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The Mentor

With the help of her book, she gets the man she longs for.
I was really excited. I had just received a couple of copies of my first book to give out. While not the typical publication that most people would be proud of, I was. It was my first erotica book. And I enjoyed the type of subject I wrote about. I had given a couple of out but there was one copy that I knew where I wanted to go for sure.

I headed back to my old high school. It had been about 8 years since I had been there, but I had kept in touch with Edward Willis since graduation. Mr. Willis was my English teacher both my junior and senior year. And when I left, he ended up becoming my mentor. Whenever I wrote something, I would send it his way to have it critique. He would always respond, letting me know what he thought, what could use work, and what it even meant to him. I valued his opinion.

The other thing about Edward Willis was the fact that I found him very attractive. Always had from the very first day that I stepped into his classroom. While shorter than most men, he had this rugged look about him that was easy to notice and a wide smile that was hard to resist. He had a very toned physique for him with really strong legs that were noticeable when he wore shorts. And while he did already have a receding hairline that was unfortunate for his age, he kept his hair a little longer and messy in a manner that worked for him.

What started as an attraction grew into an infatuation. And that grew into liking. By the time I knew it, I had strong feelings for Mr. Willis. It wasn't something that I expected or even wanted. Having feelings for one of my elders was not the brightest idea anyone could ever had. I knew the boundaries and that nothing could ever happen between us. And it wasn't like me to fall for someone older than I was. For a man 12 years my senior, he was definitely my elder. But I couldn't help it. While you can always control your actions, you can't really control what you feel for another person.

I arrived at Franklin High a little after 3pm. I didn't want to disrupt any classes and figured it would be better to catch up if we didn't have to rush. I had asked the receptionist at the front desk where his class was, happy to hear it was still in the same room. When I treaded my way over to his door, I looked inside and noticed he had a student at his desk asking him questions. At first, I chose to wait in the hall until the student left. But when curious glances rounded my corner, I went for the door knob, knowing I'd feel more comfortable waiting on him inside.

I opened the door and walked in. He glanced quickly to see who had entered, looked back at his student, and then did a double take as he realized who it was. I watched the corners of his mouth arch upwards into a smile, reflecting my own. His eyes lit up and he stopped talking mid sentence. He was genuenly happy to see me. He quickly went back to his student.

"Shelly, if you have any more questions, please feel free to email me."

"Thanks Mr. Willis." The student adjusted her back pack and turned for the door. She looked at me awkwardly before heading out of the classroom.

I couldn't help myself. "Mr. Willis, giving out our personal email to our students now, are we?" I gave him a sweet glare to go with my sarcasm.

"Very funny, Miss Cook, but we now have a laptop program here at Franklin High implemented with its own email system. Nothing personal." He responded with the same sarcasm and quirky grin.

"Are you serious? A laptop program? Where was the genius who came up with that idea when I was here?"

"It's nice to see you too, Grace." He got up to give me a hug; a warm hello.

"How are you, Edward?"

"I'm well. And since I see you're well too, sarcasm and all, what do I owe this pleasure?"

"What? I can't come by and say hello to my old teacher and mentor?"

He chuckled. His smile got wider. How much I always loved his smile. "Good point. Unfortunately, I have a department meeting in the next 10 minutes, so I can't really stay."

My heart sank. I was really looking forward to spending some time with him. "That's fine. I was actually here for something else as well." I pulled the book out of my bag. I wrapped it in brown paper, so you couldn't see the cover. "I had a small book published. It doesn't have my name on it; just a pen name instead. But you'd always been such a help that I wanted you to have a copy."

I handed him the book, which more looked like small package. He looked at me with amazement as he took it. "Grace, I can't believe this. This is absolutely wonderful!" He came towards me and embraced me in a grip defying hug. I obliged, returning the hug. I didn't want to let go. "When did this happen?"

"It all started about a year ago." We were both smiling wide from his excitement.

"I want to talk to you more about it, Grace, but I really do have to go to this meeting. Would you like to have coffee this evening? You can tell me all about it then."

"Sure, how about around 8?"

"That would be great Grace. There's a quant cafe' on Rosenberg and Rice not to far from here. I'll meet you there." And with that he gave me a quick hug again, grabbed his suitcase, and hurried out the door. I followed, walking back to my car and leaving the school to run errands and get ready for the evening. It made me excited to know that I was having coffee with Edward. Not something we had ever really done before.

