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The Return of Ally

Ally is invited for a weekend visit and finds sex on the journey.

Janice loves romantic comedy films. They are not my first choice but I usually enjoy them. The primary benefit of watching them is that they put Janice in the mood for love. It had been one of those nights that led to a session of lovemaking.

Not all sex is equal. On this particular occasion, Janice was feeling talkative. In her defence, she did not talk during the film; that bad habit belongs primarily to me. I was on top, expending the majority of the effort while she was contemplating what she had to do over the next few days. In the midst of this, she threw out a casual comment. “Ally wants to visit, so I invited her to stay with us next weekend.”

'Holy fucking hell.' I could not understand how I survived our week at Janice’s sister’s house when every woman there wanted my cock and Ally wanted it several times a day. I had to sneak around the entire week to hide my non-stop transgressions from Janice and still felt guilty about it. I could not recall how I escaped there with my dick intact. The nympho was going to be in our house for an entire weekend.

Be casual, I reminded myself. “She’ll spend more time on the road than with us.”

“That was my first thought. But she is flying and doesn’t have to go home until Monday morning, so she will have three nights with us." Visions of Ally filled my mind. The girl was incredibly sexy and dressed as many young women do with very revealing outfits.

“You find her sexy, do you?”


“Why do you say that?”

“Because your dick is noticeably harder since I mentioned her.”

There was no arguing with that. Janice was chilled about it. She possesses considerable self-confidence, which made situations like this one much easier to handle. “She is beautiful, isn’t she. Her wardrobe is quite racy, too. Do you think my niece is a slut?”

I went as non-committal as I could, pretending not to know she is a sex-crazed nymphomaniac who would probably have sex with anyone on a whim.

Janice continued, “Maybe I’ll tell her you like her. She could be one of your occasional partners, but I don’t think I would want to get involved. What do you think? Would you like to fuck her?”

“Sure!” If I said no to that she would know something was up.

There had to be a serious reason for me to reject a recommendation of a partner for me. The grand total so far is none and she has recommended three.

“Do you think I pout as well as Ally?” Janice puffed her lower lip out and tried to mimic an expression Ally often made.

I told her there was some resemblance but it may have been aided by family genes.

“I think I will take her shopping on Saturday. Maybe she can recommend something for me in a similar style to how she dresses.”

My body rejoiced in anticipation of possibly getting permission to fuck Ally. I told Janice I would love to see her dress like Ally. It was true. In my imagination, I was fucking Ally seven different ways, and in no time at all, I was filling Janice with my seed.

The time had come to visit my aunt Janice. The last time I saw her was at my parents’ house when Janice brought her boyfriend, Michael, for a week. It was a blast. The entire week had been planned to test her boyfriend. It was not a test of fidelity. I come from a family of sluts. My job was to convert him. I was the first temptation and I had to get him to fuck someone else in our family.

Janice was confident he would have little resistance in the morning. We arranged for Janice and my mom to be out early and I went into my room where Janice and Michael were sleeping. I had been sharing my sister’s room. Janice had made sure my video camera was facing my bed and recording before she left.

Then I would have video evidence to coerce him later if it was necessary. I took this to the next level and edited the tape with the software I still had from my media class in high school. The final cut made it look like he raped me. It was so much fun recording screams to edit into it that Michael had never heard before.

None of us kept track of how many times I sucked or fucked Michael. My mother fucked him too, and my sister. That is what a family of sluts is like. We share everything. Well, except dad. Dad fucks mom and Janice, but my sister and I have to behave when he is around. If we are in our own rooms though, game on.

All I had to do was pack a bag for another slutty weekend. Janice wanted to carry on the game for a bit and then let Michael in on the truth sometime this weekend. She said she would make sure Michael picked me up from the airport on his own so I could have fun teasing him on the drive to the house.

Decisions had to be made about what to wear and pack. I put a couple normal things in my suitcase but mostly skimpy things, sexy underwear, shoes, a couple bikinis and a few sex toys. For the flight, I wanted to look tempting but pass as a normal young woman. For that, I wore a bright red sundress and wedge heels. My sexy red lace panties have a matching bra, but with spaghetti straps on my dress, I packed the bra instead.

The internal flight did not warrant a big plane. Each row had three seats on one side and two on the other. Mine was an aisle seat on the side with only two in the very last row. A middle-aged man going bald on top arrived to sit at the window next to me. It might have been my imagination, or the man may have taken longer than necessary to put his bag in the overhead compartment so he could gaze down my dress.

