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When Young Sally Met Old Harry

When Harry met Sally real life.
I am a nudist and frequently visit our nudist beach alone or with my friends, both male and female.

Depending upon my work commitments, I often go alone during the week when it is very quiet and very few people are there. They are mostly older retired types who enjoy just lazing about or walking the beach nude. The weekends are always busy with nature lovers of all ages.

In recent weeks I have noticed an older guy there whenever I am there mid-week. We were often the only two on the beach. He has his favourite spot a few metres along the beach from where I like to sit. He has acknowledged me each time but has never approached me.

Last week it was sunny but the water was pretty wild. I didn’t venture too far out as the surf was really rough. I was standing in the water about waist deep. This allowed the water to ebb and flow between my legs which gave me a sensation I enjoy. My boyfriend had stayed overnight, so it gave me a chance to do a little house cleaning where he had left memories of himself. I had my head down as I was using my fingers to help flush myself out with the salt water. I didn’t see one of the bigger waves coming and it washed over me and it knocked me over. This didn’t bother me as in itself it is quite enjoyable as the water and sand swirled over my naked body as I was swept along the sand.

The waves were much stronger than normal and it was difficult to regain my footing as the waves kept knocking me down again, and I was being swept along the channel between the beach and a sand bar.

This can be quite dangerous if there is a rip running, but I was not really in any danger. I am quite a competent swimmer and aware of the situation and don’t panic in those circumstances.

The old guy had obviously been watching me as he came running to help me. He believed he was saving a damsel in distress; how nice of him. I didn’t try to explain how stupid I must have appeared to be, or why.

As we walked back up the beach it was an opportunity to say hello. I had seen him a few times but we had never spoken.

I headed back to my towel to dry off and he followed. I suggested he get his gear and join me which he did without question.

I had sat down, waiting for him to join me.

He arrived and spread his towel out next to where I had made myself comfortable. He was standing up next to me and introduced himself. “I am Harry,” and he put his hand out for me to shake. As he did, his penis, which was dangling down, began to wobble right in front of my eyes. I was sitting there eyeing off an aged penis and well hung set of balls. The rest of his body was well tanned and firm, there were a few wrinkles but no excess fat there. He appeared fit.

“I am Sally, how do you do,” I added.

He smiled and looked at me and smiled as if to say there was an answer to that.

His cheeky look and smile did not go un-noticed. I thought he had a bit of life left him yet, perhaps.

Then he said, “I can’t help but smile and ask have you ever seen the film, ‘‘When Harry Met Sally”?

I laughed myself and said, “Great minds think alike, but I don’t have orgasms like her in restaurants. I am not quite that loud.”

“Then I am more than pleased to meet you. I have been down here a few times and seen you here and often wondered if you were agreeable to having company and a chat. I didn’t want to impose myself upon you. I didn’t want you to think I am a dirty old man.”

We sat and chatted to each other for a while. I learned he is a widower and his wife died about a year ago. His best friend also died not long after his wife. He was very despondent.

One evening shortly after his friend died he had gone to his friend’s wife’s place for dinner. After dinner they were consoling each other and reminiscing about their earlier lives. He could not believe it when she invited him to share her bed for the night. They became lovers. The affair lasted for a few months before her daughter in-law found them in bed together. That was the end of that. The daughter was disgusted and told her that she had a choice; him or her family. She chose the family and moved away to be closer to her grandchildren and he never heard from her again.

Then he asked about my situation as he had seen me here a few times with some friends and at other times alone. I explained my varied work hours and my attitude toward nudity, and how much I enjoy being naked in company and that it does not bother me. I lived with one of the girls he had seen me with, and the three boys were very good friends as well, sort of unofficial partners. I was not in a committed relationship and to be very honest, I am bi-sexual and enjoy the company of both sexes. The group that he had seen me with were all very good friends. Generally we are a group of similarly minded ‘individuals’.

He was curious about how I could have three boyfriends. I explained as simply as I could those were actually friends that had certain benefits. My two girl friends and the boys were also a little more than ‘just’ friends.

He caught on fairly quickly and said, “Then you are one of those people who have Friends with Benefits.”

“You worked that out fairly quickly. I hope that doesn’t make me seem like a woman with loose morals.”

“You are lucky,” he said to me. “I would love to live again as you younger ones do now. In my day you didn’t do things like that. Girls would very quickly get a reputation and nobody would touch them. They were expected to be virgins on their wedding night.”

