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Turning the Evening Around

She was twice his age. He was willing.

Karen looked at her watch.   Eight thirty-eight.   She would give him another few minutes (against her better judgement) and then she would go.   She ordered another glass of Chardonnay and looked across at the other person sitting at the bar.   As she did so, his mobile phone bleeped.


Mike flipped open his phone.   “ur boring – end of”.   He quickly looked up, hoping nobody else had seen what he had just read.   He caught Karen’s eye as he did so, and she gave an involuntary guilty smile.   She hadn’t expected him to look up at that precise moment, and felt somewhat conspicuous sitting at the bar alone.


“Bloody well dumped!   Well, it’s good riddance.”   He knew there was no way she could have seen the text.   He snorted.   “Crappola, or what?”


“Definitely harsh.   Think, actually, I might be in the same boat.”   She smiled, resignedly, more to herself than to him, but that smile encouraged Mike.


“He must need his head feeling, standing you up.   If it was me, I’d …”


His voice trailed off as these words slipped from his mouth.   It was one thing to think it, but it was something else to actually say what he was thinking.   He looked at her again and knew he was definitely batting above his average here.


Karen sensed his embarrassment.   She remembered what it was like slipping from late-teens to early-twenties.   Now she had skidded into the big four-oh, albeit kicking and screaming.   But she still remembered.   Was it those memories that made her act impulsively?   Whatever.


“I’ve a table booked in the restaurant.   With a spare place….now,” she added.   “Care to …?”   The remainder of the sentence she left un-said, allowing him the opportunity to accept or reject the offer without it being sold to him.


“Wow!   You asking?”   He squirmed a little on the bar stool as he felt a positive thumbs-up from within his trousers.   She nodded, and as she did so a smile played over her mouth which mesmerised him.   He sat there with a stupid grin on his face and no words coming forth.   She smiled again, this time a consipatorial smile, and looped her arm for him to link his through hers.


Mike would never have had the nerve to initiate this himself.   And he certainly would never have considered going in to the restaurant here.   Anything more adventurous than Maccie Dee’s was, for him, unknown territory.


They were shown to a table, and Mike gazed around him uncertainly.   Then it hit him – this was not going to be an inexpensive meal.   “I d-don’t think I can afford to eat h-here,” he stammered.   “I’m s-sorry.”


She smiled again.   This time her smile was reassuring.   “Then it’s a good job my expenses will more than cover it.”




“I’m staying here on business.”


“What do you do?”


“Oh, just an advisor to a sales team.   I’m doing some training for them here tomorrow.   I’m sorry, this is really rude of me.   I’m Karen.   And you are …?”


“Mike.   Mike Dawson.   I’m just, well, an admin clerk for the council.”


“Well, Mike Dawson, less of the ‘just an admin clerk’, and I’m very pleased to meet you.”   As she spoke her eyes looked straight into his, and they too seemed to smile reassuringly at him.   As she lent forwards a little he had a clear view down her cleavage.   OK, she was quite a bit older than him.   But what a woman.   He was glad the table between them concealed the bulge in his pants.


She ordered, skipping a starter and choosing spaghetti cacio e pepe.   He said he would have the same, and then laughed when she told him he’d ordered spaghetti with sheep’s cheese.   “I don’t eat a lot, so this will do me fine.   But you can choose something else if you prefer.”   He declined, and was glad he had done so.   She seemed to know what she was doing, so who was he to try and be a pioneer.   Indeed, he also followed her example in how to eat the spaghetti off the boiling hot plates.   They finished the simple meal with almond ice cream.


Throughout the meal she had kept up a gentle stream of conversation which filled any awkward gaps – and there had been a few when he found himself either tongue-tied or just unsure what to say next.   She had discovered the girls weren’t exactly beating a trail to his door.   This had surprised her because he was certainly very easy-on-the-eye.   In his turn, he had found out she wasn’t married, or attached even.   He was surprised how simply she treated each of his questions, answering them directly and without any attempt at evasion.


Somehow he had become totally relaxed at the table with her, and indeed told her so whilst, at the same time, excusing his occasional lapses in to silence.   “You’re not out of your depth at all,” she had countered.   “Just finding your feet.”   It hadn’t felt the least bit patronising when she said it, more like she was sharing the view from his perspective.   He wondered if she could imagine the sort of thoughts that were flowing through his mind, then realised he had gone quiet again.


