The Mercy Fuck

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A hit on Craigslist brings relief to a horny old man.

Like many men my age, I'm just reaching retirement age, 62, I have found that being married to the same woman for so many years really put a damper on one's sex life. You grow tired of the same old routine after 40 years of marriage, and she just doesn't want to mess with sex at all. Thus, we decided to live our own lives.

My buddies and I were sitting around drinking beer and commiserating about old times, the many fishing and hunting trips we had taken and the joys of being good friends. My buddies by the way are Bob and John, and my name is Jerry. We have hung out together for over 30 years now. We worked together and our kids grew up together. The strange thing is that all of us are without female companionship now. John's wife died about 10 years ago of cancer, and Bob has been divorced nearly 20 years now.

“What do you guys do for release?” I asked them.

They both looked at me and each held up his right hand indicating that their release was masturbation, the old stroking-the-rod routine. How boring that got though. I'd been doing that for several years even while I was married. I needed some female companionship and that is what I told them.

“You know, we're three healthy, reasonably good looking mature men,“ I said, ”You'd think there would be some women out there who would love to play with us. Where to find them is the problem.“

Bob looked at me and said, “Another guy I know met a lady on Craigslist and they really
hit it off. Whát about that?“

I had heard of Craigslist but had never given it much thought.

“I don't know. I guess we could check it out,” I said.

We then all headed into the bedroom turned office where I kept my computer. I clicked it on and we waited for a couple of minutes for it to boot up. I quickly found Craigslist and navigated to our town. I found a number of ads for companionship. Some seemed more like gals looking for husbands than what we were looking for. Finally I clicked on 'Casual Encounters' and found a section of women looking for men. That was our choice so I clicked on it. Were we surprised. There seemed to be a lot of ads and we started looking through the most recent. Most were young gals and we decided they wouldn't like us old farts so we kept looking.

Finally we ran across an ad by a lady who said she was 38. At least she was a little more mature and we read her ad. She mentioned she would just like to get together with a guy and become friends and see where it would lead. We assumed that meant sex, as most guys would. I told the other guys I was going to reply to this ad and see what happened.

They both nodded and said, “Okay, sounds good to us.”

I did and we returned to the living room to watch more football, dismissing the search for a lady.

A couple of days later I received an email from someone I didn't recognize. The name was something like 'nymphkaren' at a common email address. Well, that wasn't anyone I knew, but I decided to open it, which was unusual since I'm usually cautious about opening unknown emails. I had completely forgotten about sending an inquiry to the ad in Craigslist, but as it turned out this was a reply. It read as follows:

Hi Jerry,

Nice of you to write. My name is Karen and I do love sex so you've written the right person. I'm not shy or inhibited in the least bit, so feel free to ask whatever you like. I am single, but have had a steady boyfriend for a few years now, who accepts my kinkiness and goes with the flow. I am 39 years old. I am 5'4“, 130 pounds, and dark hair. I'm a bit on the rubinesque side but padded in all the right areas. :-)

If this interests you please write back and let's get to know each other better.


Well, needless to say that surprised the daylights out of me. I really hadn't expected to hear from anyone. But this girl sounded really interesting to say the least. I, of course, wrote her right back as follows:

Dear Karen,

I was surprised to get a reply, thank you so much for that at least. I think you really sound interesting and would love to get to know you better. A little more about myself first. I am 62 and retired, so I can meet almost any time. My body is not in as good a shape as it once was, but it isn't bad considering the mileage. I am 5'10“, 180 pounds, brown hair with some gray in the temples. I am divorced nearly two years now, and my only release for sex has been my hand. Hope you don't mind me getting to graphic here. :-)

Look forward to hearing more from you soon.


I received a reply almost immediately. and after several notes back and forth we finally decided to meet at a cafe for coffee at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

I thought the meeting time would never get here, but finally it did. I was at the cafe a few minutes early and got a booth and ordered coffee. I was wearing a yellow ball cap as agreed upon so she could recognize me. About three minutes past three a lovely dark haired lady entered the door and glanced around. She saw me and smiled and came right over to the booth. I stood and introduced myself. We slipped in opposite sides of the booth and we began to chat.