The sun was hot and we had been sitting for a while and I suggested we go in for a swim together. He decided to join me.

“I would not like to see you drown,” he told me.

I laughed and said, “I bet you could give me good mouth to mouth resuscitation.”

“I would give you better than that.”

“Naughty, naughty,” I grinned and replied.

“Exactly,” and then he dove into the next wave that broke in front of us.

We spent about ten minutes in the water and enjoyed the surf. He was a good swimmer and ventured beyond the first line of breakers and did some laps. I surfed the waves alone and enjoyed the pleasure of being naked in the surf. Nothing more was said or done.

He surfed himself in and ended up almost beside me. We left the water and went back to where my gear was, and he followed. I was about to towel myself off and he said, “Can I do that for you.”

I don’t know why, but I said, “What was that you said about being a dirty old man. I think you are a bit of a naughty boy.”

He laughed and said, “I take that is a no.”

He fascinated me. He is about four times my age, I believe closer to eighty than seventy.

“Go on,” I said “We may as well have some innocent fun. It would not be the first time a man towelled me down. You can prove to me if you are a dirty old man or not.”

He proceeded to be very gentle and careful where he rubbed, and asked permission to rub my breasts and pubic region before he took that liberty. I was impressed. If he was a dirty old man he was a gentleman as well. I was beginning to like him and his cheeky ways.

“Thank you. That was most enjoyable and you were a good boy.”

“No... thank you,” he emphasised the ‘you’. “Not many girls would allow a stranger to do that and I have to admit it was very nice. I haven’t had that pleasure since my wife died.”

“Maybe I can be a naughty little girl and return the pleasure for you.”

He handed his towel to me without a word.

I did for him what he had done for me and when it came to his pubic area, he said, “I will do that, I may embarrass myself if I let you.”

I smiled and said nothing. I would have liked to see the extent of his embarrassment; it looked very attractive to me in more ways than one.

I noticed as I spread my towel to sit down his penis had recovered from the cold water, and the towelling off and was back to its normal length when slack. I took a mental image of what it would be like erect. He was circumcised and it was well tanned. That’s the way I like my men, I gather it had been well used in his lifetime too.

We both lay there in silence for about half an hour. I read my book and he had a snooze.

When the time came for me to leave I said, “I have to go. Thank you for your company, any time you are here please join me or the rest of us.”

Then he said, “May I ask a favour? My car is in for service and the garage guy drove me down. I was to ring him and he would come and get me. I hadn’t realised this area is out of range for mobile phone coverage and I can’t raise a signal.”

“That’s a real bummer isn’t it; I have had the same problem. They say they there is some sort of interference in this area when I checked my provider. Sure I can drop you off anywhere you wish.”

We both dressed and walked back to where my car was parked. I ascertained where he lived and I said rather than drop him somewhere, his place wasn’t far from mine and I could drop him at home. There was no problem.

On the way we chatted and I liked him. He seemed very nice and a real gentleman with a cheeky sense of humour.

His place was about a kilometre from where I lived and I had to go past my place. When we got to his place he asked me in for a coffee. I was happy to accept his offer. There was something that fascinated me about him and being as old as he was, I considered it was quite safe to accept his offer.

His apartment was extremely clean and tidy. I was most impressed and he made a lovely cup of coffee and he produced a slice of cake, that he informed me was home baked.

I complemented him on his ability. Then he made me an offer to come around one evening for dinner. He wasn’t a bad cook he informed me.

“I will give that some thought. I hope you don’t have ulterior motives,” I added.

“You never know your luck,“ he responded. “I haven’t met a girl like you for many years and I believe that we could be good friends. That’s if you are willing to try it with me.”

“Now that is tempting. I shouldn’t ask you this but at your age does everything still work the way it is meant to?”

“You have seen everything I have to offer, and yes it still works perfectly and I have never had a complaint, other than can you hurry it up a bit.”

“Now that is something I can never remember asking a guy to do. Look if you would like to, and believe me I have never ever done this with a guy I found on a beach naked. I like what I see and I would be willing to break a rule or two and see if I have made the right decision.”

“How will that affect your relationship with your friends?”

