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Wisconsin Ranger

Forest Ranger starts doing daughter of his boss
Despite all the time that’s gone by, I know this was a mistake. I know it even if she didn’t considering I didn’t do it just with her. There was her mother as well. Despite what I believed, and seeing as she was only a 20 year young lady, Lucy was cuter then a dickens and with a darling shapely figure like hers how could I deny myself that chance of not laying down with her?

She happened to be my daughter’s friend back then. They grew up together and did lots of things almost all the way through college. First off, let me introduce myself. I’m Marcus Connor and I’m a Wisconsin Ranger. I patrol all the “wild” reservations all over the state. I had to do something one night I did not want to do.

I had to go over to their house and unfortunately deliver some bad news to both Lucy’s mother and her as well and that was when I ran into a grown up Lucy. I hadn’t seen her in a few years. And boy, had she grown up.

Cute as she was that one late night, I never expected to see her outfitted in the gown she had on. Now first off, it was going on 11:00 p.m. Her dad who was my boss had been terribly injured and seeing as I knew them quite well, I had to tell the wife, an old friend of mine by the name of Vanessa. Someone had to so why not me?

That night, it was snowing heavily out. The roads were pathetic. They were un-drivable. In my pickup, I anchored down the tires with chains. I drove up to their small ranch and knocked on the door. I was already whipped that night while I waited for the door to be answered. Not that it was morning or anything but she came to it bright eyed and answered it. Her eyes were crystal clear. The smile said hello in a manner I don’t want to say. She was smiling soooo cheerfully it was as if she was a young little girl. That is all I can remember. I always want to remember her this way too, especially seeing as she wore that gown. You had to see it.

However, I never expected this. She wore a long, silky like gown. My eyes lit up. My mouth had dropped open. Whoa, I told myself once I saw it. Once she opened that door I saw them standing at attention. Bright and brilliant, as if Secret Service agents, they stood taught and rigid and the dead of her hardened nipples greeted me along with her smile. Her tits were shining. They were as perky as ever and were very well defined in my opinion. Anyone who would’ve looked could easily see the definition of them along with her nipples which had pressed into the inner material of that gown.

“Hi Ranger Connor” she said as if she knew I was on my way. At that exact moment, she was smiling brightly and showing off her gown to me. “What’s going on?” That smile on her lips stretched from one ear all the way to the other. I loved it.

My eyes could not refocus quickly enough and I don’t think she cared either. They were soooo darn pert and stood at attention, perfectly as I replied with “Oh uh hi there Lucy. How are you?” She said she was fine and I asked for her mother, Vanessa who like I said I’ve known for ages.

She told me she thought her mother was busy and she looked away towards the hallway where the bedrooms were. “I’ll find out” Lucy said and asked me to come inside.

As she looked away, I stared at them again. That’s when I told myself, as I stared at her boobs that she has the most wonderful tits in the world. I mean how they appeared to be sharp and pert and sizably bigger then normal considering her age. I didn’t want her to go away. I didn’t want her to move an inch. I wanted to stare at them for hours but I had my job to do.

Put a check on my hormones and do it now!

“No, here she comes” Lucy said as she came back and then said “How’s Laura doing?” Laura’s my daughter. I told her she’s doing well. “Great” she went on to say as she smiled and asked me to tell Laura something. I don’t recall what it was.

However, I do remember almost every detail of her silky looking gown from that night and remember her inch of her tits as well. Oh and I also recall the size of her nipples too.

Vanessa walked up. Seeing Lucy in the gown she had on made her say “Lucy, go and change out of that gown, girl. That isn’t something to be wearing in front of others. Now go and change into something more respectable young lady.”

Vanessa and I, once Lucy frowned and left, smiled at me. She still had this smile about her that warmed me to know end. Basically, Vanessa was the same person. Pretty with long shoulder length hair, I have always loved her eyes. She’s filled out but she was still shapely and in addition to her matured breasts, she carried a nice set of hips I’d love to hold in my hands. That’s if we hugged romantically and then began kissing. I’d go for her ass too if given the chance. That’s for sure.

I told her the news just as Lucy came back in a more respectable nightgown.

They were floored. I stood there waiting as the two of them rushed to get changed. I kind of wanted to go and watch that but you know how that is. I was in a house, occupied by two women, and the fantasies of my mind set out. Both came back buried in winter outfits but both still seemed to look terrific nonetheless. I enjoyed how they dashed around as they put on finishing touches and did it right in front of me too.

It was weird though. Their boobs, despite that they had on clothing, seemed to dance all over the place. I questioned myself asking if I was seeing things, but I wasn’t. Boobs are one of the most wonderful parts of a woman’s anatomy. No question about it.

We loaded up and I took them in my truck. It was a tough ride over to town. We fit comfortably in it and Lucy, thankfully, sat between me and Vanessa. Either way it was situated I would have loved it. Let me be clear on something. I have always thought that Vanessa was a really good looking woman. She still is too.

