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Unexpected Opportunity (Unexpected Bonus Pt. 2)

“Finally,” he breathed against my lips, “you’ll be mine.”
I stood naked in front of my full length mirror. I absently stroked my shaven pussy as I thought about my evening with Gerald. It had been two weeks since we had our unexpected encounter. I constantly thought about seeing him again. He hadn’t come back the following day and I was beginning to think he was regretting what he had done. I didn’t completely blame him, I mean he did have a wife and kids.

I’d better get dressed, I thought. I was meeting the girls downtown at our favorite bar.

I slipped on a pair of skinny jeans purposely skipping the underwear. I paired my black lace bra with a purple blouse leaving most of the button snaps undone. I untied my curly brown hair. It spilled over my shoulders and halfway down my back. I was almost ready.

I skipped into the kitchen. I need a little predrink, I thought. I poured myself a shot of vodka. I down it and two more. Here I come, I thought.

I zipped up my gold peep-toe stilettos and locked the door on my way out. I bounded down the stairs and out the front door. I wanted to get away before Daniel got home from work. He hated my skimpy bar outfits.

I walked out into the parking lot. I noticed a white van pulling around to the door. My heart fell into the pit of my stomach. It was Gerald’s van. He was dropping Daniel off. I froze trying to think of what I should do. I decided to smile and wave as the van stopped. Daniel waved back, a huge grin on his face.

“Hey baby. Where you going looking so hot?” He slammed the door to the van. I noticed Gerald step out of the driver’s side. Keep it together, I told myself.

“The Tap House,” I said, turning back to Daniel. “I’m meeting the girls for the usual. I left you something in the fridge for dinner though.”

“Sure baby, have fun. But be careful. You already look tempting and you’re not even drunk,” he flashed me a naughty grin. I tried to ignore the awkwardness of it all.

“Don’t worry. I’d better go though if I’m going to catch my bus,” I checked my watch.

“You’re taking the bus?” Gerald spoke for the first time.

“I planned on it,” I said, unsure of where this was going.

“I’ll give you a lift. I go right by The Tap House,” He nodded to Daniel casually.

“Oh I couldn’t ask you to do that,” I said, not wanting to seem to eager. My heart was racing. I hoped Daniel couldn’t hear it.

“Don’t be silly,” Daniel piped up. “I’d feel better about Gerald driving you than you looking like that on the bus,” He looked me up and down again. “It’s settled. Have a good night. Don’t stay out too late!” he kissed my cheek and waved to Gerald. “See you tomorrow!”

“Bye!” I smiled. “Thanks a lot for the ride Gerald, I really appreciate it,” I sang more for Daniel than Gerald. I hopped into the van deciding against the seat belt. Gerald climbed in next to me. He waved to Daniel one last time as we pulled out of the lot.

We turned the corner and were out of sight of the building. I had no idea what to say or do. Gerald simply turned off the radio and pulled out onto the main city street.

“So what time are you suppose to be meeting your friends?” He asked casually without looking my way.

“Um, 8:00..” I said, trying not to reveal how nervous I was.

“Oh the traffic is pretty bad,” He said, “I don’t think an hour is enough time to get you there. You’d better give them a call, let them know you’ll be late.” I caught a hint of that boyish smirk on his freshly shaved face. Without a second thought I texted Sara informing her I’d be an hour or so late.

I noticed Gerald was heading out of town. Good idea, I thought. We didn’t want anyone seeing us. I looked over at him and studied his face. He was so handsome. I could smell his musky cologne. I could feel my pussy getting very wet.

“I’ve been thinking about you for two of the longest weeks of my life,” Gerald whispered. I was shocked. “I’ve been driving Daniel home everyday hoping I would see you.” I couldn’t believe his words. He still refused to look at me and stared intently at the road.

After about five minutes of silence we turned down what appeared to be a private road. It led into an unkept apple orchard. We stopped just inside the entrance off to the side. Finally, Gerald turned to face me. His eyes were dark with longing. He wet his lips and allowed his eyes to flicker down to my open blouse.

“I have never met a girl quite like you. I haven’t had you out of my head for a second. I need more of you.” Gerald lunged forward grabbing me by my hair.

He pulled my head back and shoved his tongue down my throat. He kissed me wildly, desperately hungry for more. I could hardly catch my breath. I could feel his free hand groping my body, grabbing anything he could. I moaned into Gerald’s mouth, completely giving myself over to him. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me between the front seats toward the back of the van. He kicked tools out of our way, never breaking our kiss.