“It won’t. We all are tempted from time to time and we are very open about the relationships we have outside our group. None of us are in a committed relationship. That’s why we are FWB. None of us would deny ourselves an opportunity if we believed we would enjoy ourselves, generally it’s a one off. There are no secrets between us and we openly admit and discuss our experience.”

“So if you and I went to bed together, you would be telling your friends what we did.”

“Yes, and be proud of myself in your case. I have never ever done it with a man as old as you. I see it as a little challenge; I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it. I hope I am not wrong.”

“Well if you have no objections we could have a trial run and see what you think.”

“I must say you waste no time, believe it or not I am going to do it before I have second thoughts. I hope you are not going to have a heart attack in the process.”

“It won’t be my heart you have to worry about, I just hope the other part of me does me credit.”

“My god I can’t believe this, come on let’s get started before I decide that I am crazy.”

I stood up and he led me to a bedroom, it was not his regular bed but a sun room with a view over the bushland behind the property.

“This is nice,” I told him.

“I don’t use my bedroom. My friend’s wife got upset that we were going to do it on the bed I slept with my wife on, and that spooked her. She would not go through with it. I missed out badly that day.”

“Well I hope we don’t get spooked here, I still cannot believe we are doing this. I am sure I will enjoy it but it is well out of the normal for me. Having sex with an older guy to me is having sex with guy whose twenty six.”

I began to undress, not that I had much on, just a Kaftan with nothing beneath it. He slipped his shorts off and his T shirt and I saw before me a man I had seen naked before but it had a whole new meaning now. Previously he was just a naked man like all the others on the beach, only a bit older than the crowd I ran with. Obviously I had seen his penis at the beach slack, and subconsciously assessed it. Never in a million years would I have believed that I was going to have it inside me. As we prepared ourselves I saw him fondle and stroke his cock a couple of times and I was more than impressed when it stood out eight inches from his body hard and erect. There was no middle aged droop in that. It was bigger than I expected, and nice and thick. It looked just perfect to me. I was very agreeably surprised. My cunt moistened at the sight of it.

“I think I am going to enjoy this, that one looks impressive,” I said as I looked at him. He was standing naked once more before me only this time we were preparing for action, the type of action I can enjoy.

“I know for certain I will, I haven’t been with a girl as attractive or as young as you for many years, I feel blessed you have agreed that we can do this. I can’t believe this is happening. This will be the first time I have had sex with a girl with virtually no hair too, that looks beautiful. My wife never did anything like that.”

I went to him and gave him a light kiss on the cheek and put my hand down onto his hard shaft and without a further word went down and took him into my mouth.

“Oh God...Oh God,” he said “I never realised this would happen, I can’t believe this is happening, I hope I don’t make a fool of myself.”

I ignored him and went to work on his salty tasting cock. We had not showered after the beach and we were both covered in salt from the surf. Sooner or later another salty taste would overwhelm the one I had at first. I continued to give him a good oral work out. After a few minutes of pleasure for him and myself included, I slipped it out of my mouth and said, "Okay, let’s get down to business, I hope you enjoyed the preliminaries."
I was not sure what would happen if he came and if he would be able fulfil my desire to have him fuck me.

“That was wonderful; it has been a long while since I have enjoyed having that done before. I am glad I didn’t make a fool of myself and spoil things for you.”

“You would never spoil it for me, I just want to make sure that we enjoy what we are about to do. I didn’t finish that off because I wasn’t sure how long you take to recover. I am a bit anxious to get into this. You never know your luck, we may be able to see what happens if there is a next time.”

I got up onto the bed and prepared to take him into me. I revealed everything I had when I pulled my knees back and spread my legs to expose myself for him. I lay there anxious for him to mount me.

“That is the most beautiful sight a man could wish for. I just hope I can do it justice.”

I looked up at him as he positioned himself ready to engage with me. He didn’t look old to me, he was just another man. This was not lovemaking, this was purely sex. I looked at him and I don’t think I have seen a happier man for ages; his face was alive with a grin from ear to ear. I wondered I doing the right thing... am I just being slutty, or am I going to enjoy my fling with a man old enough to be my grandfather.

“You don’t know how much I am going to enjoy this,” he told me. “I have never seen anything as beautiful as you and I can’t believe that you are letting me make love to you. All my Christmases’ have come at once.”

“Just make sure Christmas doesn’t cum too soon,” I replied. “I would be terribly disappointed if that happens.”

