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With Love from Sylvia (Part 2 of 3)

Half-way through the month before Sylvia comes to visit, things take an interesting direction
Following Jenny’s revelation about her friend Sylvia and her gift to us, the next few weeks were full of sexual tension. Not that it went unrelieved, as Jenny and I continued to enjoy the enhanced pleasure of fucking with a fat butt plug up her anal passage, and silently (or not so silently in Jenny’s case) blessed her friend for providing something new for us.

Often, late into the night, when we were lying in bed, exhausted and happily satisfied, we would go over what Sylvia had said to Jenny. I wanted to know more about her, and Jenny tried to let me in to their friendship, probably not fully, as I know that girls like to keep their own secrets. I learnt that since her husband died, she had enjoyed a series of relationships, some at the same time, with usually older men.

I suggested that this was in keeping with the age of her husband, and asked whether she was trying to find a replacement. Jenny told me emphatically that Sylvia never wanted to marry again. She was essentially a loner, who needed people, but not on a full time basis. I asked more about her sex life, and Jenny was reluctant to tell me anything more, but one night when we had had an especially satisfying conclusion to our love-making, I pressed the subject again, and this time Jenny told me.

Sylvia was an orphan, brought up in a children’s home until she was adopted at the age of seven. She didn’t know who her real parents were, but of late had tried to find them, or at least her mother, but if she had been successful, she hadn’t told Jenny. Jenny said she thought that Sylvia had no inhibitions at all, that she enjoyed both men and women, and had told her any form of intercourse was allowable, so long as she could remain in control, to an extent anyway. That meant, apparently, she set the rules, and if things got difficult, she could always get out.

I queried the always, and Jenny laughed, telling me that Sylvia had told her that she had been once physically hurt, but that she still had found it arousing, but not something she would repeat. Somewhat tentatively, I asked if she and Jenny had ever done things, and she told me that they had actually kissed, properly, and she had been tempted, but even though she knew that Sylvia would have willingly made love to her, she had held back, as she had thought it wouldn’t be right. She asked me what I thought about it, and I said that if it could have been just harmless fun, then I saw nothing wrong about it, and that I found watching lesbian loving on porn sites was something I found quite erotic.

Jenny was, I think a bit surprised, but I reminded her of some of the porn movies and clips we had seen together, sometimes just a man and a woman, but often with the addition of one or more, of either sex. She had found them quite stimulating, and they had been a great help in stirring us out of our “old married couple” tedium as far as sex was concerned. She said that she had always been “curious” since schooldays, but that as she liked me (and me) so much, she hadn’t felt the need, but maybe we should watch some more videos. I told her that I loved her, and would do so always, even if (or should that be especially if?) she developed a taste for a woman.

To somehow emphasise the point, I threw off the bedclothes, spread Jenny’s legs and kissed her thighs, while licking closer and closer to her pussy lips. I could smell our juices still wet, and now flowing again, as I stretched wide her lower lips, and started to lick each side of them. Jenny raised her legs and placed her feet on my back, and I slipped a pillow under her bum, to give myself all the access I needed. Making my tongue broad, I slowly licked, long strokes, from just above her pussy entrance to just below her clit. I know how she enjoys this, so I made it as slow and sensuous as I could.

Eventually as she started to push her hips up into my face, I dipped my tongue, curling into a tube, right into her vagina, and licked as far inside as I could, round and round. Her groans got louder, and she was pushing herself up hard again my chin now, so I put my hands under her bum cheeks to control this a bit, and grabbed hold of the butt plug that was now Jenny’s constant companion. I had hardly twisted it round more than once or twice when she had a massive orgasm, which surprised me and quite shocked her.

She grabbed me by my ears and dragged me up alongside her, and told me that with a tongue like that, she didn’t need any female loving, I suited her just fine. I kissed her in thanks, and then asked her what had triggered such a reaction. She thought about it, as though savouring the feeling, then slowly smiled, and said that it was when I touched her butt plug. OK, I thought, it seems to be working.

We went back to the subject of Sylvia, and I asked Jenny if it seemed odd to her that both Sylvia and I were orphans and had similar backgrounds. Jenny thought about it, and said that she had not really considered it, but now I mentioned it, she did remember telling Sylvia about my background, fairly soon after they became friends, and it was after that that Sylvia and she became really friendly.

