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The Reception

Tags: mature, oral, risky
A childhood crush heats up at a wedding

I had to attend a family wedding a few months ago. By the end of the service I was more than ready for a few beers a meal and a quick goodbye.  Standing in line for the open bar, I noticed an attractive woman in a red dress.  I spent several minutes enjoying the way it seemed to cling to her firm hips and ass. That's when one of my cousins caught me staring. I managed to play it cool and got my beer and shot.

On my way to my table, I saw the woman in the red dress again and realised it was an old friend of my mothers. Sara is a tall woman, about 5'10", in her late 40's  and I'd guess she weighed about 150 pounds. Her once long blonde hair was cut shortish in a modern style. Her blue eyes shined with a hint of mischief.  I think that was what always excited me about her as a kid. Well that and her large breasts. I guess them to be about 38DD.

Being the very shy guy that I am I avoided her at first, had a few more drinks as well as dinner. About this time I began craving a cigarette, I hadn't had one in hours.  I slipped outside to the parking lot and had just lit up when I heard a voice behind me. "That is a nasty habit kid" Sara had caught me. We quickly caught up on each others lives as we had seen each other in a few years.

About 3 hours into the reception I once again snuck out for a smoke. Once again Sara caught me. "If you keep doing that I may have to punish you" she was smirking as she said it. "Well if I didn't know better I'd say you were following me and trying to get me alone." Her smile all but took in her ears as she replied "Maybe".  "Well you've got me alone, what are you going to do now?"

As the last drag of smoke came out she closed the six feet between us reached up and pulled my bald head down for a kiss.  Hot damn my toes curled her tongue was fencing with mine as she rubbed my chest. I grabbed her into a tight hug, sliding my hands onto her ass, pressing our crotches together. She broke the kiss, "We shouldn't be doing this"

I let her get that out before kissing her again. She pressed me back into the shadows as we continued to feverishly kiss and grope each other.  I broke the kiss this time "I can't believe we're doing this" "Oh we're far from done, I've wanted a piece of you since you were in high school" "Shit, I've had a crush on you since I was about ten!" As I spit that out she opened my belt and pants freeing my cock. I slipped the shoulder straps of her dress down and began feasting on her large erect nipples. "WHOA Boy easy they are sensitive" I eased back and gently suckled her left nipple while she continued giving me a wonderful hand job. My left hand continued to rub her ass as my right made its way up her leg and under her dress. I stopped to rub her inner thighs finding that she was wearing garters. She noticed, "I don't get many chances to dress up". I gave a little chuckle as I slipped her panties aside and rubbed her dripping slice  "I'm glad you did tonight!, I love garters and thigh highs."

I slowly worked two fingers into her pussy.  She had the hair trimmed short and while she was wet she was very tight, my long fingers were at her cervix before reaching the last knuckle.  She froze as not 10 feet from us a door opened spilling light out as two of the kitchen staff came out for a smoke. The door blocked their view of us, but if they moved out from behind it they'd have a clear view of us.  Sara whispered that we should find a different place.

Maybe I should have told her I like risky sex before we got this far. I asked if she trusted me, she nodded yes. I pulled my fingers free, Lifted her up and moved further into our corner. Her legs wrapped around me and I slipped my cock into her. "OH MY' I broke off what ever else she was going to say as I kissed her and leaned her shoulders against the wall. This aloud me to draw back till only the head was in and get a good firm grip on her ass. She grabbed my neck tight locking us in another kiss as I began giving her long slow strokes which hit her cervix every time. Her pussy was so good I knew I'd cum in no time if I didn't find something to distract my mind, so I began listening to the cooks complaining as I sawed away inside Sara's snapper.

"Seamus, I need it harder! Fuck me harder!" Her wish was my command, I sped up, really pounding into her, my cock head smashing against her cervix and ending each thrust with a grind against her clit. After only a few joyous moments of this I felt her pussy begin to throb around my cock.  I slipped the tips of both middle fingers into her ass. It was just the push Sara needed to come. Her pussy snapped down hard on my cock, freezing me in place. Her juices flowed out onto my balls. The feel of it put me right back on the edge of Cumming. "Not in me, not in me!" It took all my willpower to hold back my cum. We stayed frozen like that for what seemed like ever until her pussy released its grip on me and I was able to pull out.

Sara got her feet back under her, looked me in the eye smiling that same mischievous grin. "Time to finish you off." With that she let go of my neck and squatted down. The view alone was nearly enough to get me off! Her red dress was a belt around her waist. Her dripping pussy was red and enflamed and those gorgeous tits were flopping just right as she reached for my cock. Sara wrapped her luscious lips around my cock head as she took my balls in one hand and the base in the other. Now I've had quite a few blowjobs before, but this was amazing! Her enthusiasm mixed with a great technique. She brought me to the edge again and again but kept me from cumming.  I reached down for her tits and began working her nipples as she drove me once again to the brink. I gave them a hard tweak as she bottomed out on my cock her throat opening to take the head down and we came together. I fired what felt like a months worth of cum straight down her throat as she moaned and writhed from my twisting her nipples.

We took a couple of minutes to pull ourselves together, and just in time as several guests came out to leave. We made our way back over to the main doors and I light another cigarette. Sara looked at me like she wanted to say something. "So are you doing anything this Thursday?" I asked.  Sara let out a deep sigh and looked up at me "Well after you take me out to dinner, I'd like to have a repeat performance". I couldn't hold back another chuckle. "Thursday it is!, but we should go back inside before we're missed"



P.S. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment. I could use the feedback. As with the other story I posted, the only details I've changed are names and places. Thanks again!

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