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Wisconsin Ranger PT3

Guy invited to do it with older women but stays with doing young one instead
I smiled as I zipped up my pants and tucked in my shirt and told her “I think so but let’s do this. Let’s just keep what we’ve done between you and me, alright? Can you that for me right now? Can you?” I asked Lucy. “I mean I will if you will.” I went on to add.

In a quiet and impish sounding tone of voice, she smiled and said “Okay.”

A smile grew from ear to ear as she looked at me. It appeared as if she was anxious to start again. I could it in her eyes. She reached out and pulled my hand.

She told me “My body is all yours Marcus. Whenever you want me, okay?”

Her voice drew me in. She sounded soooo playful and naughty I thought. She had me wanting her all over again. I started to undo my clothes again. Lucy almost had me. I could feel her soft, young, and sensuous skin crawling all over my body. I even felt it down in my loins. I swallowed hard and told myself I can’t. However, I felt that arousing feeling again. It was as if I should have stripped down and gotten naked all of a sudden. But I didn’t. I didn’t jump right back into bed with her, unfortunately.

Then she said something using that adorable smile of hers. “It really is you know” referring to the fact that her body was all mine if I wanted it.

I did want her as I looked at her adorable tits. I couldn’t help but nod and smile as I stared at them. She was smiling back at me. I felt soooo damn aroused as I ogled her tits and I smiled at her as I continued looking at them. However, I made my decision. I decided it was time to go and I leaned in and kissed her, saying goodbye softly. I let myself out.

As I walked out to my truck I noticed a truck driving up the road but then it turned into the driveway. It had me wondering. I made sure I was dressed properly. It pulled up to a stop. I saw that it was Vanessa and some other woman driving her home.

With a straight and serious look on her face, Vanessa got out of the truck. “Marcus, what are you still doing here?” she asked.

I felt like a deer caught in the headlights and replied with “Uhhh, I was uh just hanging out, uhhh talking with Lucy about stuff. She uhhh had some questions and I talked to her about them.”

Suddenly I heard another woman call out. “Marcus Connor is that you?”

The voice came from inside the truck. At first, I couldn’t see who it was but soon enough I recognized the voice. The woman scooted over tot the passenger side window. She stuck her head out and smiled. Her smile had her looking quite pretty I thought.

She went on to say “Is that really you Marcus? It’s Theresa Banner.”

Theresa Banner and Valerie, I said to myself, now what a pair. With Theresa Banner in the picture, all I could think about was what I’d heard about her and Vanessa. I’d heard a lot of things but mainly that these two were a “naughty” pair when they were together. If it’s true what I’d heard about them I can understand how they could easily be the talk of the town. As far as I’ve heard, they’d been known to do certain “unmentionables” whereas others have said they do certain “forbidden” sexual acts together. In this town that is rarely ever tolerated as conservative as the people are around here.

Anyway, I answered her. “Hi Theresa, how are you?”

She opened the passenger seat door and got out. Smiling from ear to ear, she walked over, and I now understand why all those people had said things about her and Vanessa. Theresa, like Vanessa, is still a great looking woman. She hasn’t changed much or aged hardly at all. This had me wondering exactly what it was that she and Vanessa did when they were together.

I would find out, in time.

“Well it’s great to see you again” Theresa told me. She still had that twinkle in her eye like back when we were in high school. She kissed my cheek as we hugged and then she said “Let’s all get together some time, alright?”

Back in her truck, she drove away. Vanessa and I stayed chatting for a moment and I asked her about her husband, who is my boss. She told me he was doing a little better but she added that he’d be in the hospital for a few more days due to all the injuries.

With that said she added “And I still owe you too. I have to repay you, Marcus.” Once she said that she reached out and touched my arm in a gentle, affectionate manner. “Now, seeing as I do let’s do this” she went on to say. “If you have time let’s make a point of getting together some time soon, alright” she told me, but that’s when she leaned in and surprised me. Out of nowhere, she kissed my cheek and added “I mean it, okay?”

I nodded and we stared into one another’s eyes. All of a sudden, for whatever reason, I thought about Lucy, and what she and I had done. I thought about how her body looked that evening. I thought about her sweet and soft her young breasts were as well and then I began thinking about what her nipples looked like. They were soooo soft and supple and I wanted to feel them right then and there.

