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The Lady Part 2

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After my encounter on the train, life descended back to the boring, crushing experience of the daily commute to London. There has to be more to life than just work, travel and sleep, I thought. I was young and in need of a girlfriend. However as I was at the bottom of the earnings ladder of the company, the thought of one of the personal assistants were way off. Only those with six figure salaries need apply was the general opinion of the interns!

So there I was day dreaming about one of the hot personal assistants when the train came into the station. Like a lemming on autopilot, I stepped off the train only to miss my footing and collapse straight on to my ass. Like an idiot I hobbled to work, only for the manager to take one look at my leg and tell me to "Sod off to the hospital as it looks broken," and to "stop bleeding on the floor". Nice guy!

Off I went; if you have ever used the national health service in the United Kingdom you will realise that things do not progress in a fast way. I was eventually seen and x-rayed. Luckily it was not broken but sprained. As it was now lunch time I called the office only to be told by my boss, "You had better take the rest of the day off because by the time you get back to the office the day will be finished".

Great; I had the afternoon off but had sprained my ankle. Might as well head home, I thought. So I managed to catch the next train out. I took a seat near the toilets just in case. Hobbling down a moving train was not going to be easy if I needed to go.

After about twenty minutes I heard a woman crying softly. It sounded like it was behind me. I looked over the chair and there she was, the woman from the other morning. As we had kind of been introduced, I said, "Hi, are you all right?"

She looked up and I swear I was about to lose my head when she realised it was me. "Oh, it's you. I'm fine," she said, "What are you doing on the train so early?"

I told her about the sprained ankle and how it happened and she started to laugh. Funny how one person's misfortune can make others happy. Anyway she got out of her cramped seat and came and sat opposite. We chatted a bit about this and that and I found out why she was crying. 

She had gone in to the city to meet her husband and had a fight with him. He did not want to take her to lunch as he was busy. What an idiot, I thought. Instead I said, "If you had turned up looking for lunch with me I'd have cleared my diary."

She smiled, the tears stopped and we continued chatting.

I slowly became aware that because of the rocking of the train her overcoat was sliding away from her legs to reveal the tops of what I swear were stockings. I tried hard not to make it obvious that I was looking. However, she realised I was becoming distracted and asked, "Is anything wrong?"

Like an idiot I said, "No, your legs are fantastic," then blushed when I realised how cheesy that sounded.

"They ought to be," she said. "Do you have any idea how much hard work it takes in a boring gym to achieve this look?"

"No," I replied, "but it's worked," I said. I was getting more confident a this stage.

"I wish my husband thought the same, I was going to surprise him in his office," she said with a grin.

"What was the surprise?" I asked.

"Me," she said and opened her coat.

My mouth went dry. Underneath her overcoat she only had on her bra, panties, stockings and suspenders. My cock nearly jumped out of my pants. She said, "I think you really do like what I'm wearing," as she stared at my trouser tent.

"Only a fool would not like what's under the coat and it's only putting icing on a cake anyway," I replied.

She got this look on her face and said, "Well, fair is fair, I've had your young cock in my hand, where else shall we put it?"

Was I going to get to fuck this mature bombshell? I thought. She was a walking wet dream. To aid the reader she was about five foot six inches tall, with a curvy but toned body, flat stomach and fantastic long dark hair. 

"I know it's seedy," she said, "but come with me."

She helped me up and into the toilet where she locked the door and took off her coat. "Let's have a proper look then," she said as she unzipped my trousers. She took my cock out and just held it like she was considering her next move and boy was it a winner.

She bent forward and just slowly sucked my cock into her mouth. It was the best feeling I'd ever had. Sure, some of the girls at college gave a good blow job but this was on a different planet. She knelt in front of me and just seemed to slowly move her mouth up and down my cock, running her tongue over my helmet and balls. I could not hold on long and said, "I'm going to cum."

She just sucked my cock deeper until my balls were against her chin. That was the final move and I sprayed the back of her throat. Even then she did not let my cock go and swallowed it all with my cock still in her mouth. She was a gifted lady. 

Being young I got hard again. I'm not sure looking back if I even went soft! Slowly she let me out and laughed. "My friends have said I should get a toyboy because of the obvious benefit," she said staring at my still hard cock, which was now showing off, standing upright and pointing at the ceiling. "Want to be an old lady's play thing?" she asked.

Stupid question, I thought but all I could do was nod.

"We can do all the other stuff later," she said, "what I need now is a nice, big, young cock inside me!"

With that she took off her knickers, sat me on the toilet and lowered her pussy over my cock. This lady felt wonderful;, my cock was was being slowly fed into a hot, wet, tight pussy and then she started to fuck me. She rode me up and down with her head back sitting on the toilet. I was having my brains fucked out and I loved it.

Soon enough I could not hold off any longer and told her, "I'm going to cum!"

"Do it, do it in me. I don't care," she said.

I seemed to cum again and again and could feel her muscles clamping around my cock. "I needed that and god does it fell good to be lusted after by a young man," she said as she got off. "My god, look at all your cum, it's running down my leg." She laughed.

As she was putting her coat on and tidying her self up, she turned around, looked at me and said, "Serious time, I'm married with kids and a husband, no one can know about this. Can you deal with that?"

Even if I couldn't I wasn't going to say no, so, "Yes," I said.

"Good answer," she said. 

We returned to our seats and continued chatting while she kept teasing me with flashes of her stocking tops and panties. Before we got off I gave her my number and she discreetly gave my now-hard-again cock another squeeze and laughed. "My god, my friends were right," she said.

She left the station ahead of me and jumped into a taxi.

It took me a minute before I realised I still did not know her name!

To be continued...

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