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The Grinch

I might be a little early with this one but please enjoy all the same.

Fifty-seven year old Lydia Mae Valentine smiled with love at hearing the voice of her daughter, Tonya on the phone.

“Hi Mama, how are you?” Tonya asked.

“Hi baby, I’m fine. I’m getting along. Thank you for the dinner plate," Lydia said.  "The chicken was delicious."

"It was no problem, Mama," Tonya said.  Her mother's vision wasn't completely gone but it was close to it.  Tonya knew that soon her mother would have to move in with her.

It was two days before Christmas and it had been somewhat of a rough holiday season for Lydia so far. Two years ago, she and her husband of forty years, Elvis, had been involved in a terrible car accident.  Elvis was killed and Lydia's sight was severely impaired.

After the family buried Elvis, Lydia Mae recovered in the hospital and went through a lot of therapy to get better. When she finally came home, it was a big adjustment for her to undertake.  She had to learn how to feel her way around the house and to use a walking stick to help get around.  Whenever she needed to go out, one of her children would take her.

It was all very big changes for Lydia Mae but she took everything in stride, keeping a smile on her face and thankful to still be alive. However, she missed her husband and she was sad when she thought about him.  It was hard to get used to an empty bed.  

Elvis was a large bear of a man; almost six and a half feet tall and weighing over 250 lbs.  Lydia Mae was a beautiful, soft mocha-skinned woman; not tall at all at a bit over five feet tall and quite voluptuous at 180 lbs.  Elvis loved wrapping his big arms around her at night.  The couple made sure they cuddled in bed in some form every night.  Sometimes, Elvis would bury his head in Lydia Mae's generous bosom and go to sleep listening to her hearbeat.  Other times, it was the other way around.

Of course, Elvis kept her sexually satisfied too.  They put in plenty of practice over the years, as evident in the family brood of ten children. The kids knew they had loving parents and smiled at the couple when they saw them together.  Lydia Mae missed Elvis's touch in bed and that was a huge adjustment to make as well.  She knew she would never remarry again so she would need to find another way to relieve herself in bed without a man.

That issue was solved one day when Lydia approached Tonya and made a request.

"Baby, I you to do me a favor," Lydia Mae said to Tonya.

"What's that Mama?" Tonya asked innocently.

"You promise you won't get grossed out?" Lydia asked.

This piqued Tonya's curiousity.  "See that's not fair.  You can't say that to me then I say no, knowing that it possibly could be gross.  But no I won't.  Tell me," she said with a laugh.

Lydia Mae sighed.  "I miss your Daddy.  Lord have mercy I do.  I miss his touch.  I get a little lonely at night, you know," she said.

Tonya's eyes got big.  She held up her hand.  "Mama!!!  STOP!!!  I don't think I wanna hear anymore," she cried out.

"See?  You are embarrassed," Lydia said sadly.

Tonya sighed and relented.  "Okay Mama, I'm sorry.  What it is?"

Lydia swallowed and asked, "Do you think you can get me one of those.... playtoys the young gals use when they don't have a man?"

Tonya's hands flew to her mouth.  She couldn't believe what her mother was asking of her.  "MAMA!!!" she exclaimed, then started to giggle.  Her mother still had quite a voracious appetite that would never go away.  She shook her head.  "Of course Mama, anything for you.  I'll get you something good."

She bought her mother a couple of toys and showed Lydia how to turn them on and off but that was it.  Tonya didn't want to know anything else.

Not too far away in a rundown apartment building, forty-five year old Bobby Lee Jefferson stretched out his long legs trying to work out the pain in his fragile knees as he sat on his old sofa in his apartment.  He was seething.  His VA check was very late and the rent was already past due.  His landlord had already pounded on his door and made eviction threats.  He had been late with the rent several times because of bureaucratic ineptitude.  With this being Christmas Eve and knowing nothing could be done right away, Bobby Lee resigned himself to the fact that he was going to be evicted this time.  He buried his face in his hands.

