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Truth or dare Mr. Gladwell

Truth or dare Mr. Gladwell

Fuck the sleepover, this chick is interested in someone else
"Oh, that's nice, let me fuck you hard," he mumbled, from his bedroom.

The thought came to my head that I caught him masturbating, as I stood outside the bedroom door. As a horny eighteen-year-old woman, my desire made me look in there.

The door cracked, and the view of him masturbating with his long and thick cock entered my vision. As it only poked out of his pants, my eyes locked onto it as his hand stroked it quickly.

A grin appeared on my face, so the top row of my teeth could be seen. My hand made the trip into my panties, and my fingers went into my slit. Next to positive that no one would come out and see, I took the risk.

Then cum ejected from both my pussy and his cock. It went everywhere on him and his bed, and I took a mental note. The door slowly closed, but it creaked, and his attention came to the door.

"Is someone there?" he asked.

As no answer came, his feet came to the floor, and his head peaked out. He caught me walking away.

"Molly?" he asked.

To not look guilty, my head turned back.

"Oh, hi, Mr. Gladwell. I'm just taking a small break from the sleepover, your daughter talks a mile a minute," I explained.

"Oh, is that so?" he wondered.

"Yes," I whispered.

"I could use some company, if you are interested," he put on the record.

As a slight crush had already came upon me on this single dad, the opportunity couldn't be resisted. The detail of why he caught me out there stayed with me. Both butts met with the bed, and chit chat began.

"So, what's been going on with you? Are you thinking about college?" he wondered.

"I guess, but it's still just more school to deal with. Who wants to deal with more teachers, more homework, and all that other bullshit?" I asked.

"Good point, I suppose. I guess college really isn't for everyone. I went for a little while, but I got Tiffany's mom knocked up, and had to drop out. I guess I just never went back," he confessed.

More nice small talk entered the airwaves, and it beat girl shit that Tiffany and the rest of them bitched about. A few things about both of us came to light, and it became clear we had chemistry too.

"Tiffany loves to play truth or dare," I told him.

"I played that as a young adult too. It would be more entertaining than Tiffany talking about Sean. Would you like to play, Molly?" he pondered.

"Yes," I let him know.

As thoughts of an innocent game came to my head, the question came out.

"Truth or dare?" he asked.

"Truth," I replied.

"Did you lose your virginity to someone you loved?" he wanted to know.

A touchy subject came right out of the gate, but he received an honest answer.

"No, I did not. Two years ago, we moved too quickly, but I have no regrets," I confessed.

Hopes of him avoiding that subject came upon me. His fingers came to his lips, and then to my forehead.

"Truth or dare, Mr Gladwell?" I asked.

"If you insist calling me that, truth," he told me.

"How old were you when you first viewed porn?" I wanted to know.

"Sixteen, on a VHS. If you have no idea what that is, try consulting Wikipedia," he suggested.

Truths went on for twenty minutes, and then a dare broke out.

"I dare you to show me your internet search history on your laptop," I said, looking at his laptop.

"What, do you think I watch porn online?" he pondered.

"Yes, just not those video tapes anymore. Unless you are too embarrassed," I replied.

His laptop opened, and his internet browser popped up. He brought it down, and all the sites could be seen. Sure enough, a couple porn sites were there.

"Oh, chick on chick? My last boyfriend loved to masturbate to that. Unfortunately, I wasn't needed after a while," I confessed.

"Sorry to hear about that. Truth or dare?" he enquired.

"Truth," I told him.

"Did you watch me masturbate?" he wanted to know.

My face turned redder than an apple, while my blood stopped flowing for a second, and he had his answer.

"I'm so sorry," I cracked, fearing he'd be upset.

"No, don't be. At least someone likes to watch me for a change," he let me know.

His body came close to me, and his arms wrapped around me for a minute.

"Truth or dare, Mr. Gladwell?" I asked.

"Dare," he replied.

As comfort skyrocketed, I became gutsy.

"I dare you to lay a single kiss on my lips," I told him.

A grin came about, and his head went down to my breasts. Desire could be seen from a mile away, but thoughts of it being wrong came into play.

"Just one," he made clear.

So, he leaned forward, and his lips came to mine for about two seconds.

"Well, thank you," I told him.

"Your welcome, truth or dare?" he asked.

"Truth," I replied.

"Do you have a crush on me?" he wanted to know.

A guilty smile entered his vision, as my head went down, and his answer jumped out. As he smiled, my perception leaped to me flattering him. As he couldn't help himself, the smile never faded. Tiffany had blabbered before, that her dad made the transformation into a ladies man back in his college days.

"Truth or dare?" I asked.

"Truth," he replied.

"Do you find me to be attractive?" I wondered.

His eyes viewed every inch of me, and his cock made itself known.

"Absolutely, I do," he replied slowly.

On my hands, and knees, my body crawled towards him, and my lips came to his. They remained there for ten seconds, and he didn't stop me. Then our bodies came together, and his eyes locked on mine.

"Truth or dare?" he wanted to know.

"Dare," I told him.

"Let me see what you are hiding underneath your shorts, and panties," he dared me.

