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Years of wasted marriage then...

Years of wasted marriage then...

Two mature professionals meet and go wild for the first time
After becoming single at fifty and my children having flown the nest, I finally went online and met a lovely lady. This is the story of our sexual voyage together.

Our first meeting was at a dog walk in the woods, she was attractive, bright, but a little reserved and I feared 'boring' as the talk was all about the difficult men she'd met. I didn't expect to see her again but I wanted to.

This is her story.

Now in my mid forties, I married whilst in my very early twenties. Although day to day life was busy enough to keep me occupied I felt unloved, invisible and unimportant. We had two children, but my husband found my pregnant body revolting and wouldn’t touch me throughout the pregnancies.

After that there was very little sex, often a whole year would pass with no activity. When he did try it wasn’t particularly successful and he would often say that there was no point in trying as it was like flogging a dead horse!

Anyway, the children were growing up and needed me less. Gradually I found myself becoming very lonely and after twenty-one years the marriage broke down.

I had an initial relationship with someone, but that was almost worse than my marriage. He wasn’t interested in pleasing me, wouldn’t make eye contact and it was purely a case of him taking what he wanted.

In the end I found the strength to end that relationship and after a period of recovery decided the only way I stood a chance of finding the love and sexual fulfilment I desired was to go and look for it. 

By now I realised I didn’t really know much at all about sex and so I bought myself some books and a ‘rabbit’ to experiment with. However, what I really wanted and needed was a man to educate me so I signed up for three months with a dating site.

I met with several men, all just for a drink, and although I liked one or two of them they didn’t develop into relationships. Then, right at the end, as my membership was about to expire, along came the man who I can’t seem to get out of my head. 

After a few emails we decided to meet for a walk and a few days later he asked me out to dinner.

We had a lovely evening and at the end of it he walked me to my car. That’s when he kissed me, what a kiss, we were both transported and instantly felt aroused. I couldn’t believe how our bodies reacted to one another. I could feel my pussy swelling and becoming very moist.

He was obviously becoming very turned on too, as I could feel an exceedingly large bulge in his trousers, pushing against me. I really wanted to stroke him, but knew if I started I couldn’t have stopped.

His hand reached under my coat, moved up my legs to my lacy topped stockings and which point I let out a small moan of pleasure. We kissed deeply and it was just incredible. I felt like I was floating and if we’d been anywhere private I wouldn’t have been able to stop. 

The next day our text messages to one another started to become very open. He told me how he had wanted to brush his fingers over my knickers to see how wet I was, which was horny enough, then he said he would have liked to have slipped a finger into my pussy and dropped to his knees and lifted my dress, but he was so turned on that if he had then he probably would have cum in his trousers.

Little did he know I wanted to drop to my knees, unzip his trousers and enjoy him too.

I found his messages so erotic that I had to play with myself, something I had rarely done before. But since meeting him, I needed to do it a very regular basis. 

Although it seemed that it would be sometime before we would be able to meet again I discovered I would be free a few days later. Very daringly, at the last minute, I asked him if he would like to come over and stay the night.

At this point neither of us were sure if I would be able to go through with it as I have never done anything like this before.

Before he arrived I put on some sexy new underwear I had bought in the hope of our becoming intimate. It was a charcoal coloured set, lacy bra, thong, suspenders and lacy topped stockings and topped it with an outfit which would be easy to remove.

He arrived and just took me in his arms and kissed me, at that moment I knew I desperately wanted him! We sat on the settee and melted into one another. At first it was just kissing and then I felt his hands move over my breasts, making my nipples firm and erect, desperate to be sucked. His hands didn’t stay there long, they moved down to the hem of my dress, lifting it and slipping upwards.

My hand moved down to his groin and I felt how hard he was. His fingers moved up past my stockings to my now damp knickers when I felt his cock jump and I began to gently caress him through his trousers.

His hands explored my suspenders, stockings, thong and bottom, which was driving me wild.

I climbed onto him, one leg each side of his body and we looked each other in the eye as his fingers pulled my knickers to one side, stroked my pussy and then plunged into me. We both moaned softly at the wonderful sensation.

