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Trip to San Diego

My wife gives my friend a treat!
My wife and I were spending a winter down at Yuma, AZ at our friends' place. They had their motor home parked in their front yard and we stayed in it. It was very comfortable and saved us lots of money not having to rent a place.

Even though we were getting older my wife had taken care of herself and had a great body; a nice set of 36 D breasts and a cute little ass, compared to my friend's wife who had put on lots of weight, and wasn't interested in having sex any more. My wife Maggie still liked to fuck and suck, and had for many years. My friend Ken could hardly keep his eyes off of her.

Several years before he had been fucking my wife. That was one of the reasons he wanted us to live in his motor home.

I liked him fucking her. One of us would fuck her and she would suck the other one off, then we would switch. This went on for quite a few years. I used to like watching them and jacking off. When he got done I would lick her cunt, and suck her wet and dripping juices that had run down her legs after he had blown his load into her.

I was horny over the idea of watching him fuck her again. I was going to do everything I could to help him get some fucking from my wife, but she had quit having sex with him. Why? I don't know. Since we had moved back east they hadn't had sex for about fourteen years.

He mentioned it to her one day while the three of us were sitting at the patio table.

"How long has it been, Maggie, since we made love? I sure miss it."

She said, "About fourteen years I guess."

So she had been thinking of it. I told him that I thought she would fuck him, but he had to play it cool. I told him to give her little touches and to make sure he got a good night kiss every night. If he just rubbed her shoulders or her arm when he passed her in the hallway it would make her aware of him. 

So he worked on her. Every day he would rub her shoulders and back, and before he left he gave her a kiss on her lips and a big hug. She got to the point that she expected his kiss every night.

He came over every day to the motor home. He would sit next to her on the couch and rub her back and neck. Pretty soon he was rubbing her tits, and at first she would move his hand away, but it took longer before she would do it each time.

She loved to have her tits played with and her nipples pinched. It was one of her weak points to getting into her pants. She got hotter than anything and it worked every time.

This went on for a week or so, him playing with her and giving her the goodnight kisses. I told her that Ken wanted to fuck her and have her suck his cock because he thought she was the best cocksucker in the world. She didn't say much, but I could tell she liked him saying that.

One Monday night he came over kind of late and we were watching TV.

He sat down next to her. Pretty soon he had his arm around her and was rubbing her tits. I could see she liked it as she moved back into his arms, so he could really play with her tits. It wasn't long before his hand was down on her leg and moving over by her pussy. She reached down and moved his hand away from her pussy and told him, "No, not there."

He put his hand back on her tits. He started really working on them and she let him.

He played with her tits for a few more minutes. She got up and said it was time for him to go home and started to leave the room.

Well, Ken got up and put his arms around her. "I need a good night kiss."

They kissed, and Ken had a big smile on his face. She went into the bathroom and shut the door. Before he got out the door I said, "Why the big smile?"

"She kissed me back," he replied then left.

When I got into bed with her she was really hot. I put my hand on her pussy and was it wet. The juices were flowing, and my finger slid right in. I had to ask her, "Wow, Kenny was sure happy when he left. Do you know why?"

She said, "I kissed him back. I guess he wasn't expecting my tongue in his mouth."

Then I told her that Ken said he wanted to fuck her, and that I told him I would let him fuck her if she wanted to. Then I told her I would like her to fuck him. She didn't say anything, and we fucked; it was good.

The next day was Tuesday. Ken's wife went to classes every Tuesday, and would be gone all day.

We were up early and I was on the computer when Ken came over. My wife and him were talking, and I heard her say, "Let's go into the bedroom."

They left and went back to the bedroom. It wasn't long before I went back there too. The door was open and they were lying on the bed kissing with their arms around each other.

I gave them a few minutes alone and checked on them again. He had her blouse and bra off, and was kissing and sucking her tits. She had her arms around him rubbing his back and kissing him. A few minutes went by and I looked again. His shorts were off. All he had on was a t-shirt, and she was playing with his cock. He was sucking her nipples and they were hard at it.

A few minutes later I checked on them. She was sucking his cock. He was just lying there enjoying it all. I watched until he blew his load into her mouth. Boy did she gulp it down, and lick his balls and cock, getting every last drop.

They were lying there and I said, "I'll help you get her pants off so you can play with her pussy." 

She said, "No, just my tits."

