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The Locksmith

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This is what happens when you go shopping for something your not sure of
Shopping Brings Relief

I knew very well that I did not have much in the house as it was the day for my shopping so on the way home I thought I would pop into the store and get my weekly shopping, and also look to see if they had a lock for my back door, as it had suddenly started to play up and would not always lock properly.
The day was hot and it seemed a pity to waste the evening by doing shopping but then one has to eat so one must do the shopping. As I entered the store I was surprised to see how many people were shopping , everywhere seemed to be busy, anyway off I started and it was not long before I had most everything I needed, but nearly forgot to  get a lock for the door so I made my way over to the D.I.Y. department and started to look for a lock. Really I did not know what I wanted or what type to get so I was just rummaging around the  counter looking at them all and undecided which one to get when a voice said  “What kind of lock are you looking for, can I help” stood next to me was this hunk of a man all nice and tanned in his shorts and open shirt down to his waist. It was obvious that he was a worker from the local building site and he was doing his shopping on the way home as well.
 “ I don’t know really, I just want  one for my back door as it has just started playing up and does not always lock."
"Oh dear" he said and wandered around the other side of the counter and picked one up, "This is what you want" he said and held up some sort of object  in a plastic bag.
"Oh thank you, that seems like the one that’s already on there,"
" Probably, they are mostly like that nowadays, I have been fitting these most days in the new houses we are building up the road."
" Oh ok thank you" I said
"My pleasure" he said and walked away.

As he walked away I had a nice feeling in my tits and my nipples began to go hard and poke through my tight blouse, oh my god ,I thought I wonder what he would be like stripped off with all those bulging muscles ….I giggled to myself and went on my way towards the till.

When I got to the till  I started to lay my goods on the counter from the trolley and the voice said, “Don’t forget your lock” I looked around and saw the man who chose the lock on the next till and he had one person in front of him so I had a full view of him in his shorts and open shirt and his tight torso, My gosh , I started to feel sexy again and my tits were straining at the leash and my nipples had gone hard again. also I felt wet in between my legs. What on earth is happening I wondered, of course I knew because while I was looking at him I was wondering what he had tucked up in his shorts, and if it was the same build as his body and what it would be like to give that a few wanks. As I moved along and started to pack my goods into the basket I noticed that he had nearly finished his ,so if I played it cool I could talk with him again outside and see if my arouse stayed the same.
I walked slowly out through the door and just got outside when he caught up with me, "Do you live far away?" he asked, "No just a few minutes away"
"So do I, I am staying in a bed sit which is not all that great  and was wondering if you would like me to come around later and see if that lock is the right one and I might be able to fit it for you, it should not take very long."

My stomach did a somersault and I could hardly get the words out. "
Mmmmm that would be kind of you" I said. I told him how to get to the house and he said he would be around about eight if that was ok. "
Sure" I said and watched him push his trolley to his car, wondering, how and what I had let myself in for , but it would be good if he acted as good as he looked, and the thoughts were running wild in my head.

I got home, unpacked my shopping and put everything away and tidied the room up as I did not have time this morning to do it, and I thought I had better have a shower before he comes as one never knows what might turn up during the evening lolololol.
I went up to put some clean clothes out on the bed and some frilly panties just in case I got those erotic feelings again as I did in the shop.(one can only hope).
I laid them all out on the bed and then proceeded to undress and have my shower and tidy myself up, down on my fanny with a razor. The  shower water was just right, nice and warm and not too hot, I lathered myself all over and made sure that my tits were well cleaned and my fanny was washed, I lathered it with soap took the razor to shave quite a lot of my pubes off as I like my cunt  clean as whistle, it makes sex much nicer to feel a throbbing prick against it, especially when it starts to go in and you feel the slippery pre cum on it.
The arousal thoughts began to race through my head as I dressed putting on a flared skirt and a white blouse that had a deep  neckline and showed my breast to the best advantage. I could feel the erotic sensation  again exploding in my body as it has been a long time since I have been  made love too and I am not sure if it will happen tonight.

The time now is 7-45pm and I think the room looks ok and I have put the cups out to make a coffee when needed. Just sit here all composed and waiting for the door bell to ring, and it did dead on time.
I tried not to rush to the door but I did, and was amazed  how good  he looked to what he did in his working close.
"I am sorry but I have brought along a friend of mine who I had already arranged to meet this evening and if you don't mind he will give me a hand to fix the door lock."
 My heart sank as now I knew that nothing could happen, His friend introduced himself and shook my hand, it was  just like an electric shock running through my body that left me weak at the knees, he was also good looking and well built.
I took them through to the back door and showed them the trouble I was having and they said it was no  problem and they would soon have it fixed.

I made them a coffee and it was good to see them working away at the door, they both had summer shorts on and clean white shirts that were open  down to the waist as it was so hot.
I could not take my eyes off of them especially when one of them was bent over cutting a hole in the frame of the door, he was showing part of his balls through the leg of his shorts and they looked very big, I wondered if his prick was as big.
 As I gave them there coffee I craftily undid the top button of my blouse so they could get a good look at my cleavage and breast that were  now quite big and nipples getting harder all the time. They began to chat in a low voice to each other and I pretended not to listen but the just was they were admiring my body and saying that I had a good figure and the one I met first said that he would like to have it pressed against him. Who wouldn't said the other.

They drank there coffee and said the door lock was ok now and they told me to try it which I did and it worked fine. "Well that is very nice of you both. how much do I owe you?" "Nothing" they both replied "but we could have another cup of you nice coffee."
" Ok, go on into the living room and make yourselves comfortable and I will bring it through."
When I took it through they were sat one on each sofa so I had to sit with one of them which I did with the one I met in the shop. I could see that his shorts were short, and his prick was showing stretched across his crutch, I though he had a semi hard on which was quite big as nothing had really happened to make it that big.