It was well after midnight when I headed home. My mother in law was staying with us for a few days and I’d forgotten she had come. My mother in law, a woman in her early sixties, was like my wife. She was a great looking woman. She still looked a lot younger then she was actually. However, how she behaved like she did always did and had me wondering about her, and all her antics. As of that night, seeing what I’d done with Lucy, I wasn’t so sure it mattered much, and I had way too much on my mind at this point.

In life, things just happen don’t they?

I went upstairs on upstairs, still trying to clear my mind. Melissa, my wife, was sound asleep, or so I assumed she was. I got undressed and took a quick shower and then I put on some pajamas. I eased into bed, quietly, and then I heard her.

“Hi honey” Melissa said in a sleepy voice. “How was your day?”

Now awake and eyes wide open, she waited for me to answer her. I said “It was all messed up” and she asked why. Leaving out half of it, I told her about my boss and his accident.

“Ohhh wow” she said as she cuddled up against me. “Is he going to be okay?”

I said yes, turned over, and saw her big beautiful brown eyes. God, I fell in love with her all over again. Before I knew it we were making love. It was a wonderful night all around as we kissed, endlessly, and passionately too. She is a wonderful, wonderful loving wife.

Later on, I asked myself how could I ever fuck around on her like I did?

I’ll never know.

Holding her closely, we fell asleep until around 8:30 in the morning. Normally, I’m up and out of there at 6:30 but having oral sex with Lucy and then coming home and making love to my wife, well heck that was a fun and rewarding night, if I don’t say so myself.

I kissed her on the forehead but she was sound asleep and so was my mother in law. I like her a lot but I also despised her too. My mother in law, for whatever reason, always flirted with me. That’s too damn weird in my opinion. I’ll say this. I’ve always told myself that if I was drunk as a skunk then possibly I might do something.

I went about my business and later stopped in to see my boss and then headed out for the day. Once back in town in the late afternoon, I ran into Theresa of all people. “Hiiiii Marcus honey” the silvery tongued beauty said to me as she headed my way. I smiled back. God damn, no matter what Theresa wore, she wore it well, and I do mean she wore it very well. “How goes it dear?”

We talked, Theresa flirted, and as she did I wondered about her and Vanessa again. I wondered where Vanessa was at and I also wondered about all the “talk” of the townspeople if what was going on between Theresa and Vanessa was true. Did she and Vanessa really get together and do these sexual acts together?

Did they really, truly, and honestly lay down with each other and get it on?

I don’t know. However Theresa, with her body appearing physically intact, it had me wondering from that point on. When I had time and I didn’t really have much time seeing as my duties had me all over the place doing something, but I’d like to find out.

I was about to head home but let me point something out. That week had been the oddest and most unusual week of my life. I know this for sure. First, there is Vanessa who “offered” to “repay” me for doing what I did for her husband. Then there’s that “thing” I did with her daughter Lucy. Seeing as I kind of “did” things with Lucy and enjoyed the get together, I knew somehow this was going to come back and bite me in the ass.

Yeah, we both did our thing, other then me fucking her, but all we did was cum. We never had sex and still it was a great as far as I’m concerned. However, I did tell myself that I’d easily do it again with her. Now Lucy would be giddy if she heard that. I knew she will.

Now Theresa has shown up in my life. The purported “naughty” woman, who I personally think is a truly sweet lady in her own way, but who I heard through the grapevine that she’s done a lot of bi-sexual stuff with Vanessa.

For whatever reason and I’m not sure how, I’d find out specifically what that was.

I was heading out and out of nowhere just by a corner a woman comes barreling out in front of me. She came out of nowhere. As the woman turned the corner she runs right into me and as a result I practically knocked her over. Having slammed her halfway to the ground, I caught her as she almost hits it.

I soon realized who it was. “Vanessa, I’m soooo sorry about that.”

She didn’t seem to care and immediately smiled. She started speaking to me in this soft and tender voice, as if she was getting ready to make love to me.

“Marcus dear, don’t worry about it. I was thinking about way too many things, honey.” Then she looks at me as she smiled warmly and said “Hey, when am I going to get that chance to repay you? I’d love to do that. I’d love to spend an evening with you and do something we’d both enjoy.”

I’m listening to her and wondering exactly what that repayment consisted of.

She went ahead and said “We could go out to dinner possibly. We could spend an evening together and now that I’m thinking about it” but then she stops and looked deeply into my eyes. “We could even possibly get a hotel room together. How’s that sound to you love? Just you and me together and we could get comfy for the night.”

