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The Seduction--Part 2

Another conquest at the hands of al older, more experianced Seductress.....
As it storms mightily outside, I want to do this--sit on the couch and seduce you during a movie like You would a naive young girl.....I will steal away your innocence like a thief of lust in the night, and you'll never be the same again.

Small kisses, tender touching, making you feel safe and secure in my arms, not knowing that I have devious plans for you.

You, so shy, so modest, so sweet, and virginal-- but wanting me to love you and make you feel like a treasure.

No clue that I'm working on getting you so hot that you'll consent to anything. Make you feel soo special that you'll do anything I wish. Drunk on emotions and powerless to stop, nor do you wish to.

Touch you through your clothing, making you hotter than you've ever felt; my little Virgin Whore. Wrapped up in my web of deceit. So lust held that you wouldn't know what was happening.

I whisper, "Let me make love to you, make you feel sooo good. Make you feel joy. Let meee"

You moan softly, “Yesss, please love me”

As I kiss your neck, rub your nipples, kiss your mouth 'til you're breathless and panting, head swimming and oblivious to my real intents. I open your shirt slowly, then lap your nipples ever so lightly and feel your body begin to quiver under my hands and lips. Run my hand down to your thigh, and finally caress your hard cock in your pants.

Open your pants a bit, rub your cock thats soo wet by now. Drop my head and kiss lick my way down. Ask you "Do you want it, Baby Mine? Tell Me now..."

“ God yes!” you exclaim with a groan.

I begin to gently, tenderly, kiss all around the head of that turgid cock, and secretly grin as I do. Every lick sends you into a sweet warm place, and I know with each thing that I do to you, it only makes you mine that much more. I begin to mouth fuck you right there on that couch...make you gasp out in bliss! Mouth you a bit....just enough to make you groan, then lead you to my room and disrobe you, telling you how beautiful and special you are to me..a rare jewel to be loved and enjoyed, and cherished.

Lay you back on my bed, get naked and crawl in beside you, to kiss you and make you more hot, making you weak with desire and new found pleasure.

Now I begin to mouth fuck you again until you are blind with sensation, Then finger your ass gently, easy does it...Slipped in so swiftly and easily that you weren't even expecting it. I start stroking your Joy Gland as I mouth fuck more.

It feels so scary but ohhh so good...your mind tells you its wrong, you body doesn't care. I'm a little scared because I'm a virgin boy but I only want more.........

All you know is how good it feels and you want to show me that you love and trust me. Yes the trap door closes, so you submit to me willingly.

When I have you so euphoric that you cant stand it, out comes the first restraint. On your left wrist it goes...then the left ankle. On goes the next cuff until you are trapped and Mine. Come back up and kiss you, whispering things in your ear to lull you into a false sense of security.

I have brought you to the edge of orgasm several times, and now its time for Me to get Mine. I kiss you again and tell you, "Mmm my special Baby, I'm going to show you what you've never had before. That hot cock is Mine. Mine to take, mine to possess and I'm going to do it Now!"

I suck your cock hard now and you groan out loud. Unbeknown to you a small vibrator hides under the covers. I bring it out and turn it on. I part your ass cheeks and lay it against your asshole. You flinch, and tighten up your asscheeks...but you trust me not to hurt you.

I move just right and climb on top of your quivering cock to impale myself down on you, burying you all the way to the hilt deep inside of me. I bite off my own moan of pleasure as I take your thick cock all the way inside me, I also bite back the urge to cum all over it at that very moment, but no...I want to Take it, relish the fact that I took from you..

“ Oh God!” you groan out as my slick horny pussy claims your cock. I grin in the darkness, for your virginity is now mine at last!!!!

I begin to ride you, rock on your grunt out as I fuck. I relish in knowing I am the first, I am the only one to have ever touched you thusly..the first to pull your cum out of you...and Will have it! I reach back and move the vibrator a bit tighter against your virgin hole as you gasp..finally realizing what I've done, and am doing, but it feels too good to fucking Care!

Your cock feels soo good in me and I can't help but fuck it harder and harder, my clit rubbing the base of your cock and making it sopping wet with desire.

Mindless to your feelings, and the sensations I'm causing you. I reach back again and shove the vibrator inside, past your virgin bud and you yell out with sensation, not pain as I've rubbed deadener all over the head of the vibrator as to not hurt you Too badly. I dont want my new property damaged, after all.

Soon I dont care, all I want is to fuck you, make you mine, and to yank your first cum right out of you! Take your virginity by force!

Growling out, "Ahhh you beautiful little Bitch!

I yell out and grind down as hard as I can, my own orgasm flowing over me like a powerful force and my pussy clamps down on you like a vise!

I fuck you So hard until I yell out, and your yells join mine as you jet load after load of white hot cum deep inside of me.

I grab you manly pec's and squeese hard as I feel you thrust up into me and scream out as you cum sooo beautifully hard...My virgin whore isnt a virgin any more.

I ride a moment more as I look down on your dazed face. I kiss you and tell you, "My beautiful Baby. Sleep now"

I dismount, remove your hands from your lustful bounds. I gently raise your leg and remove the vibrator. I grin and give you one good hard licking to the head of your cock and listen to your exhusted moan. Chuckling, I pull my covers over your drained body, kiss your forehead and exit the room to let much needed slumber claim you. I turn out the light and close the door.

In my den I smile as I talk to another young man, and plan my next conquest. Three is starting to sound like a very delightful number.....

Minx 2012.

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