But having her 20 year old daughter sitting beside me was a big treat. She was nestled against me, and smiling at me too, all the way there, and all I wanted to do was reach over and feel and squeeze her breasts.

But I knew better.

The snow was still coming down and it was coming down heavily too. Lucy ditched the truck but Vanessa held up a minute and sat back down in it. “Marcus, I want to thank you somehow” she said in a voice which I’d never heard her speak in prior to this point. I’ve known Vanessa many, many years, and have worked with her on several community projects too. As she sat there she smiled. She looked into my eyes. “Please, let me do something special to repay you” she went on to say. “And Marcus dear, I mean anything too.” With that she appeared to scoot a bit closer. She touched my leg. “Marcus, you and I have known each other for how many years?” she stared into my eyes. “I’ve never ever done anything like this ever but I want to repay you somehow at this point.”

Time stopped. We looked at one another. I knew something was going on.

She reached out and touched my hand. “Let me do something personal and I mean personal too, Marcus.” She stopped a second and then added “Let’s you and I get to together” and she paused again before saying “soon.” She leaned in and kissed my cheek.

She then smiled and winked and held my hand for a second before hopping out.

I watched her walk away. What the heck, I asked myself. What does she mean by that?

She came back. No, it wasn’t Vanessa. It was Lucy this time. She jumped right in and said “Hi again.” I said hi and nodded my head as she smiled. “I just want to thank you with all my heart, okay?” she told me in that soft, young, and virgin like tone. Her voice sounded demure like. I loved it. All I could see were her sweet, young bosoms but that was before she put on the winter clothes. She smiled modestly and looked at me with her pretty green eyes. “How can I do to repay you?” she asked. “There has to be something I can do. I mean it. Isn’t there something I can do, uhhh we can do?” she asked.

We can do, I asked myself. What the hell does that mean? I’m her mother’s age and she wants to do something with me? Huh, like in you and I do “something together?” Uh uhhh, no way girl I told myself. You are way, way too young for me although I’d love to do it. I’d love to lay you down, undo your top, and I’d love to kiss and suck on your boobs. That’s if I could clear my conscience before doing it but I’m sure I couldn’t.

“Isn’t there anything?” she asked in that same naïve, sedate, and almost sexy sounding tone of voice. Isn’t there anything at all?”

Hormones, quiet I told myself as they felt like they were erupting again.

“Uhhh, how about I think about it okay?” I then told her.

The smile blasted off her lips. “Ohhhhhhh that sounds great. It really does. I’d love that” she told me as her arms reached out and swung around me. And I also thought I heard her ask “Oh hey did you like my gown tonight?”

I do not recall what I said as a response. But I do remember her pert maturing tits and nipples. I do recall those. I envisioned them as they dangled in front of my eyes. I envisioned them as if they dangled down into my mouth and face while I was sucking them passionately and wildly while we did a bunch of unmentionable things.

She also leaned in. She also kissed my cheek. I felt good. I felt really, really good.

I sat alone, after I parked the truck, and realized I hadn’t spoken to my lovely wonderful wife. I had to clear my head. Oh fuck, I told myself. Ohhhhhhh holy fuck I thought. I sat there once I parked the truck and called her. I told her what had happened. I immediately told her I loved her and the kids and told her to tell them that too.

It was breezy out as the snow came down heavily but I was in the warmth of the truck. I put my head down and began thinking about Vanessa and Lucy. Yes, I thought about them. I thought about me and each of them. I finally told myself I was being a bad boy but that didn’t draw my thoughts away from it all.

My hand found its way down. I found myself rubbing my crotch. No, it didn’t feel that good. I wanted to fantasize a little. I wanted to jack off but didn’t. I found myself wanting Vanessa at first, seeing as she was older, and seeing as she was still pretty as a devil too. I knew I still admired her body as well, but then I pictured Lucy. I started seeing Lucy naked as ever and I saw Lucy’s naked body all over mine while she kissed me madly as her beautiful pert and pointy tits dangled and bounced all over me, everywhere. I smiled.

Suddenly, life was starting to get better for me. Yep, it was a lot better in fact.

There was an abrupt knock at the window of the truck as I sat alone. I shook my head and looked. It was Lucy. She got in and said “My mom’s going to stay the night. I want to head home but” and she paused a minute then said “I wanted to head home. Is there any chance you could drive me?” she asked in that delicate and sweet 20 year old girl like voice of hers. She smiled and sat there as she waited for my answer.

“Are you sure you want to go home?” I said and she said yes. “Your mom’s staying here?” I asked and she said yes.

So we drove to her home. It was pitch black all over the place. The roads sucked. I pulled out the flashlight once we arrived and we walked, and tripped a couple times, but we made it inside. She asked me to stay as she tried turning on a light. They weren’t working. I asked her again if she didn’t want to stay at our house. She said no. We started a fire. I lit a lamp. It warmed up the place quickly. She sat down. I sat down.

Then she stood up. “Can I get you anything to drink?” she asked. I said no. “I’m going to go and get out of this stuff” she told me.

