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Wisconsin Ranger PT4

Wsconsin Ranger breaks it all off and goes back to his wife and does it with her
I was all alone and seeing as I was I wasn’t sure where to start. I paced around the house. I cleaned it and wiped down corners that never needed it at all. I tried busying myself for that “fateful”, or better yet, that exciting get together I was about to have with Lucy.

I don’t know what she was doing but I sure wished I knew. I couldn’t wait. I’d taken a shower already and felt like a kid again. Then I took a second one. Having taken a first already, I even shampooed my hair for a second time. Then I put on new clothes again paying attention to putting on new underwear as well. God knows why but I did.

She’s already seen me naked so I asked myself later why I did that. I don’t know why.

I walked out of the house and once I did that’s when I began thinking about her. No, not Lucy, but I started thinking about Melissa. What would she do if she caught me? I’d be dead. What would she say? Why am I doing this? I know why. Because Lucy is one hot little number and I have to have sex with her. That’s why. In addition to that, I know I already get to have great, fun, and loving sex from Melissa. So why am I going our and fucking around on her and possibly fucking up my marriage?

Simply because Lucy is soooo damn cute and simply because Lucy has this adorably cute maturing young figure. That’s why I told myself. I just had to do it. I grew anxious. I grew aroused. As I thought about it on the way over all I could envision was her sweet adorable figure crawling all over me and pawing me to no end and doing it in that see-thru nightgown she loved wearing. In addition to all that I’d picture her with that cute and lovable young smile of hers as she waited for me like some young lady out the Wild West who was waiting for her man out on the prairie.

I finally drove up and wondered about what I was doing. After shutting it off, I saw her in the window. I sat there and hoped she’d be wearing her see-thru gown. God did I ever I told myself. After looking around making sure nobody was nearby, I got out of the truck and slowly walked to the house. Before I even had a chance to knock on the door she opened it.

“Marcus” she called out as she wore a gleaming young smile.

Holy shit, I told myself. She was wearing something new and it was soooo damn enticing too. I easily could have gobbled her up. She was that pretty in the, I don’t know what it was, but it looked like some kind of lacy blue babydoll. She smiled, impishly. I stood there frozen as I ogled her in it. It showed me almost “everything” I needed to see.

In the softest, sweetest tone of voice she said “I take it, by the look on your face, that you like me in this?”

I nodded and looked at her tits and cleavage. Holy shit I thought. She looked tastier then ever. She really did. As I looked her over, my eyes went down further. They stopped at her hips. They went down further. I looked at her legs. They also looked inviting. My mouth opened as I looked her all over again. I noticed she was smiling too.

Once I stopped at her boobs again she asked “So am I sexy enough for you tonight?”

I nodded my head and told her “Lucy you’re very, very sexy looking.”

“So I’m assuming you want to taste me all over?” she asked, boldly.

“I wanna do more then that” I told her as my eyes “fondled” her body all over.

She smiled and went on to ask “Like exactly what, Marcus?”

“Do you want me to show you?” I told her, trying to sound playful.

She smiled and nodded her head. Once she did that she took my hand in hers and said “Do that and make love to me as well, okay?”

“Okay” I replied while knowing I had become hooked and hornier then expected.

Yes, I knew it. I was hooked and I took her hand and followed her to the bedroom. As we headed to it, I watched her ass shuffle. As I did, I watched it some more. I grew hungrier. I became hornier. I told myself I could suck on that forever. Then I’d chew it up all night long. Once that was done, I’d swallow it down and start all over.

And then, out of nowhere, something really weird happened.

My cell phone rang. Lucy heard it too. She told me to ignore it. I wasn’t sure who was calling but I looked. Guess who it was. It was Melissa. “I have to take this. It’s very important and personal too” I told Lucy.

I left the room and started walking down the hallway. “Hello” I said.

“Hi honey, what are you doing?” Melissa asked.

“Ohhh, you know” I started to say as I tried figuring out what to tell her. I paused. “Just hanging out and screwing around kind of I guess.”

“Did you” and she went on to ask a bunch of questions.

I answered them. We talked for about almost five minutes. By this point I realized something. I really, truly, and dearly loved my wife and doing what I was about to do would somehow really, truly fuck it all up.

“Is there anything else?” I asked in a loving manner.

“No” she said. “I’ll see you in a couple days, alright?”

“Alright” I said. “Oh and I love you honey. Say hi to the kids and tell them I love them.”

