did it with me here so I could watch and take pictures."

She laughed again and said, "That was the plan and I'll bring Lacey too, she said she had a very good time with you. And she really wanted to do 'Daddy' again." I didn't care if she was screwing 'Daddy' in her mind as long as it was me in her.

She gave me this deep sexy kiss and said, "Later, 'Old Dude'. We've got to do that again on your water bed. We all decided that you were truly a gentle man and we liked it."

Jack said that he thought I was exactly what Alex needed for a while to remind her that life is just as good in the slow lane as it is in the fast. He said, "She works hard in a job that takes a lot out of her. The only real pleasure she gets, other than doing a good job, is when an older guy is there. I want her to be happy and if dragging you along is what it takes, then your going on one hell of a trip."

Jack and I shook hands and reached out and hugged me and that blew my mind again. They left and I stood there in a daze thinking, "What a marvelous couple they were. And Lacey. Sharing themselves with an old man like me."

And, no, this wouldn't be the only time. There would be more and maybe it'll go on until I can't do anything any more. Somehow that will be okay because I'll know they love me like my family and I'll take pictures and watch until I can't do that any more and I'll die a very happy man. Knowing I gave them what they gave me.

"Love." Unconditional, with no restraints, honest and more concerned about the other than yourself. The kind of life I've always worked for.

Maybe there is hope for the world. Maybe Taoism works.

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