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The Office Mom

Mature coworker takes things to the next level

She may be nineteen years older than me, but she’s still the hottest woman I’ve ever actually met in person.  Her name is Janie, and her desk is about ten feet behind mine at work.   She’s short and petite, with fantastic legs and the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen.  Her blonde hair really stands out, but it’s far from the only thing about her that draws my attention to her.  She truly is the total package, with an amazing personality on top of her stunning beauty.  

My favorite part of the morning is when I hear the clicking of her high heels as she walks in, and walks right past my desk.  We always say good morning, and usually, add a little something else to our very brief morning conversation, and then I can watch her ass while she walks to her desk. My favorite part of the afternoon is when she is filing the orders in the row of file cabinets directly behind my desk.  It’s impossible to focus when she is bent over, showing her amazing ass off like the trophy it is.  

You might have guessed by now that I think she has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen.   

This morning we were supposed to wear red for a big client who was in town, but when she walked in she had on this amazing blue sun skirt.  It looks like silk, and even flows over her thighs the same way silk would, but it doesn’t feel like silk.  Either way, she looked amazing in it, but it’s not red at all.  

“Good morning Janie. Do you have any red on at all?” I asked, actually surprised that she wasn’t wearing any. 

“Not that you can see,” she replied, with a coy smirk on her face.  

“Janie!” was all I could muster, in my complete disbelief.  She had never before said anything like that to me, and it caught me completely off guard.  

Her smirk turned into a big smile, and then she started laughing.  I couldn’t tell from her reaction if it slipped out, or if she said it on purpose and was flirting with me. I decided to play it safe, and assume she had slipped up.  The last thing I wanted to do was have to explain to my wife why I got fired for sexual harassment.  To make things even worse, her husband was a big intimidating guy.  So, I felt it best to take the cautious road.  

She went to her desk, and left me perplexed at mine.  For the last few years, we have been calling her the office mom, because she always tries to make everyone feel at home, while in the office.  She brings breakfast frequently, and always makes sure I get first dibs.  She’s the one who organizes the happy hour get-togethers. So, there I was suddenly and instantly picturing the smoking hot office mom in a red bra and red panties.  Needless to say, I’ve had a hard time focusing on my work today.  

About thirty minutes after she went back to her desk, I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I had to figure out if she was flirting with me or not.  I came with the perfect plan to find out.  I hopped up and walked over to her desk.  

“When you said I couldn’t see your red, did you mean at that moment, because it was covered up, leaving the possibility that I might be able to see it?” I asked, with a smile that I hoped would keep me out of HR.  

When she turned to look at me she didn’t return the smile right away, and looked like she might have been upset.  Although by the time I finished my question she did try to cover it up with a smile.  

“I’m sorry, it hasn’t been a very good morning, and seems to be getting worse.  I’m probably not going to be the most fun person to chit chat with right now,” she replied.  Still trying to force a smile. I couldn’t tell if she was mad or sad, but she did look upset.  

“Is there anything I can do?  Anything at all? You do know that your happiness is vital for all our happiness, right? That’s why you’re the office mom. Although I’m fairly certain I’ve never pictured my actual mom in her red underwear,” I said, hoping to lighten the mood a little.  

It seemed to work, because her laugh sounded, looked and felt genuine. She had a big smile on her face, when she kind of squinted as if in deep thought about something.  

“Thank you for that David, you’re always so sweet,” she said.  Then she looked around, to make sure nobody else could see us, and used her index finger to motion for me to come closer.  I took a few steps towards her, and then watched in pure amazement as she uncrossed her legs and lifted her skirt.  I had a perfect view of her amazing tan legs, and sure enough, her bright red panties.  

My eyes had to have been about to bulge out of their sockets, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Right when I started to lean in even closer, for an even better look, she pushed her skirt back down.   

“Okay David, that was just to thank you for being so sweet.  Now we both better get back to work.  Thank you for trying to make my day better though,” she said as she turned her chair back toward her desk.  

I must have stood there for a whole minute in complete shock.  My mind was racing, wondering about the possibilities of what just happened.  Should I just go back to my desk?  Should I tell her how infatuated I am with her? Hell, should I just go up to her and kiss her? She is nineteen years older than me, and we are both married, so it’s crazy to think we could ever hook up.  I decided to just go back to my desk, and try to figure out a way to focus on work.  

