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Valentine Confirmation

Husband looking to pleasure wife
Valentine’s Day was coming up. 29 years he’d been married to her. He hadn’t really thought about it too much but the truth was, his wife, Miranda, was still beautiful, and there were many men’s eyes which studied her figure to prove it too. Besides, she was facially an attractive woman too. He knew everything, he believed, about her as well.

However, lately, he realized there wasn’t anything truly special about their marriage anymore, but seeing as he’d been online a lot lately, and reading some new stories about marriages, he wanted her to know how much he still loved her, and dearly too.

He headed to the stores. Nothing. Nowhere was there anything he saw which turned him on. Okay, yes, there were more then enough jewelry stores. Okay, we all know there were more then enough clothing stores too. And yes, we all know all the stores in the world couldn’t provide enough lingerie and she knew better what she liked in the way of lingerie anyhow.

So, he asked himself, what could he do to make her know he still loved her deeply. No, he thought, as he looked at one item after another. No…no…no, he kept telling himself. I mean, I love you with all my heart. We lay together. We stare into one another’s eyes. We hold hands here and there. We cuddle. We play around still and when he thought about that, he even smiled.

God, you still turn me on even.

He pictured his wife’s body. Still slender. Still relatively firm. Still curvy too. And she still has nice hips and even one nice ass as well. He smiled. He thought about her naked. He pictured her as she got into and out of the shower. God, the woman, at 54, still has it going on. What is a guy supposed to assume? What is a guy, like me, at 59, supposed to tell her or do for her, he wondered?

He stared into space, thinking. What should he do? He didn’t know. He watched her, when she wasn’t paying attention, and tried, hard, to pick up on clues. Nothing. No, nothing he thought. That was until one day. He came home early from work. She of course was already home. She was on the phone to her mother. He walked in and heard her talking.

“Oh, I don’t need anything anymore for the most part,” she said. “We love one another. We spend romantic evenings together. I love him and he loves me. You know that of course.” She listened to her mother for a moment. “We do all that kind of stuff. I mean, I won’t get into all that. You understand. He loves me and I love him. It is a wonderful, lovable, and passionate marriage, Mom. However I wish he and I could do something, I don’t know, different…umm adoring and loving like nothing we’ve ever done…” and she went on to explain all the while he remained in the other room and listened.

He figured it out. He knew, at that exact moment, what to do. He knew. He smiled. Then he behaved as if he just walked in. “Hi honey,” he called out, letting her know he was home. Her voice became quieted.

Shortly after that she said goodbye to her mom and walked up to him and the two long married individuals hugged, and then kissed. Each of their lips met, affectionately. No tongues. Only lips but it was a romantic kiss nonetheless.

“Mmmmm,” she says looking into his eyes, “that’s a welcome surprise." She was smiling, he was too, and he grabbed hold of her, and hugged her firmly. “Is there something else?”

He said no, but was smiling, and when she turned around, he grabbed her ass, lightly.

“Ooooohh…bedroom?” she said.

“Maybe, but only if you get undressed,” he told her, which she didn’t at the moment.

“Okay, but not now,” she said.

She turned and placed a kiss on his cheek and smiled afterward.

Later the next day, at the office, he started thinking about Valentines Day. What to get her…what to get her, he thought, but then he finally gave up on the idea. After work he swung by a store and picked up some special paper to write on. He knew. He knew exactly what she was going to get for Valentines Day. He drove home. He had three days or in this case, two days, with one for delivery purposes. Then he set out, after work, to do his duty. He went to the garage and sat down. That was the only place he was able to write the letter of his life, he felt.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Stay out,” he told her. “You can’t come in here for a couple days. Hear me?” and she agreed, but bugged him left and right to “see” it, which she never did.

“Honey,” it began. “I love you with all my heart and soul,” it went on to read. He read it. He hated it. He took it and ripped it apart. He didn’t like the beginning at all. He started over. “Dear… When was the last time I said you were a beautiful woman?” He went on and described everything, including her personality, and every last feature about her he thought described her and after he got so far, he stopped and read it all. He liked it, to a point, but he didn’t like it enough. Something was missing. Something was not right. He couldn’t put his finger on it so he placed the letter he started to the side.

He started over again. Letter after letter was good but not good enough, he thought, and he placed the half written or unfinished letter to the side, leaving it at that. He got up and walked around. He went in and ate dinner, but thought about what he wanted to write. He couldn’t come up with what he wanted to say.

God I love you, he told himself. God, you’re pretty, he thought. God, you’re even still, and he watched her move about the house and still couldn’t put it all on paper. You are still sexier then any woman I’ve ever known.

It got late. He was still in the garage, writing, or trying to write the perfect letter. He grew frustrated as hell. Paper after paper which was started, to him, seemed a failure to put into words how he truly felt about his bride of 29 years. He’d known her for 31. He’d seen her put on weight and then take it off, sometimes too much, but now both had surfaced as great lovers who wanted nothing more then one another, and each other’s body for unending lovemaking.