Former SSG Robert Lee Jefferson was a U.S. Army vet of fifteen years who had been struggling to make it since he was medically discharged back in 2000.  He had served with the Airborne Rangers and had seen combat during the Kosovo War.  He did not want to get out and he missed his comrades-in-arms.  However, as time went along he barely kept contact with any of them nowadays. He felt alone and discarded.  He had done a lot of hellraising back in his day and had two kids with a couple of European women but Bobby Lee didn't know a thing about them.  Other than that, he had no other family and spent his days alone and bitter.

He was a tall, rangy, lean man whose dark wrinkled skin showed the stress and hardships he had been through over the years.  He was a recovering alcoholic who was also suffering from PTSD.  He tried his best not to drink when he was down because he was afraid of what he was capable of when he was in that state.  Stress made him have other ideas sometimes.  Like now for example.  He hoped he could come up with some money to pay the rent soon.

Bobby Lee decided that he needed some air to clear his head and went out for a walk.  He had to come up with some kind of plan to get some money.  He had a pretty sketchy work history since his discharge and wasn't working right now.  He didn't know anyone he could borrow money from and all that would've done was put him into more debt.

The December air was crisp and cool and everyone was out and about getting ready for the coming holiday.  Bobby Lee watched all of the families cheerily going along buying their gifts and he was envious of them.  He had always spent his time alone but there were times where he wanted someone to share his life with.  Maybe things would've turned out better for him if he did have someone.

The more he walked and saw folks spreading Christmas joy, the madder he got.  His luck sucked and he wished it on everyone else but himself.  Boy, these people are spending some money, he thought.  If I had a bag of these presents, I could sell them and get some money.  Bobby Lee thought about doing some panhandling.  He looked the part.  He looked down at his old Levi's, black t-shirt and his old Army field jacket.  But his pride wouldn't let him do such a thing.  Bobby kept trekking.

He came up on a big oak tree on a corner a couple of miles from his apartment and saw a nicely maintained older house with a picket fence.  There were a couple of cars parked along the curb and a bunch of people were milling about.  Bobby Lee stood and watched.  They were a pretty big family.  Gifts were being taken into the house.  A couple of women were hugging an older woman as the gifts and food were brought in.  Hmm, Bobby Lee thought.  She must live here and those are her children.  Obviously, this is where the Christmas party and dinner was going to be held.

Bobby Lee growled to himself as he saw how happy they all were.  He backed up to conceal himself behind the oak tree and watched them.  Children ran around excitedly in the front yard as they watched the presents brought inside the house.  Bobby Lee rubbed his nose as he scowled at the festivities.  Why did they deserve to be happy if he couldn't be?

An idea came to him suddenly.  The house looked pretty old.  He could easily break in and take the presents.  Yeah, he thought.  He could wait until late tonight and get them.  He continued to watch the family.  Soon everything that would be at the house had been taken inside and they prepared to leave.  The older woman kissed and hugged her children and they all began to get back into their cars.  The older woman felt her way back into the house and the door closed.  The cars drove off and Bobby Lee smiled to himself.  Looks like she lives alone, he thought.  No problem.  He turned and began to walk back to his apartment, scheming on how to break into the woman's house.

When he got back to his apartment, there was a sheet of paper taped to his door.  Bobby Lee stared at it blankly.  Sure enough, it was an eviction notice.  He angrily snatched the notice off of his door and went inside.  He went into his cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Scotch.  He grabbed a glass and filled it to the brim with the strong liquid.  He stood there and gulped it down.  He then went and plopped down on his sofa.  The drink made him feel a bit better about what he planned to do.  Yes, he thought.  The Grinch was here.

He got up and went into his bedroom.  He reached under his pillow and grabbed the loaded Colt 1911A .45 caliber pistol he kept there.  The gun was a gift from one of his old Army buddies when he was first discharged.  Bobby Lee took the gun and went back to his sofa.  He stared at it and decided that the old woman was not going to give him any trouble if she awoke.  The gun will just be a precaution.  He smiled as he decided how he'd put his plan into action.  He poured himself another drink and sipped on it as he waited for nightfall to come.

Before they all left, Lydia Mae's children had arranged all of the presents under the tree and made everything lovely in her living room.  The food for the dinner was in the refrigerator.  Everything was prepared and Lydia didn't have to do anything.  Her house was silent now that the kids were gone.  Through her very hazy vision, she could make out her TV and she thought about listening to a show but decided against it.  She instead felt her way to her stereo and put on some Christmas music to lift her spirits.