Her voice was entirely different. Holy shit, I told myself. Now that’s a bold suggestion and I mean a really, really bold one at that. She was up front with me about it all and I thought about the idea too.

And then I happened to say “What are you saying, Vanessa?”

She was point blank direct. “Marcus honey, make love to me will you?” Once she said that she looked me directly in the eye. “We’ve known one another for a lot of years haven’t we? I mean it’s been since high school and that is a lot of years isn’t it? You’ve known how I’ve felt about you all these years haven’t you?” she went on to say.

I couldn’t believe her and shook my head as I tried to tell her I didn’t really know.

And then she went on to say “I’ve always felt, I don’t know, very attracted to you and in a sexual way too. Yes, that is it. My attraction to you has been on a sexual level dear.”

“It’s been what?” I said as I stammered. I was floored by her announcement.

“Ohhhhhh come on now” she added. “Think about it” and that’s when she went on to pin point and describe several times when we had run into one another, when we were alone. She pointed out a number of times we were together.

I was clueless and didn’t want to admit it. I said “Holy shit, you mean that Vanessa?”

I was soooo dumbfounded as she went on to say, as she smiled, “Yes sweetheart I really do mean it.” And then she leaned in and right there Vanessa kissed my cheek. She said goodbye while displaying a playful smile as I stared at her. She walked away but stopped and turned around. Vanessa added “Oh and to be honest with you Marcus honey, I know that you will truly enjoy it all if we hook up.”

She smiled as she waved adorably and turned and “curtsied” away. I started imagining exactly what she’d look like without her winter coat on. I wondered what she would look like without any of her clothes on too and then I began wondering what Lucy, her daughter, would look like when she grew up to be our age.

Holy mother of god, I thought as I wondered what Lucy would look like when grown up.

I headed home and then realized my mother in law would still be there. God damn, I told myself knowing that I had to juggle the personalities of five females in my house. This spelled trouble as far as I was concerned but thankfully my adorable and loving wife would keep it all calm. I know Melissa loves me to no end and she’d keep the ship righted on its correct path. Regardless of what has happened over the course of these last several days, I still love my wife to no end.

It’s just that everything that has happened, the relations with Lucy, Vanessa, and Theresa which have developed have been too damn difficult to ignore and avoid.

It was a nice evening. That is until Melissa went to do some work online. It left me to deal with my mother in law and to me she’s a crafty somewhat wild woman. The kids had their own thing going on so that left me to have to deal with my mother in law.

“Hi sweetheart” my mother in law said as if she was my lover or wife. “So tell me something. What big bears or other wild animals did you deal with today?”

Having heard dumb questions like that before, I corrected her and told myself I had to put up with her, as usual. That’s when she flirted with me, which was always her nature, and that was how we always seemed to get along. However, I’d had enough of her that night.

“I have a question to ask you” I told her. “Why is it when you come her, why do you do that?” She was confused and looked at me curiously. “Why do you flirt with me?”

Now seeing as we were all alone she went on to say “Honey, I’m your mother in law. I’m supposed to be sweet and kind to you and Marcus honey, it is hard as heck not to be sweet on you.” We looked at each other and she went on to say “Personally speaking I lay in bed with you anywhere honey and heck dear, I could show you a thing or two but as we know that isn’t ever going to happen is it? At least not any time soon” she told me.

I was flabbergasted.

“Oh and let me add this” she went on to say. “I give great tongue as well” and once she said it, she smiled this mischievous looking smile and to top it all off, she winked.

I shook my head. I could not believe my ears and I blinked my eyes as I asked myself what the fuck? Out of nowhere she turned and walked away as I stood frozen in my tracks. I didn’t know what to think.

Seeing that my wife was busy, I was out back doing some stuff but came back inside and grabbed my lunch and thermos. My mother in law was still around. Standing her nightgown, she was still watching me with that impish smile.

“Forget something did you my sweet adorable dear?” my mother in law asked.

“No, just getting ready to leave” I told her and I smiled as told myself to ignore her.

What is she up to, what is going on here? And out of nowhere, she walked up to me and stood close. I could feel her breathing on me. For some reason, it made me look at her lips. I told myself how I could believe how she’s a really good kisser. I can see how those lips would be enjoyable as ever. They’re sumptuous and sensuous too as any young woman’s. I can see how a guy could easily could fall for her and find her attractive.

She told me Melissa was on a phone call at that point and then, out of nowhere, she shocked me. “So dear do you want to try these out?” Her voice was playful as ever.