Now it’s 1:15pm, and I just returned from my desk, after sneaking off to the bathroom to jerk off.  I don’t usually do that at work, but someone had filled my mind with lust.  I should be happy that it took three hours for the temptation to finally win over.   

I turn towards my computer and I hear Janie’s very familiar high heels on the tile floor.  God damn, that’s my favorite sound, because I know I get to see her sexy legs in those heels.  I turn to gawk at her, as usual, and notice she is carrying a box of papers.  It looks a bit heavy, but she doesn’t look like she is really struggling with it.  Either way, I see an opportunity just to talk to her again.  

“Can I help you with that box?” I ask.  “It looks heavy.” 

“It’s not that bad, I’m just heading to the shredder to blow off some steam,” she answers.  

“I insist,” I say, reaching out to take the box from her.  

“Thank you, but you really don’t have to,” she says, still letting me take the box though.  

“You’re going to shred so you can blow off some steam.  Is everything okay?” I ask.  

“No, everything is definitely not okay,” she answers.    

“Do you wanna talk about it?” I ask.  

“No David, but thank you,” she answers.  

The rest of the walk down the hall, and up the stairs, to the shredder room is quiet. I’m trying to think of anything that could have upset her this much. Is it because she didn’t wear red today? That seems a little ridiculous to me.  She steps ahead of me and opens the door. I walk past her and head to the shredder.  

“Janie, it’s really hard to see you upset like this.  I just wish there was something I could do to help,” I say.  Then I lean to put the box down, and notice she is fighting back tears.  I drop the box quickly and turn towards her.  She steps toward me and wraps her arms around me.  I pull her tight in hopes to show her comfort in our hug.   

“I can’t tell you why I’m upset, but I’m so grateful you’re here,” she says.  She holds me tight, with her cheek just barely touching mine. There isn’t anything sexual about our embrace, but I can’t control my arousal anyway.  She is hugging me so tight though, I’m sure she must be able to feel it.  

She moved just her head back, and we look into each other’s eyes.  I want to kiss her so bad right now, and my eyes move to her lips and then back to her eyes.  I see her eyes move to my lips, and I can’t control myself anymore.  I lean in and press my lips against hers, and I’m so relieved that she is returning the kiss.   

Our lips are just pressed together for a few seconds, until I pull my lips back, hearing the familiar sound of a kiss as the lips part. Then I open my mouth just a little and press our lips together again.  I pull her tighter towards me, pressing my growing arousal into her leg.  I pull my lips away again, this time when my mouth meets hers, we both open our mouths, and our tongues slide across one another’s.  I can’t believe I’m standing here kissing Janie like this.  I’ve fantasized about this so many times over the years.  

Her lipstick tastes good, but I can’t make out what it tastes like.  Perhaps it’s lust flavored.  We are sloppy kissing now, our tongues are dancing together. I feel her hands move from my back to my waist, and then to my belt. She unbuckles my belt, unbuttons my pants, and pulls my zipper down.  I pull up her skirt, reach under, and pull her bright red panties down past her thighs.  They fall to her ankles when I let them go, and she steps out of them at the same time I feel her fingers slide under my boxer briefs.  She uses one to pull my underwear down, and I feel her fingers wrap around me growing erection and pull my member out of its clothed confines.  

With my cock in her hand, she pulls her lips away from mine, and pauses a moment. She looks me right in my eyes, and slowly drops down to her knees.  Keeping her eyes locked on mine, she leans forward and pulls my cock to her mouth.  I feel the amazing soft warm sensation of her wet mouth sliding over and around my mushroom head, and then down my shaft.  I can’t decide what I like more, the feeling of her mouth giving me a blowjob, or how sexy she is, looking me in the eyes while she does it.  

She takes most of my length into her mouth in the first gulp, before pulling back out. As her lips slide back up my shaft, towards my mushroom head, she wraps her fingers around my shaft.  She squeezes my cock just right, and expertly strokes my erection with her hand, following her fingers with her lips.  The combination of her sucking just right with her mouth, and squeezing just right with her fingers is completely amazing.  She is giving me by far the best blowjob I’ve ever had.  Thankfully, I just jerked off about ten minutes ago, or I would have really had to fight to keep from filling her mouth with my cum.  

