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Weekend fantasy, chapter 1

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They had waited oh so long!
Our conversations had grown more sexual, more in depth, and definitely more heated until it was the norm for both of us to masturbate as we chatted. The next step seemed so natural, so right.
We had made arrangements to meet on a Friday night and spend the weekend together. The approaching cold front collided with the warm sticky air and the drive was miserable. My only consolation was that your trip would be much easier not having to drive through the stormy weather the front was causing.
Sadly, the weather and traffic all worked together to delay me although I was still well ahead of schedule. After checking in I took my bag to the room and arranged it so when you entered you would see red rose petals leading to the bed which is half turned down. You would hear soft music playing in a dimly lit suite.
Satisfied with the bedroom portion, I showered then cleaned the bathroom so it appeared as unused, shaved, put on fresh clothes and went to the bar where we had agreed to meet.
Almost too good to be true there was a booth in a back corner that was available. Selecting it I sat and ordered a Pepsi to sip as I waited. The moment you entered, our eyes met across the room. You had dressed almost exactly as you told me you would be and looked radiant.
As you approached I rose, took your hands, and we kissed. You selected a wine you liked and I ordered for you. Our conversation was light but our finger tips moved on each other, accentuating and punctuating our words. Our legs touched, our bodies pressed closer.
My hand rested on your knee then moved slowly a bit higher onto your thigh. Almost as tacit approval, I felt you kiss my ear lobe. Moving slowly, my hand went higher; again the kiss on my ear. I could feel my manhood stiffening and the wetness of pre cum was showing on my pants. This time when you kissed my ear I felt your hand on my cock. Gently you massaged with the palm of your hand. I had now reached the top of your thigh and my hand was moving along your panty line, without a word I let my finger slide underneath into the damp warmth.
Withdrawing my finger I slowly put it in my mouth, smelling you, tasting you. As I did the heel of your hand pressed harder in little circular motions against me. I pressed my lips to your ear. ''Be careful, dear heart, it has been so long for me and I want this evening to last.''
This time you wiggled on the bench, straightening your back, allowing my fingers to go inside... deep inside you. As I pumped in and out your breathing became heavy and fast, soft moans escaped from deep inside you. No one was near yet it was so exciting as you pulsated and shook at the table. Waves of your juices poured from your body. You kissed me as you said, ''Sign the check and take me upstairs, now!''
My foot closed the door as we melted into each others arms. We kissed long and passionately then I turned you in my arms and kissed the back of your neck as my fingers unbuttoned your blouse. With all the buttons opened I stepped back and let it fall to the floor then kissed the tops of your shoulders as your bra dropped to the floor.
Turning you back to face me, we again kissed as our bare chests pressed against each other. Your nipples hardened and pressed against me. We kissed as my fingers released your skirt and pushed it downward. It was then that you saw the trail of rose petals and followed them to the bed, pulling me by the hand.
Beside the bed I slowly finished undressing myself as you helped then removed your panties. Sitting you on the bed, I knelt before you, I kissed your ankle then up your leg. My kisses went all the way up and found a breast, a delicious breast that I sucked and nibbled at.
Kissing down the other side, kisses went all the way to the other ankle. Revolution after revolution, we slowly did this until your moans became intense and your legs opened wide. This time I kissed your lips then straight down your body, your chest, your tummy, your rose bud and then the opening to your love canal. I kissed your love canal then opened you and allowed my tongue to enter you.
My mouth moved to your bud, holding it, torturing it with my tongue as fingers pumped deep then deeper. This orgasm was harder and faster with your juices flowing like a waterfall after hard spring rains.
While your body was still pulsating I laid you flat on the bed then put a pillow under your pelvis. Sliding on you we kissed as I guided myself inside you. Once in, I placed your legs on my shoulders and slowly pushed in then withdrew.
Kissing you I moved my mouth to your nipples and placed your hand on your rose bud. Lifting my head from your breast I told you, ''Masturbate with my cock buried deep inside you.''
Your hand glided on yourself then rubbed furiously. My thrusts moved in and out as you played, torturing your clit.
As you rubbed yourself to orgasm my cock hardened still more inside you and I began to thrust. The speed of the thrusts intensified as you lifted your pelvis and pressed forward to meet each thrust.
I could feel your muscles constricting, holding my cock, literally milking my juice from my balls. Our orgasms were intense and simultaneous. Our bodies shuddered and pulsated, beads of sweat were on your brow and chest. I could feel myself shooting wave after wave of juice deep into you.
We collapsed in each other's arms, kissing and pressing against each other. Very gently I moved down your body, opened your legs and kissed, drank the sweet nectar of our love making from between your legs. My tongue probed, getting the last delicious drop. With the last in my mouth I slid back up and kissed you long and hard as your tongue sampled our juices from my mouth.
In each other's arms we fell to sleep, bodies pressed tightly together.
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