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The Layby

A passionate affair with a married man and young woman
Dedicated to my inspiration, you know who you are. And thanks to my editor Indigo for smoothing the kinks.

Butterflies fill my stomach. I can’t believe I’m about to go through with this. The months of teasing, the hours playing online, they have gone. This is reality. I’m suddenly overcome with nerves. My mind fills with worry. ‘Oh God, what if I’m not experienced enough?’

I shake the thoughts away, reminding myself that I have always lusted over a hot, older man that can take proper control of me. I squirm in the seat of my car at the thought, the black silk of my panties gliding over my freshly shaven pussy.

Finally, I see your car pull into the remote car park. The butterflies do summersaults in my stomach but I simply smooth my black skirt back down over my creamy thighs and check myself in the rear-view mirror. Each golden hair is in place, falling in curls against my face. Perfect. Just how you like it.

Stepping out into the cooling dusk air of the summer night, I stop to fumble with the lock on my car door. The keys slip out of my hands and I bend over instinctively to pick them up. Turning to face you, I blush profusely as I see the huge smile on your face. I had forgotten all about the skirt and given you a flash of my barely covered ass.

I walk over to the passenger door of your car, my black heels clicking on the cooling tarmac. You lean over and open the door for me. Always the gentleman, though evident excitement portrays your thoughts to be that of a deviant nature. I offer you a smile before I slide in and shut the door. Instantly, before I can say anything, you’ve tangled your fingers in my hair to pull me in for a searing kiss. I return the favour, our tongues entwining, searching, teasing.

Your hands slither under my pink vest top, feeling for my firm mounds of flesh. As your fingers find my aching nipples I let out a quiet moan. My own fingernails lightly trace the shape of your shoulders. Tugging and twisting excitedly on my erect nipples elicits moans from our joined lips.

We come up for air; you look to the back seat and wink at me. I soon follow you over, kicking my heels off in the process. I straddle you, your outstretched arms pulling me hard onto you. My lips find the base of your neck and bite. Pulling my skirt up roughly you spank me, soaked panties over your crotch. This only encourages me my lips traversing from neck to shoulder, shoulder to ear. Licking, sucking, nibbling.

I can’t stand it anymore I need to feel you inside me, filling my mouth with your hot man meat. Positions shift, deft fingers make short work of your outer clothing, your gaze locked in mine. Your beautiful cock now free for me to play with, so many times I’ve thought of this. I can’t help myself and engulf all of you in my hot wet mouth. Your carnal groan of desire inspiring me. Hand wrapped in my locks just holding. My tongue twisting and turning under your cock showing my special trick, licking, sucking, fucking you with my mouth.

Anticipation wells up in me as I feel you pull my soaked black silk thong off flinging it into the front. Fingers lightly dipping into me, vibrations around you as a moan makes my throat muscles quiver. You push me upright then back, my legs hooking over the headrests. Hands grasp and squeeze my heaving breasts before you take my top and rip the front open. I see your cock twitch as my ample cleavage is revealed barely contained in its silk prison. You waste no time two fingers plunge in to my tight but soaking cunt. My fingernails dig in the seats, I scream. Your tongue joins in the game. Lips wrap around my clit as waves of pleasure drown me leaving me gasping for air.

Leaning up you offer your fingers which I eagerly suck, tasting my sweetness on you. I unhook my legs and move to kiss your sticky lips but you grab my hips and spin me around. Pushing my shoulders down rubbing your cock against my slippery entrance, you pause the tension is unbearable. ‘Fuck me make me yours’ I moan throatily. With that you shove your fat cock deep inside my tight 19 year old pussy, the slick walls clutch at the invasion spasming around it.

My palm pressed up against the steamed up window, the scene from Titanic pops into my mind but is quickly shoved out as you thrust hard into me. The car rocks as you plunge inside me over and over again hands on my hips, fingers digging into my soft flesh the pain just intensifies the pleasure.

You stop. I moan in protest but you just pull me out of the car, round to the front ‘Hands on the bonnet, don’t make a sound!’. My nipples painfully hard on the cool metal of the bonnet. Biting my lips trying to stop from moaning you reach around, fingers circling my button. Pleasure consumes my body as I scream your name over and over, your command forgotten as I fill the night air with sounds of our coupling. White heat hits me, palm print on my ass my punishment for disobeying you. I couldn’t care less the endorphins taking over any pain you may have inflicted.

Pulling out of my sucking cunt, I spin around dropping to my knees. The cold tarmac uncomfortable, but I’m more focused on your needs than mine. I need to feel you fill my mouth with your cream that you have promised me so many times. Licking the juices off your shaft my hands rub up your naked thighs, around to your ass. Fingers splay out as I rock your hips forward, cock slipping into my waiting mouth. Soft lips wrapped firmly around the pulsing member. My cheeks concave as I look up at you, eyes glinting brightly in the twilight. Suckling the tip my tongue teasing the glands, my right hand encircles you. My hand and mouth work together; up and down, up and down. I suck and relax until I feel you swell. A tell tale moan slipping from your lips, muscles tightening, your hand ensnarled in my tresses. Fingertips flexing as the first bolt explodes in my mouth. Others soon follow and are eagerly swallowed. Intense sucking changes to a more gentle nature making sure I get all you have to offer.

Releasing your flagging member with a lewd pop you reach down and help me up. Pulling down my bunched up skirt, your fingers gently grasp my chin tilting it up to yours. Standing on tip-toe your lips find mine, strong fingers entwine with delicate ones. I break the kiss, fingers slipping from your grasp as I move to the passenger door. Retrieving my keys and heels I spot my discarded underwear, on impulse I hang it from your mirror.

A wry smile lights up your eyes as you watch me from the hood of your car. Buck naked you look as comfortable as you are dressed.

"Keep them there?" I ask

"Of course"

I saunter back to my car, heels hooked over a shoulder. I blow a kiss before I get in.

You grin and blow one back. You turn and get in your car. Looking down at my top I wonder how on earth I’m going to explain this to the boyfriend, let’s just hope he’s out.

Starting up I flash my lights at you in the now prevailing darkness. Pulling out of the car park I see a police car driving in. I giggle as I think of what they could have seen, and hope that your now dressed.

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