After all my errands, I went back to my apartment to shower and change. I chose to wear a red wrap around v-neck dress and nice black sandals. While the dress would look better with heels, and I did want to look nice, I didn't want to look like I was trying to hard. I was obviously still attracted to Edward Willis. And even though I knew the attraction wasn't mutual, I still wanted to look good.

It was almost 7 by the time I was ready. It would only take me a couple of minutes to get there so I still had some time left before I needed to leave. I started to walk around the room, cleaning up small things that I had left out from the pass couple of weeks. I had music playing from the TV in the background. Not really paying attention, I jumped when there was a sudden knock at my door.

I wasn't expecting anyone. So when I opened the door to see Edward standing there, with keys in one hand and my book in the other, shock radiated through me. I couldn't understand why he was there or how he even knew where I lived. I looked down again at the book only to realize it was no longer wrapped.

"Edward?" He didn't say anything. He just looked at me. I couldn't read his face. "Edward, are you okay?"

He still said nothing. I didn't understand what was wrong or why he was there and not meeting me at the cafe'. And then it hit me. I could read the look on his face now. He was in shock as well.

"You read the book." All he could do was shake his head in a yes. "Come in." I opened the door wider. He followed, still saying nothing. I shut the door and turned to look at him. He was just stareing. I wasn't really sure what to say to him. I don't think he even knew what to say to me.

"I'm sorry, Edward. I forgot to mention the nature of the book. I should have warned you. It's the reason why I have a pen name. I didn't mean to offended you. You've just always been such a help to me that even though the genre wasn't typical, I still wanted you to have a copy."

I was so nervous. And the fact that he wasn't speaking didn't help. "Edward, say something."

"Grace, when you wrote this book, where did you get the idea for the story line?"

I didn't understand him. "What?"

"Your story. Where did the idea come from?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Your male lead is me, isn't it Grace. Why?"

There was a long pause. "How did find out where I lived?"

"Alumni records."

"Oh." My heart was racing. I was afraid he was upset. He took a step closer to me.

"Is your male lead me, Grace? Is it suppose to be how I feel?"

I hesitated. "I would have hoped. But I'm not expecting anything, Edward. It's just a story."

"And your heroin. Is that how you feel?" He obviously wasn't going to let the subject go.

I hesitated once more. There was no other way to say it.

"Yes." I could feel all the blood rushing to my cheeks.

He put his keys and my book on the table next to him. The he came up to me, grabbed me by both arms, and pulled me to him. He looked into my eyes once more and then kissed me. A kiss that I had been longing to have for so many years. I knew right then that my heart belonged to him. That I belonged to him. And I wasn't going to let him go.

He let go of my arms and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, approving of his kiss and not wanting him to stop. I could feel myself heating up. And not in the nervous embarrassing way that I was just in. In an wanting way. In the way my characters had wanted each other. In the way I had always wanted him. And with my body meshed up against his, I knew he wanted me. It was there, screaming out below his waist line. He wanted me just as badly as I want him.

I slipped off my sandals and began to walk him to my bedroom door, never letting my lips leave his. Walking backwards, I wasn't really able to tell when we would reach the door so I could open it. Instead, I walked my back right into it, and he held me there, continuing to kiss me. His hands began to move all around my body, his mind in synch with mine. When he reached the lower back of my dress, he ran his fingers through the ties that held it together. Slowly pulling on each one, he untied my dress.

His hands found their way to the front of my body and onto the hems of my dress, slowly pulling it apart. What started as a wrap dress began to look like a long short sleeve sweater as he pulled it to my sides, revealing a light pink lace bra and panties. He broke his kiss from mine and looked down to survey my body. My chest was heaving with anticipation. So was his.

His hands ran along the sides of my body and then wrapped around my waist, bringing me close to him again. He placed his forehead onto mine and I began to see hesitation in his face.

No. I wasn't going to let this stop.

"Grace, are we sure about this? Am I even being professional?"

I didn't want to stop. Nor did I want to question it.

"Edward, I'm not your student anymore. Nor have I been for quite some time. All I know is that I want you. I've always wanted you. Now shut up and kiss me."