All it did was have the opposite effect.  The music reminded Lydia Mae of the holidays she spent with Elvis and her loneliness returned anew.  She sighed but left the music playing.  She went into her bedroom and changed into a nightgown.  She then found her way into the kitchen and made herself a cup of hot chocolate.  She sat in the kitchen and sipped her chocolate and listened to the music.  She tried to push aside the lonely feelings and thought about her kids and the joys they would bring her tomorrow.  But that was a long way off.

It was dark now.  The music was good but it also got her down more and more.  She thought about Elvis and how nice it would be to lay in his strong arms now.  The thought brought a tingle to her breasts and her hands slowly came up to touch them.  She was chunky but that's what he liked and he never complained about her body.  In fact, Elvis loved her body.  He loved to bury his face in her big, soft breasts and rub his lips across her stiff nipples.

He loved her soft, womanly curves and ample bottom.  His favorite position for her was doggy-style and Lydia Mae spent plenty of time on her knees bent over pleasuring her man.  As much as she pleasured him, he pleasured her even more.  He was the only man she had ever known that way and he made her feel like she floated above the earth on a cloud.

Lydia cupped her ample breasts and felt down between her thighs.  She caressed the top of her fat juicy kittykat and felt the dewy wetness seeping from within.  This was the time she needed her toys and she got up to go her bedroom to pull them out.  Once she was in her bedroom, she reached under her pillow and pulled out her toys.  She lay down on the bed with a big smile on her face as she turned on the one large one with the vibrating bulbous head.  She used this one on her clit and sometimes on her nipples too.  She also had a smaller, silicone one that she used to penetrate herself.  She didn't need much of that.  Just some massaging of the opening of her sweet pussy was all it took to bring her to an orgasmic state.

Lydia Mae liked the way the material of her gown felt on her nipples so she kept it on but she hiked up the gown up around her hips so that her kitty was exposed.  She was hot, horny and ready to play.  She closed her eyes and began to tease herself with the large toy buzzing it on her nipples.

Outside the house, Bobby Lee watched and waited.  He set out when it was nice and dark then walked the two miles to Lydia Mae's house.  He sat behind the oak tree and watched until the lights went off in the living room before making his move.  It was early, he thought.  Only around nine o'clock in the evening.   Probably not much to do than sleep anyway.  She must liked to retire early.

Bobby Lee sneakily made his way towards the backyard of the house.  He made sure the moonlight didn't silhoutte him against the side of the house, making it very easy for someone to spot him.  Once he was in the backyard, he found an open window to the basement and made his way in.

Once he was in the house, he looked around.  It was dark and he had to be careful not to bump into anything and make any loud noises.  He inched his way towards a light he was sure led upstairs into the house.  The steps up to the door looked to be brick and were pretty solid, which was good for him.  No creaking stairs.  The door opened slowly and silently.  Bobby Lee found himself in a hallway next to the living room.  He was wearing sneakers so he could be as quiet as possible.  He heard the Christmas music playing on the radio and he smiled as he saw all of the presents under the tree.  He'd check out the smaller ones and see the names on them.  If they weren't kids' presents, smaller gifts meant jewelry or something valuable like that.  They'd also be easier to carry than the larger ones.  He softly stepped over to the tree and picked up a small gift.

He was staring at it in the dark room trying to decipher what was written on the package when he thought he heard a strange sound over the music.  He lifted his head and listened harder.  One of his eyebrows furled in confusion as he thought he heard.....  moaning?  He shook his head.  Nah.  That's not what it was.  Then he heard it again and louder.  It was moaning.  He listened further.  It was a rich, deep, mature moan of a woman who knew her body.  No high pitched squeal here.  No, this sound was sexy as hell and it had Bobby Lee's attention.

He stood and thought about the woman who he saw earlier.  He didn't really pay her much mind as to what she looked like.  Now he was curious.  He turned towards the moaning.  It was coming from upstairs.  Bobby Lee seemed to be drawn to it and he inched closer to the stairs.

Then suddenly, the moaning turned into soft cries and talking.

