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The Rapt Student

The most luscious public orgasm of my life...
Flashback: exactly one year ago today. You were my English Lit professor and I, your rapt student. I knew that I absolutely wanted your cock inside me the first day you walked into that classroom. And, I was determined to do whatever I could do get my hands on it - whether you liked it or not.

I sat at the front of the class. Hip-hugging black, A-line skirt, red tank top, strappy sandals. Short, wavy hair lightly tousled around my face. You were my wet dream come true: tall, strong, confident, sexy. I stared at you wide-eyed, sucking on my pen subtly but suggestively, hoping to catch your attention.

Yet you barely glanced my way. And this continued for days on end. Disappointed, but still just as determined, I upped the ante again and again, plotting out strategies to seduce you. God, I wanted you so bad. I inched my skirt up a bit higher. 'Accidentally' lost the top button of my blouse. 'Forgot' an umbrella, while wearing a white shirt and no bra, the day of a torrential downpour. Oops!

But, all was to no avail. You were indifferent to my advances. On occasion, I thought I noticed a growing bulge in your pants, but quickly dismissed this as wishful thinking on my part. I moved to the back of the class, still horny as hell, but now bent on getting you off my mind. Of course, it didn't work. To pass the time, I doodled erotic pictures in my notebook, mostly of us screwing like animals. You pinching my nipples, fucking me from behind, licking my clit. Me taking your glistening cock into my throat, lapping up your cum. And I drew your penis obsessively, with a crazed voracity... long, thick, perfect. The pleasure of seeing it even in this imagined form was enough to soak my black lacy panties like nothing else, and I would quietly cross my legs and gyrate in my seat, staring at you, and staring at the perfect cock, imagining its rock-hard thickness inside my body, cumming to the sound of your deep and sexy voice.

Then came that fateful day. The day everything changed. It was just another day of lusting after you in class, and I was getting ready to fuck myself. Someone at the front of the class was starting a long-winded monologue. I looked straight at you, splaying my legs open. I didn't expect you to give me a second glance. But, you did. You looked straight back at me. Met my gaze. Not as someone seeing me for the first time, but as someone who knew me intimately. There was an unmistakeable bulge in your pants, so prominent this time that it was shocking that no one else registered it. As your eyes flicked down towards my crotch, I realized that all this time, you had not been indifferent, but desperately holding yourself back. I opened my legs a little wider just for you, slipped my fingers into my panties and boldly moved them to the freshly-shaved space in between, daring to feel my wetness. My lips were engorged, swollen and ready to be pumped, the juices by this time slick and dense. With my eyes half-closed and my mouth open ever so slightly in anticipation, I could tell that my orgasm was going to explosive.

Meanwhile, you quickly moved to sit behind the desk at the front of the room, barely able to contain your cock, which was hardening by the second. The thought of your growing cock excited me even more. Gripping my hand tightly on the side of my chair, I used my other hand to finger my clit. Teasing and tempting my sex, I stroked myself, first softly, and then with greater and greater intensity. My panties were now dripping wet with juice, sure to leave a nice and sticky reminder of my arousal for the rest of the day. My fingers went up, down, and all around my hungry pussy...then again, up, down, and all around my hungry pussy. I kept going, lost in bliss, until my fingers were coated with a thick layer of waxy wetness. Finally, I had the most luscious public orgasm of my life. As I bit my lip to restrain my impending moans, my pussy exploded, pulsing and contorting from the depth of the current rushing through my entire body. My slippery pussy jerked wildly across the seat of my chair as I suppressed the screams of pleasure about to escape my lips. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The surge of energy was so strong, I nearly fell to the ground. Knowing that I had experienced this intense an orgasm while everyone else remained oblivious to my naughty ways made it all the better. As my body came down from ecstasy, I smiled, deeply satisfied, thinking: fuck baby...the things you do to me!

Finally, it was just the two of us left there in the empty classroom. we gazed at each other longingly, both knowing what was to come next...

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