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The Shift Stick Car

Actually, I didn't learn how to drive a land rover, but rather to engage better on a mature's cunt!

Hi everybody. I’ve read many stories of yours, so this is gonna by my contribution here as I’m  about to start a story of my own.  First thing first I wish to introduce myself: Juan, I’m Juan, a shy Spaniard guy  -not too talkative or chatty-  with an athletic body due to so much work out.

It all began one day as I was at home; wanted to light a cigarette to relax, but didn’t find any. Since I had just moved to this neighborhood I had failed to notice a small tavern across from my place. It would be a good idea to get there and  shop for cigarettes. Once inside the bar I came into a vending machine, next to the door, put some coins in the slut, and out it went what I needed.

While  I kept pressing buttons to select, I looked around to get familiar   with this environment within this place: just old people, mainly constructions workers, many of them  gathered at the bar with lots of glasses on the counter. I could guess who the bartender behind the bar was: a woman.  She was about 45yo, having a spirited chat with clients. Her voice was coldblooded, a negligent woman wearing an untidy outfit. I not only was able to see the silhouetted face from the angle I sat, but could perceive her beautiful boobs as well, not distinguishing her properly, as her face had been covered or concealed by a large lock of hair.

A few days later, it came to my mind images of this woman along with the moment I had  caught sight of her large breasts, so I decided to go shopping for cigarettes again. What a surprise it was as I only had pesetas, currency from my country, Spain, while the vending machine only took Euro currency. I’d  have to exchange money at the bar, and out of the sudden, this woman showed up saying: “Yes, sir, may I help you?”

Her name was Josefa, and I began to explain her about this inconvenient. She solved the problem quickly and, finding enough room at the bar  -few customers today-  I ordered whiskey.  Our small talk was almost focused on how complicated it was to deal with two kinds of currencies at the same time, and  how inconvenient would be to switch  transition from pesetas to euros for ordinary citizens.

I could consider her face properly this time sd well as discern this mature was really beautiful to her age, especially as she got back to fetch me another beer and my stare was  directed at her bubble ass, adorned with precious, erect asscheeks; a tight blue jean that fit closely to her body and pant stitching lost in her asscrack.

While this chat was in progress, and  began to examine her,  noticed at first glimpse her hair blocking a breast sight. Light was dim, and I could guess the woman across from me  had short black  hair dropping on her shoulders, too beautiful, in a  disheveled outfit though.  I dared to comment about how cute she looked as seemingly a good  hairdresser had performed a good job at her hair  the beauty parlor.  My compliment  made her eyes shine, and began to behave like a lovely coquette.

It’s out of the question, she had got my   point and as I  had wrapped her around my little finger.  I guess nobody had ever talked to her like that, while women like to be complimented. I didn’t wish to screw it up, so I decided to finish this and tell her I’d drop by the bar soon and buy her a drink.   She grinned from satisfaction, was my partner in crime, ha, ha!!.

I went ahead and the chance to go back to this bar would come now as my co-workers were invited to join me for a cocktail. As there were three of us, we found seats at one corner at the end of bar so we were able to gaze at her and contemplate, study her body motion in the middle of commotion across bar. My co-workers comment:

“Haste makes waste, easy does it, there’s no getting around it. We know why we are here, and this is your kind of woman.”

As she realized we were here, she rushed to take care of us, showing  a smile on her face.   Perhaps she had been expecting us, for showed a wonderful make up on her face and a two piece outfit  costume manner of dressing; this didn’t fit her size  -too large, like a receading pant,  sensed she was wearing this for the first time so had to compose herself   frequently.  She never took her eyes off me, eyes that glittered as never before.

It was at this moment I thought: “This woman is next one to fuck. I’ll spend the night with her at least for a day.”

I began to plot a strategy "in situ" so  I started this by hiding the old keys I still kept from my last place behind the public telephone on the counter next to me, pretending I had forgotten them when placing a telephone call.  I did this carefully as not to be caught. This way I’d return   to pick up the keys and see her again.  I had learned she herself would close the bar tonight. 
I got the bar telephone number by looking it up in  a directory. As I talked on the speaking tube,  a woman answered  at the other end of line, and I began to talk about the new incident to which she replied:

“Affirmative, I’m keeping your keys in a drawer.”

I said:

“Could I pick them up tonight? What time do they close the bar? I can’t come  as I’m occupied  working in the evening shift.”

