Unexpected Bonus

By irishnia

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A surprise visit from my boyfriend's boss turns dirty.
"Cassie!" Daniel called. He finished tieing his shoes and stood up.

"Yes?" I answered. I entered the room and walked over to Daniel. I was relieved he would be gone for a few days. I needed some alone time.

"Well I'm all ready to go. I'll call you when I get to my parents place. Oh and remember, Gerald should be calling you about dropping off my paycheque." He leaned forward and kissed me goodbye.

"I can't wait to finally meet your boss. You have been working for him way too long for my to have not met him yet." I smiled inwardly remembering the badboy stories Daniel had told me. "Have fun. Don't forget to call me. I'll see you in a few days."

"Love you," Daniel smiled. He grabbed his bags and headed for the door.

"I love you too. Bye!" I blew him a kiss and closed the door behind him. "Time to relax." I plopped myself on the couch and turned on the tv. I had strict plans to watch tv, drink two bottles of wine and stumble to bed at 3 a.m. Although there was the matter of Gerald. It's Friday night, I thought, He's probably busy with his kids or something.

I slipped into some thin fabric shorts and a tube top. It was just too hot for underwear. I popped the cork on the first bottle of wine. I thought about using a glass but eventually decided the bottle was easier. No dishes to wash afterward.

I had just polished off the first 1.5 litre bottle when a firm knock on the door made me jump. No one ever knocked on our door especially not at 9:30 in the evening. Without a second thought to my attire, I jumped up off the couch and headed for the door. I stumbled, realizing I had probably downed the wine a little too fast.

I unlatched the door and pulled it open to see a tall man, about 6"2, in his mid forties. He had blond shaggy hair and bright blue eyes. He had a bit of a beer belly, but he looked solid and strong.

"Hello?" I asked, tentatively. I saw as his eyes widen. They flashed down my body and back up to my face. The electricity between us was instant.

"Hello. I'm Gerald," he reached out his hand. I shook it. It was warm and rough.

"Oh, Gerald! It is so nice to finally meet you. Would you like to come in a minute?" I offered before I could think twice.

"Um, okay. Maybe just a minute then." Gerald stepped into our apartment. His large stature made our living room seem smaller than it really was. I locked the door out of habit.

"Would you like a drink?" I sang as I skipped into the kitchen. I was feeling quite light headed by this point. I pulled out two wine glasses and popped open the second bottle of wine. I carried our glasses out, balancing the bottle under my arm. "Here," I passed Gerald a glass.

"Oh, Thank you but I don't really drink," Gerald tried to hand back the glass.

"Please join me? I feel a little pathetic drinking alone. Besides, you can afford to stay a few minutes, can't you?" I was tipsy and feeling lonely. I didn't want to sit in silence anymore.

"Okay, I suppose one glass couldn't hurt," I saw him glimpse at my crotch as I sat down opposite him. I had forgotten I wasn't wearing any panties and had spread my legs a little to wide when I sat down. This little glimpse suddenly made me horny beyond belief. From what Daniel had told me Gerald and his wife never had sex. Gerald was developing a habit of digging for details about our sex life. This thought added to the gathering wetness in my shorts.

I sat with my one leg pulled against my chest as innocent as I possibly could, pretending I didn't know what was peeping out of my shorts. I saw his gaze rest momentarily between my legs. He licked his bottom lip but quickly recovered returning his eyes to my face. I smiled at him.

"It's so nice to finally meet you!" I repeated, my cheeks beginning to flush. Gerald smiled.

"Yes, I believe you mentioned that. It is very nice to meet you as well. Daniel has told me a lot about you." Gerald smiled, almost naughtily.

"So what brings you by?" I asked, sipping my wine. I knew damn well why he was there, but now I desperately wanted him to stay.

"Oh Daniel didn't tell you? I have his paycheck. I thought you would be expecting me," He blushed as he scanned my body once again. Obviously he thought I had dressed this way on purpose. "Apparently not." My face went completely hot.

"Oh my goodness!" I squealed, pretending to be shocked and embarrassed. I looked down at myself. "I didn't realize I was so inappropriately dressed. It's just so hot up here. But if I am making you feel uncomfortable I can throw on a sweater," I stood and went for the laundry hamper. I bent right over with my bum partially facing Gerald. I could feel my thin shorts ride up and pull tight between my bum cheeks.

