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The Sybil

Imagination or Reality, an older man realises his dreams, and hers too.
This story was inspired by a message from...”a little star”...and a thought I had about the sensuality of the act of writing, and that lead to comparing it with cybersex in a chat room.....

I hope you like it.


John loved his garden, and spent a lot of time working on it, especially so since his wife had died. He felt that this had been very unfair, as he had taken an early retirement in order to try to spend their later years together. This was not to be as she had gone quite unexpectedly only a year after. So there he was, tending his garden, living easily off his company pension and not touching his savings, other than to bail out his wayward children from time to time.

It was a day in late June, one of those English summer days with blue skies and small white cotton-wool clouds giving just enough shade before revealing the heat of the sun again. A light breeze moved the leaves, and as he settled back in his deck chair on his patio, he thought that perhaps life wasn’t so bad after all. He may have dozed a bit, after all he had enjoyed a glass of wine with his lunch, but when the door bell rang he failed ot hear it, and continued in his reverie.....

She appeared out of nowhere, a young woman whom he had never met before, but she seemed to be comfortable with her surroundings. They talked, and despite the difference in their ages, there was much common ground and they found they enjoyed the same music and taste in books. Before long she moved over to his chair and sitting on his knee, started to kiss him with abandon, their mouths eagerly seeking to extend the pleasures their tongues were exchanging. She undid his shirt button, kissing his chest as she exposed it, and sucking his nipples in turn. She used her sharp nails across his skin, the scratching arousing him more than he could have thought possible. Soon she was undoing the belt of his shorts, and releasing his cock to take it into her mouth. Her lips felt like velvet around him, and her tongue teased his pee hole before wrapping itself under and around his glans. Slowly and sensuously her hands stroked his balls in time with the movement of her head up and down his erect shaft. As she took him deeper and deeper, the saliva dripped from her mouth and slid down across his balls and his perineum to wet his asshole. Her fingers followed and spread her fluid and now moving on him faster, pushed a slim finger in through his tight ring, to stimulate his prostate. Fighting the ecstatic pressure that was building to make this delight last, he finally gave up the battle just as she wrapped her lips right around the base of his cock, its head gripped firmly in her throat that started to milk him as soon as she sensed the start of the pulsation that signalled his ejaculation. The pressure in his balls, stimulated by finger and mouth released itself in a initial surge of his sperm that felt like red hot metal as it coursed the length of his penis, and jetted itself against her throat. Her finger kept on working on him, and spasm after spasm continued to force more and more out of him into her waiting mouth until he was empty and a last pulsation signalled the end of is reservoir. She didn’t immediately pull away, but very slowly slid up his shaft, still licking and sucking, until her lips just surrounded the tip of his penis and she gave it a last lick so he could feel the heat and roughness of her tongue. She rolled around that part of his semen still in her mouth, showing it to him as her tongue revelled in its texture, and then taking his head between her hands kissed him long and deep, so that he too could taste himself as well as her. Then, with a somewhat sad smile, she put his now limp penis back in his shorts and belted him up again. wake with a jump, feeling that somehow something wasn’t quite right. He stood up and shook himself and realised that his shirt had come out of his shorts while he had been dozing, and he must have had a wet dream as he was rather sticky in his pants. Later that day, as he was showering before going out with friends to the pub as was his norm, he noticed that there were a couple of scratches on his stomach, and thought them odd, as he hadn’t been clearing any brambles that day.

Back after closing time, he opened his laptop and checked his email system, just the usual messages apart from one, which he though must be spam as he didn’t recognise the sender, but trusting in his antivirus system, opened it anyway. It simply said...Hi John...had a great time this to chat sometime....look me up at I’ll be there later, my nickname is Sybil. Surprise was all he could register, but thought it just had to be a spam to attract hits for that website, and that the message was not reallypersonal but the routine type of come-on.

That night he dreamt of a lovely young woman who seemed to know him but somehow he couldn’t reach her. As is so often the way with dreams, remembering specifics when he awoke was an impossible feat, but as the day wore on, her image kept coming back and by the time he had had his supper, he was getting really annoyed with himself for not being able to remember more. He went to bed early, hoping to restart his dream, but sleep would not come, and he found himself downstairs again, well after midnight, and in frustration he opened his laptop to browse some of his habitual porn sites.

