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Time in New England Part 4 (and final)

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Bringing a vacation to a happy ending a VERY happy ending
This is the fourth and final chapter of a series exploring the ins and outs of a fantasy with my new friend Rosalind also known as Roz or Wholelottarosie here at Lush.

I’m in a bit of trouble with Rosalind. Accidentally, I called her by another woman’s name last night – Jo. Jo is also a Lush member who calls herself Sexywife104. Rosalind isn’t really angry with me but she’s teasing me without a scintilla of mercy and so as ‘punishment’ I’m to give her a full body massage complete with luscious devotion to internal massage as well. Mmmmmmmmmm Rosalind could punish me like that all day and I know just the place to do it. Our travel plans for vacation have us staying for two days in Providence Rhode Island which is a nice town in its own right and it’s also within an hour’s drive of places we want to visit out on Cape Cod. Because I travel a lot for business, I have amassed huge number of frequent travel award points and I already had used a bunch of them to book a suite at the Westin Hotel in Providence. I phoned them to see if some kind of an upgrade was available and they shocked me by offering their Presidential Suite for only a relative handful of travel points. Game on!

During our ride from Boston to Providence Rosalind and I talked about little else than sex and escapades from earlier in our lives and of all that was going on between us on this trip. Along the way, I buzzed her clit periodically with the vibrating panty we’d bought earlier. Rosalind confided that she’d read many of the stories in Lush that were dedicated to Jo and her husband, Dave, and that she envied Jo her freedom and her husband’s happy willingness to be her cuckold. “That’s my biggest fantasy, Rosalind said, “to be watched by someone close to me while I’m fucked by total strangers!”

“Would you like it if I did that for you Rosalind?” I asked. “You’d want me to take you somewhere and watch to keep you safe as one or more complete strangers fucked you?”

“Would you?” Rosalind replied, her eyes wide as a child’s on Christmas morning.

Jeez, how could I say no to that?

“So let’s be clear here, you’re going to recruit men and I’m going to be your bodyguard/cuckold while you ball them. Uh, what’s in it for me?”

“Well my selfish friend, what’s in it for you is this: When I’m done fucking them I intend to sex you in ways you’ve never been sexed before, fuck you in ways you’ve only dreamed about and reach into your soul to make you love me.”

Wow. What the hell am I getting myself into? But I’m going for it.

“You seem to like the stories about Jo and Dave, Rosalind. What would you say to cutting short the New England part of our trip and diverting to the Philadelphia area and meeting up with Jo and Dave to party with them if they are amenable?

“Make it happen, Captain, and you’ve made a horny woman happy beyond measure.” Rosalind said with a formality that didn’t quite fit with the accompanying gesture as she yanked up her skirt and flashed me. As Rosalind is from Cheshire I gave a silent nod to the Alice in Wonderland story and referred to her vagina as the ‘Cheshire Pussy’. Hey, it truly is a wonderland of pleasure.

For at least forty of the sixty minutes drive between Boston and Providence, I played with Rosalind’s pussy. While driving, we discussed enhancements for the fuel cell driven, web and Bluetooth enabled vibrating panty we were kicking about as a fantasy invention.

We discussed body insertion eggs that might be a plug-in accessory for the panty, in varying sizes. As we were thinking of electronic chips as the vibrating element, I asked what would happen if while researching the thing, we discovered a particular set of vibration rates that resonated orgasmically in a woman and her orgasm could be sustained not just for a few seconds but for twenty to thirty seconds?

Where the idea came from was a CD in my car stereo playing a version of Leonard Cohen’s Halleluiah song where the first line is “Now I heard there was a sacred chord that David played and it pleased the lord, but you don’t really care for music do ‘ya?”

