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Top Down at 85

Top Down at 85

Randy has a surprise on his eighteenth birthday.
My neighbor, Mrs. Doris Canfield lost her husband in a tragic car accident four years ago. The authorities informed her that he had been hit head on by a drunk driver. He had died upon impact and did not suffer. He was thirty five years old, owned a very successful realty company.

She took over the business turning it into the number one company in Texas. Doris made many sacrifices to reach this accomplishment. Her small circle of friends were her only social outlet.

Doris is an attractive woman, who always dresses to the nines. She is fifty-five years old, stands five foot six inches, with blonde hair down to her shoulders. Her eyes are aquamarine blue, which are very alluring. 

My name is Randy, I am six feet tall, short blonde hair with blue eyes. I have been doing yard work for the Canfield's, including maintaining their in ground pool since I was fourteen. After the death of her husband, Doris asked me to continue working for her.

My father left us when I was three and we have not seen or heard from him since. My mother, through hard work and perseverance now owns the number one restaurant in Dallas. Today, she is going in early and tells me she is closing tonight. She told me she will not be home until midnight.

"Happy birthday Randy, I will give you your gift tomorrow."

 After she left, I went up to my room. Looking out my window I saw Doris sitting on a lounge chair by the pool. She was wearing a slingshot swimsuit which left little to the imagination. 

She was rubbing lotion on her arm, watching her slowly move her hand up her arm, I removed my shorts. Moving closer to the window, I saw her hand glide across her shoulder then down to her chest. Taking the bottle of lotion in her other hand, she drizzled the white liquid across her chest, down between her large firm breasts.

She placed the bottle back on the table next to her. Slowly massaging the lotion into her skin, I found myself stroking my cock to hardness. On every upward stroke I rubbed the circumcised head as my other hand fondled my scrotum.

Doris slowly moved her hands to the exposed inner curve of her breasts. With my window being opened just a crack, I could hear her moaning. Her fingers pushed her suit from her breasts as she spread the lotion on her nipples. She pinched her nipples as her hips thrust slowly up and down.

Stroking my shaft, I felt precum flow from my cock. Moving my hand up to the head I spread the thick cream along the shaft. I was moving my hand up and down the shaft a little faster as I continued fondling my scrotum.

I looked down at the beautiful sight of Doris fingering herself. I let out a gasp when I saw she was shaved, my cock throbbed in my hand.

Doris was cuming all over her fingers, her moaning is all it took. My cream spewed forth onto my hand and down my shaft. Doris was licking her sweet nectar from her fingers as I rubbed my cream on my cock. Doris kept dipping her fingers in her wet slit, spreading her nectar on her stiff nipples. Taking some of my cream, I covered my nipples. She then spread her sweet nectar onto her chest and pulled her suit back over her breasts. I took the rest of my cream and rubbed it on my chest.

Slipping my shorts back on, I decided not to wear a t shirt. I went downstairs and noticed it was ten in the morning. I hurried over to clean the pool, hoping that Doris was still there. As I rounded the corner, there she was lying on the lounge chair working on her tan.

"Good morning, Mrs. Canfield." I went over to get the skimmer and began cleaning the pool. Doris did not attempt to cover up, much to my delight.

"Good morning, Randy." Smiling at me, watching my every move she laid back on the lounge chair.

"Almost forgot, happy eighteenth birthday sweetie!" 

I smiled and thanked her as I continued cleaning. She went back working on her tan, as I took every opportunity to sneak a peek. She would adjust herself every now and then, giving me more to look at. I realized then that she wanted me to look. When I had moved to her side of the pool she called me over.

"Randy dear, would you mind putting lotion on my backside?"

Walking over, I felt my cock stand at attention. There was no hiding my stiff erection, as I reached for the lotion on the table next to Doris.

"Oooooohhhh Randy, did I do that?" As she reached out, running her fingers along the bulge in my shorts.

"Yes Mrs. Canfield you did that." Moving closer, she slipped her hand up the leg of my shorts. When her hand touched my balls, I let out a gasp. Her hand moved up to my shaft, I felt it get harder under her touch.

"Nice to see you can get hard, barely ten minutes from cuming." Stroking my shaft she told me she has known since the first time I watched her a month ago.

I was shocked and embarrassed but Doris assured me it was okay. She went on to say that she could not wait to get home to lay out by the pool knowing that we would climax together.

"Forget the lotion, for I have an idea." She suggested I finish cleaning the pool, as she stood she told me I had twenty minutes to finish and go freshen up. With that she sashayed her way into her house.

I hurried to finish cleaning the pool, then ran to my house to get cleaned up. With two minutes to spare I was at her front door. Doris was already there.

"I love a man who shows up a little early."

She had pulled her hair up and off her neck. The scooped neckline was very wide and low, showing most of her ample bosom. The cream colored sleeveless dress accentuated every curve of her trim, toned body.

"Mrs. Canfield, you look stunning."

"Thank you Randy, you look handsome."

I was wearing a pair of khaki slacks and brown penny loafers with tassels. My polo shirt was yellow.

Walking to her car, Doris gave me the keys telling me to drive. I looked hesitant as I never drove such an expensive car, it is a 2014 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG convertible. Doris assured me that it was going to be fine. I walked with her to the passenger side and opened the door. Slipping into the supple leather seat, her dress slid up to mid-thigh. Closing the door I went around and slipped into my seat.

Starting the car she asked me to retract the roof since it was a beautiful day. After doing so, we headed out. She told me we were going to San Antonio to celebrate my birthday.

"I... I... I can't, my mother...." Before I could say anything else, she told me that she had talked to my mother and it was okay with her as long as I was home by eleven.

Before we know it, we are on I-35. Doris told me to go for it, I put the pedal to the metal. Getting it up to the speed limit of eighty-five miles per hour. There was no traffic to speak of, as we put Dallas behind us. I put the cruise control on, as Doris shifted in her seat to face me.

We talked about my watching her over the last month and this morning. She said it made feel good about her body. Doris said it has been a while since a man touched her, as she reached behind herself. The sound of her zipper being pulled down stirred my cock. She then slipped the dress from her shoulders teasingly slow.

Thank God the road has very long stretches with no curves. The only curves I wanted to see were the ones next to me. Doris pulled the top of the dress to her already erect nipples, stopping there to tease me. With her other hand, she pulled her dress up to her waist. There before me was her shaved pussy and garters.

Reaching over, I rubbed her slit as she let the dress fall from her breasts. At that moment, a car was passing us. The driver slowed so they could watch. Doris cupped her breasts and swirled her tongue around her nipples. I slipped my fingers from her very wet slit. She licked them clean, then bent down to open my fly. Her mouth engulfed my entire length, sucking on it until it was straight.

My seat was back as far as it could go and that is when she said, "Let’s give then a show."

Doris climbed on my lap, facing forward she took my cock deep into her slit. With her hands on the wheel she bounced on my cock as my fingers teased her nipples and fondled her breasts. The girl in the convertible next to us removed her clothes. Her male partner glanced over at us as he drove, Doris was screaming that she was cuming.

We both looked over just in time to see the girl kneeling on her seat, thrust two fingers into her love tunnel. Her boyfriend reached over and from her reaction we knew. His finger was now slipping deep in her ass. That sent Doris and I over. I released load after load into her tunnel. The girl next to us reached her orgasm shortly after us.

They shouted out a thank you as they sped away. I grabbed the wheel with my left hand as Doris moved off my still very stiff cock. She moved to her seat, then went to her knees. She moved over and licked my cock clean. When she was finished she straightened me out.

Sitting back in her seat Doris said, "I love driving, with the top down at eighty-five." 

The End

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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