I moved my forehead away from his and kissed him again showing that I was sure about this. It was right. It felt so right. Kissing me back, he reached around to open the door. We tumbled into my bedroom a little before regaining our posture. I started to unbutton his shirt, pulling it out of his pants, off his shoulders, and throwing it to the side. I immediately went back to his pants, undoing them and pushing them off his waist. I used my feet to push them all the way down his legs. I heard his shoes come off as he struggled to get the rest of his pants off his feet. He broke his kiss from me to remove his socks. Then standing to look at me, he removed his boxers, letting himself free.

I could feel my breathing getting heavier by the minute. I just stood there, looking at him. I wanted him to take me. To take me completely. He moved back to me, placing his hands on my shoulders. My entire body shivered at his touch. He pushed my dress off, letting it fall to the floor. He placed his hands around my back, unhinged my bra, and pulled it off of me. Then he placed his hands on my hips and pulled my underwear down, taking a whiff of me and running his hands down my legs as he took my underwear off. He threw them to the side and placed his hands back on my ankles, slowly running them up my legs and to my waist. Stopping there, he brought himself back up to me and just looked at me in the eyes.

I couldn't help myself. I pulled myself to him and kissed him again. A kiss of longing. He walked me backwards and lowered me to the bed, laying himself upon me. I spread my legs, wrapping one around his, engulfing his body into mine. With no hesitation, he maneuvered himself and placed the head of his penis at my vagina. Breaking our kiss, I looked at him once more. It seemed like he was waiting on me, waiting for my approval.

"Edward..." I nodded my head.

He pushed into me, causing me to gasp. He pulled out and pushed in again once more, keeping me from closing my mouth or giving me the chance to breath. As he continued to pull in and out of me, I could feel his hard breath on my skin from where is mouth touched my shoulder. His warm lips were satisfying as he buried his hips deeper into me.

I moved my body in conjunction with his, spreading my legs so that he could be deeper within me. Our lips never touched again but instead ran across each others shoulders and faces as though looking for another place to taste. I moved my hands with his sides, moving inward and outward. Our moans caressed each others ears, neither of us obviously wanting the moment to end.

In a slow motion not to break us, he wrapped his arms around my waist and back and lifted me up towards him, sitting me on his lap. He never left me, keeping me close to his body at all times. With they way I noticed we were positioned, him sitting on his feet and me on his lap with my legs bent at his sides, I knew what he was doing. He had placed us in my female characters favorite position. My favorite position. Not only did he read the book, he had to have enjoyed it.

The way we were sitting, my breasts met his face and he took my nipple into his mouth. Rolling his tongue around, I felt pleasure shoot from my breast into my vagina as my muscles flexed around him. He groaned onto my breasts once more, sending shivers throughout my entire body. I couldn't take it anymore. I lifted myself up and brought myself back down in one swift motion. I started to bounce on his lap, short small bounces, so that his mouth wouldn't leave my breasts. The sensations between both my chest and in-between my legs were exhilarating.

He removed his lips and meshed his head against me. With me bouncing on him, he began to thrust upward, bouncing on his feet. As I came down, he came up. And what started as a perfect rhythm became a mad quest to swallow each others bodies whole.

If he enjoyed the book, I knew he would enjoy what I needed to tell him.

"Edward, I'm going to cum."

"Oh god Grace, cum with me."

And with that, I let myself go, bouncing in a frenzy and releasing myself upon him. He followed, cuming inside of me, gripping me tighter to his body. What I know could have only lasted mere seconds felt like hours of pure ecstasy.

I held on to him, not only to keep my balance now that my body was weak, but because I didn't want to let go. His arms never loosened from around me. I caressed his hair and kissed him on the forehead, slowly planting kissing down his face until my lips met his again in what seemed like a long time.

He lowered me back to the bed, taking himself out of me and laying at my side. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him. Exhausted, we didn't say a word to each other. But looking at me, he was doing the exact same thing I was: smiling. Then the thought occurred to me. I didn't want break the moment, but I had to ask.

"Edward, how did you know the male character was based on you?"

"Your dedication. After that, with the description, I just pieced it all together."

Not one to always remember what I wrote, I pulled my copy of the book from the side of my bed and opened it to the dedication page. Inside, was the reason my book was not so subtle to Edward:

To Mr. EW, who not only taught me that if I really wanted to write, I could write about anything but who also inspired this story.
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