The words sacred chord sounded a little like “I heard there was a secret chord” to me, and that’s where the idea came from. What if there was a secret combination of vibrations on the clit, inside a woman’s vagina and inside her rectum that when a ‘perfect storm” of harmonic frequencies was reached that the woman’s next half minute or so would launch her like the space shuttle and then leave her collapsed and sobbing, her body soaking wet well past her knees. Maybe “The Perfect Storm” would be a good name for the device or maybe “The Vag-tazer”. Chances are the combination of vibration rates would be a little different for each woman but why couldn’t a microprocessor measure and record her body’s responses and learn what brought peaks to her excitement levels? Just as we men (well, some of us) learn to be good lovers, this toy could learn what it takes to make her day!

By the time we got to our hotel both Rosalind and I were soaked and horny. The Presidential Suite was amazing! It was larger than the home I grew up in. The suite had a large living area adjacent to a dining/conference table next to a bar and kitchen. The suite had two bathrooms, one a powder room and the other a palace! The Master Bath was all of forty feet (13 meters) long and had a large dressing and makeup area, double sinks, a sauna room and a large Jacuzzi tub. Across from the tub was an enormous stall shower with multiple shower heads at various levels. The stall could easily have held six or more people! I joked with Rosalind that the suite must have been based upon the Bill Clinton presidency because there were three terry robes hanging in the bathroom!

The bedroom was something out of a fairytale. The king size bed overlooked a huge window with a top floor view of downtown Providence. Also there was a large forty-two inch plasma TV that matched the one in the living area. An abundance of closet space rounded the gargantuan bedroom.

“Yes, quite, “ Rosalind said, faking a stately – if snooty - British accent and giving me one of those stiff formal Queen Elizabeth waves with her hand raised and pivoting in roughly a thirty-degree arc in either plane. I responded by giving the remote control to her panties a good long buzz that made Rosalind let out a stifled scream as both hands reached for her groin in reflex!

See here’s the thing… Once I saw that shower I had no other thought but fucking Rosalind right there in the shower. Yes, we’d play with the sauna and the Jacuzzi and of course that huge bed and its mountain of pillows, but that shower and her pussy were mine!

We lost no time getting naked and Rosalind joked about this little twat-tickler she was wearing might electrocute us and so it went on a heap with the rest of our clothes and in a flash we were in the huge stall making love. Although they looked out of place in such an elegant marble lined room, the stall had stainless steel grab bars like a handicapped stall might. I suppose their inclusion was some building code or insurance company mandate. As it happened, the bars were terrific because Rosalind held them for dear life as I fucked her mercilessly against the corner of the stall with shower heads shooting at us from six angles. I had to redirect one of them because it was washing away our body’s natural lubricants but that little bit of reality didn’t stop us for long. I held the grab bars too for balance as Rosalind brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist, her body pinned between me and the marbled corner. We fucked like animals, like creatures subhuman with nothing else to do but copulate. We were like outsized Palmetto bugs far north of Florida that fly while copulating. Talk about a mile high club!

Rosalind interrupted our frenzy and announced that she wanted me to fuck her deeply in her ass! OK, she said, “Arse” but you get my drift.

“We should use the bed for that” I said, and in no time we were out of the shower. We even forgot to turn it off (sorry conservationists) and grabbed bath sheets and toweled off the worst of the water as we raced to the bed. As I tore down the covers, Rosalind grabbed a tube of lube from her bag and we hopped into the sack. “Go slow at first Yank” Rosalind said, and I liberally spread a dollop of goo on her pink rosebud and rubbed it in until one of my fingers was inside her. With my other hand I worked Rosalind’s clit and kept teasing until a second finger fit easily into each of her openings. “Now’s the time,” Rosalind said and we lay on our sides and Rosalind scooted over until her beautiful ass cheeks were spooned against me. With a small bit of adjusting, I felt my cockhead reach the circle of promise and as I gently pushed forward, Rosalind met me in turn and pushed back until my head entered her. “MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm let me get used to that for a minute,” Rosalind said. I reached around and went to work on Rosalind’s clit with the hand I’d been massaging it with before. As our passions gathered, Rosalind began moving ever so slightly and I followed her lead. While I tend to be controlling, what the hell, it’s her ass, you know? God she was hot inside! I haven’t had a lot of anal sex but enough to enjoy it and this was spectacular! Is there something genetically accommodating about British women’s asses?

