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The Matinee

My wife experiences a sexual encounter in a theatre
It’s rare that Susan and I have the same day off during the week, and even more unusual when that day is a beautiful warm summer day. We had no special plans for the day except to try a new little restaurant that her friends had told her about. It was in a developing part of town and we were anxious to see what new shops may also be there. 

I was waiting outside when she came out. Wow, she looked hot, a short white skirt that covered her sexy legs only to mid-thigh. She had on a sheer red top that allowed you to see the outline of her fabulous tits. Her erect nipples poked at the material and drew your glances immediately to them. She wore her favorite heeled sandals which propped her tight little ass high in the air and made her legs look even more sculptured.

“I’m ready,” she said.

“Ready for what?”

She smiled and we drove off. We were able to find a parking space across from the restaurant. This section of town was not busy at all. As we crossed the street I noticed only one other person on the street. It was a man who was walking down the street towards us and seemed very interested in what my wife was wearing.

As we passed, she smiled at him and said hello. He nodded and kept walking. We entered the restaurant and noticed that we and another couple were the only ones there. A young lady said, "Sit wherever you like, I’ll be right with you." So, we sat at a table near the window away from the other couple. As we were looking at the menu, I noticed the man we had passed on the street had entered. I nudged my wife.

“Your boyfriend followed you here.”

She looked as he sat across from her a few tables away. She smiled at him again as he sat down.

When she sat down she had crossed her legs and her loose fitting skirt was even shorter than before, offering a glimpse of the bottom of her ass cheek. Our new friend noticed this right away and his eyes kept making regular glimpses at her as we ate. I’m sure he also could see the outline of her left tit against her top and how her nipple poked at the fabric. I mentioned to her that he was staring at her. She smiled.

“Good, this outfit still does its job.”

We ordered a second glass of wine with our meal, something she rarely does because one glass tends to get her in a very sexy mood. As we finished our wine, our new friend had finished his lunch and was leaving.

“Your boyfriend's leaving, I guess he’s seen enough.”

She looked as his hand reached the door and he turned to look once more at her. She smiled at him once more.

“You’re going to give that guy the wrong idea if you keep smiling at him.”

“I always smile at people when our eyes meet, I guess it’s just a habit I have.”

We left the restaurant and were back out on the street. My wife noticed a new theater across the street and suggested we see a movie. I was a little surprised that she would want to see a movie on such a beautiful day, until she told me she wanted to go there to make out like we used to do. She held my arm tight and we headed for the theater.

There were a few more people on the street now and as we crossed the street most of their eyes were on Susan. When she wore heels it made her tits jiggle seductively as she walked. I think she knew this and wore them for special occasions.

As we entered the theater I looked around and saw it was as dead as the restaurant. It wasn’t a large building, but it contained three separate cinemas. I asked the ticket agent for two tickets to their least popular movie. He glanced at me and then at my wife.With a sheepish grin he said, "Two tickets for Flowers of Budapest."

As we were about to head to cinema number three my wife tapped my arm.

“My boyfriend’s back.”

I saw the stranger standing by the ticket counter as walked back the narrow hallway and before we reached our cinema.

“You go on ahead and get us seats with some privacy, I have a s stop to make.”

Susan headed for the ladies' room.

I opened the door to cinema three and noticed it was empty except for me. This will be perfect, I thought. A single aisle went to the front of the cinema, with rows of five seats on either side. I chose the back row, far seat to the right in the corner.

The door opened, but instead of my wife appearing, I saw the stranger from the restaurant come in. He walked down a few rows, looking around he spotted me in the corner of the last row. He walked back up and took the seat at the end of my row. I thought, of all the places you could sit, you chose to sit there.

My wife then entered the theater and seemed startled when she saw him sitting there. She smiled at him and excused herself as she slid between him and the seats ahead of us. He didn’t stand to let her in, instead just leaned his legs to one side. As she passed in front of him, she leaned over the seat in the next row. I noticed her skirt seemed shorter and was sure it was giving our new friend quite a view. He stared at her intently as she slid by him. She sat by me and put her hand on my arm.

“I think my boy fiend is following us,” she said with a smile.