I said to Ken, "Okay, you play with her tits, and I'll play with her pussy."

So they lay down and Ken was playing with her tits and kissing her. I was rubbing her pussy. I slowly pulled her pants and panties down so I could get my fingers in her cunt; it was hot and wet.

I lay down next to them and whispered into her ear loud enough that Ken could hear me, "Do you want Kenny to play with you?"
"Yes," she gasped.

So I told her to take his hand and put it on her pussy and he would get the idea. When she started down toward her pussy with his hand he was ahead of her. He stuck his fingers into her wet cunt and had her squealing in no time at all.

A few minutes later he was on top of her fucking her cunt as hard as he could. She was kissing him and rubbing his back, telling him how bad she had missed his cock.

I left the two lovers alone and finished jacking off my throbbing cock, letting my cum drip onto the carpet. I was sexually drained after watching these two lovers unite after many years apart.

It was great seeing them have sex once again. I knew this was just the start of many fuckings that they and myself would enjoy while we were there.

Many times throughout the week I saw my wife run out into the garage where Ken would be waiting, and they would kiss and play with each other. They thought they were out of sight of everyone, but I was watching them.

Then he would come over in the evenings just when she was through taking her bath, or when she was changing her clothes. I had speed dial on my cell telephone and when the time was ripe for him to drop in I would give him a quick call. He would come over and just walk back to where he would find my wife all naked.

Most of the time she thought he had just come in unexpectedly. She didn't know that her nasty husband was making sure that he could watch her and Ken fucking, or sucking. I sure liked watching them have sex.

Ken liked to get up pretty early everyday. He would always have something to do. Whether it was working on one of his cars, or just messing around in his shop.

Just about every morning he would come in the motor home. He wore walking shorts and nothing else, so he could just slide them down and climb in bed with us. It wasn't long before he had her awake and moaning.
It was great as I was able to lick or fuck a hot pussy that was wetter then anything. I didn't have to do anything but slid my hard cock in. No foreplay at all; loved it.

One afternoon while his wife was sitting on the patio reading a book he came in. He started playing with Maggie. It didn't take him long to get her hot enough that she pulled his cock out of his pants and started giving him a blow job while his wife was about twenty feet away.

I slipped up behind her and pulled her pants down, then her panties. I slid my hard cock into her wet cunt and gave her a good fucking. We all came about the same time. I loved us having sex together while Ken's wife was a few feet away. She had no idea he was fucking and sucking my wife.

My friend was having to go to a medical clinic in San Diego for cancer treatment and I would go with him to drive as they didn't like him driving when he had treatment. Mostly it was just him and me who went as his wife didn't do much with him.

One day he had a appointment at the clinic in San Diego, and I was going to drive him over.

My wife asked if she could go along. I said yes she could if she wanted to.

Ken was happy with the idea too.

It was a nice day and the road was good, so we had a nice trip over to the clinic. They had a good cafeteria there so we had a good lunch.

When he was about ready to leave I went to the parking garage to get the car. I pulled up with the car to pick him and Maggie up. She and Ken got in the back seat and we headed for home.

We just got on the freeway when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw already he had his hands in her blouse, playing with her tits. She was laying back against him enjoying it. She had a nice smile on her face and was rubbing his pants where it was starting to bulge.

It was beginning to get dark now and we were nearing Yuma, maybe a half hour out. We stopped at a rest stop and she got out to freshen up. I asked Ken, "How's it going?" 

"Can't get her to suck my cock. She's hotter then hell. Her pussy is wet, and I've been finger fucking her, but she hasn't played with my cock."

I told him, "Take it out and put her hand on it, so she'll know what you want."

Maggie came back and got back into the back seat with Ken. I saw them fooling around. I was back on the freeway before I had a chance to look. 

Ken was stretching out in the back seat and Maggie was bending over him taking his cock into her mouth, giving him a blow job.

Off and on I watched her suck him off as we finished our trip. She licked all the cum up that she didn't swallow and then wanted me to stop so Ken could get back into the front seat in case anyone saw us. We stopped and Ken got into the front seat.

When we got home she was was so horny I had to fuck her before I could take a shower. Talk about a hot woman. It was sure nice to have a good-looking woman who loved to fuck and suck, and was willing to share her pussy with your best friend. I knew Ken really liked his friendship with me, and especially with my wife.

Ken will never forget his trip to San Diego. I don't think we will either.

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