I forced myself to be gentle with Rosalind’s ass and clit until she said, “I’m a woman for fuck’s sake, I’m not going to break, fuck me and I mean fuck me hard!

“All you had to do was ‘splain it to me Baby,” I grinned and I sought to split Rosalind’s fine ass into two as I hammered it and fingered her clit like I was pressing a stubborn doorbell. Her body began convulsing much like I’m hoping for our “Perfect Storm” invention and I just kept pumping until the syrup just blew out of me like a jet catapulting from a carrier deck! I pumped seed into her rectum until there was nothing left to pump, push or dribble. We were spent.

We fell asleep spooned and stayed that way for about a half hour, my limp dick still partly inside Rosalind’s bottom and my hands cupping her perfect breasts. Rosalind awoke just ahead of me and in a voice that was soft as a sigh, she said, “I like Providence so far.’

“I owe you a body-rub but first things first.” I grabbed my laptop and found that Jo was online and I proposed that we meet the next day for misadventure. Jo said she’d contact Dave and get back to me in ten minutes. We heard from her in less than five and yes – they’d love to meet up with us. I told Jo that Rosalind wanted to pick up men – preferably young men and Dave and I would watch them fuck each of them. Jo loved the idea and said we should leave right after breakfast for the six hour drive from Providence to Springfield PA, where we will meet up, and then jump into the large Recreational Vehicle (RV) that they often use as a sex venue, finalize our game plan over lunch and then let the fucking begin. Jo gave me her address and now it was up to my GPA navigator to find the quickest way to Springfield and my dick to find Jo’s pussy because as much as I was enjoying Rosalind, I wanted more of Jo before the people we’d pick-up got her.

“Now I understand why you used her name whilst making love to me,” Rosalind said, giving me a mild jab with her elbow. OK, we had an afternoon and evening to enjoy before hitting the road for Springfield, a town that Rosalind began calling “The Promised Land.” Unpacking a bottle of scented oil that we’d bought at the same place as the vibrating panty, I began working on Rosalind’s body from head to toe. I massaged every square inch of her and when I got to her gorgeous ass Rosalind said, “Remember, I want internal loving as well.”

“Oh I remember Darlin,” I said while pouring oil onto my hand liberally and also pouring a trickle between her ass cheeks. I began rubbing the oil gently but firmly into her ass, to Rosalind’s soft moans and then, just like that my finger was deep in her rectum, stroking and swirling. Reaching around with my other hand, my thumb slipped into Rosalind’s pussy with no other lubricants needed. Rosalind’s body shifted onto her back so that she could lift her hips as she humped and I changed positions to. My tongue was lashing Rosalind’s clit and I had two fingers then three invading her humping cunny and my thumb was firmly planted in her pooper. I had the nearly intractable urge to fist Rosalind’s beautiful vagina but my hands are large and I want her pussy in good shape for tomorrow’s visit with Jo and Dave so I restrain myself. Soon Rosalind came – and she DID cum like a thing unholy.

We rested for awhile and then went to dinner. Our conversation was light and loving and for the life of me I can’t remember what we discussed. Back in our suite, we took some photos both clothed and nekked, and then retired to the sauna lest we leave some stone unturned in our quest for sex-play. In the sauna, though Rosalind began teasing me mercilessly. “Feel my pussy” she told me. I did. “Feel how hot it’s getting? I’m soaking up heat that I’ll unleash on some poor unsuspecting men tomorrow while you watch every stroke, lick and shot of their cum filling me.”

Are you trying to make me crazy?” I ask.


“And?” I ask.

“I’m making you hot and crazy and you’re not fucking me any more tonight. I’m saving myself for the men we’ll meet tomorrow. You’re going to pick out the clothes I wear for them and I’m putting that little buzzer of yours away for now. “

“Jesus Rosalind, you sure know how to make a guy crazy!”

“Remember though, I promised you a reward and you will be rewarded abundantly.” Rosalind grinned.