I watched her lovely face as we talked. She had shoulder length dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She told me more about herself and I did the same. Both of us were just a tad nervous I think so we tended to chatter about nothing. After about 15 minutes though the conversation turned towards sex.

“Why did you agree to meet with me since I'm so much older than you?“ I asked.

“I just like older men,” Karen replied. “They seem to be more polite and more interesting lovers, since they actually take the time to make sure I am satisfied before they cum. Plus they really appreciate a mercy fuck when they get one.“

'Did she actually just say that?' I thought. Wow.

I felt her foot touching mine under the table and she looked at me and said, “I just really enjoy sex. I like cocks, and I love to feel them in my mouth and in my cunt.“

I'm sure my mouth must have dropped open since Karen smiled at me and said, “You aren't shy are you?”

“No, just a little inexperienced,” I said as I smiled back at her. “How many older men have you been with?”

“My experience probably makes up for your lack of it,“ she said as she smiled at me. ”Why don't we head over to your place and I'll show you what I mean?“

I quickly agreed and fumbled to get some money out of my wallet to pay the bill. I told her to follow me in her car and we proceeded to my house.

We weren't more than in the door and we were all over each other like jelly on peanut butter. We couldn't get out of our clothes fast enough. I was really surprised at how hard I was already without any Viagra.

'Guess it has been awhile,' I thought to myself.

We were kissing passionately and I felt her hand grab my already throbbing cock as I pulled my pants down. My hands went to her breasts and I frantically kissed her lips, ears, neck, and whatever else I could get my lips onto. Before I knew it we were in a sixty-nine position on the living room floor and I felt her mouth engulf my cock, as I began to explore her now wet pussy with my tongue.

In a matter of a few minutes she was moaning and I could tell she was really getting into this. I was trying to concentrate on the job at hand, licking her pussy, so I didn't cum too quickly. I was really trying to satisfy her before I came, but it just wasn't going to work that way.

I yelled, “I'm cumming!" as I shot a load.

She gulped it down, completing it with a few more sucks after I was shot just to make me reach an unbelievable climax. My wife, when I was married, didn't like to suck me, and she sure wouldn't let me cum in her mouth. I was completely drained but also completely satisfied.

“Okay, now that we have gotten that first one out of the way, we can slow down and enjoy this,“ she said.

I agreed with her heartily. I suggested we move into the bedroom where we could be more comfortable. We both got up off the floor completely nude and strolled into the bedroom. I pulled back the covers on the bed and exposed the clean white sheets. She lay down and stretched out as I watched her.

I finally got a good glimpse of her lovely body. Her breasts were average size, and aureoles that were not too dark, but a little larger than normal and nipples that stood out nicely. She was, as she had stated in her email, just a little over average weight but everything was stacked in the right places. She had pubic hair on her mound, but it had been slightly trimmed and looked well kept. She put her hand down between her legs and spread her pussy lips for me since she noticed I was concentrating on that area.

“I'm a very visual type person,” I said, “ would you mind if I took a few photos of you?”

Much to my surprise she agreed, so I ran and grabbed my camera and started taking some shots of her. She knew just how to pose to show off her fantastic assets and get my cock hard again. I shot some photos of her on her stomach, showing her lovely butt, and then on her knees, displaying her butt to me again, and then spreading her legs and putting her hand in her moist pussy while I took photos of that.

She then turned over and spread her legs for me and I took some shots of her masturbating with her finger. That really got me excited. I really love to see a girl masturbate. My cock was erect and throbbing again as I laid the camera down and crawled on the bed.

I positioned myself between her legs and began to suckle her breasts as I moved to slip my hard throbbing cock into her pussy. I felt it slip in with a little help from her hand and her moist warmth enveloped my cock. She seemed to like having her breasts sucked, so I moved my cock in and out of her pussy very slowly as I fondled her breasts and sucked on her nipples.

After a few minutes of this she began to push with her hips, and I could tell she was becoming aroused. She wanted a little more action in her pussy so I began to move my cock in and out a little faster and I alternated between her breasts and her lips. Finally I was almost ready to cum again and I moved up to kiss her and probe her mouth with my tongue as I felt her breasts flatten against my chest and our pumping motion became frantic and desperate.