"Oh Elvis baby.  I love you.  I miss you soooo very much.  Mmmm, you make me feel sooooo goooood..."

Her voice was rich with pain and loneliness, and Bobby Lee could picture what she looked like on her bed.  His dick was rock hard. He took a step towards the stairs and accidently kicked a box on the floor.  Another box that was on top fell to the floor.  Bobby Lee stood stock still.

"Who is that?" the voice came from upstairs.  Bobby Lee held his breath.  "Who is that down there?  Elvis, is that you?"  Bobby Lee's eyes got big as he heard stirring from up the stairs.  He heard soft footsteps coming towards the top of the stairs.  He remained frozen, not knowing what to do.  His thoughts went to the .45 tucked in his back waistband.

Lydia Mae appeared at the top of the stairs.  Bobby Lee was there in plain sight next to one of the presents but she didn't seem to see him.  Her head moved this way and that as she tried to make out the figure in the living room.

"Elvis, did you come back to me baby?  I missed you,"  Lydia Mae exclaimed.  Bobby Lee's mouth formed a big O as she came down the stairs to him.  He couldn't understand what was happening.

Bobby Lee wasn't as tall as Elvis was and he had a lanky build unlike Elvis's big brawny teddybear build.  This didn't seem to matter to Lydia though.

"Oh my baby, I've missed you," she said softly, burying her head in Bobby Lee's chest.  The look of confusion on Bobby Lee's face grew and he reluctantly hugged the woman back.  She looked up at him but her eyes were somewhat closed.  That's when Bobby Lee got it.  Oh dayum, he thought.  This chick is blind.  But shit, she feels so GOOOOD. He took her back into his arms and he held her.

"Elvis baby, I'm so sorry.  I couldn't let anyone else touch me but I could touch myself.  I was just pleasuring myself a little, you know?" she whimpered softly.

Bobby Lee had no clue as to what Elvis sounded like so he decided to just be himself.  He had somewhat of a deep voice.

"It's okay baby.  I understand.  I'm here now." he said softly, caressing Lydia's back.  He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping he wouldn't be busted.

By answer, Lydia came out of his arms and took his hand.  She slowly made her way to the stairs and began to inch up them, taking Bobby Lee along with her.  Bobby Lee fought the soldier and gentleman in him to not help her up the stairs.  She got up the stairs and made her way into her bedroom.  Now Bobby Lee got a good look at her.

She was beautiful.  Her hair had streaks of gray in it and it was pulled back in a bun.  Her mocha skin was smooth and flawless.  She had soft full lips and a very inviting mouth.  Even with the shapeless gown on, Bobby Lee could see she had a body on her.  Her stiff nipples poked through the thin polyester fabric of the gown and her big full breasts rose and fell with her breathing.  He could see her soft belly pudge through the gown and a nice round soft ass behind her.

It has been quite some time since Bobby Lee had been alone with a woman.  A huge pile of guilt poured itself on top of him for preparing himself to have his way with this woman but he knew he would get no other chance like this again.  He brushed the guilt away and waited for Lydia to make her move.

"I need you, Elvis.  I need you so badly right now, love.  Please take care of me," she said softly and reached out to Bobby Lee.

Bobby Lee took off his jacket and clothes hurriedly.  He came to Lydia and laid a soft kiss on her lips.  Lydia hungrily tasted his lips and opened her mouth.  Her hands roamed up and down his chest then down to his stiff ramrod dick.  Bobby Lee's hand roamed too. Her breasts jiggled in his hands as they explored.  He tweaked her nipples in his fingers and she moaned louder.  His other hand went down and caressed her very soft backside.  The flesh jiggled like jelly.

He lay her back on the bed and got on top of her.  His lips went to her nipples and sucked and licked heartily.  Her skin was delicious and he licked every inch of her he could.  Down her pudgy belly, her hips, her thick soft thighs and her creamy wet middle.  He spread her legs and began to lap at her juices freely running from her love pie.  Her stiff clit protuded out, crying for attention.  Bobby Lee lightly licked at it, making Lydia moan even louder.

Bobby Lee licked and sucked up and down her foaming kitty.  It seemed like the more he licked and the more she came, the more she wanted.  The woman was insatiable.  She grabbed his head and grinded his face into her pussy, smearing her juices all over his face.