I barely slept that night. I wondered if this is how the Woody Harrelson character must have felt in “Indecent Proposal” as his wife boarded the helicopter to a yacht where Robert Redford’s character waited to experience her charms. Still though, Rosalind had promised a reward and she was a very rewarding woman. Also, I was going to get a poke at Jo, and she's always a pleasure. The downside was that never before had I been a cuckold, this was an entirely new chapter for me. While Rosalind isn’t my wife, we’d grown close enough that despite the fact that I had no right to – my ego saw her as my exclusive sex partner. I have to give her credit though, earlier when Rosalind had been telling be about some of her experiences with other men, the stories had turned me on immensely and so – shit I don’t know. Somehow all this was going to work out OK.

It's morning and Rosalind is a bitch. A bitch in heat. She razzed me all through breakfast and for the entire six hour ride about what she wanted to do with these men and how much she wanted Dave and me to watch them and maybe to shoot our cum on she and Jo before we got ours. I agreed to go along with all of it but even I have boundaries, and I’m not into the idea of licking up some other guy’s yams. I know that Dave likes it and I don’t disrespect it in any way – it’s just not my thing. Rosalind agreed that she’d tolerate my prudishness in that area. Like I said, I love her, but she’s a bitch, a fucking bitch; a wonderful, lovely, desirable, enticing, fucking bitch.

We met in a nice Chinese place called Pei Wei not far from Jo and Dave’s house and they greeted us warmly. Rosalind and Jo became instant fact friends and they giggled like schoolgirls. I knew exactly what Rosalind wore because she’d made me pick it out for her. Looking at Jo, I knew exactly what she wore too because her beautiful tits were right there for anyone taller than her petite frame to see and I knew that she never wore panties when ‘out on a mission.’ As usual, Jo’s nipples could have scratched her name into the plate glass window and a peek over towards Rosalind revealed that although she wore a black lace demi-bra, her nipples protruded proudly.

A sexual melee was so soaked into my brain that even the won tons in the soup looked like little ready vaginas. Rosalind wanted to let Jo and Dave take the lead as they were more experienced at this kind of swinging. “I’m placing myself in your hands,” she said; and smiling towards me, she added, “I’m placing him there too.”

We left my car in the parking lot and piled into the RV. Jo fixed drinks while Dave drove to the mall. “We’ve always had good luck here,” he said,” and if this doesn’t pan out there’s another mall twenty minutes away where we’ve had a good time.”

“Then let the good times roll,” I said wondering what in hell this afternoon held in store for us. I knew that I wanted another crack at Jo’s pussy and even a threesome with she and Rosalind later would be a nice dessert. Then, it occurred to me if Rosalind was going to force me to watch her fuck I was going to start right in on Jo even as Dave drove the five minute trip to his hunting grounds. I wanted desperately to call them his ‘cunting grounds’ but I knew that neither woman was fond of that word so I kept it to myself.

“Commere you,” I said to Jo, hooking my finger in the narrow strap of her sheath dress. “I’ve been waiting all morning to suck those nipples!”

I couldn’t look at Rosalind right away and Dave said, “Boy some pal, starting without me” as he eased the big RV out onto Baltimore Pike. In one lift of my hand, Jo’s dress was long gone and I noticed that she’d grown a narrow landing strip since I’d seen her last. “MMmmmmmm last of the Mohicans, I see,” I quipped as I drew Jo into my arms.

“You like?” She asked. I kissed her hard and that was all the answer she needed. I was so horny that before we’d gotten a block away my cock was inside Jo and I was fucking like a crazed virgin getting his first piece. Jo was simply smiling up at me, she was nowhere near excited enough to cum yet but she was enjoying my cock inside her and I saw that she was enjoying watching Rosalind watch me fuck. By the time Dave pulled into the parking lot scant minutes later I’d already spilled my baby-batter into Jo’s body.

“Way to go, Champ,” Dave shouted back from the captain’s chair / driver’s seat, “Round one.”