I fell to the floor with Gerald towering over me. He panted heavily. I arched my back slightly, ready for him to pounce. He placed a hand on either side of my head and brought his eyes down to mine.

“Finally,” he breathed against my lips, “you’ll be mine.” He kissed me hard. He moved his hands to my stomach and took hold of my blouse. In one easy movement he tore open the button snaps.

I breathed in deeply. Gerald lowered his face to my chest kissing and licking as he explored my soft skin. He slipped a hand under me easily undoing my bra and tossing it to the side. I ran my fingers through his thick hair. Even in the dim light I could see his grey roots.

“You’re so handsome,” I whispered. Gerald smiled and kissed me deeply. I kicked off my heels and raised my bum allowing him to easily remove my pants. He gasped when he saw my shaved pussy.

“You dirty little girl. I have a feeling that this wasn’t for Daniel,” he grinned down at me. I giggled in response, wiggling my bum with excitement. “Settle down little girl. I’m going to take my sweet time with you.” He pulled his shirt over his head revealing his broad shoulders and slight beer belly. I reached up lightly stroking his his pecks and nipples. He growled in response. In one movement he undid his belt and pants. He leaned against me shedding the rest of his clothing. I felt his cock spring up against my belly. I whimpered, desperate to feel him inside me once again.

Gerald slipped his hand behind my head gently lifting my mouth to his. He softly kissed my lips. I could feel his hot breath through his nose as he exhaled deeply. I felt his other hand carefully exploring between my legs. He ran his fingers lightly across the soft bare skin of my pussy. He grazed my clit every so often causing me to shiver.

He finally rested on the hole and gently pressed a finger inside me. I gasped from the jolt of pleasure. Gerald carefully withdrew his finger and slipped it back inside. He kept this pace for an excruciatingly long time. My legs began to shake.

I lean back and closed my eyes. I felt Gerald’s got breath on my clit. I felt his mouth close around it and he began to suck gently. He sped up his hand, fingering me harder and faster with each stroke. I could feel the pressure of an orgasm building. I began to buck and grind against Gerald’s face. He then slowed his fingering back to that excruciating speed and then finally stopped fingering me altogether. I was now exasperated. I was desperate to orgasm, teetering on the edge.

Gerald raised his face from my slit and smiled.

 “Did you like that?” he asked. I could only manage a groan and a few nods in response. He sat up and spread my legs further apart. He grasped his cock pressing it against my pussy. “Are you ready?” he asking, leaning forward to see my face. I looked into his eyes.

“Yes,” I whispered. I was still shaking with anticipation.

Gerald leaned forward placing his hand behind my back and neck. He held me as he carefully slipped his entire cock inside me. He held it there for awhile. I squirmed in his arms and he finally withdrew. His arms were shaking with restraint.

“Fuck me,” I pleaded. He flashed that boyish grin. He began to fuck me wildly, grabbing my hair, my breasts, my ass. I rubbed my clit feeling the pressure of my orgasm build back up instantly.

After only a few seconds my body began to convulse involuntarily. Gerald was forced to withdraw from the pressure of my orgasm. I began to feel a new sensation in my clit that I had not felt before. I felt to need to release the pressure. A hot thin liquid shot from my pussy hitting Gerald on the chest and stomach. I streamed with the release. I had never managed to squirt before and it felt amazing.

“Oh my god!” Gerald gasped at the sight. He pumped his cock hard over my stomach. He was soon shooting thick gobs of cum onto my stomach and chest. He collapsed down beside me. With effort, he turned to face me. I was still twitching every so often and my legs were shaking. I turned to meet his smiling face. “You’re beautiful,” he said softly.

“And you’re amazing. I have never done... that before,” I said, slightly embarrassed. Gerald simply smiled.

“And I’ve never seen that before. I know I want to make it happen again though,” he said. I laughed. Me too, I thought.

Gerald handed me brown paper towels to wipe myself down with. I cleaned myself up and got changed. I was a little disappointed he didn’t want to hold me a while. I slipped into the passenger seat beside him.

“I’d better get you to your friends before they call Daniel wondering where you are,” he said calmly. He started his van and backed up out of the orchard. I stared out the window unable to look at him.

We made it downtown in no time. Gerald stopped in a fairly empty parking lot about a block from The Tap House. I went to hop out as soon as the engine was off but I felt him catch my arm. I turned back and he pulled me to him. He grasped my face and kissed me deeply. I melted into him. He pulled away and looked into my eyes.

“I hope we can find another opportunity soon. I will miss your beautiful face,” He looked down toward my chest, “And body.” I smiled and slipped out of the van. I headed towards the bar but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about the next time I would see Gerald again.

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