Of course I was dishonest, lying on her,  and this was but a component of my modus operandi!  She said ok, come at night to collect your keys as I’m about to close.  On the time agreed, I headed to the place and, to my  surprise, I realized the bartender was o longe a woman, but an old man, no doubt it was her husband!!  My frustration was great at not meeting her here. I would  wait  for a better chance and never inquired about the lost keys. Lost and found, ha, ha, I thought!!

I said good bye but once outside after I walked toward the exit, I saw an all terrain vehicle, a Jeep, arriving here.  It was a brand new four wheeler and, to my amazement, this woman got off the car, calling me persistently, so I went to check what this was about. She asked:

“Are you here to collect your keys?”  I said yes. She said:

“Let’s go to the bar. I think they’re there. Oh, I’ve just come from having dinner at my sister’s.” 

She introduced me to her husband  -I now was sure it was her couple.  He said: “You should have asked for the keys yourself and I had given it to you.”

Well I came up with a casual reply.  Josefa was now roaming into a drawer for the keys, saying finally:

“Oh, I reckon they’re in the car!!”

I noticed surprise in her husband, along with concern, on listening  his wife’s utterance, not understanding quite well why the keys might had landed at the car globe compartment. I was now happy here walking behind this gorgeous mature, as if a robot staring at some ass.  I began to inspect her body from behind, gazing her up down, and could notice she was wearing a one piece black pant,  fitting tight, along with a jacket  same color  that finished above waist,  similar to Spanish  matadors fashion.  She wore black high heels to finally make her  a 1,75 meters tall.

The gorgeous hard and firm body’s slut  was driving me crazy.  Her swaggering asscheeks made a really extraordinary visión of hers, which I enjoyed a lot. Her ass was shown to me in all its splendor as she opened the Jeep’s door to bend over standing on the foot board; ducked as she was now, she  was able to reach easily at the keys inside the globe compartment, ignoring how widen or expanded her buttocks had become at being forced, obligued to such an embarrassing, uncomfortable position.

The pant fabric couldn’t mask the panty sewing. Despite these weren’t thongs, still small enough to excite me, about to   hurl on her behind, save for good judment and sanity  prevented me from doing this, keeping my distance, away from the buttocks.  Josefa’s head showed from under her right armpit and she said lasciviously:

“How do you like it? It’s almost brand new. Ah, a little bit worn.”  While shaking her ass for me.  Most probably this was intended to show her ass assets to me.

I said: “What do you mean by that?  Ah, yes, of course I like it.”  But I referred to her ass!!
She said:  “Wanna see it? It’s been only a week’s use and powered by manual transmission.”

She was talking about the car, while I agreed, staring at her ass. Of course she guessed my pervert thoughts because she laughed with no shame.  I sat in the passenger seat to consider the Jeep’s interior better, while reading the owner’s handbood, easy to understand for the Joe Average.  

Well, I began to glance over the directions, with my arms on right angle to mull over  the content better, as suddenly she joined me; our heads almost  tounching and her right tit resting on my forearm.  She looked at me with the corner of the eye, smiling wickedly and shamelessness. What a slut!!  I could guess her bra cup, 115.

I intentionally moved my arm up and down scrutinizing the handbook, while pointing at each line, to get to my most wanted ambition:   brush her boobs  while she consent. I had finished reading the resume, while her boobs still brushed my hand, which made me to have an instant hard on. She informed me she had come up  a good idea: to get permission from her couple to go home and change into new clothes, so they werent  ruined  while working back at the tavern. He said, it’s ok, go ahead.

It is here at this moment she directed me to wait at next crossroads for her to pick me up, away from her husband’s peek.  I also had  an option and be the  Jeep jockey so check  it’s performance at a nearby dirt and muddy   road. 

She showed five minutes later, got off the car so I’d get at the wheel.  She showed me the way, while sitting in front of me, leaning against the car’s door examining me from top to bottom after turning on the cabin light.  I already had pulled out my tent with my rod erected, and she didn’t let this pass unnoticed. Suddenly, she leaned against my shoulder saying she was tired, this dinner at her sister’s had left her spent.

I was stunned by this, while my rod got harder and harder each time, embarrassed, having difficulties in changing gear  -I’m not too familiar with manual transmissions.  She noticed this and said: “Don’t you worry about, I had the same difficulty first time I climbed on one of these.  I have a preference for vehicles with automatic transmission  but my husband insisted he’d rather  purchase  this model.