She said she would. And at that moment I knew what I had to do. I walked back into the bedroom. I looked at her. All of a sudden she looked like a really young woman like my daughter who was only 20 years of age instead of some fully grown woman that had been dancing around in my head I thought. I shook my head and told her “I’ll admit this” and looked at her in her adorable blue corset. I stared at all of her. “Despite how old you are I’ll admit that you’re one hot and foxy young woman. Do something for me, okay?” She asked what. “You are as pretty as they come.” Then I told her. “Clean up your act. Don’t go around having sex with every man you meet. If I was single I’d lay down with you and do it with you but I’m not. I’m a happily married man and I want to remain a happily married man. I love my wife and kids and I intend to remain that way.”

Her smiled disappeared immediately. “So you aren’t going to have sex with me ever?”

“No Lucy” I told her. “I’d love to in lots of different situations but no, I’m not going to.”

She broke down and cried. She really did. She fell to the bed and tears rolled down her cheeks. I sat down with her. She looked at me. I told her something.

“The right day will come Lucy and when it does you will be happy as ever. Meanwhile do something for me.” She asked what. “Use these fingers, put them down her, and do yourself all the time. Get a vibrator and do yourself. Have the guy you meet us a condom too. You’re too young and way too pretty to be getting pregnant right now. One last thing alright” I went on to say. “I’d do you in a heartbeat but I have children and a wife I love. Nothing’s ever going to change that.”

She sat there beside me and got depressed. Nether of us said a word as I looked at her. She looked at me and then she smiled. “What?” I asked. All she did was keep on smiling. “What?” I said again.

Her smile looked almost as naughty I thought it was just before she said “Undo your pants for me one more time, alright?”

Huh, I asked myself and she told me not to worry. “Why should I?” I said.

“Just do it, please?” she told me. “I promise to god I won’t do anything. I won’t touch it.”

So I did. I undid my pants on faith. She told me to pull down my underwear. So I did that too for whatever reason.

“Wow Marcus I sure love your cock” she said. She didn’t even look at me. “I could easily suck you off but I won’t. You turn me on you know. It turns me on just looking at it. I could easily” but she closed her eyes a moment and stopped talking. “I could easily masturbate if you did. Will you at least do that for me?”

I allowed her that one thing. I looked at her tits and cleavage. They were scrumptious looking. I’ll give her that. I took hold of my cock. I held it like a man holds his cock when he masturbates. I let her have her fantasies. I started stroking it. I jerked it more and more. It worked better then I thought. Before I knew it she was working her pussy and both of us were getting more and more turned on by it all. She fell back on the bed as she worked her pussy, rubbing her clit, and going deep inside herself and humping the bed as she did.

I felt it too. I felt the arousing surges of cum forging their way up into the tip of my cock. I was hard. I was long. I was erect as hell. I was ready to do it. I wanted this badly. I wanted to cum on her and in her but I told myself don’t do it.

And I didn’t.

I pulled back. I stopped jacking off. She didn’t. She came once. Her eyes were closed as she came. She moaned out. She cried out “beautifully.” I saw cum oozing out of her pussy. It was pristine. Her fingers worked her pussy brilliantly. She loved doing it. I loved watching her do it too. God, she had an awesome young little body I thought. I so wanted to fuck her but I didn’t.

Finally, she opened her eyes. She was smiling and so was I. “You were perfect” I said.

“Was I really?” she asked.

I nodded and told her yes as I zipped up my pants and leaned over. I kissed Lucy’s forehead and told her to have a good life. I told her to find a nice young man and she said “Like you?”

“I guess so” I said as I nodded my head.

“You are perfect you know” she told me.

“No I’m not” I said.

“To me you are” she went on to add.

I smiled, thanked her, and as she sat up I kissed her on her cheek. “Stop by sometime” I said and added that my daughter would love to see her, which I knew wasn’t necessarily true.

I left and went home and waited for my wife to come home a couple days later.

“Let’s take a ride” I told Melissa.

She wasn’t sure why. I told her the basic reason.

“So you’re telling me you’ve had sex while being married to me?” she asked.

“Nooooo” I said. “I have never had sex while being married to you. I just wanted to tell you about what has happened but I have never had sex. That’s the honest to god’s truth.”

She forgave me for me telling her and then she said “Make love to me, Marcus. If I’m happy afterward I’ll always stay married to you. I love you.”

“I love you too Melissa” I said and that’s when she made me pull over.

Melissa kissed my brains out. She was all over me and when she was done she said “Let’s go find a hotel room for the afternoon.”

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