"Um, well, I think you're dressed fine. I mean, you are right, it is hot up here." He was having trouble controlling his voice. Good, I thought, I was turning him on. But what 40 something year old wouldn't be turned on by a tipsy, half naked 20 year old.

"Good," I sighed, "I can hardly stand what I am wearing now little lone more clothing. The heat doesn't agree with me." I picked up my glass and emptied it in two gulps. I smiled at Gerald. I couldn't help notice the growing bulge in his jeans. He abruptly stood, his eyes locked on my bottom.

"Well, now that you've got the cheque I had best be going." He cleared his throat twice and turned toward to door. I tried to move forward to walk him to the door but I stumbled over the laundry basket knocking it over. I fell forward toward Gerald. He turned just in time to catch me before I hit the floor. He had one hand around my waist and the other dangerously close to my breast. His hands felt wonderful on my body. I giggled and let out a little squeal, clinging to him.

"Oopsies," I giggled more, arching my back to look up at him. "Good thing you were here to catch me." I ran a hand up his arm and lightly down his chest. He was wonderfully sexy. His manly scent swarmed my head. He continued to clutch me to him. He looked almost breathless as he stared down at my partially exposed body. He allowed his hand to graze across the material covering my pussy as he helped me stand back up. It caused me to shiver with excitement. I had never been so turned on by an older man.

"Maybe I should help you to the bedroom and then I should probably get going," Gerald kept one hand on my hip and the other pressed lightly against the small of my back. He guided me down the hall to the bedroom. He flicked on the light and closed the curtains. "Well, Cassie, it was lovely meeting you..." Before he could continue I reached a hand up and touched my fingers to his lips.

"Please, Gerald, don't leave me. Daniel always leaves me alone. Please, Gerald, I don't want to be alone." I slowly drew my hips closer to his body until we were almost touching.

I looked up and met with his boyish grin. That was the only confirmation he needed. He moved his body forward to close the gap between us. He slowly ran his strong hands through my long curly hair. I moaned deeply as this was my most favorite way to be fondled. He slipped a hand to the back of my neck, bending my head back. He carefully licked his lips then lowered his mouth to mine. Our lips met and our kiss immediately grew with passion. His tongue carefully explored my mouth taking my breath away. His hands slipped down my back. His thumbs caught the waistband of my shorts pulling them over my bum and allowing them to fall to the floor. He cupped my firm bottom moaning into my mouth.

I was desperate to get his clothes off. I had never seen a real man naked, not in person anyway. I tugged at his belt, struggling to undo it. He pulled away from me slightly, confidently smiling down at me. He swiftly undid his belt and removed his pants. Immediately his cock sprang up through the thin material of his boxers. His cock looked enormous compared to Daniels. Gerald removed his shirt revealing his broad hairy chest. My hands shot to his chest. I had never thought of a hairy chest being sexy before but seeing Gerald's almost made me lose my composure. I ran my hands over his chest just grazing his nipples. I trailed the hair down his stomach to his boxers. I carefully lifted the waist band of his boxers and slid them down to his knees. His thick cock sprang out to meet me. I gently took it in my hands. I softly ran my fingers up and down his length, completely entranced by his thick thighs and hairy balls. I looked up into Gerald's face. His eyes were filled with lust and his mouth was half open. I could tell he hadn't had his penis held so tenderly in a very long time. I wanted to please him. I wanted to make up for his wife not satisfying him in years.

I stuck out my tongue and slowly swirled it around his fat mushroom cap. I could taste his sticky precum. I slowly worked my way down his shaft, licking the entirety of it. When It was good and wet I returned to his tip. I opened my mouth and quickly thrust his entire length down my throat. I felt it slam into the back of my throat. I quickly withdrew and slammed my face down again. Gerald threw back his head and let out a loud gasp. Immediately he was thrusting back, forcing his dick further down my throat. I could tell he was starving for this moment. I continued to suck, lick, and stroke his cock. I could feel it pulsing against my tongue.

Gerald suddenly pulled his dick from my eager mouth. He bent forward and picked me up by my bottom. I was surprised at how he effortlessly lifted me up to him holding me tight. I wrapped my legs around his waist wanting to be as close to him as possible. With one hand he roughly pulled my tube top over my head and threw it on the floor. He stared at my perky 34C breasts. His boyish grin took over his face making me want him all the more. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and kissed me deeply. He forced his tongue down my throat urgently probing. His breath quickened considerably as his kiss turned almost violent. I gasped for breath.