“I think I can control the urge, I have to admit I am a little excited, as I said I have not made love to a girl like you before. I just hope I can do this justice and you don’t regret that you agreed to do this with me.”

He had his cock in his hand and guiding it toward my waiting body. That beautifully tanned circumcised cock in his hand and the beautiful big purple head on it that was destined for my inner self. I could see the damp eye of it pointing directly at the entrance to my body. I never fail to enjoy that sight of looking down my body over my breasts and watching and feeling it disappear inside me. There is nothing like it in this world that can equal that sight and sensation. I have done it hundreds of times and it is always the same ...magnificent. I bit down on my lip as I saw and feel the pleasure that only that can give me as it filled the void that was made for it.

As he entered me I said, “I am sure that we will enjoy ourselves, all that remains now is for us both to work out the ways and means we can have our fun, and be sure it is fun for you too I hope.”

I looked down and I could see his nice meaty cock surrounded by grey hair. This is a first, I thought. I have never had sex with a man with grey hair around his cock before, or on his head for that matter. I wanted to giggle but I didn’t. He was concentrating and slowly filling me with his nice fat meaty cock. I felt every bit of it going up inside me, there is no better sensation apart from an orgasm to equal that.

I felt the head of his cock press my lips apart and begin to go deeper and deeper up into my body. If I hadn’t known how old he was it could have been any of my friends doing this. The feeling and the hardness of his cock was just as good as any of my regular guys. Then I thought, between us there is well over a hundred years of ages fucking together, eighty plus twenty two. This would not be happening between two people with an age gap as long as that too often. After he had gone right up into me and was as far as he could go, our noses were only inches apart. I looked into his bright blue eyes and thought shit this is good. I could have kissed him but I didn’t.


“Very happy, you were made to fit me there, I am more than happy.”

I could feel the warmth of his body pressing against me and hear him breathing, a nice steady breath. He was not over excited ...yet. He began to do his work on me. “I hope it feels as good for you as it does for me. This is fantastic, I love it. I am sure we have made the right decision already. You feel fantastic in there.”

“I am so happy. I was beginning to get worried you might be having second thoughts about us doing this.”

“I am, maybe thirds or fourth thoughts, you feel as good as my guys I do this with regularly. You certainly haven’t lost the knack of making a girl feel good. I certainly made the right decision. Now I have to think about the future. Going to the beach will have a new meaning now I have met you and we know each other a little better, or maybe a whole lot better.”

“I am so happy, things happened much faster than I could ever have imagined. I had not given any thought as to how I may have seduced you, not even that I might. I am so happy that we have met.”

“Keep doing what you are doing and I am sure I won’t regret it either. I can’t believe that an hour ago we were on the beach and the furthest thing from my mind is us doing what we are doing. I love it.”

He continued to enjoy himself with me as much as I was with him. I was amazed his age was not affecting his performance at all. He was going strong and with a good rhythm. We hadn’t spoken a lot; if he was like me he was enjoying the fact that we were having sex together and great sex at that. His strokes were long and strong, and he never slipped out of me once. He was really experienced.

After about five minutes of really good sex he asked me, “Are you enjoying this as much as I am. I have not enjoyed myself as much as this since I can’t remember when. It would have been with my wife somewhere, as we enjoyed a good afternoon in the bed, particularly if it was wet and raining outside, it made it feel better for some reason. It’s not wet and raining but it feels just as good. I hope you enjoy it with your boyfriends, as much as I am with you.”

“I am, believe me. Never would I have believed that I would be doing this when I left home and particularly with a guy I had not met before, and excuse me for saying this, but with a guy as old as you. Never have I been tempted or attracted to older men. I know what I have been missing now, experience and performance. There are obviously a lot of very satisfied women around I am sure, if their men are as capable as you.” I didn’t tell him that a few hours earlier I had one of my boyfriends doing the same thing, only he was 60 years younger and I cannot tell the difference..

“Thank you, I am so happy that what I am doing is making you happy. Like you I could never imagine that I would be having sex with a young girl like you ever again, or with one as attractive. I have considered using a prostitute a few times but I couldn’t face that I don’t think.”

“I am sure any woman would appreciate the way you do this, I can assure you, you are just as good as any of my younger guys and they are good believe me. I will say this now, and I didn’t believe I would half an hour ago, I hope we can do this again some time. It is a pleasure to be with you.”