This offends most women, but I enjoy it. I got up to let him in and made a point of bending over to move the small cushion and the seat belt before sitting down again. This gave the man a clear view down my dress and I hoped at least one bare nipple. I looked up, met his eye and winked.

Dave and I exchanged the sort of information people often do with strangers on a plane. He was divorced. That was the bit of information I was after. He was having trouble moving on, feeling too old to date. I told him he needed to change his habits and put himself in situations where he might meet someone.

Dave needed a boost to his self-esteem. Since I have a gift I feel it is my responsibility to use that gift to help others.

I asked, “Do you have a smartphone?”

He produced an iPhone. I was glad for that. It gave me confidence that Dave was not living in the dark ages.

“May I?” I held out my hand.

He let me have it and I checked that it was locked with a passcode. That was good. Dave was surprised that I could access the camera without unlocking it, so I showed him how easy it is. Then I asked if he ever took selfies.

“No, but my daughter often does.”

I took a couple photos of myself. “In case you want something to remember me.”

Dave was expecting me to hand his phone back but I took another photo with his camera under my chin and pulled my dress forward. I brought up the photo so we could both see it.

“How is that?” His jaw dropped at the photo down my dress which captured both nipples clearly.

The older man was very accommodating, which I took as an invitation to continue.

“Would you like one of both of us?” I leaned into him and Dave playfully put his face next to mine.

One photo is not enough. I turned and took another while kissing his cheek. I kept holding the phone ready for another and made him an offer. “Want a real kiss?”

Dave turned my way more from disbelief than acceptance. It did not matter, his lips were close enough. I planted one on him and got a photo of us.

I told him I had another shot to try and held his phone up above our heads. We both looked up for one photo but I was more interested in a second one. It briefly showed a shocked look on Dave’s face. I switched the phone from camera mode to view the last photo. Dave had eyes wider than a newborn baby and there in the corner was my hand, wrapped around his groin which I now knew to be partly erect.

“Don't delete this one. It's priceless.”

Dave seemed both relieved and disappointed to have his phone. I invited him to take more photos if he wished. He claimed not to want any but I pointed out that he did not have any of my legs which I crossed to entice him.

I leaned closer to whisper, “Don't worry if it seems inappropriate. I prefer that kind.”

Part of him wanted to be a gentleman. That must be why he does not get enough sex. He took a couple photos of my legs and was going to stop there. The man needed encouragement. I pulled the side of my dress up to show my bare hip and the waistband of my lace thong. Then I leaned over, pretending I was interested in something down the aisle to give him a view of my whole ass. Luckily for us, the people opposite had headphones on and their eyes shut most of the time.

The opportunity had presented itself. The two flight attendants were both providing refreshments so no one was going to see me. I kept leaning out on the arm of my seat and used my other hand to pull my thong down. With my weight on the armrest, I could slide my panties under my hip and down my thighs. It dropped to my ankles.

I looked to Dave, “Would you mind?”

I tried to be sexy as I lifted my wedge heels out of my panties one at a time. He looked so nervous, trying to hide them in his fist to hand to me.

“Keep them,” I said. He blushed as he tucked them into a pocket.

My inner noble was fast asleep. Some people talk about having an inner slut, but mine is on the outside and rules my life. My inner noble occasionally causes me to behave more appropriately, but I try not to give into it frequently.

“Look at those clouds. Aren’t they beautiful?”

There were clouds. Anyone could see them if they looked outside. Yeah, they might even be pretty. For me, they were an excuse. Leaning over was not about weather observation, it was to enable me to rub Dave’s cock with my hand and block potential nosy passengers from spotting me.

“Yes, they are quite beautiful,” Dave agreed.

His hand cupped my breast. He was better at this than I expected. My tits were gently fondled while I nudged his cock around until it could eventually stand straight under his pants. I continued to rub my hand along its length for a few minutes.

When the flight attendant got closer I sat down and kept my hands to myself. Dave copied me by asking for a diet coke and then I asked if there was a blanket handy.

She looked sympathetic, “These things are always hot or cold, never just right.”

In this situation, cold is better. Warmth was not what I needed. The essential part was getting Dave to share the blanket and cover himself. The fold-down trays with our drinks helped too. Dave let me put my hand on his crotch again, but he held the blanket anxiously while I worked his zipper one-handed.

There was a great sigh when I put my hand directly on his penis. “Are you okay?”

Of course he was, but I was trying to disguise the reason for his sigh. Dave said he was fine while shrugging an apology for potentially attracting unwanted attention. His dick had to come out. Dave was putty in my hand. Warm, pulsating putty is exactly what I wanted. I tugged him gently, keeping him hard and very happy, while not being too obvious about it.

