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Wisconsin Ranger PT2

Daughter of Ranger's boss and Ranger have oral sex
The buckle came undone. I let her do it too. I felt the zipper go down and I let her undo it as well. She rubbed my crotch. I loved it. I felt my jeans get unsnapped and I so wanted her hands down inside my underwear.

Then it happened.

They slid down inside my underwear. Ohhhhhhh holy fuck, I thought. Yes, ohhhhhh yes oh yes ohhhhhh holy fucking yes I told myself. Touch it, rub it, and squeeze it too. Have as much fun as you want while feeling her fingers on my limp dangling cock.

“Is that enjoyable?” she asked.

I nodded my head and wanted to tell her something right then and there. I was “frozen” standing there in my boots and feeling her soft, warm hand on my cock as it gently rubbed me down. Oh oooooohh, I thought. Oh my god that’s soooo darn good. Yeah baby, don’t stop doing that. I love it. I really love how you do that Lucy I told myself.

I heard her again. “Mmmmmm Mr. Connor,” I heard her say “you really do have a nice thick cock you know.”

Her voice was so soft and sweet I heard myself thinking to go on and hold it and squeeze it too.

“Oh wow, wow” she went on to say “I have to tell you something.” I asked her what as her hand remained down inside my underwear. “I’ve never really felt a guys cock like this before but yours, Mr. Connor, it is soooo great. I mean it too.”

In addition to loving how her soft warm hand felt on me I must say her body and how it was pushed against like it was, was provocatively enticing as hell. I felt her breasts and I felt her arms around me like they were in addition to her soft, gentle hands on my cock and life seemed perfect at that moment as I stood there “frozen.”

Yep, life was perfect at that point of my life.

She squeezed it, gently I’ll add, but once she did “I fell in love” with this young sultry, steaming hot young lady. I knew, right then and there, I was about to do it with her regardless of my marital vows and regardless if I had children.

I no longer cared at that moment.

I turned around and looked down at this sweet, and now sexier then ever, nicely breasted young girl. I looked down further and stared at her breasts. I looked into her eyes. She was smiling.

“Do you like my boobs?” she asked. “I hope you do.”

And of course I said “Yes Lucy, they are nice” but then I corrected myself and told her “No, let me say that correctly.” I smiled and looked right at her. “They are gorgeous breasts to be honest with you.”

“Wanna feel them? Hold on, let’s do this. Wanna go to my bedroom?” she asked almost playfully and she wore a smile which I could not resist.

She took my hand in hers and I followed her sexy looking gown covered figure over to the stairs. We went on up. I watched her ass and figure all the way up it. I couldn’t believe I was doing this but it was a fantastic feeling to me. We headed to her room.

Once in it, she turned around. “Can I take off your shirt?” she said.

I could tell she was anxious as her smile lit up her face. I could see a lot just by watching the emotions throughout her eyes, smile, and how she stood there waiting for an answer. I shrugged my shoulders and said “Okay” which I knew, right away, was a mistake but I let her do it nonetheless.

“Wow Marcus, you have a nice body” she told me as she smiled.

I loved her smile. I loved that she told me she liked my upper body. She looked at its definition. I looked at her tits beneath that silky looking gown as she looked at my chest. I know it. I’ve always had a great body all my life and even through college as I played as a Division II wide receiver.

She reached out. Her hands touched my chest. Oh god, I thought as my eyes closed once I felt her fingers on it. Oh my holy god, that feels really good.

As she did it, she smiled and watched me close my eyes. “Maybe we can lie down on the bed. Maybe we can fool around a little, okay? How’s that sound?”

And of course I said “Okay.”

I let her to do as she wanted and as she pleased. We sat down and she reached around to feel my chest again. She did it slowly and gently. It was nice. Her soft fingers, which were warm and gentle on my chest, aroused me a little bit.

“How does that feel? Does it turn you on?” she asked while I turned my head to look down at her boobs. In turn she added “I’ve seen you look at my boobs. You like my boobs do you? I do too. They are nice aren’t they? Do you want to touch them?”

You have no idea what I want. I want to touch them. I want to grab them and squeeze them and I want to push you back and squeeze them and lick them and swallow them up whole, Lucy I told myself. God, you have no idea.

“I’ll let you do anything you want to my boobs okay?” she told me.

She told me, in that sweet young sounding voice of hers to take off her gown. I told her to stand up first off and she did and I moved her so that she stood right in front of me. I looked at her and smiled. Lucy smiled right back as she waited.

“You know something” I started to say. “You are one of the sweetest girls, I know, in the world. Do you know that Lucy?”

“Thank you” she said and then repeated it to me and came back with “And you’re a great guy too. I’m glad you’re here with me.”

She looked down at my crotch. My pants, seeing as they were undone, showed off the bulge in my lap. I looked down. She looked up. I looked up too. She was smiling and asked me if she could touch my cock again.

“Hold on” I told her. “Wasn’t I going to get a chance to feel our breasts?”

“Oh that’s right” she said. “Yeah, go on and do it.”

I raised up her silky gown. My hormones grew and I could not wait to see them in the flesh. She was so darn skinny I couldn’t believe I was doing this but I was. God, she had great curves for being so skinny. I mean it too.

I pulled the gown over her boobs. Fucking god they were incredibly good, I told myself. Round but pert and right, her nipples were already hard, and I was in heaven. I removed the gown off her body. I was becoming more turned on as the moments clicked off the clock. I stared at them.