“Come on” I replied in a shocked tone of voice. “Nooooo way” I went on to say. I pushed her back, gently and ended it with “I’m never going to do that.” I didn’t think about it again.

Without missing a beat she finished by saying “Ohhh yes you will.” Then she leaned in and kissed me. She kissed on my lips. “Now didn’t you like how that felt?” she asked in a sweet almost adorable sounding voice.

I could not believe it. She left me thinking about that kiss of hers and wow, I told myself, that was a nice kiss. However, I shook my head. I started trying to think about work but I started thinking about Vanessa, then Theresa for that matter, and I also began thinking about Lucy and her body. I asked myself what the hell was going on. I asked myself why all these women were popping up in my life out of nowhere.

Holy mother of god, I thought. How and why is all this going on all of a sudden?

Finally, I got to work. So far so good I told myself as I walked in and did my thing. Then I was out of there. I was on the road and doing my job. Thank god I had a job to keep me “normal.” Nobody or nothing to bother me at work and this was a fine time in my opinion for a few hours at least. I came home and ate dinner with the family. I spent time with my wife and kids. We’d had a normal family setting. The only thing wrong with all of it was that I’d done that one stupid thing with Lucy. I already knew that. I already “fucked” up and I told myself I was not going to do it again.

No way and no how, I told myself.

Five days later, I learned from my wife she had to go out of town on some business. Seeing as it was near her father and mother’s place, she was taking the kids with her. She was giving the kids a short vacation and took them with her.

So here I was. I was left all alone and for whatever reason I got down on my knees and prayed. I knew this was no good. I was weaker then I wanted to admit. I needed my family and I needed them badly and it did not include my mother in law.

Now seeing as I was temporarily single, I never ate out at restaurants, but I decided to do something out of the ordinary that first night. That’s when my schedule got hairy. I was not getting home until later in the evenings. It was 8:30 pm and so I ate at this restaurant which I knew Vanessa and Theresa worked at. Why I did I’m not quite sure, but I did. Both were on duty that night too. I still kept asking myself why I was doing this. My answer came out the same way. I’m not sure why but before going in, I hesitated, but I headed in anyway.

“Marcus Connor” she called out. “What brings you in?”

I knew the voice and knew it was wrong for all the wrong reasons. I’d heard the place had the best damn stew in the area. “Your stew” I told her. It was Theresa. “I hear it’s pretty darn good” I told her.

And her response was “Almost as good as I am, Marcus.” Theresa was teasing me.

“Now, now” I went on to tell her as I tried cautioning her about any crazy ideas. “I’m not going there.”

She smiled, playfully and replied with “Yes you will. I’m sure of it too honey. Soooo how’s that wonderful and lovely wife of yours?”

I told her and accidentally said that Melissa was out of town. Just as I said it Vanessa appeared. She saw Theresa talking to me and I knew this couldn’t be good. For our age we are all in great shape. As Vanessa walked towards us I watched as her hips appeared to shuffle left to right. I stared at then too. I have to say I enjoyed every step of it.

“Hi Marcus” she said in her sweet tone of voice.

I said hi. We all talked and they flirted with me, especially Theresa. It was Vanessa who suggested it at first.

“You know something” she said. “Theresa here has been wondering something. She has been wondering if you’d like to bed down with us in a romantic like setting.”

“Vanessa” Theresa said, jokingly like she was reprimanding Vanessa.

“Well it’s true Theresa” Vanessa went on to say as if playing out a game with me.

I sat there watching the “discussion” between these two and smiled as well. I watched them “bicker.” It was all flattering seeing as the two of them found me attractive and the focus of their attention was on me. I loved that both of them were appealing in regards to their personalities and I loved their bodies too. I began wondering with regards to any sexual aspects of this entire thing if there was a “relationship” brewing between us all.

“When do you two get off work?” I asked for some unknown reason.

“Ooooooohh, now that sounds like an interesting question doesn’t it Theresa?” Vanessa said in one of her playful voices I’ve heard before.

They got off in about a half hour so I sat eating the well known stew. It was incredible. It tasted great and it tasted so good that I had two bowls of it. Just as I finished the second one they came over to me and pulled up chairs.

“So what did you want to ask us?” Theresa said.

I wasn’t sure how to ask it but I did. “Is it true what I’ve heard about the two of you?”

