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The Widow

Hot Sex on your own doorstep leads to an inevitable conclusion....
The Widow lived across the road.

She didn’t fit the image. She was my age, smart, kept herself trim. She had a pleasant but not overly exciting figure, though it was the sort that left you wondering what it looked like naked. She was vivacious, lively, had a smile which lit everything up but she had never remarried. It didn’t appear to be for want of suitors, there wasn’t a string of men or even a queue to the door. In fact she didn’t go out a great deal, but if she did go there was always a handsome man. They just didn’t last more than a few months before she tired of them.

We have a tradition round here that certain neighbours have always had little drinks parties at different times of the year. These are the people that have lived here for ever. Well since the houses on this road were built thirty years ago anyway. They know everybody and everything, yet they do it without being nasty. We felt honoured to be involved right from the start when we moved in. Yet even they didn’t know much about the Widow. She kept herself to herself, there wasn’t even gossip, you know, she’s a dyke or whatever. She just kept her own council as they say in these parts.

We met socially very occasionally. I must admit my wife and I liked her, she was very pleasant company. She’s a ‘toucher.’ Our family, on both sides, have always been ‘touchers’ as well. We’ll put an arm around someone when we meet, touch their arm as we talk, often brush cheeks as we greet. I don’t know why. I guess it’s not everyone’s bag, but we just do it. We get more positive responses than negative so it can’t be too bad! We met the widow first at next door’s Christmas eve ‘doo.’ It’s actually our neighbours birthday as well so it’s a bit of an excuse for a celebration.

I’d gone in early, my wife would follow later she said, preparations for the ‘big day’ and everything.

My wife, Janet, enjoy’s Christmas.

The planning...

The food...

The little surprises...

Everything just so.

The Widow slipped next door to have a quick chat with her. I followed a few minutes later to see when wifey was coming back in. Nobody bats an eyelid anyway, we all come and go during the evening. As I got to the door wifey turned and said to me “Go across with Yvonne she needs to borrow you for a few minutes, Jack has let her down and she needs a man to help her with some preparation.”

Now I have to say this surprised me, Janet is a little wary of these situations. “Well I mean you can’t be too careful - can you?” is one of her favourite sayings. Anyway I followed Yvonne, I always do as I’m told! Yvonne chattered, as she does, as we made our way to her house. My mind off at a tangent - thinking what a lovely backside she had. Mentally I slapped myself down and shook my head.

We went into Yvonne’s house, the doors are slam locks so once shut unless put on the snib they can’t be opened from the outside, ours are the same. She didn’t put the snib on.

We wouldn’t be disturbed, but then I though don’t be stupid. To coin a phrase ‘don’t shit on your own doorstep’ and that applied to her as well as me.

“Sven - can you wait here a second I must just pay a visit” Yvonne said. So I stood in the kitchen and waited. The calendar on the cupboard was a Chippendale one - I grinned to myself - “nothing wrong there!” “Perhaps a little out of character though?” As she came back through the door I bloody near stopped breathing and had a heart attack - she was totally stark naked!!

“Did Janet tell you what it was I wanted to borrow?” she asked.

The ambiguity vanished totally as she sashayed across, felt me up and started undoing my trousers. She was gorgeous. The figure was far better than it had any right to be at her age. My dick recognised the fact by becoming instantly totally and achingly hard. You’ve heard of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer? The end of my dick was so red it was in danger of becoming a hazard warning light.

I lost at least two shirt buttons as it came off, shit I didn’t care even though God only knew how I’d explain them to wifey.

Staid wifey...

Stay at home wifey...

Missionary position wifey...

Friday night is fucking, sorry ‘loving,’ night wifey...

Not here wifey.

Christ Yvonne was hot and now so was I. Forbidden fruit and the Widow flashed across my brain for about - well not long anyway. It was replaced by pure lust.

Love? Forget it! This was Lust with a capital L.

Yvonne took me in her mouth as we sank to the carpet oblivious to the world, she scooted round and presented me with the most beautiful sight.

One open, pink, wet, ready pussy.You couldn’t call it a cunt it was just too beautiful!

I sank my face in it and the taste and smell was overpowering. Coupled with Yvonne’s exquisite tongue at the other end I started to come almost instantly. Yvonne screamed round my dick as she came too. Noisily eating each other to death.

God what a beautiful way to go I remember thinking as I blacked out from overload of the dick. I came round to find Yvonne had changed ends and I was getting wonderful sticky kisses flavoured by the taste of my cum. I was surprised at the taste. I had never been interested in trying my own, in hand to hand session’s and wifey, remember her, had never eaten me like this. Not all the way and swallowed with the obvious joy of the Widow.

She sat a little upright and my proud erection, (returned so soon?), slid easily into that wonderful opening. She took me all the way in one glorious, sliding ride of ecstasy that made me wince it was so good. Then the Widow leaned forward and put her right tit into my waiting mouth, total heaven. We moved. Slowly at first, then hard to the most staccato, earth-shattering climax I have ever had. We both passed out for a few minutes from the intensity. When I came to she was gently cleaning me off with her lips and tongue. It hurt it was so good. She moved round and without thinking about it I cleaned her off with my mouth. I had never done that before, but the mixture of our juices was so heady it just seemed right.

She spoke the first words in almost an hour “Thank you for my Christmas present. We’d better go back, they’ll think we‘re being naughty,” and she grinned.

“You go to your house first and then come in with Janet.”

So I did.

Yvonne has had a Christmas present from me for eleven years now. For the rest of the year we pass each other by - well we used to anyway.

This year was different. You see we must have got careless because wifey walked in on us.

I nearly shit myself! I think Yvonne did!

Janet laughed and then said to us both, “Well I always told him he could have a mistress as long as he kept both of us satisfied, so when you two have finished it’s my turn,” and she got undressed and joined in.

I ended up totally shagged out over the best Christmas I have ever had, well what bits of it I remember. As I write this Yvonne has just poured a whiskey for the three of us and Janet’s about to come out of the shower.


Oh I feel great... 50 going on 90.

I’m sure Janet has planned something with the insurance pay out, but what the hell, I don’t care.

It’ll be a great way to die!

Sven the Elder

Sept ’96 - revised Feb ‘13

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