Whenever the flight attendant came by I pulled my hand away, but she had plenty to keep her busy away from us.

Silently, I mouthed, “Do you want to cum?” Dave could not read my lips so I whispered the question softly in his ear.

Obviously, he wanted it. I may not be everyone’s ideal woman, but I am young, in good shape and let’s be honest, my face is pretty and I have gorgeous long blonde hair. While we are being honest, the guy had let me play with his dick for fifteen minutes. As long as I do not turn into a troll, he wanted me to make him cum.

Despite his obvious desire, Dave said, “Too messy.”

The frown could not mask his lust. Dave appeared to be in the same state as me which was wishing we could fuck like bunnies. Still, an experienced slut like me does not let little inconveniences get in her way. My bag was under the seat in front of me. A lean around my tray let me reach the strap and lift it into my lap.

Condoms are essential slut gear. I pulled one out to show Dave, then secretly opened it inside my bag and ditched the packaging. A quick check revealed which direction it was rolled. I placed it in my right hand and reached under the blanket towards Dave.

The guy impressed me. He was still fairly hard. Putting the condom over the tip was easy and I carefully unrolled it over the shaft. Since it was only about the mess I wanted to leave him some direct contact so I only unrolled it half way down his length before I gripped him to continue to the handjob I started.

The joys of tugging a man’s dick can be intoxicating when you enjoy it as much as I do. The downside is that I failed to notice the flight attendant returning. The thirty-something woman with cropped dark hair and small round spectacles glared down at me. My hand was still moving when I noticed her and given the angle of my arm she could not be unaware of my actions. I froze. This brought Dave out of his trance.

The woman said nothing, only nodded her head toward the back with a stern expression, indicating that she wanted me to go with her.

Dave and I exchanged worried glances as I stood up. The blanket remained over his lap. I stepped into the small service area.

The woman looked fierce but controlled her voice to keep the conversation private. “We cannot have escorts working on our flights. If you do not cease I will have to report... ”

“Wait!” I cut her off and checked her name tag. “Holly, I am not an escort. Dave is divorced and lonely, and I wanted to help him out.” She did not look convinced.

I moved closer and spoke more softly. “What harm does it cause if I want to suck his dick?”

The reason for leaning in was to get closer. “You know that jolt that hits you when you finally make contact?” that was when I brushed my hand against Holly’s skirt. Her pelvic bone was not visible behind the uniform skirt but I felt it clearly and left my fingers on her clitoris.

Holly trembled and paused for several seconds before taking my wrist and pushing my hand away. She considered the options for a moment. Her eyes looked kind and the deep red lip gloss left her mouth inviting.

“Your lips look…” I left my statement unfinished and moved slowly for a kiss.

Our lips touched, only briefly. She held my shoulders and separated us. “If you are not feeling well, perhaps your friend should look after you.” She stepped past me, into the cabin and leaned over my seat.

Moments later, Dave came to the back with Holly behind him. He was confused.

She said, “Make it quick and be quiet.” And then she pulled the curtain across to hide us from the rest of the passengers.

Holly stood guard. We could see her legs below the curtain. No time to waste. I moved Dave over to lean against the worktop and knelt before him. He worked frantically to get his dick out and started to roll the condom down.

“No, take it off,” I said.

As the condom slipped off the end of his cock it swung down, landing on my tongue and I went down on him. It was clear that Dave did not get much of this. The sigh was normal but he nearly doubled over from unexpected pleasure. I kept his full length in my mouth until he recovered.

Looking up at him, he could have been my dad's age. He might have been thinking about my age being very close to his daughter’s but it was not enough to stop him. My lips hugged his cock while I pumped my mouth on his throbbing shaft. It concerned me that Holly asked us to be quick and the last thing I wanted was to leave Dave more frustrated than he started.

I stood up and asked, “Want to fuck me?”

The big smile on my face should be enough to let him know I wanted to fuck him. Then I remembered he had not had much of a sex life and may need it spelt out. “I want to fuck. No condom unless you want it.”

He blushed, “I usually cum too soon.”

“Today, that sounds perfect,” I said, nodding at the curtain where Holly still stood. “Just don't cum in my pussy. I want it all in my mouth, okay?”

He looked shocked. I need to stop doing that to older guys.

“So it’s not messy,” I explained. That made sense to him.

There was nothing stopping us now. I lifted my dress and turned around. Dave entered me without too much trouble. My love of cock gave me a little natural lubrication and it would have to do. The prediction was spot on.

We only needed about a minute before I got the warning, “I’m about to cum.”

Being the experienced slut I am, I turned, knelt and went down on him in one move.