I could tell she was about ready to climax, so I speeded up my motion and tried to make sure my cock was getting lots of contact on the upper portion of her pussy to stimulate her clitoris. All of the sudden her body arched and shook and she moaned loudly as she came. I pulled my head back to watch her face as that wave of pleasure passed over it and her eyes rolled back. I moved a little faster and came myself for the second time in less than an hour. That was some kind of record for me, especially at my age.

We both fell back on the bed, drained, and just lay there for a few minutes before we said anything.

Finally, when I had caught my breath I said, "Wow, that was awesome."

Karen leaned up and over me and gave me a kiss as her bare breast skimmed my chest and she said, “Yes, it was.”

I asked her if she wanted to get a glass of tea, and she said that that would be nice.

“Let's go into the kitchen and I'll show you the rest of the house,“ I said.

“Okay,” she replied.

I offered her my robe to put on but she said she would rather be naked, and I heartily agreed. I couldn't believe my luck. I had found a woman who loved sex and was comfortable with her own nudity. This was fantastic.

I showed her through the house and where the bathrooms were. She stopped off to relieve herself, while I went on into the kitchen to get some ice tea poured. When she came in we began to talk more openly.

I asked her why she was so sexual, unlike most women I knew and she told me that she had grown up in a very open household. Her parents hid nothing about sex, and quite often they were naked at home. They encouraged her to be naked also, along with her two older brothers. Sex was not treated as a taboo subject, and their parents felt comfortable in discussing it openly with them When she and her brothers wanted to experiment shortly after she reached 18 her parents did not oppose it. She said she had always been very active sexually and just really enjoyed it.

“If one enjoys something I can see no reason not to do it,“ she said.

“I agree wholeheartedly,” I said

It was a fairly pleasant early spring day with a temperature of about 60, and I suggested we go out in the back yard, which is very private, and sit in my hot tub while we finished our tea.

Karen readily agreed and followed me out the back door.

We climbed into the tub and I turned on the jets. We sat there for a little while just enjoying the comfort of the hot moving water. In a while she asked me about myself. I told her about my fairly conservative upbringing, and about marrying a girl who was both conservative and religious, a combination that bodes ill for sex in marriage.

When she asked me about some of my sexual fantasies, I said, “Oh my, where do I begin? I have always had fantasies about going to a nudist camp, and about having sex with more than one girl at the same time, and about a girl sucking my cock and swallowing my cum, which actually came true today.“ I smiled.”How about your fantasies?“

Karen gave me an impish grin and said, “Are you sure you're ready for this?”

I said, “Of course. I'm no prude.”

She said, “Okay, then, I would love to have sex with three or four guys at once. I would love to feel a cock in every hole I have, including my ass. I would also like to go to a nudist camp, I've always been a bit of exhibitionist. I would also like to have sex with another girl. I would like to be bound to a bed and fucked by several men at once. I would enjoy having sex in a public place with a chance of someone seeing us. I would love to have someone film me having sex and then show it to someone else while I am with them. There is really no limit to what I fantasize about.“

My mind was reeling. Those were things that really turned me on. I had a hard time just getting out a 'wow' declaration. I had been watching her all this time as her breasts bounced on the surface of the water and that combined with her honest reply provided me with another raging hard on. I couldn't believe this.

“Have you ever had sex in a hot tub?” I asked as I moved over beside her smiling.

“Not until now,” she said smiling back.

I put my arm around her shoulder and leaned in to kiss her. Our lips met and I gently kissed her. After a few minutes of soft kissing we became more frantic and I probed into her mouth with my tongue as she did the same. I felt her hand grasp my cock and I reached over to fondle her breast as our kisses became more and more demanding.

I moved her over onto my lap facing me, which was relatively easy since the water made her buoyant. I lifted her slightly and told her go position the head of my cock into her pussy, which she did. I lowered her onto my cock and we sat there in the warmth of the hot tub connected and holding each other in an embrace.