“That is one of the nicest things I have heard in a very long time. Thank you.”

“Before I go, make sure I have your phone number. My working hours are varied and there are some days I would give anything to be with a man like you. You are a very enjoyable companion and you are making me really happy.”

Ten minutes of very enjoyable sex had passed. He not only had ability, he had the stamina as well. He was now up on his arms and his cock was working wonders inside me and having him over me was far better than I could ever imagine having sex could be with a man his age. I put my hands up and tweaked his nipples. Some guys like that others claim it does nothing for them. He is in the first group. He let out a slow moan and his whole body shuddered as I began to rub his nipples between my fingers.

“Holy Shit!!! That is amazing Oh God I have never felt anything like it. I could almost cry with the pleasure of that.”

He was really enjoying what was evidently a new sensation for him, after 80 years. We never stop learning do we? Perhaps at eighty, I may experience something for the first time, only time will tell.

Things were beginning to happen for both of us. I could feel the spasms in my tummy, I was about to have my orgasm. “Don’t get worried but I am about to cum. You really know how to turn me on.”

“Oh God,” he said,” I haven’t had that pleasure with a woman for years. You mean to say I can still achieve that for a woman, and one as young as you. Oh God, that does make me happy.”

“Shut up and get ready, I can get a bit physical when this happens.”

The sensation had begun and within seconds I was in the throes of a very satisfactory and enjoyable orgasm. I was cumming in a big way. He maintained his rhythm and this kept me on my high for a bit longer than normal and it was an amazing orgasm. I just went on for a while longer than normal, almost a multiple and I was bucking, shaking and moaning. The walls of my cunt we in spasm and were gripping his cock as I came. My clitoris giving me the most wonderful sensations as it does when it is stimulated to the peak of its pleasure. I was having a really great orgasm and I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him hard and deep into my now sensationally aroused body.

I wanted his seed inside me; I loved it when I could empty his scrotum of every drop of semen a man produced. I was having a really great orgasm. I forgot who and what he was and just enjoyed the pleasures that my body was giving me, and with a man I had virtually never met. He was just a magnificent cock, and an old and very satisfying one at that. Only he would know how many women that it had satisfied in his long life. I was now proud to be one of them. I was surprised that as I came he kept going. He didn’t cum with me. I hope I wasn’t going to have to ask him to hurry it up and finish himself off.

After I had cum, I relaxed and let him have his way with me. It was becoming evident now that my orgasm had aroused him to the peak of his pleasure and from many years of experience I knew he was about to cum. He had begun to pump his cock harder and faster inside me. Within a few minutes he was really displaying the signs of a man about to cum.

“Fill me Harry, fill me with your wonderful seed, give me your hot and wonderful spunk. Fill my body with that juice that is made in heaven. Have no fear I am safe.”

He grunted, “ Uggh” then another “ Uggh” His body jerked and his breathing got faster and he grunted “Ahhh... Ahhh… Ahhh.” He continued to empty his semen into me as his body jerked his breath became rapid and heavy."Oh God...Oh God, this is so gooooood," he stammed out betwen breaths. "I have not cum this hard for years."

I could feel his cock inside me filling my hot sexy and appreciative body, with his wonderful semen. Even I was really enjoying him cumming inside me. I enjoy a good fuck, but this was fantastic. I havent had a guy come like his is for ages. The feeling I had between my legs was fantastic. He was good...very good. His testicles hanging low in that long soft sac containing them and rubbing against my perineum, giving me an added sensation to that I was feeling as he emptied his prostate into me, and my clit responded to his thick cock.

Each time he ejaculated he gave a grunt, an obvious reaction to the sensation of rubbing his cock head along the walls of my cunt. He must have cum into me at least five or six times before he just collapsed on top of me. I put my arms around him and held him to me. He was out of breath and I could feel his heart pounding as he lay there with our bodies pressed together. I felt really good and appreciative that I had not only enjoyed the fact we had been having great sex together, but he had obviously enjoyed himself and given me the pleasure of an orgasm as well. I loved his cock and the way he used it. It didn’t look like he was having a heart attack; he was just like the boys when they cum with me. It must have been years since he had sex with a woman my age, but I will say his wife was a very lucky woman. I hope she appreciated him. I will make sure we meet again, like this. 