Dave navigated the big machine alongside a large stone wall, maybe a two minute walk from a busy sports bar and announced, “This is my lucky spot.”

I patted his wife’s landing strip with one hand and Rosalind’s mons with the other and replied, “These are my lucky spots.” I grinned. Jo slipped her dress back on but I knew that it would be on and off many times that afternoon and evening.

Dave faked a Slim Pickins voice and said, “Well there young feller, you just keep on a-bein lucky and you guard these here woman-folk while I go and round up guys for a pussy -hankerin posse.” I wondered if Rosalind ever had seen “Blazing Saddles” to recognize the voice and mannerisms.

Jo, Rosalind and I enjoyed our drinks and in maybe ten minutes, we heard a soft knock and Dave entered with two young men in tow. They introduced themselves as Bill and Arnold. “Well Bill and Arnold, “Jo began, “Welcome to our little rolling sex palace, there’s a bathroom in the back if you care to use it and condoms in the medicine cabinet if you absolutely feel that you must but personally, I avoid ‘em.” Jo introduced Rosalind and me and the guys looked nervous but excited. The one guy’s hand trembled a little as I shook it. Dave fetched beers for our new guests and Rosalind surprised me by giving me an innocent smile and then making the first move on Arnold. Bill seemed less nervous and he began kissing Jo. The guys kept looking over their shoulders at Dave and me. I guess they wondered if we were going to mug and rob them or something. Dave has a lot of experience at this and he gave me a look and tilted his head towards the RV door.

Outside, he closed the door but not completely and said, “Sometimes it’s best to let things get started and come in once they’re well involved.” I followed his lead but was a little uncomfortable knowing that Rosalind was in there with Arnold. Part of me hated the idea of watching her with another man and part of me shivered in excitement at the thought. Soon I hear soft moans coming from the partly open door and, this will sound silly but they were British moans and I looked at Dave. He held up two fingers, and so for another two agonizing minutes I listened to Arnold whoever fuck my new girlfriend until added moans meant that Jo was being equally entertained. Using his fingers to indicate that we should enter quietly, Dave led me stealthily back into the big RV. My body sagged against the dashboard. Mother of God! Rosalind was on top of Arnold and fucking him like it was necessary to save his life! His eyes were closed and his hips pumping but Rosalind was clearly the aggressor her hips slamming down hard enough that if one of his balls got in the way he was going to be a hurting young man. There was no longer any doubt that I could watch Rosalind fuck, I was mesmerized and my legs too wobbly to do anything but sit against the dash and watch them. Was my cock hard? Right then I really don’t remember.

Moans coming from Bill drew my attention to Jo briefly. Bill is a big guy and Jo is a tiny firecracker. He was fucking her in the missionary position and the only part of Jo that I could see were her thin legs hammering his ass spurring him on. “Hey bitch, you’re biting my nipples!” Bill complained and then added, “Never mind; fucking bite them harder!” Dave had taken a seat maybe six feet behind the action and he was calmly watching these two exciting women fuck, each with a different style. He was sipping a whiskey and Coke as calmly as if watching a football game on TV. Carefully, I edges past the four rutting people and sank into a chair near Dave and picked up the Grand Marnier on ice that I’d been sipping earlier. I fought the urge to toss down the drink in one gulp. “

“It’s a shame we missed the start” I whispered to Dave.

“We didn’t.” Dave whispered back tilting his drink towards three lipstick sized low light video cameras attached unobtrusively to parts of the ceiling. Damn, these folks think of everything. Dave and I sat there as spectators as these two young men fucked for another four minutes and then one by one they stiffened and disengaged. Rosalind shocked me yet again when she grabbed Arnold’s curly hair and pulled his face to her pussy and ordered him to eat her pussy and to lick up every drop of wetness. Arnold resisted but not for long and soon he was lapping away like a champ. Jo made no such demand of Bill for she wouldn’t deprive Dave of the pleasure. Soon Bill got off of Jo and padded back to the RV bathroom and as soon as he did, Dave set down his drink in a gimbaled holder and moved forward and dropped to his knees before Jo. “I love you baby.” He said and used his mouth on her like a man frantic to save his wife from snakebite!

