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Was it only a Dream.....

Was I Dreaming ? part 1

I have had this dream several times throughout high school,  and altho it never accually happened..... I sometimes wondered... What if??


A little Background first.....My name is Steve, and I am going to tell you about how I got re~aquainted with Shannon and her parents.  Shannon's parents and mine had been friends forever,  David,  Shannons father had been the best man at my parents wedding, and my mom had been maid of honor at David and Kim's wedding a few years later.  David and Kim had moved away from our neighborhood when Shannon and I were babies but they moved back about the time that we were ready to start JR High.  You should have seen my parents face when I came home after the first few days of JR High with a few friends ( to go swimming ) Shannon had tagged along with her boyfriend Mark.  She walked into our home and saw one of my parents wedding  pictures hanging on the wall and turned to me and asked if I knew who the guy standing next to the bride and groom was..  I said ya thats my dads best friend David,  he was my mom and dads best man.  we have not seen him in years.. and I know my parents miss him and his wife Kim.

She started laughing and said OH MY GOD!!!!  she pointed at David and ( as my parents walked into the room) said David is MY DAD!! my mom did a double take on her and said  "oh my goodness!! you CANT be Shannon"???  You two probibly dont remember this at all but, when you were toddelers the two of you played all the time.  ( my mom got a dreamy sort of look on her face and said almost to herself)  GOD, I miss David and Kim we used to have so much fun together.....

My dad coughed a little to loudly at that.. which made Shannon and I turn to each other with confused looks on our faces.... we nodded at each other.. ( knowing that each of us would try to get to the bottom of THAT little mystery.)

My mom had Shannon call her parents and have them come over to our house.  When she got off the phone she said that they were stunned to hear that she was at our house and that they would be right over.   Turns out that they only lived a few blocks away from us.  A little while later the doorbell rang and in stepped David looking almost as good as he did in the black and white photo on the wall. he was tall, lean and rugged looking.....and then one of the most BEAUTIFUL women I had ever layed my young eyes on walked in behind him.  She had long blond hair and a body that I can only describe as Playboy Playmate Quality. I was speechless for a few moments as she walked in hugging and crying on my mom. ( They were SOO happy to see my parents again after all the years.)  My mom saw the look on my face and said Kim you remember our son don't you? Kim stopped crying long enough to say.. NOOO that CANT be Little STEVIE!!!! and with that...she rushed at me enveloping me in a tight bear hug,
Kissing me on the top of my head..( and in doing that she pushed my face into her boobs.. giving me a raging hard on in the process!)laughing and crying and aperently oblivious to the fact that she had pressed my face into her boobs again she was still laughing and crying and babbiling on about when I was a baby.....  David came over and pulled her away saying shesh let the boy breathe!  she then ran to my parents and hugged them both again.  everyone was laughing and crying and carrying on.. I excused myself and ran to the bathroom to try and controll my raging hard on...Shannon waited for me to get out of the bathroom and then went back outside with our friends and spent the next few hours splashing around the pool while our parents got cought up with what had been happening in thier lives over the last 10 years.  Mom came out and said that it was time for the rest of the kids to go home as it was getting late and she didnt want thier parents to Worry.. as she was saying this my dad  fired up our Bar~B~Que and told me that David, Kim and Shannon would be staying over for dinner.  cool I thought.. Any more time with Kim at the house was OK with me....


Cut to our JR year in High School ( we were both about 18 then, as we had both been held back a year in grade school) .... as nothing interesting between  ( well except the occasional time that the only way I could get my teenage cock to go down was through Masturbation and sometimes thinking of Kim and sometimes Shannon while I did it.)

