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The Rose

This mature Gal could'nt be satisifed

The Rose



I have always enjoyed living in the country, it maintained such a peaceful essence about it, and even still seemed peaceful after going through a horrific divorce, Lucky me she didn’t want the farm. My closest neighbor was an elderly woman who was very much like my grandmother who I checked on regularly to make sure she was alright, she recently lost her husband after 58 years of marriage and enjoyed the company.   On one visit I was greeted at the door by a woman in her mid fifties who identified herself as Rose, asking what she could do for me, I informed her I was Clare’s neighbor Mike who often checked in on her. Oh that’s nice, I’m Rose, I will be spending nights with   Clare , her son will stop by each morning and I’ll work from 6:00pm to am every night, would you like to come in ?. Hello Clare, how have you been, I asked. Rose went about the house while I visited Clare.   This went on several weeks and Rose and I got more acquainted as time went on, Rose was 5’6” Blonde, blue eyes about fifty five or so, about 140 pounds, little extra but in all the right places, she had a perfect plump little ass and a great set of tit’s guess about 42DD’s, and still appeared to have it very well going on in the body department. Just living across a field from Clare I seemed to cut a path recently, Clare would often take a nap and Rose and I would visit, she informed me she had went through a divorce, having left her for a younger woman. I told her I also had gone through one. It seemed her ex leaving her for a younger woman really bothered her, I tried to ease the moment, saying “what a Fool to leave such a full figured Woman as yourself” she seemed to blush and said “oh Right”, Really I said, what could a younger woman have over you besides youth, and I bet you still have plenty of that. “Do you really mean that”, sure I do, you are a very attractive woman with a very nice figure, if I may say. Rose seemed to loosen up and relax as she laid back on the couch; her breast seemed to also come alive as they perked up in her blouse. “Come sit by me and tell me more”. I quickly took a seat next to her, and noticed her looking at my half hard cock bulging through my jeans.

“So what is the most special part of me you think is better than a younger woman, Rose asked. Well you have some very nice breast from what I can tell with that blouse on. “would you like to examine closer” as she unbuttoned her blouse exposing the best and biggest set of tit’s I’ve ever seen, they were perfect and trying to bust out her Black laced bra. “Wow are those real” I said , Rose took my hand and placed it on her warm tit’s, my cock now was a full hardon leaking cum, I gently rubbed her warm breast and unhooked her bra unleashing those monster tit’s, which fell out and seemed to say suck on me, which I began to do like a madman. She really seemed turned on by this, and began to rub my swollen cock and unzip my jeans. “I bet there is something else I have over a younger woman”, she said. “What would that be I mumbled while still sucking her hardened nipples, I’ll show you. my mouth released from her enormous breast as she slowly moved her head into position, Sliding down my pants and boxers to gain access to my cock, which she quickly   began sucking my swollen cock with her warm mouth, Oh did this ever feel good inside her experienced mouth, which was working my cock over like never before, she’d suck it and then take the entire length inside her warm mouth as to swallow it, this felt great, feeling her tight throat surrounding tightened around my cock, she would then release it and begin to slowly lick my shaft and suck my balls, I was ready to blow a nut any second, “ Oh not Yet” she said. I want you to cum in my mouth, it’s been since a long time, She resumed sucking my cock deep inside her mouth until I unloaded my cum in her waiting mouth, it felt I was never going to stop Cuming, my balls seemed to jump every load discharged into her pressurized throat going amazingly fast up and down on my throbbing hard cock. , “How was that for an Ole Gal”, would you leave that”. Once I regained my conscience “I said Hell No, that was incredible”, how did you learn to give such a great blowjob like that, I have had many, but nothing like that.


  Rose smiled; saying comes with age I guess, “Now would you like to see the best part?”

