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What A Massage

A massage never to be forgotten
So I answered the ad in the “Body Rubs” section of an online trade forum. The price was about twice the going rate for a therapeutic massage, so it sounded like it might be quite more enjoyable as well.

When I arrived at the appointed time at the nondescript suburban home I went to the side door and rang the bell as requested. The lady who answered was good looking and about my age, which surprised me (I had imagined her to be younger for some reason). She was dressed in a casual short sleeve top and soft, loose fitting trousers.

After Wendy introduced herself to me she ushered me into a comfortable room with battery operated candles lit all about and a massage table in the center. Pointing to a chair in the corner, she said, "Sit and take off your shoes and socks." She was arranging the linens on the table as I complied.

When I reached for the hem of my shirt to pull it off, Wendy said, “Stop! That’s my job.” Coming over to me, she slowly and sensually pulled my shirt and undershirt up and off of me, stacking them on the chair behind me. As she set the garments down she leaned in near my ear and whispered, “Now it’s your turn,” at the same time taking my hands in hers and placing them at the waist of her top. Now I knew I had made a wonderful decision!
I slowly pulled her top up and off, revealing a very full lace bra. She turned her back to me and looked over her shoulder at the strap of her bra and winked at me, so I took the hint and loosened that as well. Turning back towards me, she slid the bra off, revealing full D cup breasts with medium colored areoles and pert nipples, a simple half inch diameter gold ring piercing each one.

As I stared and licked my lips she chuckled and said, “My turn again.” Reaching for my trousers, she deftly loosened my belt, snap, and zip. Grabbing the sides, she kneeled, pulling them down and off as I lifted one leg at a time.

Looking up and smiling at me she grabbed the sides of my briefs and slid them down as well, licking her lips as my now very hard cock sprang into view. Wendy rose up slowly, dragging her soft hair across the underside of my cock as she passed. When she was fully stood up she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, “Your turn again.”

With a wide grin I grasped the sides of her slacks and slid them down as I kneeled before her. Face to face with a prominent mound, which was obviously bald by the shape of the thin nylon covering it, I leaned in and inhaled deeply. Chuckling quietly Wendy pulled me to standing and hugged me tightly, gently swaying. Her nipple rings slid across my chest as her nylon panties grazed the underside of my cock back and forth.

After a few moments of embracing, she whispered in my ear, “We’re not even yet!”

With a wide, lopsided grin, I slid her panties down and off revealing her bald charms. Again I leaned in close to inhale deeply.

Wendy urged me back up to standing, slapped me on the ass and said, “Face down on the table, babe!”

I assumed the position and she started the most thorough, professional, and deep massage I have ever received. Very professional, except when she reached the inside tops of my thighs, where she slowly slid across the back of my balls and down the length of my cock with a single firm finger, eliciting a deep grown turned into growl from me.

Wendy then moved my legs together in the center of the table and climbed up on top with me. With my head down in the cradle I groaned as she slid her oiled breasts up the backs of my legs, rolling them around the fold of my knees and then on up my thighs and across my ass cheeks. She stopped there and slid her oiled boobs sideways across my ass and then slowly up and down, wedging first one and then the other ringed nipple between my ass cheeks.

She then slid on up my back, her weight on top of me pressing my erection against the table as she slid up and down my back for a few minutes. Wendy and I were both breathing heavy by this time. She finally stopped and licked the back of my ear, whispering, “Time to turn over, babe,” as she slid of the side of the table and stood up.

Once I flipped over she grinned at me and stood by my side all oiled up as she continued a normal professional massage, thoroughly working my shoulders, arms and hands. She then massaged my chest, face and scalp. By the time she got to my feet and lower legs, my hard on had all but disappeared and I was almost asleep.

But then she slowly massaged up the front of my thighs. When she got to the top, Wendy used the backs of her thumbs to bat my once again growing cock back and forth from thigh to thigh. When I opened my eyes and looked down at her, she grinned and once again crawled up on the table with me. She teased me by skirting around my rising hard on to massage the sides of my groin and on up across my stomach. As Wendy massaged on up my chest her oily swinging breasts swayed back and forth, gently batting my cock between them.

Once Wendy had fully massaged my front side, and I was glistening with oil, she rose up on her knees above me. Reaching for the heated oil dispenser, she stared into my eyes as she thoroughly lubed up her breasts and stomach. Filling her hand again with oil, she smoothed it down the front of her thighs, drawing her fingers up across her lips and spreading oil over and in her bald pussy.

She then bent over to drag her breasts up my thighs, her nipple rings scratching my thighs as her hair slid back and forth across my throbbing cock. She slowly slithered up my body dragging her breasts up to surround and slip up along the sides of my shaft. As Wendy slid on up my body she licked my ear as my hard cock slid past her oily lips and sprung out into the recess of her thighs.

Sliding slowly from side to side on top of me, Wendy’s hair hid our faces as her tongue traced my cheek. Her breasts slid back and forth across my chest, raking the golden rings across my nipples, as her oily thighs gently warmed and squeezed my throbbing cock. A deep groan escaped my lips and hers simultaneously.

Her side to side sway switched to an up and down slide. As her breasts slid up and down my chest, her thighs slid up and down my trapped cock, all the way up until my balls rubbed her knees and then all the way down until the head of my cock just grazed her moist lips. For a split second I wondered how much of that moisture was the oil and how much was her juice. I knew that my cock head was leaking pre-cum copiously.

Wendy then stopped as my cock head lodged between her moist lips. She leaned over and licked my ear again. As Wendy slid slowly down, lodging the head of my cock further inside her, she whispered, “Is this okay?”

I could only groan, “Yesss,” as she slid all the way down my cock until my balls slipped back and forth along her pussy lips as she ground on me.

My hands massaged her ass and back as she rocked up and down. The muscles inside her love canal massaged up and down my cock as she rubbed her clit against my pubic bone. We slid against and in each other moaning for several minutes.

Finally I could take no more. My back arched as Wendy continued to slide around on top of me, milking my cock of more cum than I can ever remember producing at one time. We slowly stopped moving, coming to rest with her lying on top of me.

After resting each other’s arms for a few minutes Wendy licked my cheek and whispered in my ear, “You ready to take a shower with me?”

You better believe I have seen her many times since!

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