She tipped her head slightly on one side and laughed lightly as she asked what he was thinking.   “Do you really want to know?   Perhaps not.”   He felt the colour rising to his cheeks.


“Well then, Mr Michael Dawson …” he grinned at the mock Sunday-best name, “let me just say if you’re having thoughts like that I am indeed flattered.”   She dropped her eyes for a moment, and then looked up again.   Now she wasn’t laughing.   Her face had taken on a slightly more serious aspect.   He knew he’d blown it.   How could he have been so stupid?   The words scarcely registered when he heard her asking if he would care to have a coffee.


“Sorry, what was that, coffee?”


“Yes, Mike.   Coffee.   “I’ll have it sent up.”


She rose from her chair, at the same time extravagantly mouthing her order to the waiter so that he could lip-read her request.   Once again she looped her arm, practically obliging him to link his arm through hers.   This time he did so without any hesitation.   He had never done that with any of his girlfriends, but somehow it seemed the right thing to do with Karen.   She walked, close to him, purposefully towards the lift.   As the lift doors closed she dropped her arm and let her fingers clasp his hand.   She leaned forward and kissed his lips gently and briefly.   “Don’t worry, Mr Michael Dawson,” again they smiled, “you’re safe with me.”


Karen swiped the card in the lock to let them into the room.   Mike took stock of the situation – large double bed, en-suite bathroom and shower, TV etc.   She smiled.   “Nervous?   You don’t have to stay after coffee, but I was hoping …”


“Love to.”   He reached out for her and held her in his arms, her breasts pressed against his chest.   His hands slipped down to her bum and pulled her tight against him.   She felt good against him, and he was somehow surprised by this.   He had never been intimate with anyone but his own age.   She seemed to be able to read his mind.


“Don’t be so surprised.   I’m just as much a woman as whoever it was who dumped you earlier in the evening.   More so, probably.”   There was a discreet knock at the door.   “That’ll be our coffee.”   She opened the door and took the tray, setting it down on the bedside table.   “What I suggest, Mr Michael Dawson, is that we have our coffee.   Then, if you wish to dally a little, or even a long time, we can see how things shape, er, up”.   The innuendo was gentle, but not lost on him.


“If that’s OK with you,” he started to say but was cut off with a brisk “if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be here.”   She poured coffee, then sat on the bed and looked at him.   “Am I right when I wonder if you’re a little scared?”   A nervous smile gave her his answer.   “Then tonight it is time for you to change from being a young man into being a man full stop.”


“How do you mean?”


She studied him for a moment, then chose her words carefully.   “You’ve a lot going for you, truly.   You’re definite eye-candy.   You can hold a conversation once the ice has been broken.   You’re polite and presentable.   What you lack is only confidence.   Tonight I’ll help you gain that – what d’you say?”


“Yeah, right!   I’ll never be as confident as you.”


“Lesson One starts here and now.   Where’s your phone?”   He drew it from his pocket.   “Just what did that text say earlier?”   He displayed it.   “OK, this is your reply – so not-missing-you.”   He hesitated.   “Go on, do it.”   He keyed it in and pressed SEND.   “That was easy, now, wasn’t it?”


Mike laughed.   Never would he have dared send a text as blunt as that.   She interrupted his thoughts.   “And do you know why you’re so not-missing-her?”   He looked up to find her unbuttoning her top to reveal a black scalloped bra with lace trimming.   Her breasts jiggled invitingly as she did so.   He reached out and ran his finger along the top of the fabric, enjoying the softness of her flesh to his touch.   “Am I right, or am I right?”


“You’re oh so right,” and he bent forward to place a kiss on the exposed portion of her breasts.   He reached out to go behind her and unclip her bra, but she drew back from his reach.


“Lesson One, part two – this is where you start to take control and let someone else know you’re taking control.   You’ll need your phone again.   You told me earlier you still live with your parents.   I want you to dial your mother, now.”   He found his finger obeying her command while she took out a business card from her bag.   “That’s me.   Tell her you’re with me, and where you are, also the room number in case she’s worried.   Then, tell her you’re staying the night with me, here.   No ’ifs’ and no ‘buts’!”