“I guess he likes your smile. Your skirt seems a bit shorter or am I wrong?”

“The old rolling the waistband trick.”

“Well, when you leaned over that seat passing your boyfriend, I’m sure he had a very nice view of your ass.”

“Maybe even more,” she said with a naughty smile as she dropped her panties in my hand.

She then leaned over and kissed me very passionately while squeezing my cock through my pants. I returned the kiss and our tongues swirled in each other's mouths. I noticed our friend’s eyes glance our way as my wife kissed me. The shift of her body when she leaned to kiss me had lifted her skirt to show not only her ass but maybe even her pussy lips.

We continued kissing and she fondled my cock through my pants. I noticed our friend was now rubbing his cock through his sweat pants as he slyly glanced our way. I was becoming aroused knowing that a stranger was staring at my wife’s body. I wanted to entice him to look even more so I leaned my wife back in her seat and slid my hand inside her top. While fondling her left tit and rolling her hard nipple between my fingers, I kissed her. I peeked occasionally at our friend and saw he had loosened the string on his sweats and had his hand now inside of them massaging his cock.

“Psssst, your boyfriend was playing with himself.”

“Are you kidding? I want to see.”

“Don’t look. He just has his hand in his sweats playing with himself while he’s looking at you.”

I unbuttoned another two buttons on my wife’s top and slid it off her left shoulder exposing her entire left tit and nipple for our friend. He was no longer just glancing our way but was turned a bit in his seat as he continued to fondle his cock.

I happened to pull up on the seat arm between us and it moved. How nice, I thought as I folded it up out of our way. Reaching over I folded the arm to my wife’s seat up also giving him and unobstructed view.

With her entire left tit exposed I slowly kissed it and licked around her nipple, as I did I saw him begin to slide his sweats down. I told my wife what he was doing and she whispered that she wanted to see his cock if he pulled it out. I was a little surprised that she would want to look at this stranger’s cock but I promised her I would let her know when it was available for her viewing pleasure.

My lips surrounded her nipple and I sucked it deep into my mouth. That was too much for our new friend. He slid his sweats further down and reached inside them.

“Holy shit,” I gasped as he pulled it out.

It was huge, laying halfway down his thigh. It had to be at least nine or ten inches long and with a thickness to match. My wife heard me gasp.

“What? what? she asked as if something was wrong with me.

“It’s out.”

Before I could warn her of its size, she turned and saw it. He was sliding his hand up and down its length as he caught her looking at him. She must have stared for a good ten seconds and then turned back to me with a shocked look on her face.

“Oh my God, it’s huge.I've never seen a cock that large in all my life."

Susan then leaned over and loosened my belt and reached in my pants, pulling my cock out. She lowered her mouth and kissed my tip, sliding her tongue up and down its length and then placing her lips over my tip. She lowered her head and slid me slowly inside of her, taking the full length of my cock in her mouth.

“Doing some wishful thinking?”

“Michael, you know I’ve always loved your cock the best.”

“Well, until you met old monster cock anyway.”

She laughed.

“Yea, until now.”

While she continued sucking my cock I glanced at our friend and noticed he had changed seats and now had just one seat between his monster cock and my wife’s ass. I leaned and whispered to her that her boyfriend had moved a seat closer to her. She sucked me deep into her mouth and softly moaned.


She was becoming aroused by this man watching her. I knew I could not hold out much longer, and I was about to let my load go inside her mouth when I felt her body move.

“Something wrong?" I asked.

“I feel his cock between my legs, right below my ass.”

I looked and sure enough our friend had moved to the seat beside my wife and his body was leaning towards her. I saw the enormous head of his cock close to her legs. The sight of this along with her sucking my cock was too much and I shot my warm cum inside her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” She moaned as she sucked me dry and swallowed every drop.

As she lifted her head from my lap I saw her lick the last bit of cum from my tip. She smiled at me, slid up on me and kissed me. As she did this, it exposed her pussy more to our friend. She moved again.

“He’s back, trying to force his cock between my legs.”

“Do you want to move?

Her face took on the expression of someone who is afraid of heights and was about to step onto a tightrope.

“No, I want him to fuck me.”