Bobby Lee's dick was so hard, it was actually hurting.  Lydia kept trying to reach for it to stroke it but Bobby Lee didn't let her because he knew he would blast off as soon as the woman got her hands and mouth on it.  Lydia was not to be denied, though.  She pushed Bobby Lee off of her and she climbed on top of him.

"You arent keeping this from me, my love," she grinned as she stroked him.  It was if she knew his body by touch alone.  Bobby Lee realized that Elvis had some lover on his hands.

Lydia got down over his dick and began to suck and lick all around the head.  Her hot wet mouth was all Bobby Lee could handle and his back arched as he exploded in her mouth.  Lydia felt the hot cum spray across her face but if she was surprised, she didn't show it.  She kept licking and sucking and Bobby Lee's dick went soft in her hands.  She kept stroking though and soon after licking and sucking him more, his dick stiffened again.  Bobby Lee stared in wonder at this goddess as she climbed onto his dick and began to ride.  She creamed all over his lap as his dick banged against her g-spot.

Bobby Lee could never imagine an older woman could fuck like this.  He felt totally inadequate with her but she seemed to be enjoying herself so he did, too.  Lydia came up off of him and got down on the bed doggy-style.  The way she did it, Bobby Lee knew this was Elvis's favorite way of pleasuring his wife.  Her back was arched perfectly and her beautiful soft ass shimmered with sweat. Bobby Lee slapped at her fat pussy with his dick and slowly inched himself in.  He grabbed hold of her juicy butt cheeks and drove himself in and out of her wet love canal with long deep strokes.  She soon began to fuck him back, meeting his strokes.

With Lydia's delicious sugarwalls working on his dick, it wasn't long before Bobby Lee's nut was ready to explode again.  And explode it did.  He pulled out of her and laced her lower back and butt cheeks with spurts of hot cum.  He then fell back onto her bed. He lay there, out of breath and spent.

He felt her hands on his chest and she lay down beside him, putting her head on his chest.  Bobby Lee put his arm around her and pulled her closer.

"So..." she said after a few minutes.  "Did you take anything from downstairs?"

Bobby Lee's eyes got big for a second then he closed them.  He knew he was busted.  But it had all been worth it.

"No.  And I'll be honest with you.  That was my intention when I came here," he said softly.

"Why?" she asked, her head still on his chest.  "Why would you do something like that?  On Christmas Eve, too."

"Well...." Bobby Lee started.  "I've just had a very long year and it hasn't been my best.  I think I just wanted someone else to feel my pain."  He went on to explain what had been happening to him.  To his surprise, Lydia listened to it all but didn't judge him.

"I lost my husband two years ago.  It has been a hard road for me too, and it's not done.  I've pretty much lost my sight and I'm dealing with that.  My family helps me a lot though, and I'm grateful for that," she said.

"Family is nice.  I've never had one," Bobby Lee lamented.

Lydia smiled and caressed his stomach.  "Well, maybe we can make room for one more in ours," she said.

Tears started to form in the corners of Bobby Lee's eyes and he looked down at her head.  "I came here to rob you.  How can you been so nice to me?"

Lydia raised her head and looked at him through her hazy vision.  "Because that's how it should be.  We should all do for each other," she said and kissed him softly on his lips.

Bobby Lee stared at her in shock.  "Boy, Elvis was one lucky man to have had you for a wife," he said.

"I think Elvis would've wanted me to be happy.  I think I'm getting there," she said with a smile.  Bobby Lee returned her smile.

"Now..." she said, reaching for his dick again and stroking.  "One more and then you'll have to go.  Come back over tomorrow dressed nicely and stay for dinner.  I'll introduce you to my daughter.  She works at the VA building here in town and she can check on your situation."

Bobby Lee felt his dick responding again and he grinned.  If he wasn't in love, he was pretty damn close to it.  "It would be my pleasure ma'am.  By the way, my name is Bobby Lee," he said with a smile.

Lydia had started sucking his dick again but she stopped for a minute.  "My name is Lydia Mae.  It is very nice to meet you, Bobby Lee," she said, taking his hand and shaking it then popping his dick back into her hungry mouth.




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