I could only imagine, as she quickly undid her pants and slowly removed them, all I could see was one fine looking set of swollen pussy lips trying to get out of those sexy silky black panties, I rubbed her ass and slowly ran my fingers over her silk clad pussy, feeling her mature warm wetness as I removed her panties, exposing one fine hairy bush with perfect swollen pussy lips, which really turned me on, causing me to quickly remove my pants as I instantly started eating her mature pussy, quickly draining her of her long stored juices which quickly warmed   my face and mouth as she let loose a flood of cum,   I then started sucking her tits again while fingering her hot wet pussy, which released years of stored cum, she was moaning like she hadn’t had any attention in this department in a long time, as she grabbed my hard cock and guided it into her waiting hot pussy. “Now fuck this Ole Gal with that young hard cock and fill my old pussy with all your cum.” I was so excited by her , I hadn’t realized how soft and tight her pussy felt, which seemed to suck my cock each thrust inside her wet pussy, her pussy felt better than any younger gal or any gal I had fucked before, Damm I could fuck this every night I thought. She then started grabbing and squeezing my nuts as I started to really slam her pussy good, All of a sudden I unleashed a incredible load felt like a gallon into her wet hot tight pussy, She was smiling as I regained my eyesight, that almost made me pass out, I said, That was the best fuck I ever had, Rose how could someone leave you, there isn’t any better blowjob or pussy in the world. Rose smiled and said you are just being sweet and she knew I was just saying that.

Rose I’m telling the truth and I would love to fuck you anytime you want to, hell every night would be fine, she smiled and said,”We would see”, as I unmounted her, watching our cumm slowly run out of her hot hairy pussy, “Damm You Filled Me up” she said, as she ran her hand over my cum leaking out of her.   We both quickly dressed and said goodnight so she could check on Clare.


The short walk across the field seemed like forever, my mind was filled with thoughts of the best pussy and that incredible blowjob, once home I took a shower and kicked back on the couch, my mind once again wondered off and my cock soon became hard, as I imagined Rose a woman of her age in those sexy black lacy panties and bra, and the amazing sex she had just delivered me and I wondered how or if I had pleased such a amazing experienced woman. About 10:30pm the phone rang, Hello, It was Rose, she wanted to say good night, I said thank you for tonight and hoped I wasn’t out of line, it’s just you made me so horny I couldn’t control myself once you showed me your body. Rose said “well maybe you just have to get used to it a little more” , That certainly wouldn’t be a problem I said, Rose softly said good night again , I quickly asked when I could see her again, when she interrupted saying the back door is unlocked, as she hung up the phone.


Then it hit me, was that a invitation ?, sure sounded like it, the next thing I was walking into Clare’s backdoor, to find Rose in a House robe watching TV.   Well that didn’t take long she said, come sit next to me and snuggle awhile, as I sat down she opened her robe, she was wearing some hot pink panties and bra, my cock instantly went hard, I started rubbing her warm soft pussy and soon was on my knees licking her pussy right through her panties, she laid back in comfort as I enjoyed her hot wet pussy and munching away at those soft pussy lips, just as she grabbed my head forcing it hard into her cunt as she cummed and moaned in pleasure. “I haven’t had that done in ages she said and you preformed so well”, I removed her soaked pink panties and started on her 42DD’s which she seemed to enjoy as she laid back as in a dream as I work over her tits and fingered her now soaked pussy. Rose then crabbed my rock hard cock, and I tore off my pants and repositioned to give her what she wanted; Oh Fuck did that feel good, I said as I slid into her waiting cunt. My cock wanted to cumm instantly as I tried to hold back, but unloaded a massive load inside her only after a couple minutes inside her incredible cunt, “That’s Ok”,   Rose said, I will get it going again, as she quickly went to work blowing my cock, which quickly hardened in her experienced mouth. “Now give me a good fucking, it’s been a long time since I have been fucked like this. I mounted her and began pounding her warm cunt , she soon moaned she was cumming, as I felt her warm cum flood my cock making it seem even more hard, I squeezed her great ass pulling my cock deep inside her trying to please her , she started shaking her ass, which almost made me cum again, but I held on, rolling her over so I could fuck her dog style , she liked this and shook her ass like crazy as I pounded my cock deep inside her as she cummed again, flooding my cock with her warn juices. I gently smacked her ass and she began she shake it good forcing me to cumm as she grabbed my nuts and squeezed them, I felt like I was never going to stop as I filled her Pussy with my load, as her pussy felt like it was sucking my balls for every drop. We both dismounted for a break as I watched my cumm leak out of her onto the couch. Wow that was a lot she said, wiping her cunt off with her pink panties, and handing them to me, saying here is something to remember me by, “Ha ha”. We watched about ten minutes of TV before we were fucking again, The sight of her hot pussy leaking my cum and firm tits drove me crazy, and remember cumming fives times in her cunt and twice in her mouth, before I left to go home.