He started to balk at the idea of this, but a raised eyebrow from Karen had him telling his mother exactly what she had told him to say.   When he had done, Karen reached across and snapped his phone shut and tossed it onto the settee.   “Phones are so boring, don’t you think?”


She now stood before him as he sat on the bed.   She took his arms and placed them around her waist, guiding his hands to the concealed fastening of her skirt.   He undid the button and drew down the zip.   Her skirt slid down around her ankles.   She stepped from it, folded it and laid it over the settee arm, depositing her folded top there as well.   Again she stood before him, letting him gaze upon her in her underwear.   Bra, French knickers, suspender belt (all co-ordinated) and Cuban-heel black stockings.


“God, you’re beautiful.   I so want you.”   She reached out to where he sat on the bed and loosened his tie, pulling him towards her by it as she did so.   Deftly she undid the buttons on his shirt and pulled both tie and shirt up and over his head, slipping his arms out as she did so.   She pointed her index finger at him and pressed against his chest, pushing him backwards onto the bed.   Now she trailed that same finger downwards, slowly, over his chest and belly until she came to where his belt fastened.   Its buckle offered no resistance, nor did the buttons or zip on his trousers as her practised fingers went about their work.    She slid his trousers down over his thighs, his briefs with them, down his legs, and then his socks and slip-on shoes also came off and lay in a heap beside the bed.


His naked body looked good.   “Yes, mmm, phones are so very boring.   But this ...” she trailed her finger up along his rampant cock, “this could be so much more interesting.”   With that she leaned forwards and her lips kissed his shaft in a flurry of butterfly kisses which rose from its base to its tip.   He tried to pull her towards him further, but again she backed away.   “Everything comes for those who wait.”   She giggled mischievously, then folded her lips around the head of his cock.


Her tongue licked away the love juices already starting to seep from him, and then flicked the tip of his cock with a delicious and inviting insistence.   Her lips drew him further into her mouth as she sucked upon him, willing him to release more of his pre-cum.   He was unable to resist and soon she was letting her lips travel up and down his shaft rhythmically as she allowed him to gently fuck her face.


“You’ll have to stop, I’m going to …” She didn’t allow him to finish that sentence.   She stayed his words with her palm pressed against his chest, and took him further into her mouth along her tongue.   He was certainly well-endowed, and his cock reached beyond her tongue.   As she swallowed him into her throat she closed on him and held him tight.   The firmness of her grip was too much for him to withstand and his sperm shot from him in an unstoppable rush that slid straight down her throat.   He felt her body quiver as she accepted this hot explosion. He noted how her left hand had dropped down and her fingers had found their way into her French knickers to pleasure herself as she sucked him dry.


This was the first time Mike had been taken like this.   He felt his climax burst from deep within him, unstoppable and urgent.   He had been afraid it would take her unpleasantly by surprise, but then had recognised she wanted this as it came.   This realisation heightened the sensations that wrapped him in their thrall.   The intimate proximity of her face to his body as his juices flowed into her ensured he could hold nothing back.   The way her body had quivered as she took his orgasm deep into her spoke volumes to him.   This woman wanted him, and he was giving her what she wanted.   Wow!


He released his sperm into her because he could do no other.   It would have been impossible to hold back for he had lost all control of his body.   But now he had done this he couldn’t help wishing a little wistfully that perhaps he should not have been so impatient.   He looked down at the top of Karen’s head as she still his cock.   He couldn’t detect any body language to indicate that she was wishing the same.   To the contrary, she was cooing happily as she tasted his last droplets.  


Up and down his shaft she ran her lips, several times, letting the tension drain fully from him.   Her tongue grazed on the tip of his cock, diligently licking him clean.   Finally he let him slip from her mouth.   “That was incredible,” he whispered, still panting from his exertions.


“That was just the beginning, Mike,” she replied breathily in a voice that made his loins twitch with desire.   She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra.   The straps slithered down her arms and it fell to the floor.   Her breasts took his breath away.   He reached out to touch them.   Soft but firm, creamy even, and with beautiful blush-pink nipples that were swollen and erect.   He caressed them, allowing his thumbs to play on those nipples, and he gazed as she breathed deeply and pressed them forwards to him.   As she did so her hands fell to her sides and inside the waistband of her French knickers.   They continued their downward movement to slide the flimsy garment down her legs.   She stepped elegantly from them, kicked them gently away, then slowly stepped out of her shoes.