We returned to kissing and then I noticed her start to rock up and down on my cock. I thought I would just let her take her time and proceed at her own speed. I was just enjoying the process. I wasn't even sure I could cum again but I hoped I had it in me. We spent nearly a half an hour of rocking, kissing, fondling and sliding my cock in and out of her pussy before she came again.

This time her orgasm was a little more subdued, but still evident as I watched her face as she bit her lower lip and rolled her eyes skyward and shuddered. Much to my surprise she kept going on my still erect cock and, after a couple more minutes, came again. She then repeated the process a third time before she slipped off of me and smiled.

I didn't come again since I was completely drained. I was just amazed I was able to stay hard all that time.

“Damn, wish I could do that,” I said and smiled at her.

She smiled back and said, “That's one of the few advantages we girls have over you guys.“

“I don't know about you, but I've worked up an appetite with all this fucking,“ Karen said.

“Me too,” I said. “Why don't you sit in one of the lounge chairs here, while I go in and find us something to nibble on.“

Karen climbed out of the hot tub and I watched her very move. I loved the way her breasts swung and the way she exposed her pussy as she climbed out. I got a couple of towels for us to sit on, and then went in to get some food.

The fridge was a little bare but I managed to find enough to make us each a sandwich and I had some coconut cream pie left over from the other night so I cut us each a piece of that.

I took the food out and admired Karen sitting there very comfortable in her nudity looking around at the surroundings.

“This is quite a set up you have here. Is that an outdoor shower over there?“

I said that it was and thanked her. I told her I poured myself into fixing up the backyard after my divorce. Doing some of the things my ex-wife wouldn't tolerate, like the outdoor shower and the hot tub.

After we finished our sandwiches I handed her her piece of pie. She took it and I saw an impish grin on her face. She stood up and took the piece of pie in her hand and rubbed it on her breasts and down into her pussy.

She said smiling, “I think I got your piece of pie.” She walked up and straddled the lounge chair and said, “Wouldn't you like a bite?”

There was no way I was going to pass this up, and I began to lick her breasts cleaning up all the pie as she leaned over me. I had to fondle her breasts as they hung from her to get to all the pie. When I had cleaned that up she moved around and put the back of the lounge down. She had me lie back and then she straddled me and lowered her pussy to my face so that I could finish my desert. As I was licking away on her pubic mound and pussy, I felt something soft being applied to my semi-erect cock.

“I need to eat my piece now,” I heard her say as I felt her tongue and mouth go to work on my cock and balls.

Karen actually came while I was licking her pussy this time. I felt a slight increase in her pussy juices as she came which I quickly lapped up. She kept working on my cock after she came and she actually made me cum again, for the third time today.

I think we were both finally satiated and completely drained from the afternoon.

Karen told me she had better get home. I suggested she take a shower outdoors and get completely cleaned up while I gathered her clothes. When I came back with her clothes and a clean towel for her I watched her shower. Her nude body glistened with the water, and she really enjoyed the open air shower I could tell.

She finished and dried off and then slowly dressed, putting on a little show for me as she slipped her panties up over her hips and put on her bra and adjusted her breasts in each cup. She was truly an exhibitionist and she knew she was appealing my voyeuristic tendencies.

Finally she was completely dressed and I stood to kiss her good bye and lead her to the front door. It was extremely erotic being nude and kissing a fully dressed lady. I felt her hand squeeze my buttock as we kissed. I led her to the front door and gave her another kiss.

“Aren't you going to come and open the car door for me like a gentleman?“ she asked with that impish grin of hers.

I peeked outside and while the drive where her car was parked was somewhat secluded, someone driving by could easily see me. I thought what the heck and opened the door completely.

“Of course I am,” I said, as I grabbed her hand and walked out the door with her.

We made it to the car with no one going by, but as we kissed goodbye again I heard a car go by and slow down. I glanced over her shoulder. I saw it was Bob gawking up the drive before he drove on.

“By the way,” I said, “Let's see what we can do about some of those fantasies you have over the next few weeks, if you're game.“

“Oh, I'm game,” she said smiling as she got into her car and backed out of the drive leaving me standing there naked as the day I was born.