I was a shocked but also very aroused knowing this strange man had his huge cock between my wife’s legs and she was willing to let him fuck her.

Susan then lifted her left leg and placed her foot on the chair in the row ahead of us. She was exposing her wet pussy to him and begging him to fuck her. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this but I was too aroused to do anything to stop it.

I watched as he placed a hand on his cock and slid it to her pussy lips. My wife moaned and I knew his tip was against her and forcing open her tight pussy. As he moved a forward I heard my wife moan and squeal a little.


I knew his tip was spreading her lip as she opened her mouth and took a deep breath. He leaned one more time and her body shook. Her face was tense as eyes opened wide and then rolled upward.


I knew he was too big for her, yet she let him continue. He then lifted her onto her knees on her seat. She placed her and hands on my shoulders as he spread her legs apart with his hands. With one hand around her waist and the other on his giant cock, he guided it deeper inside her pussy. She squealed and moaned with delight as her body shook again. I knew she was cuming. She let out a soft moan.

I could see the head of his cock was now inside her lips, the rest of its enormous length and girth still waiting to enter her. He moved very slowly, knowing she was struggling to accept all of him inside her. Inch by inch I watched as he skillfully guided his huge cock into my wife’s pussy.

Her facial expression alternated between a grimace and a smile with each of his gentle thrusts. I knew he was spreading her wide and she was becoming accustomed to his size. He was halfway inside her and the thickest part of his cock was now ready to part her waiting lips. As he leaned forward, I could feel her nails did into my shoulders through my shirt. She moaned and squealed and began panting to catch her breath. Finally he was all inside of her and she let out a long slow satisfied moan.

He then pulled himself out so his tip rested against her moist lips. I could see his cock glistening with my wife’s juices as he thrust inside her again. Slowly at first and then began a quicker rhythm with his long thrusts. She was moaning and squealing with each thrust and I felt her body shake with another orgasm.

This continued for what seemed like forever. I was becoming more and more aroused as I watched him fuck my wife. She struggled to breathe and panted between each moan and squeal to catch her breath. Faster and faster his thrusts were becoming, her body shook with each thrust. Her gorgeous tits were swinging back and forth in front of me with each of his movements. His hands then slid to my wife’s tits and surrounded them as he continued to pound away at her pussy.

I heard the stranger begin to moan. After each of his deep moans I heard Susan respond with a soft moan of her own. This continued for quite some time. I watched as his giant cock slid deep inside of her and then back out with each long thrust. I wondered how she was able to take all of that monster inside of her tight little pussy.

Susan was panting to catch her breath between moans and squeals. Her body shook uncontrollably as her orgasms were non-stop now. He slid his hands from her tits and back around her waist. I saw his head tilt back and with one long deep thrust I heard him moan. His body was shaking and he was grunting as much now as moaning. I knew with each loud grunt he was pumping more of his hot cum inside my wife's pussy. Her body continued to shake with orgasm after orgasm as she moaned loudly each time his cum exploded inside of her.

She later would tell me that when he came inside of her it felt as though someone had stuck a fire hose in her pussy and turned it on.

One long last thrust and one long moan. I knew his massive cock had unloaded rivers of cum in Susan’s pussy. I looked between my wife’s tits and downward to see his excess cum dripping from her pussy onto the theater seat. My wife was still panting. Her body was shaking with orgasm after orgasm as she become limp. Only his hands were keeping her from falling down.

He slowly slid his cock from inside her. I watched as he pulled each inch of his monster cock from her pussy. As he stood up behind her, she fell in a fetal position on her seat with her head on my lap. Her body was still trembling. I looked towards him and saw his huge cock hanging between his legs. A combination of their juices ran down its length and drip from its massive head. It became limp but was still quite an impressive sight..

I smiled to myself, both amazed and impressed by my wife. She was able to take this monster deep inside her pussy, drain it of all its juices, and tame the beast.

He pulled his sweats up over his cock, tied the string and walked out.

I looked down at my wife and brushed her hair behind her ear. Her trembling body was now calm and her breathing had slowed as she slept on my lap.

When the movie had finished, I woke her and kissed her softly. She straightened her clothes and took my arm as we left the theater.

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