Watching her suck my dick was glorious, and although I didn’t want her to ever stop, I did want to taste her pussy something fierce.  She had probably only been blowing me for a few minutes, but it seemed like an hour.  It truly is heavenly, but it was time to please her now.  I pulled my hips back, pulling my cock out of her mouth, and leaned down to help her up. As she stands up, she presses her lips to mine again.  My first thought is that I’ll taste my pre-cum on her lips, and I probably freaked out way more than I should have in my mind.  All I taste is her lipstick still, thankfully.  

While continuing to kiss, I guide her to the table next to the shredder, and help get her propped up on the edge.  Then I reach behind her and unzip the back of her top, and pull it down.  While she pulls her arms out, I admire her breasts in her bright red bra.  They aren’t big pornstar breasts, but she’s a petite spinner, so I knew they wouldn’t be.  Although, they did appear to fill out the bra more than I expected. I reach back around, unstrap her bra, and pull the bra off her arms.  My lips rush straight to her now bare breast, taking her nipple into my mouth.  My hand massaging the other breast, while I lick and suck her nipple.   

I alternate breasts a few times before dropping to my knees between her thighs.  I rub each thigh with my hands, in complete disbelief that I’m kneeling here between her glorious legs looking directly at her holiest of holies.  While I’m caught in the moment of staring at her pussy, her hand slides into view.  My eyes move up to meet hers, and she has the sexiest look on her face.  I’m in heaven between her thighs, watching her rub her own pussy. She leans her head back slightly, and opens her mouth wide, never taking her eyes off me.  

I can’t stand it any longer, so I take her hand in mine and gently pull it aside.  With no hesitation, my mouth completely covers her pussy.  I lightly suck in while pressing my tongue against her pussy lips.  I lick up to her clit, and set up shop there.  My tongue sliding all over her clit.  I lick and lick and lick. Licking slowly for a few seconds, and then licking it as fast as my tongue can possibly lick.  I feel her fingers slide through my hair, and then she actually pulls my face towards her pussy.  I slide two fingers inside her soaked pussy, and they quickly go to work on her g-spot.  

“Oh my fucking god David! That’s so good,” she belts out. Much louder than she had been moaning.  

While my fingers and tongue are moving as fast as they can, her whole body begins to shake.  Her moans are so loud as her orgasm flows over her body.  I feel her other hand behind my head now, and she is rubbing her pussy against my mouth through her entire orgasm. Damn my cock is rock hard now.  I keep licking and she is squirming on the table, trying to catch her breath, but seems hesitant to ask me to stop. She is now leaning all the way back on the table, and her hips start to rise up and drop back down as her orgasm subsides.  

“Oh David, I need to feel you inside me now,” she says, pulling my head up.  

I don’t need to be told twice.  I practically jump up, pulling her right leg up onto my left shoulder.  I use my right hand to guide my erection into her dripping and waiting pussy.  It slides all the way with ease, and she lets out a loud and long moan of pure pleasure.  My hips start moving back and forth, pumping my thick long cock in and out of her pussy.  Her leg looks so good propped up over my shoulder.  My right hand starts rubbing the inner thigh of her left leg, and I realize just how fucking sexy she is, especially for a woman in her fifties.   

I’m full on fucking her pussy as fast as my hips will let me.  My left hand has a good grip on her right thigh, using it for leverage to fuck her faster. My right hand keeps alternating from her left thigh to her breasts.   

“Ohhh your pussy feels so good,” I moan out.  

“Yes… oh fuck me... oh nice and... oh hard, just like… mmm...  that,” she almost yells out each word between moans. 

I lean down while fucking her still, and press my lips to hers.  Our tongues dance together again for a minute, forcing me to slow my hips a little.  I pull my mouth away and pull my cock out at the same time.  She sits up quickly, looking a little disappointed, but I want to watch her ass so bad.  I lay on the floor, on my back, and she hops down off the table. Her skirt falling from her waist down to the floor.  She steps out of the dress and over me, straddling my waist, and is about to squat down facing me.  

“No, turn around.  I need to watch your amazing ass,” I say.  