He lay there with me and I held him to me. I had exhausted him or he had given me something special from himself. It took a few minutes for his cock to wither and slip out of me. He had remained on top of me enjoying the rapture of having proved he was still a real man. His breathing had returned to normal, but he was not moving. The warmth of our bare skin pressing against each and the roughness of his chest hair against my now sensitive nipples felt great. I was enjoying what we had done and allowing him to recover slowly. I had a feeling that was going to be it for today; I wouldn’t be getting a repeat performance. As they say age shall not weary them … but I think that took more than his cum out of him. He didn’t fail me.

I lay there thinking of him and I hoped I had not exhausted him too much. I hadn’t given his heart a thought. Could it take such a vigorous session we both enjoyed. We lay there locked together satisfied and warm. I began to think. Many men forget the fact women love to cum just as hard as they do. My guys had often tried to explain what they felt when they ejaculated. I know how I feel and it’s hard to relate the feelings I enjoy, as my orgasms are often quite different. Many are the same. Many more are not. Some are weak and mild; others mind blowing and physically and emotionally amazing, with the eroticism and sensation unexplainably great. I have had so many men ejaculate into me I could probably have had a bath in their semen that has filled me.

Never have I been bored with the amazing sensation of having an orgasm either during sex, orally or through masturbating. The only time I don’t really enjoy in a sexual union is when I don’t cum. Fortunately I cum off easily, and frequently when having sex. I have spoken to women who always seem to have difficulty in reaching their climax, either through lack of stimulation or by the fact their men cum far too soon for them. I have had that happen many times myself. I have often asked them to go down on me immediately after they have cum and bring me off orally with my cunt full of their semen. That is not always appreciated, but I claim it is the price they pay for cumming too soon.

There are times when one of my guys is frustrated and needs a quickie. I often don’t cum on those occasions as I am only providing him with a release valve to ease his frustrations. I get my time a little later usually when he has calmed down and I am ready willing and able to provide my body for him to repay what I have given him. Those can be really nice times together as he is appreciative of the fact I gave him what he wanted fast and furious and he had no need to consider me. He needed to fuck me vigorously and to cum and release the frustrations or whatever else was bothering him. I never refused a man in that situation.

After three or four minutes he had recovered and began to take an interest in me again. He got up on his arms and we looked into each other's eyes. “Did you enjoy that? I am sorry; I haven’t done anything like that with as much passion for years. I would say that is the best time I can remember even with my wife for many many years. Have no fear about pregnancy. I assume you take the precautions. I had a vasectomy after our second child, and she didn’t want any more so I had it done. I have been firing blanks ever since. We are doubly safe, I could not imagine me impregnating a girl your age, but I would be a very proud man if I did.”

“Not for me it wouldn’t,” I assured him he was marvellous. I told him I was a bit worried he may have had a heart attack; I didn’t want him dropping dead on top of me.

He laughed and said, “My heart is fine. I am just happy my cock lasted the distance and didn’t fail both of us. I noticed you came, that was great. I am afraid my wife was not very good at that.”

I said, “If you are ready I have another treat for you. Hop off me and I will give you the Megan treatment. I often give my boys this after they have satisfied me.”

He didn’t question me and stood up. I got down and immediately took his cum covered cock into my mouth and sucked on a soft dead fish. It recovered immediately and in a matter of seconds I had a firm hard wonderful piece of meat in my mouth. I fondled his balls and he let out this moan that sounded like a fog horn. “Oh my God, “he said. “How long is it since this has happened to me, and twice in a day, now I might have a heart attack?”

The taste and feeling of his cock in my mouth was wonderful. Not only salty but with the taste of our union covering it. I have so often done this after a guy has cum inside me. I love the taste of the juices we have made together having a great fuck and covering his cock. My own taste is well known to me as I always suck my fingers when I masturbate. After a good fuck the taste of his love nectar and my cunt juices mixed together in that pink bowl of sexual delight inside me can be great. The taste of my other girlfriends is also wonderful when we are down on each other. That taste is unique, as is the taste of a man’s semen. That taste can vary but no matter what it tastes like... it is wonderful.

He had no idea of what to do with his hands so I took each one and placed it on my head. He soon got the message and was holding me onto him and them played with my ears which I adore, when I am doing this to a guy or girl.

“Oh God , Oh God,” he kept repeating as I used my tongue to give him the pleasure men enjoy as they get their cock sucked, rubbed and licked around the glans. I hoped he wouldn’t take too long to cum.