It was beginning to get dark now and I thought I had better draw the curtains so I said "I will have to lean across you I am afraid to draw them,"
" No problem" came the answer.
As I leant across him I made sure that the fellow in the other sofa had a good view up my skirt and that he could see my slinky panties and the one I bent over had a good view of my breasts.
As I tried to come back from leaning over him my foot caught in the sofa and I fell right into his lap and right smack onto to his hard cock. I lay straddled across him with my tits right smack in front of his face and my legs dangling over the edge of the sofa, I am sure the other fellow was  looking straight up my skirt.
I tried to get up but he said that it was ok and he bent forward and gave me a long loving kiss. My breast was hard now and pushing against my blouse for all they were worth and  my nipples were hard like bullets hands started to caress  them as he was kissing me and I did not have the strength to say no .
Soon he had both breast out of my blouse and my skimpy bra fondling them and kissing my nipples. Oh the feeling was so great I could not stop him as he touched me all the way down  them and started to suck my nipples. I could feel my cunt getting wetter with passion and I could  feel his cock underneath me pressing hard into me.
While he was kissing my tits and sucking my nipples I could feel another hand going up underneath my skirt and pulling my panties off, I managed to look down towards the other sofa and saw the other fellow bent  over me with his cock out of his trousers , he was  touching me up with his hand and pulling my now very wet cunt lips apart. He pulled my panties off and undid my skirt and pulled that off as well and left naked from the waist down. He had one hand on his cock rubbing it up and the other he was exploring  my cunt and putting  one, then two fingers up me and  ramming them home into my now soaking wet pink cunt. His thumb was pressing and working on my clit , working little circles on it and it made  me feel real good but I had to try and stop him because I did not want to cum just yet so I asked him to come round the side of me so I could get hold of his giant  prick and hold it tight to wank him off. He did come around,  but the fellow I was laid on said," Hang on a minute  let me lay you on the  sofa and we both can touch you." He lifted me up and got up himself and then lay  me down on the floor as there was much more room on the floor. The fellow who I had been wanking, now came up to my head and the fellow who lifted me up dropped his shorts and I could see his huge prick in his white underpants sticking out like a ram rod . Oh my god I thought I must have some of that. He pulled his pants off and as he did so his prick sprang up like a rocket with a big pink head on it. He went to my feet and gently spread my legs apart and started to explore my pussy.mmmmmmmmmmm   I thought this is so good.
He went down on me licking my cunt and driving his tongue up my slit  to reach my clit and then started to suck hard which made my clit go hard and stick out more from my slit, it felt so good.
The fellow at my head was bent over me fondling my tits and  nipples and as he was bent over me  his cock was on my chin and his balls was on my mouth which I duly began to suck, he soon came back up a little to  his cock was in my mouth and I gave him a good blow job. His enormous knob was nice and slippery and he had just a drop of pre cum on it to make it glide into my dry mouth.
At the other end the fellow was rubbing my clit in such a way with his massive cock that it felt so good that you never wanted it to stop. He then started to insert it into my very wet juicy  cunt , I could feel his knob pushing its way into my slit and the width of it was rubbing hard against the sides of my cunt which was so good .
He started to withdraw it  partly, then pushed it in again and soon his rythum was going much faster pushing and withdrawing  it was just like a piston .He must be putting a good ten inches of hot throbbing cock into me, mmmm so good .I could feel  that he was going to cum shortly so I grabbed the one above my head and started to wank it hard and fast, pulling his foreskin right back until I could feel his shaft starting to pulsate.
He said he was going to cum any minute so I said to the fellow at the bottom to make me cum by  taking it out of my cunt and wank it so both of them would cum over my body.
They both started to wank themselves and it was a good sight to see both pricks at full length and  hard  with there pink knobs ready to squirt there hard earned spunk over me from that little hole in the top of there knobs. They both shouted to each other that they were about to blast there cum over me and I watched them and felt there hot juices of spunk shoot all over my tummy and breast, it was so exciting that the sight of it made me have an orgasm with them, it was so lovely to feel so wanted.

We lay there for a short while and then the fellow I met in the store asked me to kneel  on all fours so that he could fuck the daylights out of me. I thought for a moment and then thought in for a penny in for a pound and said ok which I  did. I knelt down and he entered me like there was no tomorrow and started pounding me straight away as if he had never done it before. While he was fucking me the other one slid  his body in front of me and held his cock up for me to suck, he was so hard and big ,it was a joy to feel both.
It was not long  that the one that was fucking me had the full ten inches right up me and I could feel it rubbing me on the sides of my cunt  and his knob was throbbing  right inside of me, he said he was about to come again  and I said to him to let me have it right up me, and he did, it was like an explosion, I could feel the gush of spunk  inside of me it felt so good. As he withdrew his prick from me I could feel his cum running down my cunt and out onto my legs, all warm and slippery. He stood up and I could see that his ten inches was falling away to about eight inches but that still looked good to me.
While this was all happening I was still giving the other fellow a blow job and he was just about to cum, I sucked hard and his final burst went straight into my mouth but luckily enough it was not much as he previously came a lot while wanking over me. We all got up and wiped ourselves down and then the fellows said they had better get going as they had to be in work early next day, so I thanked them for the lock and then they went on there way. and I retired to the bathroom  and had another shower to wash away the spunk and sperm they both left me with and I went to bed to think about and relive all that had happened that night and with my hand on my cunt  and two fingers just inside my slit I soon fell asleep.
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