He wrote that down too. He didn’t know exactly what to tell her but whatever he thought about, he wrote down in half written letters. It never came together. Nothing seemed complete. Valentines Day was upon him. It was too late to send any letter of any kind to her now. What should he do, he asked himself. What…what… What the hell should I do, he now asked. He didn’t know. He felt he was a failure. The only answer was the jewelry store and so, after work, he called her, and told her he was running a little late. She said it was fine. She was making dinner anyways. He ran to a jewelry store and picked out what he thought was something quite special. He had them wrap it up too.

Now, he felt a little better. Meantime, she needed something out of the garage. She walked in and got it. Looking around, she saw the stack of papers. She wondered. She walked over and looked at them a little, but without reading them at all. That was at first, of course, and she headed back inside. She stopped. She turned around. She looked at that stack of papers. Interesting stack of paper, she thought. What is it? He was writing something too. What is it, she asked herself. With that, she headed back, and looked at them all. God, there had to be at least, what, fifteen, or even twenty pieces of paper?

She picked one up and started reading it. Wow! He thinks…that…about me, about us? Wow! Oh…my god! Wow, she thought over and over, again. Finally, she sat down. She picked up another…and another, reading every last word of each one. She was thrilled to death. She was somewhat aroused by his thoughts, his desires, and what he felt about her.

She sat in a daze, thinking. She sat in a fog, kind of. He thinks all this of me, really? She smiled, endlessly. She collected the papers and went back inside. She hid them. She held high hopes the evening would go well. He walked in. Her heart jumped. A smile, of sorts, filled her inside. Her eyes closed as she heard him come inside. “Ohhhhh, I want you,” she said very softly but aloud. She turned down the burners, making sure nothing would get overcooked, and then she headed towards the front door.

“Happy Valentines Day honey,” she said, wearing a gleaming smile as her arms reached around her husband. They hugged. “Gosh, I love you. Do you know that?” she added.

“I love you too, honey,” he said as he returned the hug. “Have I ever… No, I know the answer to that question.”

“What question?” she asked.

“When was the very last time I told you I thought you were the sexiest woman alive?”

She smiled, they hugged, and they kissed, hard. The kiss lasted for minutes. Lips zigzagged across the other’s lips. Their bodies, barely inside the front door, held each other firmly as they kissed. They hugged and kissed and pulled at one another, endlessly. Finally, both let up and stared at the other. She held a precarious smile as if something was wrong. He couldn’t figure it out. He wished he knew what was on her mind. He looked into her eyes and as usual, she looked young and vital. He wished he looked as young and vital as she did.

“Does that answer your question?” she replied.

“Well…a little I guess,” he teased.

“Should I escort you back to the bedroom to help answer it some more?” she said.

“Now?” he asked.

“Now,” she said.

With that said, his shirt was practically undone before they entered their bedroom. With that said, she was ready to pull of her top also. With that said, both were ready to be undressed, and in bed with one another and making mad, passionate love each knew how to make with the other.

His hands were on her. His hands were pulling off her top and he was gazing down over her lovable round bosoms and cleavage too. She was smiling as he stared down at them. She watched as he undid his pants and they slipped to the floor. He undid her slacks next, leaving only her bra and panties. He pulled her in and kissed her, as usual. As usual, it felt awesome to have him kissing her like he was.

His hands moved about her body and back, caressing it as they kissed, and pulling at his wife as if a new lover. They kissed and they kissed hard. They kissed passionately. They kissed for a long while too. Their hands never let up. Their bodies were always in motion against one another.

He grew hornier. He became harder. She could feel something, his shaft, pressing into her belly. She pulled at him as she felt his stiffness more and more. They continued to kiss. Kissing must have been the foundation of everything for them because these two never stopped kissing, ever. He became even stiffer from what she could tell and that was when she reached down, inside his underwear, and felt its grand formation.

“Mmmmmm, now that’s what I consider…incredible dear,” she said quietly between their kissing spurts. She felt his erection, softly. As she did, she looked into his eyes. He leaned in and their lips joined again. Kissing seemed to be one of the main courses that night, but either way, both enjoyed it. Finally it stopped. Her hand remained inside his underwear and on his hard cock, which he was definitely enjoying.

“Honey,” she began. “I love you with all my heart and soul.” She held his erection, gently as she said it. She smiled. “I didn’t mean to but I did something you told me not to do.” He smiled and asked her what, seeing as she was pleasantly and lightly caressing his shaft. “I read those letters you wrote…out in the garage.”

“Oh…uh yeah,” and his face turned a little sullen. “I uh,” and he looked away and then back at her and said, “wanted to do something, uh, different this year but I wasn’t able to.”

Still faintly rubbing his erection, which to him began to feel more and more tantalized, she said it was okay. They both lay on the bed, in their underwear, and looking one another in the eyes. She was smiling. He wasn’t, yet. “I love you and will always love you. Look sweetheart, look at us. Married 29 years, at our age, and still making love to one another… Who still does this? I mean were lucky. Both of us. We are in great shape. We’re both healthy. You still have an incredible body,” and she looked down at it. Her hand was still inside his underwear and he added something on that note too.

“You too sweetheart… I love your body to no end,” and he looked down at her boobs and cleavage and hips. He looked up. “God, do I ever!”

