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Weekend fantasy, chapter 2

Tags: affair
The night was spectacular and now...
Your hair glistened in the early morning sun which streamed through the not-tightly drawn curtains. Getting out of bed I closed the curtain darkening the room and started the coffee before showering.
Somewhere during my second cup of coffee I realized how much I enjoyed sitting and watching you peacefully sleep as I recollected the previous night.
Unexpectedly the flying pillow hit me as you exclaimed that I should take a walk and let a lady shower. Grinning, I headed for the restaurant.
You came into the restaurant wearing a loose, flowing white sun dress that left little to the imagination. I tried not to but wound up staring at you, probably with a big dumb grin on my face.
Breakfast was almost a replay of the previous evening, fingers touching, eyes undressing each other and great conversation. We did not ''talk'' about the night before but both of us remarked upon how well we'd slept.
Hand in hand, we strolled into the deserted lobby. Quizzically we asked the young desk clerk where everyone was. He grinned and said that the entire lodge had booked a bus trip to enjoy surrounding countryside. We shrugged and went to a secluded couch placed in front of a roaring fire with its back to the main lobby.
The fire was hypnotizing us as the flames danced and the wood crackled as it burned. My arm was around you and your head lay on my shoulder. Almost dozing, I felt your hand moving on my thigh and on the bulge that was building within my pants.
Your fingers expertly opened my pants then slid up and down my exposed shaft. Without mercy you quickly brought me so close. My body quivered as my cock strained against your hand. With a gleam in your eye you kissed me then whispered in my ear. My orgasm was intense with hot man juice shooting from my cock. I was still pulsating when you bent and cleaned me, kissing and drinking the juices.
Now my hand moved under your sun dress. Still reeling from what had just happened my hand went high on your thigh. As it moved upward you moaned and opened your legs.
Wiggling on the couch you let the dress move all the way up allowing my hand full access. Your panties were soaked as I started teasing the opening with my finger. My fingers found your clit and you began to move and moan.
Changing my position to slide your panties off I noticed, or maybe heard something, behind us. Our young friend from the desk had been watching and now he moved close. Embarrassed that he had been caught he took his hand out of his pants and turned to leave.
On a whim I called him over. Almost meanly I told him to sit down beside you. As he sat you removed his cock from his pants as my fingers moved into you.
You moaned as two fingers went deep inside you. He moaned as you stroked him. Kissing you I whispered into your ear.
Without another word you laid on the floor in front of the couch. Our young friend, with almost a look of trepidation in his eyes, stood up. Rising I undid his belt and pants and simply said, 'take her'. As his cock slid inside you my mouth found your nipples. I sucked on you hard and long as he pounded into your pussy. The combination of being sucked, my hand on your clit and his cock moving inside you made you orgasm with an intensity that shook the building.
It was my lips kissing you and my hand on your clit but the young guy's climax was intense. His face red he gathered his clothes and ran toward the mens room. Helping you from the floor we headed to shower then to the hot tub in our suite.
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