I never even thought about it at all. When she came back guess what she was in? Yep, that’s right. She was wearing that silky almost see-thru gown of hers. Holy fucking shit, I told myself as my pupils focused on nothing but that silky piece of sensuality. Her tits were right there for the taking and she was “offering” them up for me to have as my own, I think.

“Do you like this Mr. Conner?” she asked, again in that sweet child like voice of hers “because I love it and I hope you do too.”

“Oh yes Lucy” I replied. “It is nice” I said, trying to sound mature and responsible.

“What do you like about it most?” she asked, smiling and in that same tone of voice.

How your tits seem to show themselves off. They are very prominent and sexy right now, I wished I could tell her. “It looks real comfortable. Is it?” I said.

“Ohhhhhhh yes it is” she told me, smiling. “And doesn’t it make me look prettier and even sexier too?”

Well what was I going to say to that, I wondered? All of a sudden as I was about to respond she sat down beside me. She looked up into my eyes and she smiled playfully.

“Want to touch it?” she asked.

“Uhhh, touch it?” I said. “Like uhhh where?”

“Ohhh anywhere you want to” she told me.

I felt something. It was weird at first. Then I recognized it. There was tingling down at the very tip of my cock. Ohhh holy fuck, I thought. God, do something and do it now. No, do not touch her. Be responsible I told myself.

“Do you like me?” she said. She waited as we sat side by side. “Because I know I like you and I know I like you a lot too.” She was smiling as she looked me in the eye.

“Oh I like you a lot Lucy. You’re a real nice girl. You are sweet. You are smart. And besides all that you’re very pretty” I told her.

“Like in sexy pretty?” she asked.

I nodded as she looked at me and smiled. I wanted her and I knew I wanted her badly.

“Would you have sex with another woman? Besides your wife that is?” she asked me.

“Huh, what uhhh oh uhhh no uh uhhh” I said knowing I’d just lied to this young 20 year old girl. Yep, I’d do it with her. I’d reach over and feel her tits. I touch them, tenderly, and I’d take them and squeeze them and lift of her top and suck on her boobs so that her nipples were real damn hard and then I’d go after everything else. “No Lucy, uh uhhh” I added. I’m never going to do that.”

She got bold.

Lucy did it and she instantly reached over and put the palm of her hand over my crotch. I felt it rubbing it too and it felt incredibly good. “Don’t you like how I do this?” she asked.

I did but said, as I pulled the hand away, “No Lucy I don’t but I will say this. It does make a guy like me feel a lot better.”

“What, you wouldn’t like a young, and I’m assuming a pretty girl, to suck on your uhhh penis? And make it hard and make you horny and make you wanna have sex with me?”

She stunned me with her questions. I was kind of floored as she smiled at me boldly and as she stared right at me. I wanted her to do it all. I wanted her to just simply reach over, feel my crotch, and then undo my zipper. Once she did I wanted her to undo the belt and do it all. I wanted her to grab it and hold it and smile as she looked at it and me and then start stroking my cock.

“Soooo can I do that at least this time?” she said, softly. “You’ll love it. I know you will.”

I told her no and stood up to leave. At the door, I opened it and looked out. It was worse then a blizzard at that point. You couldn’t see anything past the porch. Now, this was madness beyond madness as far as snow storms are concerned. I couldn’t believe how terrible it was. It was shocking as I stood dumbfounded and I didn’t walk another step.

She wanted me, badly. Lucy stood up and came to look at it too. However, the storm didn’t sock her like it shocked me of course. She followed me all the way to the door for other reasons.

While standing at the storm door watching it, I felt something. That something was odd and once it got my attention, it threw me off. “What are you doing?” I asked once I felt her two arms around my body and her hands pawing at my crotch.

“I want you Marcus” she said in a soft alluring tone of voice. “I want to feel your cock in my hands. Let me do that at least.” She kept on pawing me as her hands slid up and down my zipper. “Doesn’t that felt good at all?”

Mmmmmm, god yes I thought. Yeah, oh freaking yeah it felt good, and it felt even better as her hands seemed to be pressing down on me, like they were, even more and more and more. God, I wanted those sweet young pert tits of hers.

“Doesn’t it?” she asked again.

“Uh ohhh god” I said by accident.

That answered her question. “Why don’t I undo your pants” she went on to say “and we can start doing bad, bad things.” Her voice changed and she added “I’ll play around with you, okay? How’s that sound?”

I swallowed hard. I knew this was bad but I said, whispering almost, “Okay.”

The buckle came undone. I let her do it too. I felt the zipper go down and I let her undo it as well. She rubbed my crotch. I loved it. I felt my jeans get unsnapped and I so wanted her hands down inside my underwear.

Then it happened.

They slid down inside my underwear. Ohhhhhhh holy fuck, I thought. Yes, ohhhhhh yes oh yes ohhhhhh holy fucking yes I told myself. Touch it, rub it, and squeeze it too. Have as much fun as you want while feeling her fingers on my limp dangling cock.

“Is that enjoyable?” she asked.

I nodded my head and wanted to tell her something right then and there.

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