She smiled. “Thank you. Let’s make love…go all the way tonight, okay honey?”

With that, she squeezed his hard cock and then her fingers trailed up and down it. His legs pinched hard against her hand. She felt it and squeezed his shaft. She asked him, knowing the answer to the question, if he enjoyed what she was doing.

“Oh come on now…don’t leave me hanging,” he told her and with that, she rolled over him, started kissing him crazily, and at the same time she found some way of taking off her bra. “God, I still love those,” he told her and with that, he pushed her on her back and started kissing her breasts, madly.

That had to have gone on for about ten minutes. In that time, he made sure he also focused some time on her mature, fatter nipples. Yes, he got them nice and hard, and yes, she adored how he perfected how he got it done too.

From there, he kissed and sucked, yes, sucked on her flat, tight belly. He kissed her sides as well. He kissed her back, after turning her over. Starting at her shoulders, he worked happily, from side to side. He kissed all over. He kissed her lovely trim sides and also the middle of her back and he made sure he made his way all the way down to her sweet shapely and definitely fit, tight looking ass.

All the while, she was moaning and cooing and crying for more, but he knew where all this was heading. Go for it. On her stomach, still, he spread her legs apart. She lay motionless all the while it was going on. Then she felt it.

His fingers dove in, slowly. He felt the undulating softness, gradually. He followed her eyes, her expressions as he tucked the slender folds protecting what he considered his beloved treasure, issued to him on the day he wed her. They smiled at the other as he felt her pussy’s lips. Her eyes closed while he continued, while taking his time also, trying best he could to slowly arouse her needs. He watched her. He studied her eyes. He read her expressions. He was pleased with his work. Yes, she grew more aroused, but he worked his fingers around her magic, leisurely.

Finally…ohhhhhh yes…finally, a finger dipped inside the walls. Uhhh…ooooohh, mmmmm, she thought as her eyes closed, and he casually dove left and right just inside her pussy. Mmmmm, that feels good, she told herself as his fingers plucked away at her swelling walls. She grew much hungrier while feeling them insert themselves deeper into her cunt. “Oh god!” she cried out, quietly. “Oh…yes,” she says softly. “Don’t stop, honey,” she told him. “Just…ooooohh…ohhh…ahhhh… Just…don’t stop dear,” she says, quietly.

He keeps fingering her as she wishes. She grows damper and damper. He smiles. Everything is going as planned. She feels awesome. This…is awesome, he says to himself, and with that he closes his eyes. Yes, she does feel awesome. Yes, she does feel great. He wants to take her and hold her and he wants to kiss her lips next but he’s way too far into this to stop now. She’s become wetter and wetter and needier as well. He knows it too. His fingers, deep inside her, and twirling all around drive her batty.

Her body seems to be tightening up. Her ass, her thighs, her face, and he notices her hands as well. God, she’s hornier then ever. He smiles. She sees him smiling and steers her eyes at him. Oh god, I love how she looks, he thinks. How horny is she? How horny, he wonders.

“Are you really horny honey?” he asks. She nods as she feels him feeling her cunt. “Do you want me in you…want me to go inside you yet?” and she nods as the smile vanishes from her face. She says yes, weakly. She nods as if to tell him, yes she does need him inside, so he pulls off her panties, and he gets on top of her. Watching her, he smiles and directs his shaft towards her beautiful lips.

Slowly…slowly…mmmmm…ohhh, he tells himself. That feeling…ohhh that feeling is so great. It is always…always a great feeling. “Mmmmm, god I love doing this with you, but I love doing all of it with you,” he tells her. She smiles.

“I love all of it too, sweetheart,” she says and that was when it pierced her cradle. “OHHH GOD!” and her eyes close as her hands take hold of his body. She holds it firmly. She can not let go. He is in her. “FURTHER HONEY…DEEPER BABY,” she says. Each time he goes in her, shoves it down into her pussy, she always swallows hard and then cries out, loudly, wanting him more then she can handle, but either way she loves it and takes it and he always, always delivers. Then it becomes a little vulgar out of nowhere.

“FUCK ME HARD HONEY…HARD!” she screams. By this time, her arms and hands are stretching out. By this point, her legs are spread apart completely, and by this time she is taking it and wanting it and screaming, madly for more. “DO NOT STOP…DO NOT STOP HONEY…OHHHH…GOD…YES…YES…FUCK ME…FUCK ME… JUST KEEP FUCKING ME!” and with that, he does what she commands him to do.

He fucks her as best he can. Yes, she orgasms and cums. Yes, she loves how he feels inside her as she does. Yes, he is ready, and he tells her too, so he came, inside her just after letting her know.

It is over. Done. Complete. Sex with each other, again. They breathe hard. He drops down beside her and takes hold of her soft, lovely curves, and he pulls her beautiful and elegant figure up against his frame. He looks at her as the two continue breathing hard. They smile as they hold the other’s body closely.

“God, I hope we can do this for another twenty plus years…I hope you feel that way,” he says and as she breathes, hard, still trying to catch her own breath, she smiles and nods and leans in. She says yes and lays a heavy kiss on his lips.

“Does that answer your question?” she says.

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