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What can happen when you leave a hot wife alone

The best things in life, Golfing, Drinking and Sex
A couple of buddies and I have reserved the third Saturday of each month to spend the day golfing which occasionally turns into an afternoon and evening of drinking. The day usually starts out early, getting to the course around 8 am and having lunch at the club with a few martini's. In the afternoon we usually move to one of our neighborhood sports bars for a few beers. This story is about my most resent Golf outing which turned out to be a bit wilder than usual.

It was a beautiful September Saturday when Dan Mark and myself were enjoying lunch and a few drinks at the club after a round of golf. I spotted a few of the ladies that were also there after a Woman's tennis tournament. The one that caught my eye was Linda. Linda is in her late 40's I would guess with a killer body. She has shoulder length light brown hair with highlights, a very nice tan, voluptuous breasts that I'm sure were augmented and incredible legs and piercing blue eyes. I had seen her at the club several times before and new of her husband who is a prominent Tax attorney and at least 10 years older than Linda. Between the martinis and the tennis outfit Linda had on, my mind started to wonder into that naughty zone that often gets me trouble.

At lunch I noticed Linda looking over several times and I am sure she spotted me looking her over. From her smile I sensed there was a mutual attraction. I decided to buy a round for my buddies at the bar and the 4 ladies at the table which opened the door to have them join us. Linda and I hit it off pretty quickly and Dan kept nudging me and calling me a dog for flirting with Linda. Honestly, at that time, it was purely innocent flirting. I really didn't think I had any chance with Linda, but I was enjoying the conversation and Linda was certainly enjoyable to look at. During our chat I did find out that Linda's husband was out of town with her two son's and she had the weekend to herself. By midafternoon we invited the women to join us at the sports bar. All of the women except Linda declined because they had to get back to their families. At first, Linda also turned me down saying that she had already had enough to drink and didn't want to drive. I convinced her to ride with me, after all the bar was only 2 miles down the road from our subdivision.

A few hours at the bar and both Mark and Dan decided they where done. Linda and I agreed that we would be out the door right after. Dan winked at me as he left. Linda and I finished our drinks and headed out. By this time, Linda was beyond tipsy, she was drunk. I held her as we walked to keep her on her feet and helped her into the car. I couldn't help gazing at her tan thighs and noticing her sexy white panties as she fell into the passenger seat. Upon arriving at her home I walked her to the front door where she fumbled around for a few minutes to find her keys. I decided that I better help her inside. The second we walked in and the door shut Linda leaned against the wall and put her arms around my neck. At first I was a bit startled not knowing if she was coming on to me or simply ready to fall.

Linda whispered, "I want you".

My response was to smile and say, "You're drunk".

With a smile on her face she looked into my eye and said, "Yes, I am a little drunk and a lot horny".

We both giggled and I then grabbed her by the waist and gave her a very wet passionate kiss. The feel of her lips and tongue in my mouth made me immediately aroused. After a few minutes of kissing and fondling in the foyer of her home we broke away and headed upstairs to her bedroom. I have been with a lot of women, but never in a woman's bedroom where she sleeps with her husband. I thought about how wrong this was for just a flash. But seeing Linda standing in front of me getting naked erased any guilty feelings.

Within seconds I was in my boxers with an incredible hard on. I helped Linda out of her tennis outfit and undid her bra to gaze upon some deliciously perky tits for a woman of her age. The surgeon who gave Linda her new breast was a master. I took her left breast in my mouth and began to lick and suck on her nipple as my hands slid down her curvaceous hips to remove her panties. Alternating from one nipple to the other, I couldn't get enough. Linda's head was tilted back and her hands were caressing my ass and tugging down on my boxers. Linda got on her knees, gazed up into my eyes as her hands held my cock and whispered, "God I thought about this all day."

Suddenly I felt my cock sliding into Linda's wet mouth. She swirled her tongue over the tip and sucked my cock deep into her mouth. In and out, slurping and sucking, caressing my balls. The sensation was incredible. Linda was making love to my cock. I could tell that she was enjoying this as much as I. After a few minutes I grabbed her by the hair and began thrusting my hips, fucking Linda's mouth until I reached the point where I new if I continued I would blow. I pulled out and picked Linda up and laid her on the bed. Looking down at this gloriously mature woman, What a fucking body! beautiful tits, flat tummy and thinly trimmed pussy with wet glistening pussy lips. I moved up and rubbed my cock against her lips as she moved her hips to meet me.

I was teasing her until she finally cried out, " God Michael, please, fuck me!"

I took the plunge. My cock slid in easily. I moved slowly at first. Her knees bent and her legs raised up to meet my thrust. The feel of her wet pussy around my cock was sensational. I began to move faster and harder as she moaned with each thrust. We began fucking harder and harder. This was pure fucking! Pure lust.! I rammed my cock in her in the missionary position until I felt her squirm and scream out that she was cumming.

I wasn't done yet, I wanted more of this incredibly hot piece of ass. Upon pulling out of Linda's pussy I turned her over and got her up on her knees. It was one of the most erotic sites I have ever seen, Linda on her knees with her plump ass in the air and her pussy exposed. I reached down and began to kiss her ass cheeks and then ran my tongue from her ass to her clit.

"Oh my God....yesss, Oh Michael".

I licked and licked her pussy and ass tasting her juices and listening to her moan and beg me to fuck her. I then grabbed her hips and slid my cock deep inside of her pussy. I paused for two seconds feeling the sensation of Linda's pussy squeezing my cock and I began to move in and out. Linda started moving her hips to meet my thrust and we fucked. Pulling on Linda's hair as I rammed my cock in and out. We fucked and we fucked, Linda came several times and I finally reached my limit as Linda begged for me to cum inside of her. I exploded into Linda as she put her head into her pillow and grabbed sheets and screamed out with pleasure. We both collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.

I woke up around two hours later and noticed it was now past Two in the morning. Oh shit my wife was going to be pissed I thought. I kissed Linda on the cheek. She didn't even flinch, she was sound asleep. I didn't want to disturb her so I grabbed my things and ran down the stairs as I was dressing.

Luckily I was able to sneak into the house without my wife waking.

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