I had been working on him for about three or four minutes and I saw his legs begin to shake and his knees bend and his body jerk. He was almost there. He held my head firmly now, he was about to blow his load. I felt his balls jump in my hand. Then he exploded into my mouth. "Oh shit," he stammered. He held onto my head hard to keep it over his pulsating cock, and I feel to keep his balance. I could taste him now, his flow of semen had filled my mouth, not a huge amount but enough for me to enjoy and swallow a couple of mouthfuls. That wonderful sour, salty taste of him now overpowered the mix we had made together and coated his cock. It was wonderful.

I slipped it out of my mouth after I had made sure he had no more of his man milk for me. He sat on the edge of the bed; his body had not expended so much energy in a long while in such a short period. He was exhausted.

I stood up and hugged him sitting there and said, “You were wonderful, I am so glad I met you and we decided to have that cup of coffee. This was far nicer,” I told him.

My breasts were right in front of his nose and he took one in each hand and fondled them.

“They are beautiful,” he told me.

“Enjoy them,“ I said. “I like having them fondled and sucked so if you feel like doing that feel free. You have given me such a wonderful time I think you have earned a little pleasure with them. Do as you please with them. I can enjoy anything you might want to do to them.“

He told me then it was many many years since he had sucked on a breast. When they had children he would finish off his wife and drain her if she hadn’t been drained by the baby. It was a wonderful feeling to drink from her.

“Mine will be barren I am afraid, no milk shakes in them unfortunately.”

“Have you ever wanted children?” he asked me.

“No. I have spent all my life avoiding them. Unless I have some sort of magical transformation I am afraid they will never provide the nourishment that babies need.”

He then sucked each nipple and it felt awesome. My nipples provide me with the most amazing sensations and I cannot help but touch them frequently to give myself a little excitement from time to time. I can wet my pants often just from playing with my own nipples.

After he had enjoyed himself playing with and suckling them he looked up at me and said “I don’t know how to thank you enough for what we have done today. I cannot remember ever having so much pleasure with a woman before. Even with my wife we had sex, good sex, but it was always sedate and pleasurable but nothing like what we did today. I cannot remember the last time I had my cock sucked and to ejaculate into your mouth...that was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I hope you didn’t mind. That was the first time in 80 years that has happened to me, I will never forget that.”

“I hope it won’t be the last time. I don’t know about you but I thoroughly enjoyed myself with you today. It was unexpected and spontaneous, absolutely wonderful. I hope we can do it again sometime soon, if I have my way. It just goes to show age has nothing to do with enjoying sex. I am almost sixty years younger than you and I enjoyed it. You know how to please a lady I can assure you. I hope you find another woman who can appreciate being treated like a woman should, and deserves. In the meanwhile I wouldn’t be adverse to us meeting again like this, there are a few more tricks up my sleeve that we can do, and providing your heart and your penis can take the pace.”

“Don’t worry about me; I am sure I can handle the pace for a few years yet. I can’t believe that you want to see me again.”

“Why not? You are every bit as good as some of the men I have had and a damn sight better than many. I had a couple of orgasms today; some can’t even last long enough for me to have one. You and I have a few tricks left to enjoy yet. If we take things slowly we can climb mountains. I will be looking forward to meeting you like this again, probably more often than you imagine. Going down to the beach will have a whole new meaning now. I never let a good man rest on his laurels. You have a lot to prove to me yet, and I will be looking forward to it.”

“Next time we meet I may be able to show you another trick or two...I promised you a good meal.”

“If you cook as well as you fuck, I cant wait.”

I got dressed and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, "You were wonderful and until we can be wonderful together again, its au- revour, not goodbye." I left him standing at the door, naked and with a grin from ear to ear. He will sleep well tonight I have a feeling and have many sweet dreams of us together.

I have done something I never ever imagined I would do. I just hope now I don’t kill him with kindness because I am certainly going to try and keep him young for as long as I can. I actually enjoyed myself.

My FWB will be amazed when I tell them about my experience with Harry. Maybe I can interest Jane in a threesome with him one day soon. I just hope his heart will take the strain, I know his cock will.

As I recounted this story and wrote it, I thought to myself ...Megan you are mad, but one part of me doesn’t think so, It was well and truly satisfied.

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