Without any objection, she turns around and gives me a fantastic view as she squats down over my cock.  With a knee on each side of me, she grabs my cock and lowers herself down onto it.  Once again it slides into her pussy with ease.  The view is simply amazing.  My eyes start at her sexy high heel and work their way up her sexy shapely leg to her flawless ass.  Watching that perfect ass bounce up and down over my cock is probably the sexiest sight these eyes have ever beheld. My eyes move up her back and I even notice the muscles in her arm.  She doesn’t have female body building muscles, but they kind of look like gymnast arms maybe.  

My eyes caught a glimpse of her face, and I see that she’s looking back over her right shoulder.  She’s watching my face while I take in all of her true sexiness, while she is riding my cock at a good pace.  My hands move to her perfect ass, and I rub each cheek with my hands. I can’t hold my own orgasm for much longer.  Janie closes her eyes and throws her head back, and the twitch in her thighs tell me she’s having another orgasm. This pushes me past the point of no return. 

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” I grunt out. I tried to give her enough warning, in case she wanted me to pull out.  

My cum gushing out with my erection fully planted inside her pussy still. I thrust my hips up, forcing my cock into her pussy as deep as I can, as my cum fills her pussy.  Her head still leaning back, she lets out a loud moan of pure ecstasy, getting louder with each gush of cum shooting out of my mushroom head.  Her pussy squeezes tight around my cock, and she rises up slowly, squeezing ever drop of cum out of my shaft.  I could see a large stream of cum rush out of her pussy, and down my shaft.  

She settles back down, sitting on my cock, and then kicking her feet out as she leans back. Her back lands on in my chest, so I wrap my arms around her.  She turns her head towards me, and I press my lips to hers.  Kissing again for a few minutes while we catch our breath and gather our senses.   

“Damn, Janie, that was the hottest sex I’ve ever had,” I said.  

“It was pretty amazing, wasn’t it,” she replied.  

“I’ve wanted to do that for three years now. You’ve no idea how many times I’ve fantasized about that,” I said.  

“What, you think I haven’t seen you stare at my ass all this time?  Some days I walk by your desk, just because I know I’ll have your attention. Wait, you’ve been calling me the office mom for three years. Does that make this weird?” she asked.  

“Oh hell, I hadn’t even thought about that,” I said, laughing at my own joke.  Fortunately, she laughed as well.  Then she rolled off me, turned onto her side, and gave me another long passionate kiss.   

“Okay, so, we can’t do this again, for a number of reasons.  I just wanted to thank you for being so sweet, and caring so much about me, but I think I might have let it get out of hand.  I promise this wasn’t my intention,” she said.  Kissing me long and hard again.  

“I think you’re absolutely right, we definitely shouldn’t do this again.  From now on, we should definitely go to one of our houses, or get a hotel room,” I said with a laugh.  

“You stop it, I’m being serious,” she laughed. Hitting me in the shoulder playfully. One more long kiss. “We better get up, before someone walks in on us.” 

We both sit up, and started gathering her clothes. She looks so beautiful putting her panties on, and then her bra.  Seeing her right now, in just her bright red bra and bright red panties, she looks exactly how I pictured her this morning when she started this whole ball a rollin. Pulling up my pants, I zip up and buckle up, and hand her dress to her. She puts it on, and turns her back to me, in a silent request for help.  I grab the zipper, and slide it up the back.  She turns around and we kiss again.   

“I hope you were able to let some steam off in the shredder room. I’m gonna let you actually shred those papers now,” I said with a smirk.  

“That’s definitely the most fun I’ve ever had in this room.  So, do you think you’ll be able to keep your hands to yourself now? We can’t get too comfortable together, or we’ll get caught,” she said.  

“Oh not a chance.  You have no idea how often I’ve been tempted to grab your ass when you’re filing. Now I know I’m gonna give into that ten temptation, until you tell me to stop of course.  I do have another question though.  Did you wear that sexy blue skirt today, just so I’d ask you if you had any red on?” I ask.  

“Oh you’re very good David,” she answered.  

She turns and picks up the box, to put it on the table, and of course, gives me a great view of her ass.  While checking out her ass, yet again, I notice a large white glob of cum sliding down her inner thigh.  I swear I just felt my dick twitch again. 


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