“I love you too Baby,” Jo said softly – almost motherly.

The van reeked of sex odors and I saw a switch for a ceiling mounted heating/air conditioning unit and put it on Vent. Arnold was winding down and soon Rosalind released her grip on his hair. There was a little wetness evident on her inner thighs but her vagina was as clean as when we left the shower last night. “Dress now Arnold!” Rosalind commanded and the guy she’d just fucked responded like a whipped puppy and went back to dress. She winked at me and smiled. There were many facets to this woman that I knew nothing about!

Once the guys were safely gone off to tell their buds about their adventure and probably never be believed, the girls took turns tidying up in the bathroom and pulled on their dresses. I noticed that Rosalind simply tucked her underwear into her purse. I stared at Rosalind’s beautiful pussy and wondered if she’d made Arnold wear a condom and whether it was her wetness he lapped up or had he left her insides awash in sperm. Oh well, it wasn’t my place to offer an opinion so I dismissed the matter to spare myself anxiety. As a practical matter, I don’t see anything wrong with a man eating cum from a pussy – even when it’s someone Else's. It’s not any better or worse, just different. Still though, I’m squeamish about it.

Except for the last vestiges of sexual odors being pulled out through the ventilation system, the four of us looked like any pair of middle aged couples sharing drinks and conversation in an RV. “What did you think, “Jo asked Rosalind.

“I think it was bonkers and I want more! I want to be gangbanged, gobsmacked ”

Hell, at that point I was the one who felt ‘gobsmacked’ (astonished) as I was positively astonished by the raucous ways that Rosalind was taking on. I mean don’t misunderstand me; she was a tiger as we toured New England but this behavior was beyond the beyond!

Soon after, Dave told us to wait again and after about twenty minutes he returned with five young men, all in their late twenties and all athletic. They were part of an amateur basketball team and had stopped for drinks after a game. Rosalind’s eyes were wide as headlights at the prospect of offering herself to five athletes freshly showered and hot as firecrackers. Jo looked like her mouth was about to water as well. As it was crowded up front, Dave and I moved our chairs well back to give these people all the room they’d need. These guys weren’t the least bit shy about dropping ‘trou in front of each other as they routinely did that in the gym locker room. In no time, one of them, a tall black guy was pumping his meat into Rosalind and a smaller white guy was pummeling Jo. Jo was giving a hand job to a second guy and Rosalind was blowing one as she fucked her guy. The fifth guy just stood jerking off and waiting his turn.

I noticed that Dave was stroking himself openly and I was excited – mightily so - but not quite ready to cross that bridge. It bothered me that I couldn’t see Rosalind’s face as she sucked this guy’s cock and fucked the other guy but I felt confident that Dave would share a copy of the video and the varied camera angles would fill in any gaps. The guy in Rosalind’s mouth stiffened and dropped his load in her throat. As he stepped away the fifth guy instantly replaced him and Rosalind was back into a suckfest. Jo’s guy moaned hard and jammed his hips into hers as he came. He staggered back and rested against the dashboard where I’d caught my balance earlier. Gobs of cum trailed down Jo’s thighs but there was no room at the inn so to speak and Dave could only watch and wait.

The guy Jo was stroking immediately shifted and nailed her soaking gash and I don’t think his hips missed a beat. The big guy in Rosalind’s pussy finally announced that he was about to cum and then fulfilled his prophesy. His cock was barely out of Rosalind because the fifth guy was in there hammering. There was no missing the fact that none of these guys bothered with condoms and both women were flooded with seminal fluid that was so filled with potent sperm cells that it almost was a jell flowing down their faces and legs. There was a small puddle on the floor beneath Rosalind. Over the next hour, all five of these powerful young men fucked both women twice in the vagina and at least that many times in the mouth.