Shannon and I while friends ...had never really clicked as close friends.  She had her group of friends, and I had mine. but we spent a TON of time together  During the summer months it was pretty much a non~stop pool party with SOMEONE over using our pool.  Including Shannon and  her mom and dad.  One weekend our JR year I came home from work early. bounded into my room  I had started to strip out of my work clothes intending to grab my swim trunks ( in case someone was home) and go for a swim. My shirt was already in a heap on the floor and I had just stripped off my pants when I happened to look out my big bay window overlooking the pool.... to find that my Mom, Dad, and David  were all out at the pool... and not a one was wearing a stich of clothing....THAT got my attention.....I was like WHAT THE HELL????   I realised that I could not see Kim tho.. I looked for her around the backyard... Because I REALLY wanted to se HER nude...muttering to myself that I could not see her.. and wondering where she was I finished stripping and was now Just as nude as my parents and David were...I  grabbed my cock and started stroaking it.. wishing for the umptienth time that I could fuck Kim's sweet body Mumbeling to myself saying Kims name out loud as I was about to cum.....When I heard a noise behind me...( I froze in mid stroke)  What I had heard was Kim clearing her throat.... "Umm Hmmm.. and just What have we here ???  ( Oh Shit.. im Busted I thought)  I slowly turned around to see Kim standing in my doorway and she was nude like everyone else..   (OH SHIT!!KIM!!! NUDE!!! BOOBS... SHAVED PUSSY....I Took this all in in Just a moment as my teenage mind went into overdrive  She was standing there with her arms crossed under her breasts...looking for all the world like the Goddess  I had always fantisized about.)  She was talking to me but I had no CLUE what she was saying.....

She must have realised this because she stopped and said " HEY!! HELLO??? EARTH TO STEVE!! ANYONE THERE?? as she said this she noticed that my hand had NOT moved from my cock.  I was still  holding it in my right hand. she raised her eyebrows at that.. and with an amused smirk said " Penny for your thoughts?"Well I would like to say that I had some witty remark just tumble out as easy as pie.... unfortunatly what came out sounded more like "ohshitkimimsorrywhatth?" as I was saying this  I realized that she was standing in my teenage body took over and I promptly shot a load of cum on my bed, the wall next to it  and my hand.

( ok if you thought I was mortafied before about being COUGHT in my own room with my rock hard COCK in my Kim??? NOW I was REALLY MORTAFIED. 

can I just DIE now please?? I thought...)

I just stood there..I let my hand drop to my side.. and she was standing there.. ( and I dont know who was more supprised by my cumming .. ME or HER) 

She stood there for a moment with her eyes locked on my crotch..all of the sudden her face just split into a wide grin.  ( awww MAN.. I thought, she is SOO going to laugh at me now and go tell my parents  what I just did.)  however that is NOT what she did or said..

She very slowly walked over to me grinning like crazy.  I started to stammer an appology of some sort.. but she cut me off with a finger on my lips telling me to shush.....

she then told me that she had heard me saying her name as I was playing with myself.. she had stopped and stood right in fromt of me, if she had stepped any closer her nipples would be touching my chest. she looked down at my cock and wispered. " Did you mean it?"  ...did you mean what you said just now?? that I was a like a Goddess to you?  She was so close to me that I could feel her breath as it came out of her mouth while she was talking...I looked away from her still sure in my teenage mind that she was Just teasing me in some way.. but I decided on the spur of the moment that honesty would be the best thing for me here and said very quietly.




"Have you Masturbated thinking about me before?"  she asked.

"yes"... I thought a moment ... and said "I think about you a lot while I Masturbate accually."


she stood there for a moment looking at me.... I could tell that she was studying my face to see if I was telling her a lie or not.  I sat down on my bed to await my fate....she put her hand on her hip tapping it there thinking...

What she did next  took me completly  by supprise.

She said.. Well then.. lets give you something to REALLY THINK about while your playing with that BEAUTIFUL COCK!! Then she quickly nelt in front of me, Grabbed my cock started licking it up and down and then stuffed it into her mouth.  As my cock came in contact with her toungue my brain turned inside out. I fell backwards on my bed and thrust my hips out forcing my now ROCK HARD COCK to the back of her throat.  I grabbed my pillow and jammed it over my head so the very loud moan that erupded from my mouth could not be heard outside. 