My hands went to the top of my shorts, and were pushed off leaving me half naked. A giant smile became his face, where his lips, and eyebrows went up, and every single tooth on his top, and bottom rows showed.

It was only fair, sense I got to see his cock. My shorts, and panties were kept down, and the question became uttered once again.

"Truth or dare, Mr. Gladwell?" I pondered.

"Dare," he simply replied.

"I dare you to fuck me. Right here, right now," I told him, as my hand caressed his leg.

That dare couldn't be resisted, as he found me to be quite a fox. My right hand went to his crotch, and it felt a hard cock. Then my hands went up just a couple inches to his pants button, and zipper.

They became undone, and he slowly pushed them down. Our eyes locked together, as my hands found their way to his cock. and moans became forced out.

"You have very soft hands, and lips, Molly," he whispered.

Then his lips became attracted to mine, as he leaned onto me. My back met the bed, as the fronts of our bodies met too. I had been on pill at that point, so there were no worries about condoms. A large moan exited my mouth, as his cock penetrated my clit.

A big cock like his had never entered my pussy before, as I never found myself with an experienced lover before. His eyes stayed on mine, as my slit felt his cock thrusting.

I had no intention of having sex with him, but no complaints were formed. Thoughts that the innocent crush would pass in time came to mind. Fortunately, it just never did.

"You have a great smile, but a tight pussy, Molly," he told me.

Giggles exited, and then both bodies rolled over.

"Let's get out of these pesky clothes," he suggested.

My shorts, and panties, became stripped off me, as his pants and boxers came off too. Then, my body leaned up, and my hand grabbed his cock. As it became guided it into my pussy once again, he became ridden cowgirl style. His eyes stayed on my face, as his hands remained on his side.

My hands went to the bottom of my shirt, and it became yanked off me. Then his body leaned up, and his hands were about to come to my back, but my head shook no. My hands went to my bra clasp, and it became undone. It fell, and my small boobs were in plain sight.

"Well, you still have the cute factor working for you," he put on the record.

My pointer, and middle fingers from my right hand landed onto my lips. They were kissed, and then made the trip to his lips. His hands came to my arm, and he transferred my hand to my wet slit.

As cum drizzled onto his stomach, he rubbed my hand onto my slit. As it became drenched, my hand went over to his mouth. His tongue came to my hand, and every single drop became licked off.

My mouth opened up, as more cum splashed out onto his stomach. His hand came towards it, but my hand stopped him. As lusty smiles were exchanged, my fingers rubbed in the cum.

His lips departed, and soft moans came my way. Streams of cum were felt inside me, as his head leaned back further. That feeling had been felt by me many times before, and then my pussy became uncomfortable, as it clenched up on his cock.

My head went up, and back down many times, spouting out 'Oh, fuck!' many times in the process. Heartbeats jolted in my ears, as every inch of my body had sweat beating down. In efforts to calm both of us down, his body leaned up with mine, and my lips got a visit from his.

"There is nothing wrong with a cute fox," he said.

"Does that make you the cute fox hunter?" I wondered.

"I guess so," he replied.

His body became pushed back down, and became ridden quite wildly. The bed shook a bit, and noise entered the airwaves. Tiffany, and the others failed to respond. Small conversations still made it through the vents.

His hands made the journey to my tits, and were caressed. His lips slowly came them as well, as my nipples made appearances between his fingers.

"So perky, and yet so sexy too," he muttered.

I closed my eyes, and pleasurable moans were ejected. As we both were just on sexual highs, his tongue went right underneath my right nipple. It went up, as his tongue let it flick right back down.

My arms went around him, as his tongue stayed on my nipple. With each passing lick, I moaned 'Yes,' as my arms held him a little tighter.

My breath was felt on his shoulder and back, and my insides never felt his cock go limp. As his hard cock maintained its position, my lips met with his neck, and shoulder.

Deep inhales, and exhales were taken several times, as his cock received another helping of my lady juice.

"Oh, my, Mr. Gladwell," I moaned.

His head came up, and then our eyes glared at each other.

"Such a sweet, yet naughty young woman, what's not to love?" he enquired.

His hands came to my butt, and lifted me up off him. My right hand came to his cock, and stroked it. His head went back, hands went to his face, breathing escalated too.

"Shit, Molly, make me cum for you, I want to," he moaned.

Much like a sprinkler, when his cum became evicted from his cock, it sprayed everything around, including me. Giant smiles appeared on our faces, as both of my hands went to my boobs. His cum became rubbed in, and then my body lay next to his.

"Truth or dare?" I wondered.

"Truth," he replied.

"Did you love that?" I wondered.

As an answer, our lips came together, and stayed there for over ten minutes, as his arms went around me. We had sex a couple more times, but I had to make the trip back to Tiffany's room before she became too suspicious. My clothes went back on me, and I made the trip back to her room.

"What were you doing?" Tiffany wondered.

A thought came to my head to throw her off the scent, that I fucked her dad.

"Your dad, and I just made a little conversation. You ladies were busy talking about different shit, I didn't think you'd miss me," I replied.

"Okay," Tiffany said.

The knowledge never entered her mind, and now the sleepovers are looked forward to for a change. I also call him 'John' now.

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