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The mom next door

Sarah is eager to have sex after enduring 12 years of a sexless marriage

The story I am going to tell you is a true one. It happened to me a few days ago and since I was out of fictional ideas I decided to write this one although it has been edited slightly. The woman involved is a neighbour of mine; in fact she was the mother of one of my friends. The friend (Jake) was not my best friend, but since we lived close to each other I did know him best and saw his family frequently. Since we live close to each other my dad takes me, my brother and Jake to school and Jake's mom (Sarah) picks us up. Sarah I guess is in her mid forties, she is roughly 5"7', tanned and has a very slim build with a lovely ass. Her only drawback was her tits, which were small but I still thought she was hot. 


This particular day my brother was at his music lesson and Jake was at soccer training, and I suddenly realised there was a very big difference with Sarah's physique. Namely, she had got a boobjob. Her tits had changed from and A cup to a C. she had changed from an attractive housewife to an absolute milf and she WAS looking sexy. She was wearing a very tight top which did wonders in revealing her new assets. I assume she was fairly self conscious of her decision as she asked me what I thought. "Their good" I assured her "you made a good decision." After a small conversation about the operation and how she felt about them she asked me how my day had been. "Good," I had told her then proceeded to ask her about her day.

     "I went cloth shopping after the surgery was finished"

     "Yeah, I guess you will need a lot of new tops and things now"

     "Yes, and bras and swimsuits. It was expensive but I like shopping and I bought some lovely outfits."

     "You will have to show them to me sometime." This statement I had considered the polite thing to say in the situation but I later wondered if she saw it as an advance to see her in her new underwear....

     "Well, you mom is taking your brother to music lessons, why don’t you come to my house and I will make us some lunch then you can see what I bought."

     "Alright" I answered.


After a quick meal we moved into her bedroom where she got changed into her first outfit; jeans and a singlet. The next three outfits were similar and each time I complimented her by saying it looked good. Next she put on a bikini which I told her went great with her new tits. She laughed and gave me a smile. Finally she put on a black bra and matching panties which contrasted perfectly with her pale skin and dark hair.

I was completely amazed.

The bra was a lacy one and was semi see through so I could see how sexy she had become. I wished I could take a photo since I would rather jerk off over Sarah than the stash in my cupboard.

"Holy Shit that’s sexy" I couldn’t help myself, I hadn’t meant to say it, it just came out. I regretted it at the time but five minutes later I wasn’t.


I felt myself blushing at my stupidity but she just smiled at me. "You really think so?"

     "Yeah, I didn’t mean to offend. But your new boobs are really good."

     "Don’t worry, I'm not offended. I'm glad you think know, I got these so that my husband would finally take an interest in me again. And we could respark our sex life…. But these were expensive, and I don’t think I should waste them on him. How about you and I have a go, I know I am a lot older…but I promise you won’t regret it

She unclipped her bra, and started kneading her new breasts. "C'mon let me make you feel....soooo good"

Unclad, her body was an image of perfection and I took her by the waist to lay her on the bed.

     "That money was well spent" I told her as I kissed her breasts.

In the fierce heat she was sweating a lot and I eagerly licked it away. She had had three kids and her nipples were huge. I sucked on the left one and squeezed the other breast with my right hand. I wanted to kiss and suck on those new boobs for ever but she tugged my head away.

"Fuck me Mark; I need to feel a cock inside me. Fuck me and I will do what ever you want"

"Condom?" I asked

"I'm fixed" she reassured me. "Now fuck me"

I didn't need to be told again. I lay over her missionary style and eased my cock into her soaking pussy. She gasped, later she told me she hadn’t had sex since her last child which was about 12 years and I think just the feel of a dick inside her made her want to orgasm.

We started slow but soon we were grinding our hips against each other as hard as we could. My cock felt so good in her sopping pussy and I loved the feel of her breasts against me as we shagged, her skin was soft and warm and I wanted to stay in the position until her kids came home. But eventually o ur slow moans turned into yells of pleasure as we both approached climax. She was biting her lips to stop her screaming in ecstasy and with a final cry of my name she burst into orgasm. Her liquids gushed over us and I changed position to lick them from her pulsing pussy and muscular thighs.

It took her a while to get her breath back, and I myself was breathing heavily, but when she did she leant at the foot of the bed and wrapped each of her new breasts over my cock. It took only one rub of those new firm tits for me to squirt my sperm up onto her face. She crawled up beside me and we lay panting next to each other as we waited for our stamina to return so that we could go again.

Feed back please, and if you have any ideas for a new story message me, because I'm running out.

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