Wife seducing Paul

By Walt45

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We have been married now for almost 20 years, and it's true to say that my wife has maintained her healthy appetite for sex.

She is now in her early forties, and has maintained her figure. She is about 5 foot 4 inches tall, blonde hair with well above average boobs.

For the past 2 years or so, she has been going into town on a Friday night with my sister and her friends, while I have been looking after our two children. It was apparent from the start that she liked the fact that men were chatting to her and giving her compliments.

The strange thing is, that I found the idea of my wife potentially having sex with other men a complete 'turn-on'. I informed my wife of this, and at first, she thought I was a bit weird. However, as time progressed, she would give me a detailed account of what men were saying to her, and what they would like to do to her.

Now bearing in mind that we have been married for quite some time, we have needed to adapt our sexual preferences, this has included, watching porn together, my wife purchasing slutty underwear, and quite often making our own porn movies. My wife is therefore very experienced and quite broad minded.

I am not ashamed to say that I encouraged her to have sex with other men, provided she would give me a full recount of what happened.

Then it happened, she came home at 4.30am on a Saturday morning, and informed me that she had sex with another man. At first I was a little startled that she actually went through with it, however, I was really turned on. For the next few months, my wife would on occassions continue to arrive home in the early hours, having been fulfilled by other men.

My wife did not want anyone to know about our secret arrangement, and the other proviso was that I could not do the same with other women! - I agreed, provided my wife continued to satisfy me when the need arose.

Then last New Year's eve, we were invited to a neighbours house to celebrate the new year. We offloaded the children to my mother in law, and arranged to collect them the following morning.

We were looking forward to the evening, as it was only a short walk back to our house, and there was no need for the hassle of obtaining a taxi.

My wife was getting ready in our bedroom when I entered having just had a shower. She had her underwear on, black stockings and suspender belt with matching black thong and bra. Just looking at her made my cock hard. 

Soon she completed her make up, and donned her black dress and stilettos. She was hot!! (I could not wait to get her into bed after the party)

We shortly arrived at the party, where the drink was flowing quite easily. We both relaxed and started to enjoy the evening.

As the evening progressed, I noticed that my wife was having frequent conversations with Paul. Paul was our next door neighbours son. He was about 23 and was home for the holidays from university. My wife would occassionally call me over to join in the conversation, however I was mingling with most of the other guests.

I could tell be their body language that my wife and Paul were quite comfortable in each other's company, and that the drink was making my wife more flirtageous.

Half way through the evening, my wife said to me what a 'nice boy' Paul was, and how she enjoyed taliking to him. I asked Karen if she was flirting with him, and she replied 'only a little'.

Karen whispered in my ear that Paul had asked her whether she was wearing stockings, to which discreetly she placed his hand to feel her suspender outside her dress. 

I told Karen that here was not the right place to flirt, as the neighbours would surely talk if they saw my wife acting slutty with Paul.

Karen who was obviously well on the way to becoming very tipsy, said that Paul also asked her to look in his crotch area whilst they sat next to each other. He had a massive 'hard-on', to which Karen felt a little embarassed, although as she informed me later, flattered.

Karen although quite drunk, managed to be discreet, and few people if any noticed her flitrageous behaviour with Paul.

'Auld Lang Sine' was sung with the introduction of the New Year and this did not spell the end for the party!

Karen then informed me that she had been outside for a cigarette, and Paul had followed her. Karen added that Paul had told her that he was gagging to fuck her.

I asked Karen whether she wanted to go with Paul, and although she did not know, a part of her said yes. She was concerned that if she and Paul were to leave, even for as little as 20 mins. that people would notice.

I informed Karen that perhaps we should leave, and ask Paul to come to our house within 10 minutes. However, Paul needed to be reassured that it was ok by me for him to come back to our house, and potentially fuck my wife. Karen then asked me to speak to Paul.

When I approached Paul, he was really embarassed. I reassured him by saying that it was ok by me, and that if he wanted he could come back to our house.