“Ohhhhhhh that thing” Theresa said, a smile posed on her cheeks as big as a river. Both smiled as she said it. “Well probably” she went on to say. “We can explain. That is if you have time of course. And if you want to see it all I would show you anyone you’d like to see seeing as you’ve known us for all these years Marcus. Wouldn’t we Vanessa?”

They had me. I could not say no I am not interested in seeing these two lovely ladies bodies undressed. Uh uhhh, no way I thought. I have to see them do their thing, don’t I?

I wanted to watch them. I had to. I was quickly breaking down. These two beautiful women would allow me to watch them make love to each other. I wanted to see them kiss sensuously and eventually strip each other down and become naked as they made love to each other as well. I had to watch these two women do what they do, when alone, intimately, and I also wanted to possibly be involved in it all too.

“So does that sound like something you’d enjoy watching us do?” Vanessa said.

“Umm, I don’t know, Vanessa. It’d be uhhh really weird and too uncomfortable to me” I replied.

“Awwww come one” Theresa said quietly. “You’d love watching us. I bet you would and you’d even get aroused.” She looked at Vanessa and smiled and then looked back at me. Before I knew it they were holding hands and Theresa added “We’d love for you to be with us seeing as there is a possibility we can get you to pull down your pants too. We’d love to watch you do stuff with yourself, Marcus while we made love to each other. Now doesn’t that turn you on?”

She winked at me. She winked at Vanessa and Vanessa smiled back, nodding her head. Everyone got silent as we all stared at one another. Out of nowhere they kissed lightly on one another’s lips.

“Holy shit” I said as I looked around to make sure no one saw it.

“What?” Theresa asked.

“You two just kissed.” I said.

“What’s wrong with that?” Theresa said. “You should see what we do at my house.”

She said it as if I wanted to follow them to her house so I could see it all in its entirety. What I was about to do? Say no to these two. I was all alone and I was being invited to watch two good old friends, two women, make love to one another. It was as enticing as hell. I’ve known them forever and to watch them make love to one another had me semi-aroused already. I’d get to see them entirely naked. Watching them become naked and passionately making love to one another was so darn enticing that I had to say yes.

I was already a horny guy simply at the notion.

We drove over, kind of. Her house was empty of course and I decided not to pull in. I thought about it all some more and found I was way too uncomfortable about it all. As they got out of their cars I yelled out.

“I can’t” I said as I shook my head. “I’m sorry, not tonight” I told them and added “maybe another time.”

Then next day came. I happened to see Lucy, again. As usual, she was smiling and everything on her face showed it too. “Hiiiii Marcus” she said as if she was going to run up and hug me. “How’s it going?” I told her it was going fine. “Wanna get together again sometime? I mean, what you did the other night well” and then she took a deep breath of air and added before saying “oooooohh I haven’t forgotten that night at all.” We smiled and I looked at her tits before she added “I mean feeling your fingers up inside me like they were well ohhhhhh gosh Marcus” and she closed her eyes as she finished with “that was soooo cool and exciting to me. I wanted to do again and again. After you left, I played with myself some more. Can you believe that? That is of course until my mom came inside.” We looked at each other some more and I found myself wanting her terribly. Shaking her head she added “I want you a lot. I mean it too.”

Yeah, the other night was a lot of fun. That’s for sure. I enjoyed playing with Lucy’s body. I enjoyed playing with all of her as well. We’ll always have that one night, I told myself as I occasionally looked at her tits while she talked.

She caught me staring at them and smiled. Once she caught me she appeared to be thrusting them forward as if offering her boobs to me. I continued staring at them too. I wanted to dive in right then and there but we were out in the open. She was a little under twenty years younger then me. She is my daughter’s age too. I wanted her nonetheless. I wanted to do her all over again while we talked. However, I knew I had to get going. I knew that first and foremost. I knew, deep down in my mind, I should be getting to work.

However, the other thing I was thinking was something I wasn’t so sure about. I knew seeing as she was so young and all, should I be thinking any of this. I was ready to do her at any moment but kept telling myself no. Don’t do it Marcus.

“Soooo want to get together again” she asked and added “please?”

“I, we can’t” I said.

“You can lick me like last time” she kicked in and added “please?”

She did taste juicy as hell, I told myself. “Ahhhhh okay” I said giving in. “When and where?” I asked.

“My house” she said finishing with “tonight of course?”

“Ohhhhhh god” I said as my eyes closed and I nodded my head. “I’ll be there. What time?” I asked her.

She told me.

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