The next day I awoke finding her cum soaked pink panties lying next to me, still wet from jacking off on them and her cum from the night before, thinking about her made my dick hard, “shit got to go to work”. Damm, Mike you looked exhausted, Joe said, as I got to work. You wouldn’t believe what a night I had, Try me ole buddy, Joe said. Well I met this older lady and the next thing I know we are having sex, the thing about it she is Older about fifty five or sixty and it the best pussy and blowjob I’ve ever had in my life.

You got to be shitting me Joe said, More details please continue, Well she is blonde and has big firm tits and very nice ass and very tight pussy that feels like she is sucking my dick when I’m fucking her, Oh and you couldn’t imagine the blowjob she can give, it’s the best like I never had before. Does she have a sister? Joe said laughing, I’m serious I said, you wouldn’t believe it, well maybe I need to find out how good it is and give her a little “ole Joe”, what you think ole buddy, Well I really want to keep this one for myself, because of how good it is, “Oh Come On”, You fucked my ole lady before we were married”, well since you put it that way, I’ll see what I can do.


I’m 6’1” about 240 pounds brown hair, green eyes and fairly nice looking and Joe is 6” 170 and blonde hair ,    blue eyes and ok looking guy, we both do construction work and have muscular builds. About a week went by and Joe kept asking when I was going to set something up, and I kept blowing him off, because I had gotten used to the great sex Rose was given me. I decided Joe could stop by this Saturday about 8:00pm and drop in on me and to Rose’s surprise, who was coming over to my house to spend the night. Saturday came and Rose showed up wearing some tight jeans and sexy low cut sweater which really showed her tits well, I just wondered what she had on under them. We ate some snacks and was watching TV when the doorbell rang, it was Joe, come in I said, and introduced him to Rose, Dam ole buddy you weren’t shiting me, She’s does look great”, Rose started blushing and said Hello. Rose and I sat on the couch and Joe sat next to us in my recliner chair, Joe broke out a bottle and we started drinking, when Joe suggested cards, we all went into the kitchen table and started playing poker, after awhile the drinks kicked in and the bets became real as Rose lost a hand and removed her sweater, revealing her 42dd’s retained by a red laced bra, “now were parting Joe yelled,

Joe lost the next few hands down to his underwear showing his hardon, and I lost my shirt, little later Rose was down to her red panties having lost her bra and her 42dd’s showing proudly for all to see, but after seeing her pussy lips in those red panties, I knew Joe wanted more as did I, Rose got up to freshen the drinks giving a better look at her body, “Ya Who”, Joe yelled, as he patted Rose on the ass, she smiled and seemed to enjoying making both our cocks hard, which now showed with the lose of our underwear. “what we going to bet after our clothes are gone Rose ask?, Well How about Next looser has to do oral sex on someone, Rose look surprised, and I hoped Rose or I lost the next hand, but Joe did, and quickly jumped up giving a thumbs up knelt down and slid Roses red panties to the side and began licking her hot wet pussy after about three minutes Rose began to cumm, with Joe licking up all her juices, before returning to the game. Rose took it well and continued playing winning the next few hands, getting her pussy ate again and her tits sucked by both of us at once, That did it, Rose took off her red panties and shoving Joes head to her tits and my head onto her pussy as we both began to please her until she came in my mouth as she also jacked off Joe’s 10” cock while he sucked her big sweet tits. She then had us both stand side by side as she knelt down and began to suck both our cocks at once, while we both massaged her tit’s, with Joe unable to handle the new found pleasure and blowing his load after about a minute of Rose taking on his 10 inch cock, “Yelling that was the best”, as I then unloaded into her warm mouth with her swallowing both our loads with only a few drops wasted landing on her huge tit’s.