Our chat  spinned around car’s transmission, as I suddenly noticed  she had laid her hand on my cock.  She unzipped the pant and got the dick out, handling it while pretending it was the Jeep’s  shift lever.  According to her, my dick should make it through the five  speed gear, low,  high, even reverse. "This was the most dificult to engage" she said,  as made an effort to engage reverse backwards  with my dick.  

She said:

“It isn’t brain sugery.  Do you know  how does the funny "H" pattern that I am moving this shift knob through have any relation to the gears inside the transmission?" 

I said: "Come on, baby, we better quit fucking the dog and get to spin my dials." 

She  began to shift speed going through all gears, pretending my penis was a stick lever: first gear, second gear, third gear…  until her demonstration was over and she finally said: “This is my favorite, and necessary to engage four wheel drive when stuck in mud!”

She lowered her head and put my dick wholly inside her mouth. She sucked like there is no tomorrow, probably thinkingl:  “Here’s your chance. Gather yerosebunds while ye may.”

She opened her mouth a little wider, so her teeth weren't involved, and began bobbing her head up and down on my dick, sometimes back and forth.  I like lots of lipstick, oh, this slutty red lips sucking my cock. It was my fantasy that a girl used red lipstick and suck my cock. I worship it.  This mature had lots of eye contact as she had my head in her mouth and she looked in my eyes. She said:

"Lots of spit is necessary,  you know, darling.  We should treat the gearbox with respect, for all the parts are assembled with extreme precision. The whole assembly sits in a pool of gear oil to ensure smooth frictionless operation, darling."

She spit on my dick and held it in her tightly clenched fist, to let the strings of spit  drool hang from my dick to her lips, the sucked it and spit on it more, like a pornstar do.  She pumpéd with her fist and aimed the cock into her mouth, tits, face, tummy just in case I was cumming.  Perhaps she was doing this expecting I'd eat her cunt in return, for there is nothing as heavenly as having her pussy licked and her  "G" spot fingered to a glorious, squirting orgasm.

She grabbed my cock with her left hand while stroking my balls soflly with the right hand. Oh how delicious it was, especially as we were having a good time screwing  her husband. Cheating  had been so  funny and exciting here!!

I pulled in a solitary place and it only took me a minute to convince  her to show me her tits. She lowered her top starting from up down and there they were: two big udders poped up, covered by a black bra that barely could hold them. I pulled down the bra with a single drive off my hand and began  to suck those splendorous nipples, topped by a huge brown aureoles. I was sucking wildly, desperate, while she begged me:

“Oh, please, Juan, don’t you stop it.”  It’s been a long time since I  longed to feel a tongue running through my tits. My husband never do this to me.”

I lowered my hand to her highs and began to touch  alonside her mound.  I had already sensed this was a real hot slut since time back.  Her juices had already passed through  the fine and thin panty fabric, as well as pants.   This woman had been longing for sex since time back. Each one of us was sharing his / her part,  fighting to get at it. 

I got off the car to go around it, and opened the passenger door to climb on the jeep. She had been waiting for me already. As I stripped her off her clothes, she got completely naked, wearing only panties. What a surprise!! These panties go with the bra I had just pulled off her,  lost somewhere within the car cabin, or had probably dropped somewhere in the floor.

After I  pulled out her legs, I rested them on my shoulders but had cooperated, spreading for me and I began to lick the cunt over the panty. This had turned into a wild fuck as she gripped me by the hair forcing me to burry more into her.  In this way, I could feel her liquids oozing out of her.  Needless tos ay,  the large amounts of  creamy whitish liquid was responsable for the great cunt scent  around the car cabin.  I pulled out her panty with a swift hand go. I wasn’t expecting such big bush, shown in all it’s splendor before me, a natural who never had use a razor blade in her lifeftime. I don’t like fresh shaved pussies, a pussy style nowadays.