She pushed Mike gently backwards onto the bed, and swung his legs around so that he lay straight up-and-down.   Then she flicked the bed-head light switch on, climbed up onto the bed beside him, and straddled him so her knees were either side of his thighs.   The light shone on her body.   The tops of her stockings, the straps of her suspenders, and the suspender belt itself made a sharp black contrast and framed the creaminess of her skin.   All he could focus on was that flesh.   He saw her belly, flat and toned.   He dropped his eyes a little.   A tightly trimmed landing-strip, then the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen, shaven, smooth, lips pouting with arousal.   Dropping his eyes still further he saw the perfectly shaped thighs reaching from her stocking tops, leading his gaze back to her sex.


Deep inside, Mike’s forces started to return.   She smiled down at him, knowingly, and lent forward a little.   As she did so her breasts swung closer, letting him see the fullness of her nipples and he raised his head to suck upon them in a long and wet kiss.   He treated each the same, sucking her nipple, drawing it in between his lips, almost as if he was sucking spaghetti, in a long and lingering kiss.   As if with a mind of their own his hands reached for her pussy.   With his fingers he parted her lips.   So warm, so moist, so inviting.


His cock was now filling as the blood started to flow with this new arousal.   She took it between her fingers, sliding it up and down between her lips, allowing it to play against her now un-hooded clitoris.   Mike watched as she did this, and he sensed even greater strength now flowing through his rampant cock.   Karen raised herself a little and parted her lips with his cock.   It slipped, un-checked, deep within her.   She sank down onto him, burying his shaft inside her, allowing a faint sigh to escape from her open mouth.   Then she started to ride.


She rose from him almost to the point of him slipping from her grasp, and then sank again onto him, gracefully and slowly.   Each rise and fall was very deliberate and very slow.   Each time she rose he saw her lips pulled forwards towards him as she strove to cling to his cock which was now as hard as a ramrod.   His shaft glistened with her juices, and her lips shone from her moistness.   Then, as she dropped down onto him he saw his shaft disappear into her until his pubic hair was firmly pressed against those lips.   All the while, the fingers of her left hand pleasured her clitoris and her mouth hung open and panted with desire.


Mike started to speak but she shook her head gently, her eyes closed and her mouth panting hotly.   He let he ride him at her own pace, simply striving to press further into her when she sank down to bury his cock deep inside her.  


Now she took his hand and used his fingers to pleasure her clitoris.   It was hard and swollen, and she stopped rising upon him as she did this.   Instead she allowed her pelvic muscles to send rippling sensations through him as she closed and opened upon his shaft, gripping him, kneading him with her pussy as if she were moulding him into her body.


Between her legs she felt his thighs tighten.   This was her signal to start to rise and fall once again.   This time, however, her movements were quicker, more powerful.   She pressed down at the base of each fall, grinding herself against him.   Throughout, her muscles shivered and shimmied on his shaft, willing him to spray his sperm up into her.   He felt it coming and knew he could not hold himself back.   He wondered about the consequences, but too late as his sperm showered her insides in a hot splash which made her cry out with its intensity.   As she did so he felt and, indeed, heard her own orgasm which drove her to ride him as if they were galloping.   Gone was the earlier measured rise and fall, and now in its place there was simply a grinding of two bodies together, squeezing each other’s last juices from them.


Slowly her motions subsided and she sank down onto him.   She was breathless, eyes closed and mouth still wide open in passion.   He felt her squeezing his spent cock between her lips, demanding (and taking) every last bit of his strength.   Then he felt himself slip from within her as the remains of his arousal were finally spent.


Karen’s eyes remained closed.   She whimpered, partly though exhaustion, partly through satisfaction, and partly though greed.   She felt his sperm inside her, and it felt good.   She also felt the stickiness on the inside of her thighs where his juices were starting to leak from her pussy.   That had always been one of those after-sensations she had treasured.   She slipped from the bed and went into the en-suite, using the bidet to cleanse and refresh herself.


Mike then did the same as she unfastened her stockings and removed the suspender belt.   She now stood naked before him and took him in her arms.   “Are you staying the night, or have you some place better to go?”


“Do you really need an answer?”


“The only answer I need is, after you’ve rested a little, for you to make love to me instead of me making love to you.”   And do you know what?   She wasn’t disappointed.

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