Without warning, Gerald threw me backward onto the bed. I let my legs flop open finally giving Gerald a perfect view of my glistening pussy. He bit his bottom lip and lunged toward me. He buried his face in my pussy inhaling as deeply as he could. He lapped up the pool of juices that was gathering at my hole. He flattened his tongue and licked from the bottom on my slit to the top. The feeling was incredible. He stopped at my clit sucking and slurping the little bud. I moaned deeply, He held my hips down to keep me from bucking. He returned to my hole shoving his tongue in as far as it would go. He rubbed his entire face around my pussy drenching him in my juices. He constantly sniffed deeply as he worked which made me feel incredibly dirty. He couldn't get enough of the smell of my wet cunt.

"You smell so good. I had forgotten what young pussy smelt like," Gerald managed to say between slurps. I didn't realize my scent was so attractive. I had spend most of my life being embarrassed by my strong feminine odor.

Gerald roughly flipped me over. He pulled my bum up into the air. I automatically spread my legs to allow him better access. He spread my ass cheeks as far as they would go. It pulled painfully on my asshole. I could hear him almost panting now. He brought his face very close to my ass. I could feel his hot breath on my tight little hole. No one had ever been this close to my asshole before. I felt his nose graze my hole. He breathed in deeply through his nose. He was sniffing my ass! For some reason this made me almost collapse with pleasure. I had never been so violated before. It made me feel disgustingly dirty and I liked it. He sniffed deeply once more before circling my asshole with his tongue. I was shocked at the feeling. Gerald lapped at my hole allowing his spit to run down to my pussy,

"Ahhhuhhh" I cried out. I was ready to cum and we had barely started. "Please," I whispered, "my pussy..." I trailed off unable to finish my sentence.

"What's that?" Gerald asked, "What about your pussy?"

"Please...please.." Was all I could manage. He flipped me onto my back and pushed my legs up so that my knees were resting on my shoulders. He lowered himself to me guiding his cock into my now dripping pussy, His cock filled me, stretching me to my limit. I heard him let out a low growl when the last of his dick was swallowed by my pussy. He slowly rocked back and forth. He growled each time his cock was fully submerged in me. He began to pick up speed slamming into me harder with each stroke. Our faces were only inches apart. He grinned as he searched my face, watching my eyes roll back with pleasure.I had never been fucking with such force and care at the same time. He made sure each stroke was as enjoyable for me as it was for him.

I felt the pressure of an orgasm building fast. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back for very long. "Gerald, I'm going to..." His lips slammed into mine. He devoured my mouth with deep passion. I could taste myself on his lips. Then I came. Hard. I screamed and bucked wildly from the power of it. Gerald held my by my hair, thrusting with all his might. I clawed at his back and shoulders, almost unable to handle the waves of pleasure. Gerald slammed into my one last time. He held me tight, continuing to push as hard as he could. I could feel his cock spasm and twitch. I felt a hot liquid inside me.

Gerald collapsed on top on me, gasping for air. I was helplessly weak.

"That was amazing," I managed to whisper. My voice was hoarse. Gerald chuckled and propped himself up on one arm. He carefully stroked my face, wiping away hair and sweat.

"I knew hiring Daniel would prove to be the best decision I ever made. You, my dear, are amazing." Gerald grinned. He cupped my face in his hand and tenderly kissed my puffy lips. Slowly he rose from the bed and began collecting his clothes. He stared down at me while he dressed. "It seems, my dear, I have stayed a little longer than I should have. My wife will be wondering what happened to me." My heart sank. I wished for him to stay. He held my gaze as he dressed. I stood, not wanting to look as pathetic as I felt.

"Well, it was a pleasure to say the least," I giggled. A half hearten attempt to disguise my disappointment at his departure. He caught my hand and roughly pulled me to him. He grasped a fist full of my hair and kissed me deeply. My heart skipped and fell into my stomach. He withdrew and smiled that boyish grin of his.

"I didn't say I wouldn't be back tomorrow." He winked and turned down the hall. I followed him to the door, painfully aware that I was still completely naked. At the door Gerald turned and swiftly grabbed me by the bottom. "Oh and don't you dare shower while I'm gone." He kissed me deeply once more and then he was gone. The door slowly closed behind him allowing anyone who was in the hallway to see me standing naked in my door. I could hardly wait for the following day.