The labia were parted by  two strange thumbs, and a slit opened before me. Oh, God, I was now occupied in sucking, eating all around it!!  Well, a woman’s body is one of the most complicated designs known to man but I was not going to be discouraged by this.  I wished I had a camera go get some shots of her vulva between spread legs to show my friends in the internet.  I pulled her clit out of its hood, and started to suck it’s head with lots of energy, until I felt she started to bounce and jump, preliminary  to the tremendous orgasm after  I had been immersed in my job by now,  pulled gently the lips apart and looked at her inner lips;  kept   spreading the tops of her pussy up until  could find her clit.  It was of normal size, and  I knew I had to wet my finger before I touched her clit because it doesn’t have any juices. I supposed this mature’s clit  was extremely sensitive like in most women.  She said: “Oh, carefull, darling,  it hurt!!”

She lifted her pelvis in the air, drawn by  the tension of her  orgasm. I knew I had to hang on and keep my mouth on her clit not letting it   go. I heard her screaming:

“Don’t stop. Don’ ever stop!!” I thought to myself: “Oh I could easily give this woman 56 orgasm at one sitting.”

I didn’t wan’t this to end and  kept on my duty. Still on the clit, I put my fingers  -index and ring finger- into the vagina, my palm of hand up: this was intended  to touch the upper zone of vagina and thus localize the “G” spot. I was like an insane, performing fine, as Josefa demanded for more, shaking her hips wildly for more orgasms, pronouncing obscenities out loud. I tried to poke with my tongue up and down the vagina to reach all along deeper into the cunt.

I lifted her up a little more on my shoulders to make myself comfortable, and as we adapted ourselves, I cough sight of a black streaked hole covered by some fine hair. This brought me to great excitement and I began to suck that asshole to the utmost. She began to cum again as I fucked tongue her, begging: “Oh, Juan, fuck me now, please. Oh, you won’t penetrate this bare pussy today?”

I wouldn’t listen, pretending not to understand, and continued to work on the pussy, fingering  her to get the most juices as possible, then poke her anus with the wet finger.  This made her to puff and snort.  She got off my shoulders to deepthroat my dick, while squeezing my balls. I felt pain and gestured for her to stop, but ignored me, absorbed sucking as if my dick was her medicine. 

I was to the verge of  cumming, but should hold this, until I had a  chance and penetrated her. This was not going to be ram-bam thank you ma’am, for I was determined to fuck the damn ass too. As realizing I had difficulties in holding my cum, Josefa made all arrangements and opened wide her mouth  for a cum load discharge. The cum spurt jet inside her and she swallowed it all, while stroking her pussy, licking her fingers. Nothing was wasted.

She said: “Are you capable of fucking now?”

I said: “Oh, not sure in such short time period, too limp.”

She said:

“Juan, you don’t have to worry about this!! I’ll make it hard again!"

My limp piece of meat went into her mouth again…  No doubt this Spaniard  was an experienced pro.  Pushed me  backwards and licked my asshole, and, out of the blue, my manhood came to life. As she judged it was really hard to do love, she turned around, on her 4’s and said: “Plug it in now!!”

I automatically obeyed and began to bang her with a cock swelling each time her hand stroke my balls reaching backwards. She said:

“Ok, motherfucker, don’t you fucking move it.”

Grabbed my rod until,   spread her cheeks and put my cock at the edge of her asshole, then  slowly started  to push my cock in, feeling her ass, and tried to push it out.    I started  pushing my cock in and out of her ass, careful not to let it slip all the way out. WIth each thrust I felt  it going a little deeper into her tight hole, my balls slapping against her  wet  cunt.

She said: “Oh, yes, oh yes.  Now, bang me like all motherfuckers do.”

She shook her ass around on and of  in a circle pattern, so my dick   filled her.  She still jerked off stimulating her clit, until an orgasm invaded both of us at the same time.  She begged to have the cum inside her asshole.  Well I obeyed and deposited my load cum within her ass, but gravity force began to work against me, making cum to leak and spill out.  She fought, and resisted to keep it from coming out,  tightening her sphynter so her treasure wasn’t wasted.!!

We kissed passionately and she watched the time saying: “Oh, Juan, it’s late already and gotta go back to the bar.  Time to close.”

I replied: “Now, what reasons do you have for being so late?”

She said: “I don’t know yet. I could come up with something along the way back there.  I’ve taught you how  manual transmissions work,  but won’t believe it,  the moment I invite you to my place to have sex on my own bed.”

I’ve had a better understanding  on how matures enjoy sex in the same way girls do.  I hope this  mature account  will add up to the general belief matures are better at doing sex.  I've been longing to meet this kind of women since this happened to me.


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