Paul agreed, and I advised him to discreetly leave 10 minutes after Karen and I.


Both Karen and I thanked the hosts for a wonderfull evening, and we headed home.

Karen said to me that she did not think that Paul would show up, and that maybe it was a bad idea anyway.

Soon we arrived home, and opened a bottle of red wine in anticipation of a visit from Paul.

Karen informed me that she wanted to change into something more comfortable, however, Paul had complimented her earlier on her sexy legs encased in her black stockings. She decided for the time being to remain in her clothes.

I said to Karen why didn't she put her 'Fuck Me Shoes' on. These were 6 and a half inch high black patent 'scream' stilettos that we had ordered via mail order the previous month. Although she could not walk in them, it made her extra slutty. She agreed and I took of her 4 inch shoes, and obtained her Fuck me shoes.

She sat on the settee, crossed her legs, and looked really good.

Shortly there was a knock on the door, gentle taps as to outline discretion. It was Paul.

Before he entered, he asked me outside quietly, and whispered to me was I totally serious about him coming over and having my wife. I reassured him, but at the same time informed him that I must count on his discretion as to what happens, and that none of the neighbours were ever to know.

He agreed. I also asked him whether it bothered him if I could look, or whether he wanted to be alone with Karen. His preference was to be alone, however did not really mind if I was there. I added, perhaps Karen will do the both of us!!

Paul came in and when he saw Karen, he said 'fuck' you look hot. Karen gave a wry grin, pleased that she was the object of his desire.

An uneasy minute passed as Paul sat opposite Karen. Karen called Paul over to her on the settee, and told him to sit next to her.

I made some excuse and left to room to go upstairs, hoping that them being alone may start proceedings.

I changed into a pair of shorts and T-Shirt and came back into the living room.

Paul and Karen were embraced and french kissing, he had his hand up her dress and was fondling her thigh above her stocking top.

My introduction had not caused them to stop at all, if anything their embrace intensified.

Karen then moved and undid Paul's Zipper, undid the top button on his trousers and gently slid her hand inside his pants grabbing his massive shaft. She squeezed it a few times before gently wanking him expertly.

Paul was begining to let out small groans of extacy. Karen then adjusted herself and removed her thong, her pussy now totally vulnerable.

She asked Paul to remove his clothes, and although slightly embarassed due to my presence, he did so. Karen at the same time removed her dress and bra. Karens tits were huge as Paul began to take turns at licking her nipples.

Sat on the other side of the room, my cock was already hard, seeing Karen and Paul getting very intimate with each other.

Karen then leant over, and placed Paul's rock hard cock in her mouth, she began to gently bob up and down expertly licking his cock. She occassionally slid the tip of her tongue down the full length of his shaft slowly and suggestively. Paul was clearly struggling not to shoot his entire load.

Karen realising this, stopped and told Paul to enter her pussy. She lay on the settee legs wide apart as Paul entered her with ease. Paul was pumping her very quickly with Karen's nylon clad legs and stilettos clamped around Paul's waist.

Both of them were moaning and groaning, and soon, as a total surprise it was Karen who screamed in extacy as she came, tightening her grip aroung Paul's waist. Shortly after, Paul let out an imense grunt as he shot his load inside Karen's well lubricated pussy. She must have drained his balls dry as he appeared to come for ages.

As soon as Paul pulled out of Karen's pussy, I ventured over to Karen myself with my stiff rod, and asked her to keep her legs open. I slid my cock deep in her pussy, and after only 2 or 3 strokes, shot my load into her. I glanced at her face, and she give a cheeky smile, and total satisfaction that she seduced the both of us with consumate ease.

A few weeks later, before Paul returned to University, Karen gave Paul a couple of blow jobs while I was in work.

Karen said that spunk was seeping from her pussy days later after this encounter.

Karen continues to have sex with other men as well as myself. I just love it when she acts the total slut!!