Her tits were magnificent. Her body was fabulous. She was incredibly sexy for a 20 year old young lady. I reached out and gently took them in my hands. I caressed them, rubbed them, and finally I did it.

I squeezed them while they lay in the clutches of the palms of my hands.

“Ohhhhhhh wow, wow” she cried out. “That’s soooo phenomenal.”

“You like how that feels do you?” I asked.

“Oh god yes” she told me. “I should lay down so you could do anything you want to do.”

“Is that what you want, really?”

She said yes and we got “positioned” on her bed. Naked, except for a pair of panties, Lucy looked like some tropical woman out of the southern islands somewhere. She was exotic, alluring, and enticing enough that I was ready to do just about anything.

I felt them up. I turned her on. Finally, as she lay there awaiting what she must have hoped would be an orgasm or something, I did it. I leaned in and plastered her tits with my lips and tongue. I kissed her boobs and then I sucked on them, not forgetting to apply my tongue throughout it all as well.

Her body buckled here and there as she felt my doing almost everything to it, short of fucking her tits with my cock, but it was a possibility. That’s for sure. I’d hold one and kiss it. I’d take it in my hands and I would suck and play on it inviting my tongue to be involved throughout it all as well.

Life was different that night but let me say this. It was a great night too. This girl, though a little inexperience, was getting it done in a way she hadn’t ever done it with a guy, especially an experienced one like me I guess, but it was different for me too seeing as I never did it with a young girl like her.

I knelt over her afterward. “Like that?” I asked, smiling.

“Ohhh yeah Marcus, that had to be the greatest thing I have ever experienced. Do it again, will you?”

So I did.

She cried out. Her body jumped around as I sucked and licked her breasts. Holding them while I did it was great. I loved doing it with her too.

“Can I do stuff to your cock?” she then said, as she smiled and pulled me down over her.

“Sure” I said.

I laid down for her. Naked as she was, I wanted her boobs again. I really did too. However, her hands were all over my cock and balls and she played with them tenderly and didn’t start stroking me to get me hard and erect until a little later.

“How’s that feel?” she asked.

“Here let me show you something” I told her.

I put my hand around hers and showed her how to do it, properly. She and I jacked me off together and in a manner both of us enjoyed. I let go of her hand so she could do it on her own. As she did it, I told her to lightly stroke my balls too, which she did, and that felt fantastic to me. She was overjoyed how I loved how it felt. She was proud of herself being able to make me hornier then ever seeing as she was the one who did it. Watching me get harder and harder was a thrill for her.

“Are you going to cum at all?” she said.

“I hope so. Why don’t you spit on it. I mean drool saliva all over it and do it some more.”

So she did. She drooled all over it. Ohhhhhhh god, did that feel good or what? Yes, it did. I was as hard as could be. I was as hard as ever. I felt it coming too. I was about to shoot out all over the place.

“You want to feel it big time?” I said.

“Like how?” she asked in that demure tone of voice of hers.

“Do you want to feel it on you?” I asked.

“Sure, I guess so” she said.

“Then put your face over my cock. Yeah, like that” I told her.

About a half minute later it happened. I exploded. Cum shot all over the place. Up into her mouth, her cheeks, and on her hands too, it exploded “majestically” and she was surprised as well as proud as ever that she had gotten me to get hard and horny and then get me to cum.

“Oh wow, wow” she called out. “Wow, now that was” and she stopped. “Wow that was soooo cool. God wow, I did that really?”

I smiled and nodded and then told her to relax and lay down. She did as she was told. I caressed her tits, again, and played with her nipples too and then I reached down inside her legs.

“Here, I’m going to get you to cum too” I told her as my fingers played around between her legs. I started fingering her. She loved it and knew exactly how it felt. She told me she did that a lot, when she was alone, and I said “When you do, who do you think about when you do it?”

“Guys” she said “and lots of guys too.”

“Now you can add me to that list?” I said as I fingered her out.

She screamed out while answering me. “Ohhhhhh god yeah for sure oh fucking yeah oh yeah” and her back and ass rose off the bed. “Ohhhhhhh my fucking yes oh yes ohhh fucking yes. Don’t stop doing that, Marcus. Oh god is that good. Oh my god yes” she cried out as her body appeared to tense up and she seemed to want to wrap her legs around me but I wasn’t over her. I was to her side. “Fuck oh fuck yes, yes ohhhhhh fuck yes” she kept on screaming out.

Then she came and she came good too. Cum spurted out. It splattered all down her inner thighs, down to the mattress, and soaked the immediate area of the bed. It was a great orgasm. That’s for sure.

She was done, for now I figured as I pulled my wet fingers away.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

In a tired out voice which was soft and out of breath she said “I feel really good. Whew, that was soooo darn wild. Oh my god yeah, that was really crazy.”

She tried pulling me down beside her but I told her I had to go. She understood and thanked me nonetheless. I kissed her on the cheek and we hugged and I told her I had a great time that night.

“Me too” she said. “Can we do this again?”

I smiled as I zipped up my pants and tucked in my pants. “I think so but let’s do this. Let’s keep this between you and me, alright? Can you do that? I will if you will.”

“Okay” she said and reached and pulled at my hand. “My body is all yours when you want it, okay Marcus?” she told me. I nodded and smiled and I let myself out.

There was a truck coming up the road as I headed out. Who it was I had no idea. It turned in. I headed to my truck, making sure I was dressed properly at that moment, and it was Vanessa along with another woman who drove her home.

“Marcus” she said as she got out of the truck. “What are you still doing here?” she asked. 

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