Two weeks to the day that I had opened Sylvia’s present, we were getting ready for bed, which is little more than getting undressed, as since the kids left home, we sleep butt naked. I looked at Jenny, who was sliding under the covers, and smiling I slid in behind her, to kiss her between her shoulder blades. She has a very straight back and great shoulders, which I find highly erotic, and to kiss her there usually gets a good reaction. Tonight was no exception as she pushed herself back against me, and my growing erection.

I pushed back this time so she was lying on her front, and kneeling over her, I held her hands up to the bedhead. She didn’t need to speak, and didn’t, just raising her bum a bit to tell me that this was OK, so I grabbed a couple of silk ties from my bedside drawer and tied her hands there. Then I could kiss her slowly from the nape of her neck, down her spines, my hands sliding along her sides as my mouth moved lower.

When I reached that sexy place, like a V pointing down between her butt cheeks, I slowed and licked this area over and over. I don’t know why, but this seems to turn Jenny on more so that in many places, and that encouraged me to spread her ass wide with my hands, and continued licking, reaching her butt plug, and licking around the circular end of it, at times just tapping then rosebud end with my tongue.

I think that Jenny was expecting me to progress down over her perineum to her pussy, as she raised herself up on her knees, but I wasn’t playing that game this time. I knelt and my hand twisted the butt plug, teasing her brown ring with it, pulling it out half way and then pushing back in, and from her moans, I could tell, Jenny was enjoying it a lot.

I grabbed some lube, and added that to the stem of the plug, and this meant it slipped in and out much more easily. Jenny groaned and groaned, the pitch of her voice rising as she urged me on, a guttural string of yesses, mores, oh gods, fuck, fuck and more….

Now, I told her, and with a pop, pulled out the plug, her asshole gaping for a little while before it closed, but not fully shut. I grabbed her hips, and kneeling behind her, our difference in heights working perfectly for once, I applied more lube, and then followed it by the head of my cock. I was so fucking hard and ready for this that I had to work hard to control myself, and work myself slowly through her ring and into her hot rear passage.

She was so hot there as well, and it seemed tighter, if at all possible, not so much her sphincter, but a little deeper. Sliding almost out, and then down again caused Jenny to shout out loud, demanding I fucked her hard and deep, so that was exactly what I did. Usually, when we’ve had anal sex it has been with some with care and sensitivity, but she didn’t want it now, nor did I. God, how I fucked her ass, the force of my cock plunging into her body pushing her down onto the bed, and lifting her up again on my cock it seemed, as I continued, in and out, deep down, my balls flapping against her pussy lips. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, as I strained to force every micro-inch of myself into her body.

She screamed when I did that, and her body strained my body, pinning her down. Then her voice changed, and from deep into her throat a low keening came, while her body tensed, and went rigid. I almost stopped because I thought I might have hurt her somehow, but then her voice rose, higher and louder and her body just sort of exploded under me, writhing, her legs trembling, and how she squeezed my cock!

Without thinking, an instinctive reaction, I came as well, spurt after spurt from my balls ripping like molten metal along my swollen cock out into her body, and she reacted to each spurt with a sequence of Yesses.

Finally, I collapsed upon her, and we just lay there, unable to speak, my mind a blank, just filled with the scent and feel and memory of what had just happened.

“Wow, my love”, Jenny was the first to speak, “that was amazing, totally mind-blowing. You were amazing, I am so happy”.

“I think it was you who were amazing”, I told her, staying just where I was, my cock still in her ass, savouring the moment. Our first real anal orgasm, and what a blast it had been.

“Sylvia seems to know a thing or two”, I said.

“I didn’t really believe her”, Jenny said, “but it seems that she was right, wasn’t she. I’ll have to call her to tell her, tomorrow probably looking at the time now”.

“No!” I admonished her, “remember that we are supposed to do that together. It’s only another fortnight to wait until she comes to visit.”

Jenny agreed, and after some kisses and cuddles, she turned over and drifted off into a deep sleep. I lay there, enjoying the memory of this evening, and then thinking about this Sylvia. The more I thought, the more intrigued I was about who she was, and why she had become such a firm friend of my wife.

To be continued….in another 2 weeks……

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