He clicked the bookmark to his favourite opened but something seemed to have gone wrong, as what opened was a registration page for a website that he hadn’t asked for. With a shock, he realised that this was the site from his spam email. Now feeling compelled by some unknown force, he registered and opened up the chat room, to find that there was indeed a Sybil there. Before he could register who else there was, a window opened and there she was, chatting away as though they were old friends. He had always believed in going with the flow when he was out of his depth, and he did so on this occasion as well. It developed into a cyber sex session such as made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Her sexual likes matched his precisely, it was as though they were the two sides of a single coin. They started with an extended period of oral pleasure, through three or four different positions of intercourse, and finally bringing them both off, him for the first time, her for the second or third, with her lowering herself onto his erect penis, and guiding it into her welcoming anal passage. Unlike many cybersex sessions he had tried since his wife had died, this Sybil matched him in sexy conversation and utterances. There were none of the incomprehensible Mmmmm’s or Ooooh’s. She told him exactly what she was feeling, and this encouraged him to do the same, making their conversation into the most explicit one he had ever held. In all ways she was his perfect partner, it was almost as she knew his mind before he did. Cleaning himself up as he had inevitably brought himself off, he bade her goodnight, and immediately went to bed and slept the sleep of the just until rather later than usual.

Each night from then on for a week or more, he logged in to this website, but he never found a trace of this Sybil. Eventually he put her out of his mind, and carried on with his rather solitary and celibate existence. A couple of months later, he was sweeping up the early autumn leaves in the garden when he saw that one of the large sycamore leaves seems to have some scratches on it. Picking it up, he managed to decipher the words...Save me.... He continued to sweep them up, thinking that some kids must have been playing games with the leaves which had then blown into his garden from the copse across the road.

Later that night, he opened up his laptop again, and found a second message from Sybil. It simply said..Save me..Love me.... so immediately he logged onto that site and she was there. She said nothing about any messages even though John asked her several times, and just wanted to go straight into cyber sex. This time is was even more sensual, her descriptions of how she was licking his erect pens, nibbling around the rim of his glans, and tonguing into his peephole were so explicit that he had his penis in his hand in no time at all, moving his hand to simulate her actions. When she moved from his cock to his balls, stroking and sucking them, and then started to explore his asshole with her tongue, he shot his load right up at the screen, and when she sucked his declining penis back to strength, stroking his prostate as she did so, he was at a loss to know how to reproduce that on his own, and said to her, I wish you were here with me now. Pausing is her ministrations, she you really mean that...and of course he said yes. And then the chat window closed, and she was gone!

A month, there was a knock at his door, which he answered to find a woman of about 37, he guessed, standing there. She said she had moved in a couple of houses down from his, and she was having a few problems with her heating system as she wanted a shower, and could he help. He went down with her to the house, and said he didn’t know that the previous people had moved, to which she said that they were her cousins, and that they had gone abroad for a year and she was taking advantage of their absence. He sorted out her heating system, a simple task of getting the various switches in sequence, and thinking that she probably didn’t have any food in, invited her to supper that evening.

When she arrived, she looked very pretty, she had washed her hair and was wearing a rather sexily cut short dress. She had a much better figure than he had thought earlier in the day, and in particular had a pair of firm and high breasts which her dress showed well, leaving little to the imagination. She wore very high heels which was fine by him as he was tall anyway, and they brought her up to just above his shoulder. He had laid on a simple supper with a light red wine as accompaniment. Later they sat out on the patio as the sun went down, and though it was now early October, it was nicely warm. They talked, and despite the difference in their ages, there was much common ground and they found they enjoyed the same music and taste in books. Before long she moved over to his chair and sitting on his knee, started to kiss him with abandon, their mouths eagerly seeking to extend the pleasures their tongues were exchanging. She undid his shirt button, kissing his chest as she exposed it, and sucking his nipples in turn.............

But later she did not belt him up again, they went up to his bedroom where he proceeded to undress her and kiss every part of her body...her mouth, her neck, her shoulders, her breasts her nipples, her belly button, her thighs, her legs, her feet, and turning he rover, started at her ankles and worked his way slowly up to her neck again.... His body pressed into her, she managed to rise up on her knees, and opening her legs slightly, felt under to guide his hard cock in between her pussy lips and to move to totally engulf him. It felt so good, his first real woman for a long time, and she had the internal muscles to fan his lust into hot and burning desire. As he pumped his cock into her, his hands on her hips, he noticed a small tattoo on the small of her back. It looked like a caged bird. After they had both climaxed in a wonderful peak of sensations, and she had turned him over onto his back, brought him back to rigidity, and had lowered her waiting ass onto his hard cock and slid down until he had penetrated deep into her anal passage, and they had cum again in a synchronisation that was nothing short of miraculous, he asked her about it.

Snuggled close to him, their arms around each other, all she said was...that’s my Sybil.....she was caged but now she is free.

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