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Victoria and Brad's encounter

Victoria was happy and so excited about Brad being in the same room, after almost three weeks of not seeing each other, they both felt somehow disconnected, excited yes, but somewhat hesitant, time apart made their encounters exciting and brand knew.  Like not knowing what to do or were to start.  It always felt that way after so many days, a mixture of knowing the other one with the uneasiness of not being sure were to start.  It was momentarily but painfully there.
Brad moved closer, with his face closer to hers now,  and with a movement that felt more like a tease, he got closer, just touching. She picked on the cue and slowly they moved to kissing.  It always happened that way, the uneasiness and then the passion.  She liked his kisses, they felt strong and knowing.  Their kissing was passionate and they both felt overcoming to the heat generated by their closeness. 
They wore only their bath robes while sitting in bed, and their robes fell somewhere in the room. They just wanted to feel each others' naked bodies. Then the inevitable; both of them locked into a strong embrace, just kissing and feeling. Time usually stopped for both of them and all that was left was the touching, the exploring, the pleasing and the engaging in being close. That was the journey they both liked to travel when close to each other.  
He kissed her body like he knew she liked it. Slowly touching, caressing and kissing until her body started to respond with little orgasmic spasms.  Through all this, she kept wanting him to penetrate her too, lost has taken over her mind and body.  The mixture of feelings, between letting him continue on using his tongue until she came or asking him to penetrate her.  She let him continue since the end of that was closer and closer.  It all exploded suddenly in her body and brain.  It was like the explosion of every small cell in her body.  It felt like everything contained in her body had been released in just a few seconds of extreme pleasure. Victoria Enjoyed it as much as she could and then touching his head, asked him stop pleasuring her, she was ready to move on. They embraced one more time, and kissed. 
The lights had been deemed in the room and they had to find their bodies. She wanted him so bad inside her, and he knew this. He wanted it too and that was all that mattered.  Being in a close embrace again, she couldn't stop touching his body.  It was a source of so much pleasure too.  he moved on top of her, and he had to contain himself a little, his need to penetrate her was growing, he penetrated her, slowly at first but firm.  She shivered all over, it wasn't a cold shiver but just a reaction to the pleasure she was feeling.  The feeling that travelled through her entire body, like an expansive wave of heat and pleasure.  This continued enough time for Victoria to have a few more picks of pleasure and for Brad to come as well.  His coming was always strong and that pleased her.
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