She continued Sucking on my cock and rubbing my balls around in her hand. moaning the hole time.  it only took her a few seconds of sucking my cock for me to cum again. "OH OOHHH OH SHIT .. "KIM" I wispered "Im going to cum again!!"  I thought OH SHIT IM GOING TO CUM IN HER MOUTH!!!  and as I thougth it .. I DID it... I was cumming and cumming and cumming... she grabbed hold of my ass and forced her mouth all the way to the base of my cock.. swallowing all of my cum down her throat....After I had finished Cumming, she licked me clean again.  she stood up and after looking our the window to see if anyone had seen what we had done, looked at herself in the full length mirror on the back of my door.  she pushed up her boobs and looking at me said.. "Goddess huh??"  "Yes" I said simply.... she smiled at that...Thank you.. she walked back over to me and kissed me on my cheek.  With that she was quickly out of my room  she went back out to the backyard, where she very calmly told everyone to put thier clothes back on because I was home from work early.  I opened my bedroom window a crack to hear what they were saying. ( My mom had an odd look on her face as she asked her)  " Did Steve see you?"  "No" Kim said, I was walking back here from the bathroom when I saw his car pull up out front as he parked behind our car, and rushed back here to tell you all to get your suits back on.  I grabbed my suit and went into my bathroom ( which was right next to my room and started making some noise while putting on my swimsuit.

I walked out to the pool and was saying hi to everyone, when I noticed that there was a person standing there that I had not seen before.... SHANNON had been in the backyard NUDE with everyone else..    WHAT THE HELL?? I thought

Controlling my shock (somewhat) I said hi to her as I walked past her.. she just looked at me.. not saying a word.. she stormed past me and went into the house.  I glanced back at evryone else "Whats up with her?"  

Kim suddenly looked worried and said "That...Steve is A VERY good question." I will go and see, as she dashed off after her daughter.

Mom suddenly rounded on me... "Wait a second... WHY are you home so early?? I thought you were working untill 9:30 tonight?" 

"Ya.....well..I was...... (thinking that I wish I had NOT BEEN COUGHT to see what you WOULD have done while I was not here)...Manager M.O.M. said that sense it was  soo dead today I could go home early.  NOW I can go swimming with you guys.      And with that, I jumped into the pool.


Kim came back out a little while later looking at ME and looking more worried then relieved.. I suddenly got the same look as she had... what if... oh shit.. what if SHANNON had seen us???   Aww man, I thought.....she saw us... she saw her mom giving me a blow Job.... 


"Steve".. Kim said.. "Could you come into the house and help me with Getting someting?"  as I walked into the house she wispered We need to talk."   As it turns out.. I was right...Shannon HAD seen us.. she had seen the whole thing from me stripping off my clothes and grabbing my cock and wispering Kims her mom walking in and me cumming and then seeing her mom give me  a Blowjob ...and she was mad about it.. but not for the reason that you might think.

She was in MY ROOM in the closet the WHOLE TIME. She had come into the house to grab a Coke when she saw me pull up and dashed into MY room so she could watch me change into my swimsuit. ( apperently my ex girlfriend had told her that I had a pretty nice size Cock and she wanted to see it for herself.)  boy oh boy.  DID SHE.... after Kim and I had left my room ( Kim outside and me into the bathroom.) she dashed outside so she would not get cought in my room. 

Shannon was sitting in the living room drinking her Coke as Kim and I walked in.  "Shannon.. Kim said.. We need to talk about this.  You need to tell Steve what you told me just now.  Shannon looked at her mom and then back at me.. I thought she was going to cry.. but then she asked me, Was it good?  she asked me?  did my mom Suck you off good??.. SHANNON!! Kim said!! Tell him what you told me FIRST.. THEN we can talk ... about the "OTHER STUFF"

ok NOW im REALLY confused.. WHAT the hell IS this? I thought...

No Kim its ok.. I will tell her.. Ya.. Shannon it WAS. It was the BEST Blow Job I have EVER gotten. Shannon's lip was quivering a bit at that.  I thought she was going to cry and run out of the room to tell her dad and My parents.. but again.. I was WRONG.. Well then you should have ME suck you off.. I bet I could do it better.   Kim started laughing at that.  Kim then told me that Shannon had wanted to be the one to suck me off in my room but her mom had got to me first.

Kim, Smiling at the both of us then told me to take Shannon to thier house to get some "nothing thing" that she needed for dinner here at OUR house, but to take our time. and not to worry about a thing here she would stall my parents and David for as long as it took us to get back.

Grinning,  hand in hand Shannon and I walked out to my car and drove to her house.  I will tell you what happened at Shannons house in part 2

All names have been changed.





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