  We all then went into my bedroom were Rose laid back onto my bed waiting for us both to service her waiting hot pussy, I dove onto her and started fucking her cunt like a madman as Joe sucked her tits and got another blowjob as Rose made swallowing his 10 inches cock easy, then Joe hoped on Rose and showed his 10” cock deep inside Rose, making her moan with pleasure and she quickly cum on his cock as he really pounded her hard making her cum twice before he unleashed his massive load deep inside her waiting hot pussy. “That was nice”   Rose said, and quickly began sucking Joe’s cock again as to get him hard again, as his cum began to run out her now swollen hole, as   I tried to please her with my 8 inches of cock. We both fucked her for several hours, before we called it a night, Tossing Joe her cum soaked Red Panties, saying he earned them well.


Monday morning at work Joe came up to me and said “hey ole buddy you weren’t joking” that Ole Gal can sure give a good fucking and sucking, “Hell I’d pay for more of that Loving”.


Rose and I continued our sex romps for several more weeks, with one day her asking how Joe was doing, giving away that she enjoyed being thrusted by his 10 inches of hard cock.   I said he was doing ok, and wished to see you again if it was ok with you, Rose smiled and said “Sure when did you have in mind”, I told her there was more to it, Joe was wanting it to be just you and him and he would pay five hundred dollars for 2 hours. Rose looked at me and said five hundred dollars just for 2 hours, I said yes but you don’t have to do it, she said “Well I would have done it for free just to have his 10 inch cock again”, I’ll do it and split the money with you if you let me fuck him again, ok, That bothered me, but I held it in, as she said how about this Saturday.

I phoned Joe and told him it was on Saturday at 8:00pm and to bring the cash and he could have his fun with her and I’d take off for a few hours, “sounds Great Ole Buddy see you at 8:00 ”.   Saturday finally came and Rose showed up about 6:30 in a sexy black dress that really showed off her tits and I’d bet she had on those sexy silk lacy black panties and bra, “hey Baby Rose said, “do I look Like a five hundred dollar girl to you” she asked while laughing, Sure Do,   I said, Joe is a lucky dude, It’ll be alright Baby, she said as she unzipped my pants and gave me one of her best, warming up for later. At 8:00pm Sharp the door bell rang and in stepped Joe with a bottle of bubble, Hello he said, and Damm you look fine, I guess, I’ll see Ya later ole buddy, Oh here’s your cash. “See you in a couple hours I said as I left them alone , feeling ripped off, not wanting to share Rose for any amount of money, Knowing I’d even give her $500.00 to fuck her.


On the way home I was stopped by a train and was running about twenty minutes late when I got home, when I opened the door, to find   Rose knelt down over my chair and Joe pumping his huge cock into Rose’s sweet Ass , “ Oh excuse us, Joe said, We were done in 2 hours but you never showed and I got horny again looking at her ass, Sorry buddy, he said, as his eyes rolled back unleashing his load into Rose’s Ass, then pulling out his huge cock from her and his cumm quickly running down her gapping asshole. “Thanks ole buddy I will make it up to you, maybe I bring my ole lady next time and we all can have some fun”.


Rose turned out to be more than one man could possibly handle, she had gone from not having sex in many years to becoming a cock hungry machine, Rose ended up making out with Joe’s wife one night while Drunk and seemed to enjoy it, getting her bush ate by another woman and returning the favor, Looking like pro’s going down on each other and screaming in pleasure, then   Joe and I fucking them both, until Joe’s wife Donna couldn’t hardly move, just laying down with all her holes swollen and leaking large amounts of our cum, while Rose Fucked on several more rounds.


PS: I still have those first pair of pink panties and she has giving out many more pairs to lucky men who cant wait to donate $200 a Blowjob or $500.00 for her now famous pussy, and the path to Clare’s has since grassed over now that Rose don’t need the money, However I still visit, I didn’t want it to turn out this way, but she had to be pleased to keep her happy and a few extra bucks didn’t hurt.


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