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Time in New England Part Two – a story inspired by

Time spent with Rosalind in northeast US
Time in New England Part Two – a story inspired by Wholelottarosie

With Rosalind on holiday in the northeastern US

This was the first full day of our vacation together but I was in no rush to let Rosalind out of bed. We’d shared ourselves over the internet for close to a year before she came over “on holiday” as she calls it. Rosalind is 59 but she has a body that most thirty year olds would envy and the energy to match.

I was channel surfing on the TV to see if they had a music channel that I could use for background. Grinning broadly, Rosalind made a sarcastic wisecrack, “Is that what you Yanks are about? You get a woman into bed and turn on the telly?” snatching a banana from the room service ray, I held it like a pistol and faked a James Cagney voice and said, “Listen Sweetheart, I’ve a banana here see? And I’m not afraid to use it!”

“Use it how?” Rosalind teased.

“I’ll show you how” I replied poking her upper body with the fruit. Soon though I was poking her lower body with it too and kissing her passionately. While I hadn’t planned to I did fuck Rosalind with that banana and after she came, I peeled and we shared the thing. Lovers do crazy things but crazy is fun.

We packed up and checked out of the hotel and began our trip northward, the first leg being the aquarium in Mystics Connecticut. Rosalind had been in aquariums before but none this large and so it was a delightful afternoon. For dinner we skipped fine dining because Rosalind wanted to go to Mystic Pizza, the scene of a movie with Julia Roberts back in the late 1980’s. After dinner we retired to our hotel where I’d reserved a nice suite with a Jacuzzi tub. After running a cycle of water through the tub because I’m anal about dirty water possibly remaining in the pump and tubing, I filled the tub with fresh hot water and a delightfully naked and completely adorable British woman hopped into the tub and cranked up the jets. One water jet was striking Rosalind strategically and she quipped that she might not have need of me tonight. I picked up the ice bucket that was about 50/50 ice and water and held it above Rosalind threatening. “Do you want me to be cold?” she asked with feigned innocence.

After leaving Rosalind ample time to soak and enjoy the water jets, I joined her in the tub and we played like children, washing each other’s backs and pushing bubbles about. Soon though our washing took on greater intimacy and I was soaping her gorgeous breasts and tracing my way south to her sweet vagina. “No soap inside” she cautioned, but I’ve been around long enough to know better than to risk a yeast infection for her and I teased mercilessly outside her quim. Soon we were out of the tub and we dried wash other off with the huge thirsty bath sheets provided and we donned hotel terrycloth robes. Our suite had a gas-log fireplace and so I lit it and we cuddled by the fire talking softly about nothing of consequence and we began kissing. I held Rosalind closely from behind and cupped her C-cups lovingly as I kissed the back of her neck and stroked her hair. As I lay dying one day, I hope that one of my memories is of Rosalind and of cupping those full, firm, lovely breasts.

Soon we were just a little hotter than the gas fireplace and we moved to the bed where Rosalind pushed be back and started giving me the blow job from Heaven. That wonderful Brit did everything to my genitals that a woman could do! She licked and sucked my penis until it became so sensitive that her touch nearly was painful. Then she sucked my balls one by one and returned to take me deeply into her mouth. I didn’t let myself cum because I wanted to save that for the main event.

Soon I returned the favor and teased Rosalind’s vagina until it actually began to quiver. Once that began all hope of extended foreplay was dashed and I impaled myself deeply into Rosalind’s body. We fucked like madmen, like two people just released from prison. Her body was mesmerizing and as her orgasm neared I threw everything I had into loving Rosalind and driving us for fulfillment. Maybe two strokes after Rosalind’s orgasm started, mine hit me like a ton of bricks and I creamed my balls out into the condom.

The next day Rosalind said she was a little sore in the morning and truth to tell I needed some recuperation time myself so we had a nice breakfast and headed off to Mystic Seaport. Essentially the place is a town that is a maritime museum with some five hundred old boats of all types, Bark’s, whaling vessels and so on. The buildings are recreations and the entire place is in period setting from the late 1800’s. We toured around learning how people lived and worked in the maritime industry back then as blacksmiths, shipwrights, leather makers, sail makers and so on. After spending the full day touring the town, I picked up sandwiches and a bottle of wine and we had a picnic dinner on a nearby beach in a state park. We celebrated the sunset with a solid hour of kissing.

Back at our hotel, Rosalind said that she was still a little sore and so we cuddled and kissed the evening away. Right after breakfast the next morning we checked out and went to Stonington which is only ten minutes away and we spent the morning touring several of the many art galleries there. Our trip was beginning to feel like a honeymoon and we held hands most of the morning.

From Stonington we drove the two hours to Boston. Rosalind wanted to see the bar that had inspired the TV show Cheers and so that’s where we had lunch. Afterwards we toured Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market doing tourist shopping and there we saw a company of teenage actors recreate scenes from “The Crucible” a tale of the witch trials and hangings among the settlers in Salem Mass. Rosalind had learned about that part of our history before and she enjoyed seeing the show. The next day we planned to visit Salem so it was a good primer.

That night I took Rosalind to the most romantic restaurant in Boston, on the top floor of a skyscraper overlooking Boston Harbor. During dinner I went to pour Rosalind a third glass of wine she stopped me and said, “Don’t go getting me too drunk tonight Yank; I’m not so sore anymore!” We skipped dessert.

Back in our room, lovemaking was unrushed and I touched and kissed all of her. I traced Rosalind’s name on her skin with my finger and composed a full-on love letter and traced it on her back. “Cheeky bastard, Rosalind said, if you’re going to finger me put that thing where it’ll do more good.” Playfully I slapped her smartly on the bottom. It was like shifting into high gear! We began kissing and groping and I tweaked those amazing nipples of her. I grazed on her ear lobes, tugged at her hair. Rosalind twisted her body on the bed while I stood next to it pounding vertically into her and slapped her ass repeatedly.

“Fuck me you prick” Rosalind hissed. The wine really seemed to bring out the bad girl in Rosalind and I really love bad girls.

“Prick?” I yelled, “You want prick?” I hammered harder into her.

“Yes I want prick Dan, I’ve overflown the ocean to come and get some now give it to me.” Rosalind wanted an angry fuck and she knew how to get one. I fucked her harder than I’ve ever hammered a woman before and she was loving it. I moistened a finger and jammed it tight into Rosalind’s rosebud ass and fucked all the harder. I found myself readying to cum but willed it away.

“How’s your cunny now Girl? I asked harshly, ‘Does it want to be fucked like this? Shall I invite others to come in here and fuck you too? I treated Rosalind like a slut, like a fucking two dollar slut and she spoke just like one. Her beautiful British accent speaking such profanity was bringing me right up to the edge. She cursed me, loved me and most of all took my fucking well, absorbing the pounding I gave her body as I’d let my knees buckle and my body come slamming down into her! Rosalind came first and let out a stream of obscenities fit for any dockworker. I came seconds later and was shocked to hear my own voice say, “I love you.”

We held each other for a long time and then showered together, lovingly, our sexual energies spent. We still had half our vacation to go and somehow New England had become Heaven. I’m wondering what our trip to Salem will bring tomorrow.

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