The men left in high spirits, chest bumping each other and slapping high fives. The women looked highly satisfied and a little exhausted. Dave lovingly took Jo’s hand and they began kissing. I decided to give them some privacy and so I led Rosalind to the back of the RV where I saw that their bathroom was equipped with a telephone type shower head and I lovingly bathed Rosalind. She leaned forward and then stopped, took the shower and rinsed her mouth and then planted a kiss on me that I will not soon forget.

The four of us tidied up. I had to wash my genitals carefully as they were awash in precum and smelled to high heaven. After our ablutions, Dave drove the big bus to a nice restaurant where we enjoyed a fine dinner and conversation. We lingered over dinner and shared desserts. Driving away, Dave brought the RV to a quiet spot in the parking lot and said, “I want to be with Rosalind.” Rosalind stood and pulled off her dress and I saw that she’d replaced her underwear for dinner.

“Think you can manage the rest?” Rosalind said smiling broadly. Dave simply moved towards her pulling off his shirt.

Jo welcomed me to her with a wag of her finger and soon we were at it again. Once we were fairly far along in passion I looked deeply into Jo’ eyes and said “You have no idea how much I want to bury my cock in your ass.”

“I’ve never been a fan of anal,” Jo said softly.

“Someone hurt you?” I asked and she nodded.

Trust me to try something?” I said to Jo. “The sex probably hurt you because someone took his dick and fucked your ass with it. What I’m suggesting is that you control all parts of the entry. In other words you rub your ass against me pleasurably for as long as it takes. Then rub your asshole against the head of my dick for as long as you want and I won’t move a centimeter. Push as gently as you want at whatever pace and depth as you want and with as much lube as you want and if it doesn’t work for you fine and if it does, you’ve stretched your repertoire no pun intended. Jo looked to Dave for approval but he already was balls deep into Rosalind and pumping mightily.

“I’ll try it but please be patient and gentle, “Jo said. I put a lot of jelly on her ass and a lot on my cock. We were soaked in the stuff and I lay back as Rosalind began rubbing her ass cleft along my cock, pleasuring both of us and keeping me stiff. After a good five minutes of that she dared to center her rosebud against my cockhead and gave the slightest push. For another five minutes she pushed and pulled not more than an eighth inch of me. The tingling feeling on the end of my penis was making me crazy but I held still. A minute later there was a half inch of penetrating strokes and then three quarters of an inch. I was rubbing Jo’s clit with my hand liberally coated in jelly and Jo began moaning and taking longer strokes, an inch now and my head was almost in.

“Almost” I said and Jo pushed a little harder and my head entered her with a plop.

“Let me get used to that” Jo said and she rocked ever so slightly and then pushed back to take more of me inside her. Jo’s rectum was blazing hot against my penis.

“Oh Baby this is wonderful” I told Jo and rubbed her clit more vigorously. We could hear Rosalind and Dave moaning and humping madly now and Jo’s excitement level spiked and she began taking bold humps against my cock, now taking it in right to my balls.

“Oh Baby you’re in my ass, you’re so deep in my ass!” Jo said in the huskiest voice I’d ever heard from her. Still though, it’s her first time and I fucked her gently and worked her clit feverishly. When I came it was in thick streams. As my cock softened and I withdrew it I kissed Jo deeply. I reached for my drink and Jo stopped me and said, “Wait a minute there guy, you wanted me to expand my repertoire, and now it’s time to expand yours! With a coy smile and her best fake supermarket announcement voice she pointed to her bum and said, “Cleanup in Aisle two!”. I heard Rosalind giggle and thought, “Oh what the hell, at least it’s my cum and dived on in there and did a credible job cleaning up Jo’s ass.

Dave and Rosalind must’ve cum while Jo and I were because they were disengaged and cuddling. Dave slid down and began lapping Rosalind’s tired pussy lovingly and she just sat back smiling like a tired angel.

We decided that rather than rush Rosalind up to New York to make her flight that we’d reschedule her flight home from Philadelphia which gave us an extra night together. Rosalind made good on her promise to reward me handsomely but that’s another story for another day. As Rosalind told me recently, you have to know when to end a story.

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