The smell of my pussy always amuses me when I take a dick in my mouth. My thoughts had little time to linger on this because Dave quickly fired cum into my mouth. Three bursts provided most of my reward. A few more decreased in volume and velocity until Dave was spent. Clean up was sloppily rushed. I wanted to avoid causing Holly too much stress since she did make the event possible.

Holly opened the curtain and Dave settled back into his seat. I wanted to thank her properly and waited for her to join me. “I would be happy to do the same for you if you like.”

Holly looked at me wide-eyed and glanced over her shoulder. She was tempted. “Far too risky, but thanks.”

There was a genuine smile on her well-tanned face and her lips really did look delicious. I grabbed her and kissed her. She let me put my tongue in her mouth and did not even flinch from the taste of Dave’s cum. It was too brief, yet it felt it was time to return to my seat.

The rest of the flight was very relaxing. Dave and I had surprisingly normal conversations. Perhaps not quite so normal was exchanging numbers and email addresses with an offer to pretend to be his girlfriend to make his ex-wife jealous. Before I knew it, we were on the ground and taxiing to the terminal.

“Want to have a little more fun, Dave?” I asked.

His sparkling eyes said yes before his mouth did. I told him we should be last off. The usual cluster of people jammed the aisle but for once I was not concerned about that and actually wanted everyone to be slow.

“Do what you want with your hands,” I told him as I stood up. I faced the others standing on one leg with my other knee on the seat and made no attempt to move beyond the space in front of my seat.

Being only twenty-two makes it that little bit more naughty to allow a middle-aged man to fondle my ass in public. Dave put a hand under my dress and touched me gently. He seemed the gentle type completely.

Once the bulk of the crowd got some distance from us I turned around. Dave worried about his family jewels when I put my foot over his groin but he made room for my shoe between his legs. He may have been able to see my pussy already but I lifted my dress to make sure he did.

My hopes for a finger fuck were set aside when Dave leaned closer and began to lick me. I still got two fingers inside me but the tongue on my clit was even better. The old guy had skills.

Rubbing my hands over a smooth head is not the same as getting my fingers into tangles of hair. Still, I could have polished his head and I was grinding my pussy on his face when Holly walked back to check on the passengers who were not heading to the exit.

“Oh, my!” Holly said when she looked over my shoulder.

To Dave, I said, “We better go, I guess.” With both feet back on the floor I asked Holly, “Could you do me a big favor?” She was willing to listen. “I would love to taste your pussy before we get off this plane.”

Holly nearly fainted. It was clearly too much for her. After a moment to regain some self-control she made a wild gesture to someone at the front of the cabin.

The flight attendant at the front was a man and Holly said in a stage whisper, “Woman things.” I was still looking at the man up at the front when Holly pulled my arm. “Come with me.”

I went with Holly and we stood just out of sight in the service area. “We need to be quick.”

Her skirt was already up. Holly was wearing very sexy black panties which she pulled aside to reveal a set pouting pussy lips. I dropped to my knees and put my tongue out and opened my mouth. I covered her mound to surround her with my hot breath while my tongue worked between her lips. Holly was in need of attention like this and could barely contain herself.

Dave had glanced over at us, smiling approvingly, and then stood just out of sight. We could not take the time to finish the job properly. Holly asked me to stop. It was a memorable experience, one I would have been happy to continue.

“If you want to finish this sometime…” Holly was eager to give me her cell number.

We finally disembarked and Holly gave me a hug before starting her post-flight duties.

The passengers had come off the plane and Ally was not among them. Once the crew came off I would go check at the desk if she was on a different flight. The area was almost empty before Ally walked out of the gate. There was one other guy behind her as well. Something must have held up some passengers. Ally spotted me and her face lit up.

She got through the security barrier and half ran to greet me, throwing her arms around my neck.

She asked, “Have you missed me?”

“Absolutely.” It was impossible not to smile at her. Her face was nearly touching mine. That was when I noticed the smell. There was her usual perfume, but I swear I could smell pussy. “Do I smell pussy?”

Ally hugged me and said, “All over my face. It’s from the flight attendant.”

The wetness became evident along my jaw where our faces touched. Ally pulled back, sliding her face on mine with the slick essence of woman spreading onto me as well. We kissed. I let her tongue into my mouth and, within moments, regretted it. She tasted of cum. I tried not to look obvious when I pulled her away. We already had some attention from the public. She is barely more than half my age, after all.

I was introduced to Dave at the baggage carousel and eventually, an attractive flight attendant came to say goodbye to Ally on her way out. Ally had surpassed even my expectations and she had only just arrived. It was going to be a wild weekend.

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