I was so wet that as his fingers pushed in and pulled out there was a joyous squelching, then he removed his fingers, put them in his mouth and tasted me, wow!

It was the most sensuous experience I'd ever known. I’m not quite sure what happened next as I was overwhelmed and trembling, but he somehow moved me so I was lying down on the settee. He then slid down so his head was between my legs.

He began to suck and lick my clit and my pussy. No one had wanted to give me pleasure like this before and I almost cried, it was such a beautiful feeling.

Before long we were upstairs on the bed, my bra and knickers removed but still in my suspenders and stockings.

I will always remember that moment when his rock hard cock first entered me, it was like the very first time anyone had made love to me. Just the memory now makes my knees buckle. 

I experienced so many amazing things for the first time that night, including sixty-nine. Luckily it wasn’t the last time we have done that as I really, really love it.

WOW, if I had died at that very moment I would have died a happy person, it was out of this world.

His perfect cock was so firm, warm, smooth yet rippled, and filled my mouth, I loved sucking him, licking him, swirling my tongue around his massive head. I stroked his shaft as I licked him, tasting his pre cum, and whilst I wanted to feel him cum over my body, or inside my mouth, I also wanted him back between my legs so I could feel him shoot inside me.

Up until that evening I had only known a man to be able to cum once. That night I learned that isn’t true!

My body obviously enjoyed it as much as my mind as suddenly I gushed. My juices just flooded out, over and over. He was drinking my juice and it was running down his chin, his neck, his face. I turned around to kiss him and lick it off him.
I had never felt so horny in my life, I was more turned on and wetter than I had ever been and gushing felt phenomenal. 

We then had some face to face loving, first with him on top, my stockinged legs around his body so he could thrust in deeply, then me on top, riding his cock and looking each other in the eyes.

I rode him slowly, looking at his wonderful body, relishing every sensation of his wonderful cock as my pussy lips wrapped around him as I moved up and down.

Almost lifting myself right off, then pushing down so I felt the ridge of his massive head stretch me and part my pussy, ramming all the way in until we were one and I rocked back and fore.

Suddenly I was on all fours and he was taking me doggy style. We looked across to my bedroom mirror, wow, it was so horny to watch him fucking me. 

I was dripping with pussy juice, his cock hard, wet and shiny.

Somehow we both decided for the very first time to try anal sex without a word being spoken. I’d never really been sure if I wanted to try it, but I was so turned on and he obviously enjoyed looking down at my bottom. He gently entered me, then started to fuck me, it was so dirty, yet felt incredible.

I was so turned on that it didn’t hurt at all. I turned and looked over my shoulder and told him I loved it. Our eyes met and we both obviously felt the same, that we were sharing a perfect moment.

We made love several times that night and I will remember it forever.

Since then we have met a few times, the moment we are together he takes me in his arms and kisses me. The moment we start kissing the desperation for one another just takes over.

The last time he visited we didn’t get any further than the kitchen sink, he kissed me, dropped to his knees, lifted my skirt and began to feast on my pussy. My legs couldn’t support me for long and before I knew it I was on all fours, begging him to fuck me, wow.

I am still in shock that sex can be so fabulous and I am so lucky I have met such an amazing man, who not only turns me on so well, but who has incredible stamina, enjoys everything I enjoy and who seems to want to try the same things as I do.

I get so much pleasure from wearing sexy underwear for him, and for the first time ever I have taken photographs of myself which I have emailed to him. He has sent me some amazing pictures too.

I love reading his messages and imagining him playing whilst looking at my pictures, but best of all I love looking forward to our next meeting, counting down the days, then hours, then minutes. 

We have had so many amazing and mind blowing experiences in such a short space of time and I really hope we have many, many more. After all, there’s an ice cube and a blindfold on our wish list.

There are things I'd like to know about his desires, and what he'd like me to do to him. Occasionally he gives my bottom one quick smack and I haven't yet told him that I like it and of course our secret desire to make love somewhere outdoors, so long as it is very, very, private.

I hope you enjoyed her story as much as I do, it's amazing how much we miss out on in life and how much fun you can have, at any age or time in your life. Can you believe you can be married for over twenty years, fit and attractive and never think a man would want to pleasure you?

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